Julia Ann

The Divorcee 2

It’s a pretty well-established fact that porn has been the downfall of many marriages and relationships since the rise of the internet. So, does anyone else see the irony of a porn movie that centers on divorcees? Truth be told, this is actually the second installment of what we like to call the “unlucky in love, but lucky in lust” series by Smash Pictures. (We actually don’t like to call it that at all. That just came to us right at the moment we typed that sentence. We’re kinda clever like that.) We suppose it really shouldn’t be a surprise that the smut minions in Chatsworth are tackling the delicate topic of divorce as they’ve covered just about everything else: farmers, policemen, doctors, politicians, gnomes (probably), fortune tellers, zombies and so on. About the only thing left untouched in the realm of porn is probably anal cream pie-loving Siamese twin zither players … though it’s rumored some company is in pre-production with that one right now.

While the topic is no surprise, neither is the fact volume two of the runaway success is damn good, though we’ll readily admit it’s a damn shame that Ron Jeremy was unable to make a reprise role as the judge. Subbing in for the iconic Jeremy, however, is the lovely and highly MILF-y Julia Ann. She’s much nicer to look at than ol’ Ron, though he has slightly bigger boobs. (It’s a joke, people. We love Ron!)

The first case on the docket involves Gracie Glam and Mark Wood. It’s a complex case, though you wouldn’t know it by the fact that Mark is cocky enough to represent himself. Gracie’s attorney, Alec Knight, is really hoping for a grant this time as they’ve been to court six times previously to lay out the case that Mark is a pig; he’s asexual; and he owns what Gracie claims is a shrinking penis. The good news is he apparently doesn’t hate nuns and orphans … or at least Gracie didn’t bring that up in testimony. Mark’s defense is that he’s offered her the house, the cars and even the clothes off his back and she’s taken it all. He’s sleeping in van down by the river! Actually, it’s a car by the gas station, but you get the point. Judge Julia, however, is not impressed and rules in favor of Gracie. Mark then has to watch as Gracie and her attorney share an embrace and a celebratory slap on the ass. But Mark is the REAL winner here. First, he’s free of that bitch. Second, the blonde, big-titted court reporter Kagney Linn Karter takes pity on him and consoles him with a pep talk and a sweet-ass blowjob. Then he gets to nuzzle her bosom and drive his face between those awesome tits. She dirty talks him while he thrusts his menacingly large gavel into her cooch from behind. They bang each other in RCG, CG and mish and he dumps a charity case-sized load of cum onto her gigantic tits.

Meanwhile, Gracie is in the judge’s chambers trying to figure out a way to thank her attorney. He’s already getting 10% of her take as his fee, but as a bonus, he’s about to get 100% of his cock covered in uvula. In court, Mark Wood may have had his ass handed to him by force, but behind the scenes, Gracie voluntarily hands her ass to Alec. They strip out of their legal briefs and he squeezes his mug between her lovely ass cheeks. Then, she goes for a long ride in his hard-top cock. He corks her pussy in doggie and then informs her he works on contingency. That is, her repayment is contingent on his jizzing all over her face.

Taylor Vixen and Bill Bailey are the next couple that can’t play nice. Bill apparently can’t play house correctly either, choosing to fuck Taylor’s sister rather than bring home the bacon and his sausage for his wife. Not to mention his sister’s double-wide killed their lawn. Judge Julia requests Taylor approach the bench. They’re going to have a sidebar in the judge’s chambers. First, however, ol’ Bill finds solace in a sympathetic observer. That woman is Jenna Presley. Her bulging tits and slit are ripe for tongue and fingers respectively. She’s a dirty talker to the hilt, but you’ll hear no objections from us. They fuck in CG, mish and spoon on the plaintiff’s table and then Bill spits cum across those gorgeous tits.

Back in chambers, Judge Julia is talking to Taylor to decide how she can move the divorce process along more quickly. Taylor has some ideas and they all involve getting naked with Julia. In a really hot scene, Julia sensually removes Taylor’s blouse and slides her entire forearm up Taylor’s skirt, undoing the clasp around her waist. She tugs Taylor’s panties down around her hips and dispenses a series of spankings. Julia disrobes (literally … ’cause she’s a judge and all) and slips out of her fiery red bra, freeing up her huge hooters. She tongue tickles Taylor’s twat, then slips a couple fingers inside her dewy pussy. Taylor takes the reins next, licking and fingering Julia on top of her desk. Here come the judge! Here come the judge!

The last case involves Brandy Aniston and Brian Aniston. Brian is not present, however, as he fled the country, which just about seals his fate. It’s not like the judge hasn’t shown a little female favoritism anyway … but wait! Christian XXX steps in as Brian’s legal representation, informing the judge that Brian had a health issue, which forced him to take up a little R&R in a warm and humid climate. Bullshit! *cough* Brandy wants a recess of her own to speak to her husband’s attorney. She wants a resolution to the case, but knows that, as long as her husband is out of the country, it is an impossibility. She finagles a deal with Christian to help get the ball rolling. Speaking of balls, Christian’s find their way into Brandy’s sweet mouth as does the head and shaft of his stiff cock. Brandy is yet another large-breasted specimen, which makes the casting decisions on the women in this film seem much more purposeful and less coincidental. The two go at it spoon-style, followed by CG and RCG, followed by the obligatory cumshot into the mouth. It ensures a happy ending for Christian and Brandy. As for Brian … well, at least he’s somewhere in a warm and humid climate.

If you’re a fan of beautiful women, giant tits, divorcees, movie sequels and courtroom drama then this film is a must-see.


Stars:   Julia Ann Jenna Presley Kagney Linn Karter Taylor Vixen Gracie Glam Brandy Aniston Bill Bailey Christian XXX Mark Wood Alec Knight

Categories: Big Tits New Release Feature High Definition


Running Time:   105 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Smash Pictures

Director:   Kevin Moore







The Stepmother 4Calling somebody a motherfucker sometimes gets your ass kicked, but these days, many guys would give their left nut to be a motherfucker, if they’ve discovered the joys of the MILF, aka Mother I’d Like to Fuck. You could see Internet newsgroup members using MILF to describe hot moms as early as 1995, four years before “American Pie” popularized the term. There have been sexy mothers since long before then, of course.

Guys in the late ’60s probably understood why Dustin Hoffman’s 21-year-old Benjamin Braddock succumbed to the seduction of Anne Bancroft’s forty-something Mrs. Robinson, but most only fantasized about affairs with hot moms. In the ’80s, porn fans salivated over delicious Kay Parker, often credited as the first MILF in adult film, or at least the first to become popular outside the mom fetish niche. Kay was most famous for the Taboo films, and we have over 50 of her movies on demand, including “Sex World” (her first starring role) and “Body Talk.” The Big Tit Super Stars of the ’80s series collects the best Kay Parker scenes, and we have volumes one, two, and three for you.

Plenty of articles about the MILF craze try to psychoanalyze it, but doesn’t it just boil down to the fact that some mature women are hotter? For example, we present to you two ladies named Ann.

Julia Ann, a serious head-turner, is a former mud wrestler who rose to XXX fame after touring strip clubs as one half of the act named Blondage (the other half, Janine, is a biker-babe MILF). Julia Ann remains one of porn’s biggest stars and has continued to shine in girl-on-girl (recently in “Teach Me,” one of her many lesbian-mentor roles), interracial (see her take on the legendary Sean Michaels sausage in “Hose Hoes 2”), and feature movies (she’s done several for Sweet Sinner, including a new release, “The Stepmother 4”).

Like Julia Ann, Lisa Ann is no stranger to Sweet Sinner and its Stepmother series. The two Anns both emerged in the ’90s and have crossed paths often. When you get them together, it’s a cum explosion – for them and for you! See, for example, the awe-inspiring “Blow Me Sandwich 13.” Even before they shared a cock, they played very nicely together in that one. Later that same year, they fucked side-by-side in the slippery and sensational “Oil Overload 2.” There’s no real girl-on-girl action, but watching them oiling each other up and later rubbing their cum-coated tits together will double your fun. Lisa Ann is best known for spoofing Sarah Palin in a popular parody series, but she recently made fans even happier by doing her first gangbang, an interracial one at that.

Don’t go quoting us, but right now there are probably more MILFs doing porn than ever. There are plenty of sexy amateurs including Lexi Carrington, Melanie Skyy, and Marie Madison. In the pro side of the industry, there are a number of wildly popular MILF series like White Mommas, which has starred both Julia and Lisa and most recently featured busty blonde Holly Halston in her first interracial scene. If you’re into lesbian action, the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club series is one of the best, pairing moms with other moms’ daughters. With thousands of MILF movies in our VOD Theater alone, it’s impossible to cover a representative chunk of titles or performers in a single article, so the best thing you can do is to go exploring the array of hot moms on film.

White Mommas 3 The Black Mother Fuckers Big Titty MILF Shake Latin MILF Hunt

Office Seductions 2

Is it really any wonder that the office romance fantasy is such an appealing sexual outlet these days? With people working longer hours and perhaps more jobs than ever before due to a tanking economy, many of us spend more of our waking hours these days roaming fields of cubicles than we do chilling at the homestead. That means we have more time than ever before to strike up a conversation with the new girl in accounting, rub elbows with that sexy executive or, better yet, bump uglies with that co-worker we’ve lusted after for months.

The problem is that office shenanigans are generally considered taboo at most companies. Management knows that it’s not the romance that necessarily hurts the bottom line, it’s the inevitable break-up that can take chunks out of productivity and damage company prospects. That’s why there is usually an anti-fraternization policy in most corporate employee handbooks. All that does, however, is add a forbidden fruit component to any potential target, which makes it even more appealing.

When you work long hours with corporate cuties and you are explicitly not allowed to resolve pent up feelings the natural way, it provides fertile ground for fantasy. And that’s where Nica Noelle comes in. She’s built a pretty solid career displaying on film our natural inclinations to want sex even under the most rudimentary conditions. Her ability to tap into casual situations and root out the thoughts and desires that all of us have had at one time or another is what makes her work so accessible and so appealing. What’s more is that all of the sex in her films is real and raw, which starts to sound like a broken record considering the number of times we’ve driven that point home, though it’s no less a critical part of what makes her work so successful. That and the intriguing storylines she intersperses throughout the hot action.

In Office Seductions 2, blonde MILF bombshell, Julia Ann, is a marketing and advertising head who has finally landed an account she’s been working on for years. Well, almost. She and her team get one crack to come up with something astounding for a local jewelry outfit or they are out of further consideration. To spur creativity and competitiveness, she divides her team into pairs, promising the winners a hefty raise and a new title.

The problem is there are seven team members, but only six of them made the meeting. Spanish stud Toni Ribas is the odd man out, picked to be Julia’s “special project”, which is code for “you were about to get fired from the Madrid office and I want to fuck you, so I saved your ass. Now I own you.” She certainly owns his cock, devouring the head and shaft before stripping out of her professional garb to reveal her pale shapely body and enormous tits. The two fuck in a chair, on the desk and drape themselves over just about any office furniture they can find. He pauses periodically to slather her gash with saliva then fucks her doggie from behind. Their sweaty bodies collide in RCG and she finishes him off with a very wet blowjob.

As Julia’s fire rages, Anthony Rosano and Melissa Monet are just starting to throw off sparks as are Jynx Maze and Rocco Reed. Cece Stone notices Rocco’s moves and alerts her project partner Michael Vegas that he shouldn’t trust Rocco with his girlfriend. Though the two were admittedly getting pretty chummy, Cece takes the opportunity to convince Michael that he can do better and she moves in on Michael during his moment of weakness. Wouldn’t you know it the precise time Rocco needs to get a soda from the breakroom is when Michael and Cece are getting more familiar with one another. Michael devotes extra time introducing himself to her natural little tits and fur-covered mound. But Michael brought his friend Peter along and Cece takes a real liking to him instantly covering Peter’s head in butterfly kisses. She then takes Peter for a grand tour of her pussy starting from the rear entrance. They fuck spoon-style and then in mish just before Peter spits his stuff onto Cece’s bush. Now is that gratitude?

Of course, the little drama queen Cece tells Jynx that Michael came on to her, which is the complete opposite of what really happened. But when Rocco spills the beans about why he didn’t bring back any soda from the breakroom the other evening Jynx sees the writing on the wall, however illegible and nonsensical it may be. But when one fly closes, another fly opens and Jynx uses the bad news as an excuse to fall into Rocco’s arms where sure enough that new fly opens. A marvelous blowjob follows and Rocco takes a turn planting his face into Jynx’s wet snatch. He fucks her doggie, CG in a spinny office chair and then mish on the desk where you get prime viewing of Jynx’s gorgeous natural tits, stiff nipples and enticing slit. He shoots his wad into her pussy and you get a short glimpse of the ooze running out of her hole, though Rocco quickly positions his fingers on Jynx’s clit to bring her to a spirited orgasm.

The film concludes as Melissa has just finished composing her killer advertising slogan. Unfortunately for her, she thinks out loud too much and Toni Ribas overhears the idea. Knowing he’s on thin ice aside from being a fuck toy, he immediately contacts Julia to deliver what turns out to be the winning tag line. Does Melissa swallow her pride for a second time in her long career or does she blow the whistle on Toni’s conniving ways?

Watch Office Seductions 2 from Sweet Sinner and find out!


Stars:   Jynx Maze Julia Ann Toni Ribas Melissa Monet Anthony Rosano Rocco Reed Cece Stone Michael Vegas

Categories: New Release Feature For Ladies High Definition

Running Time:   150 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Mile High Media Sweet Sinner

Series:   Office Seductions

Director:   Nica Noelle


Featured Star: Julia Ann

Julia Ann keeps on being hot as hell! Even in her 40s she can put some girls half her age to shame with that amazing lean but still curvy body and awesome boobs. She is the MILF that all other MILFs should aspire to be… an award winning MILF too, from AVN this year (MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year for 2010).

Even when she had to pretend to be an old lady in that Golden Girls parody from New Sensations, Julia Ann was still smokin’. Turns out she was only old for the first and last parts of that movie, since the actual fucking happened in flashback, but the point is she was sexy the whole time. Made me wanna hit up Florida in case there might be a cougar like her living down there… I could have had a nasty surprise if I hadn’t remembered it was only a movie. sometimes I got a few problems remembering movies and real life ain’t the same because I watch so much porn.

Anyway… before doing porn, Julia Ann was a pro mud wrestler in Hollywood. She joined up with Janine Lindemulder (aka Janine these days) to do a touring stripper act called Blondage in the early ’90s. They did a scene together in Andrew Blake’s porn classic “Hidden Obsessions” in 1993 and the rest was smut history. Now Julia is in the AVN Hall of Fame and she keeps doing great scenes.

Don’t let anybody tell you that only young sluts are sexy. If they try, just show them a picture of Julia Ann or one of her scenes. And then there’s this pic. I don’t know about you but I can’t stop staring at those hot titties, and having them there twice because of the mirror means I might be here all day…

Watch Julia Ann in…

The Brother Load 2 To Catch a Predator Parody POV Jugg Fuckers 2

The Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody


Starring: Julia Ann, Raylene and Rachel Love

With Betty White being all the rage, it’s no surprise New Sensations made “The Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody.” One morning, Dorothy tells the girls her friend Jean is coming to visit and Rose gets uncomfortable remembering how Jean put the moves on her before. Then we flash back 20 years and that’s when all the fucking happens.

Diamond Foxxx plays Blanche as a proud slut. She calls plumber Johnny Castle to tempt Jean with some man meat but ends up getting him herself because Jean’s not interested. Those big tits are a great piece of bait that Johnny can’t help grabbing. Diamond is super hot with good deep throating skills. Great shots of her ass, too.

Dorothy (Raylene) hasn’t been fucked in years and thanks to a pep talk from Blanche, she puts moves on landscaper Rocco Reed. Raylene has the great tits and nice ass she always had, so even though she’s no young babe she’s definitely a MILF. Rocco spends a while getting her ready by eating her pussy and she sucks his cock. Things get hotter once she’s riding him.

Later, Rose (Julia Ann) tells Sophia she’s falling for Jean. Sophia says maybe it’s because she hasn’t had a man in a while, and as luck would have it a man shows up to deliver flowers to Rose from Jean. Joel (Levi Cash) is eager to stroke her petals and she opens up to him. They build up good heat and Julia Ann shows why she’s the AVN MILF Performer of the Year with the way she goes after the cock. She blows him for a long time before he gives her a nice licking. Rose is mature, but she’s flexible and I don’t just mean she’s got an open mind. She fingers her own butt while he’s doing her sidesaddle.

Sample Quality Movie Trailer –

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That night, Jean (Jewels Jade) goes to the kitchen and finds Marcus (James Deen), another plumber. After she shares her cheesecake and her troubles with him, he charms his way into her panties and makes her scream by eating and fingering her pussy. Jewels has huge fake tits and a tight body, and looks anything but old. Marcus fucks her so good that when Blanche shows up looking for her midnight snack of Marcus, Jean admits fucking a man was good. Rose shows up in the living room to see what all the noise is. Jean thanks Rose for helping her see that she’s bi after all. Now Jean wants to fuck her way to Fort Lauderdale, men and women alike.

Sophia (Rachel Love) comes out to complain about the noise and how it’s keeping her from doing laundry. It turns out it’s not laundry but Londra (gorgeous Puma Swede). There is a lot of breast play and it’s great because they both have such big tits, Puma’s silicone and Rachel’s all natural. They have some nice, wet pussy play and use some dildos. Twenty years later, Sophia is still smiling about it at the end of the movie.

These turn out to be Golden Cougars and not the elderly women from the original Golden Girls, but that’s good if you’re more into MILFs than GILFs. It’s a good way to pornify the show and make it sexy.

Performers of the Year 2010

This is a movie that’s been out since the first of the year but I just now got a chance to talk about it cause I’ve been so busy with the other porn these babes have been in! Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr, Tori Black, Kagney Linn Karter, Julia Ann, and Kristina Rose are here to show why Elegant Angel named them Performers of the Year 2010. It ain’t the same as the AVN or XRCO or whatever awards shows say, but you know Tori was named Performer of the Year for AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, and F.A.M.E. this year. Jenna Haze won the same awards at most of those same letter-named places last year and some of these other girls are for sure gonna have to win sometime. Some of ‘em got nominated a few times.

Tori is one of the prettiest dirty girls ever and she goes after Mark Ashley’s cock like a starving woman who found a sausage.  Kristina is all bendy while Mick Blue pounds her and she gives him a footjob. Alexis launches into a fuck with Johnny Sins that looks like they’d do it even with no camera there. Julia Ann is the AVN MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year 2010, she’s hot as ever, and she’s fucking AVN Male Performer of the Year Manuel Ferrara. I heard all the girls love him so maybe these chicks drew straws or had a catfight to see who got to do the scene with him. They are great at fucking each other!

Next is Jenna, who worships Michael Stefano’s dick, slobbing the knob and getting stuffed so good she turns into a dirty talking whore. Kagney is the newest girl here and if she ain’t a huge name yet, just wait. Fucking like she does here, with last year’s AVN Male Performer of the Year James Deen, is good enough to make her a star along with her hot body and face. Last but not least with a scene that takes up most of the bonus disc is Bobbi, who rivals Tori for prettiest dirty girl ever. Even with her hair shorter she is still total sex. Mark Ashley does her in the throat, pussy, and ass. Her beautiful face looks even better with a load in her mouth.

These are some of the best porn sluts around right now and they’re all in one movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet you need to stop whatever you’re doing and give your cock the jerk of a lifetime.

Watch “Performers of the Year 2010”

Watch this Sample Quality Clip from “Performers of the Year 2008”