Movie Review: Mother Swap

This week, “Mother Swap” from Nubile Films is here to satisfy all of your desires for filthy, fun taboo orgies!

Sexy redhead Lauren Phillips and hot brunette Skylar Snow have the brilliant idea to motivate their stepsons (Robby Echo and Juan El Caballo Loco, respectively) into doing a project they’ve been assigned: each mom will fuck the other one’s stepson! We’re not sure how this will teach the guys a lesson in anything other than how to fuck mature women and how to have an orgy, but porn logic is not like our Earth logic—and besides, big tits are bouncing, and MILF pussies are getting stuffed with big young cocks. That’s all we really came here to see, right?

Stunning stepmom Syren De Mer confronts her stepson (Nathan Bronson) after getting a dick pic from him. Nathan swears that he was trying to send it to someone else, but he won’t say who. Syren confiscates Nathan’s phone, looks at his texts, and sees that he’s been sexting with busty brunette Lexi Luna—stepmother of his best friend, Rico Hernandez. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Swap 10

Four kinky taboo orgies, including some creative food play and a bit of spanking, make “Family Swap 10” (Nubiles) an awesome new collection of forbidden porn scenes.

Hot redhead Jessica Ryan and cute young brunette Michelle Anthony have a 4th of July sex party with Charles Dera and Tyler Nixon. This foursome is an excellent way to defuse the ticking time bomb that family relations have become between swap siblings Michelle and Tyler. Swap mom Jessica breaks up a fight between the two, but when she tries to pull Michelle off Tyler, she pulls down her shorts instead. Everyone sees that Michelle has no panties on under her clothes. Just then, swap dad Charles comes into the room, sees the chaotic scene, and suggests that they all have a fight with squirt guns to blow off some steam. This, of course, will lead to a whole other kind of squirting: from the guys’ cocks as they give the ladies creampies for dessert! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Water soaks into Jessica’s shirt, revealing that she’s not wearing a bra. Jessica and Michelle want to see the guys’ cocks to make it even now that their bits have been on display. (more…)

Movie Review: Moms Teach Sex 30

 Nubiles brings us one of the most exciting installments of a popular taboo series yet with “Moms Teach Sex 30,” our featured movie of the week.

Blonde babe Lily Larimar is staying with her mom’s best friend, sexy MILF Brandi Love. Lily has a huge crush on Brandi’s stepson, Tyler Cruise, and doesn’t mind hitting on him right there in the kitchen over morning coffee. Brandi takes Lily aside and tells the girl to stop talking dirty to her stepson, but then she leaves them unattended while she goes to take a shower. Lily tells Tyler she’d like some of his own cream in her next cup of coffee and then leaves to take a shower herself, which inspires the stud to jerk off directly into the pot. Brandi comes back from her shower for a second cup of coffee and can tell right away that Tyler has jizzed in it. Tyler might be over 18, but he’s not too old to be grounded while he’s living under Brandi’s roof. Brandi heads out to the store, even though she should know what will happen when she leaves these two horny young people alone. Sure enough, Lily goes to Tyler’s room and asks him to show her how he jacked off into the coffee. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Swap 9

 Four blended families mix it up for a great time in “Family Swap 9” from Nubiles, our featured movie of the week.

Mischievous Christie Stevens plays an April Fool’s prank on her swap family by serving them broccoli for breakfast. This inspires swap siblings Kenzie Reeves and Nathan Bronson to prank their swap parents. They know that Christie enjoys some afternoon delight with Calvin Hardy, their swap dad, every day when she’s pretending to be taking a siesta. They tell Calvin that Christie has decided to rest in Kenzie’s bed today, unbeknownst to Christie. Calvin visits Kenzie’s room and, to his surprise, he ends up in bed with Kenzie after all. Meanwhile, Nathan visits Christie and finds out firsthand just what his swap mom does every afternoon! Christie enjoys her swap son’s big dick so much that she gets noisy, drawing the attention of Calvin and Kenzie. It turns into a big, happy family orgy as Christie rides her husband Calvin and the swap siblings fuck each other alongside them. The pairs switch places again, and after both guys blow their loads, the mommy and daughter suck the guys clean. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Pies 17

Nubiles presents four hot scenes of taboo creampies with this week’s featured movie, “Family Pies 17.”

Tall, trim blonde Daisy Stone isn’t upset when she finds her horny stepbrother Nathan Bronson masturbating to a pair of his mother’s panties. Instead, Daisy wants to watch and give him some inspiration! After Daisy flashes her small tits and hot ass at the dude for a while, they’re both understandably pretty worked up and Daisy just wants her bro’s hard cock inside her wet pussy. Nathan fucks his stepsis in missionary while she rubs her clit. After a while, Daisy takes control of the situation with some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. He finishes with a fresh, hot cream pie in his sister’s pussy.

Cute natural redhead Abby Rains and her attractive stepbrother Logan Long have been fucking around for a while behind everyone’s back, but now Abby’s sister, Daisy Stone, is trying to catch them in the act. Abby and Logan sneak around the house and never give up on their quest to fuck. Daisy walks in as her sister sucks their stepbrother’s big dick in the kitchen, but they manage to narrowly avoid being caught. (more…)

Movie Review: Mom’s Guide to Sex 13

This week we’re featuring “Mom’s Guide to Sex 13,” a hot new release from Crave Media that’s perfect for everyone who’s into mom/daughter taboo, “cumming of age” stories, threesomes, awkward sex, and hot girls learning how to fuck.

Sultry MILF Aila Donovan is thrilled to meet her pretty redheaded stepdaughter Michelle Anthony’s new boyfriend, long-haired Asian hunk David Lee. Michelle takes David to her bedroom in the loft. As she halfheartedly licks David’s cockhead and barely puts it in her mouth, he knows that busting a nut might never happen at this rate. That’s when mommy comes to the rescue. Because the bed faces away from the half-wall separating the loft from the stairs, only David can see Aila when she sneaks up to have a look. Aila shushes him, pulls her dress down, and puts one of David’s hands on her bare tits. Almost immediately, David cums in Michelle’s mouth. Disgusted, Michelle spits out his jizz and yells at him. David goes downstairs, where Aila calls him over and offers to satisfy him for real. In the middle of things, she asks for his phone and takes a selfie with David’s cock in her mouth. (more…)

Movie Review: Baited at the Slumber Party

Mommy’s Girl is back this week with a hot new release titled “Baited at the Slumber Party,” a trio of taboo mixed-age threesomes starring some of the hottest girl/girl performers around.

Mature blonde Brittany Andrews is the sexy stepmom at the center of the scene that gives the movie its title. She says goodbye to her stepdaughter, cute Mackenzie Mace, who’s supposed to be going to school this morning. But as soon as Brittany leaves for work, Mackenzie invites her girlfriend, petite babe Aften Opal, to come over and skip class so they can fuck. They’re in the middle of making out when Brittany comes back to fetch the purse she left behind. Brittany is too busy being horny to scold the girls too much, especially when they tell her that in their own way, they have just as little time for a personal life due to school as she does due to her own hectic work schedule. Mackenzie and Aften notice that Brittany seems a little hot under the collar, and they quickly seduce the sexy blonde MILF into joining them for a spontaneous day off for getting off together. (more…)