Movie Review: A Family That’s Stuck Together, Stays Together

 Mommy’s Girl and Girlsway present three smoking hot older/younger lesbian taboo scenes in “A Family That’s Stuck Together, Stays Together.”

Scene one is a real treat for those who love redheads, both tall and petite. Sexy 5’10” stepmom Lauren Phillips has two stepdaughters, 4’10” spinner Madi Collins and 5’10”, auburn-haired Scarlett Mae. Madi and Scarlett got into a fender bender while they were driving together, and Lauren demands to know why. The girls don’t want to answer at first, but Lauren drags the confession out of them: they were fooling around while driving. What upsets Lauren isn’t that her stepdaughters are having taboo lesbian sex; it’s that they should know better than to pick such a dangerous time to do it. When Madi and Scarlett say they thought they had to hide their relationship from Lauren, she assures them that they never have to feel ashamed. The dispute reaches a happy resolution when the younger ladies put the moves on their mature mommy for some hot threeway, family style. Madi and Scarlett worship Lauren’s huge natural tits and go down between her beautifully thick thighs to eat her trimmed pussy. (more…)

Movie Review: Perv’n On My Stepmom’s Big Boobs

 “Perv’n on My Stepmom’s Big Boobs” from My Pervy Family is an incredible new taboo release that makes all of your fantasies about your big-titty stepmother a reality!

Blonde MILF Rachael Cavalli works her charms and her big, round tits on her horny stepson Johnny the Kid, who is exhausted from studying for his college exams. She catches him dozing off at the table and stirs him back to life with her wandering hands. While rubbing his shoulders, she notices his dick beginning to stir in his shorts and gets a great idea to help him clear his head. Rachael convinces her stepson that if he wants to remember what he studied, he needs to empty his balls of all that built-up cum. Johnny is worried because she’s his stepmom, and his dad is sure come home and catch them in the act, but Rachael has set her mind to it. The horny MILF won’t stop until she has fucked this college boy enough to clear out all the cum in his balls.

Hot brunette step-MILF Kitten LateNight (a porn newcomer to watch) is upset at her new stepson Johnny the Kid after finding a letter of expulsion from his college dean. (more…)

Movie Review: The Big Game

 Pure Taboo presents two strong scenes this week in “The Big Game,” starring Charly Summer, Coco Lovelock, Seth Gamble, and Isiah Maxwell.

Cute little brunette Charly Summer plays Jessica, an 18-year-old who really likes her football-obsessed stepdad, Ryan (Seth Gamble). No matter how nice and sweet she is to Ryan, he doesn’t pay her the attention she wants. On the day of the Big Game, Ryan tells his stepdaughter to stay out of his man cave, but she has a scheme. Instead of leaving him alone to watch football, Jessica changes into a revealing outfit and slinks into the room. Ryan can’t help noticing that his 18-year-old stepdaughter has an incredible body, but he doesn’t need that kind of drama or distraction. He tells her to go put some clothes on, but Jessica puts on a tiny football jersey, booty shorts, and fishnets. She prances back into the man cave, asking if she can watch the game with him. Ryan gives in but tells her not to distract him again. Obviously, Jessica isn’t going to sit quietly next to her stepdad while dressed like that. Boldly, she spreads her thighs and starts to touch herself over her panties. (more…)

Movie Review: Family Swap 12

 Our featured movie this week is a continuation of a series that’s a must see for taboo and free use porn fans: “Family Swap 12” from Nubiles. This new release boasts four partner-swapping orgies with some of the horniest swap families you’ll ever see.

Hot, stacked Brazilian swap mom Brianna Bourbon and her swap husband, Clark Kent, share cupcakes with adorable blonde swap daughter Molly Little and swap son Ricky Spanish. They promised to be on their best behavior, but Ricky can’t stop fondling Molly’s nipples while she plays on her phone. Molly tries to stifle her moans of pleasure as her swap brother eats her pussy. Soon, Clark starts to put the moves on Brianna while she reads a book, fingering and going down on her. Ricky moves on to fucking Molly in doggy while she acts more interested in her phone. Finally, when Ricky and Clark move Molly and Brianna onto the couch for some side-by-side fucking, the women throw themselves fully into it and eventually trade places on the guys. After more positions and some breaks for cock sucking, Ricky pops on the outside of Brianna’s pussy and Clark gives Molly a cream pie. (more…)

Movie Review: Deep in My Hairy Stepsister 2

Taboo porn fans, you won’t want to miss “Deep in My Hairy Stepsister 2” from Nubiles, new this week on AEBN.

Hot little redhead Madi Collins has her new stepbro, Codey Steele, wrapped around her finger. She has him running errands for her. One day, when he returns from picking up something for her at the store, he finds Madi trying on new bras in the living room. Codey is embarrassed to see so much of his stepsister’s petite body, but Madi brushes it off. Then she informs him that he got the wrong thing at the store. Codey offers to go exchange it, but Madi would rather have him stay and give feedback as she tries on bras. Codey is uncomfortably turned on when she puts on a bra that shows off her nipples. Later, the sibs hang out on the couch. Madi’s got her head in Codey’s lap as she quizzes him on whether seeing her titties made him hard. Codey confesses that it did, and Madi asks him to touch her pussy. When he doesn’t immediately reach over, Madi puts his hands on her so he can feel her wetness. Codey is now as erect as can be, and he lets her wrap her hot mouth around him. (more…)

Movie Review: Moms Lick Teens 32

 Reality Kings is back this week with “Moms Lick Teens 32,” a fabulously filthy lesbian taboo flick. These stepmoms, and in one case a hot doctor, use sex to dominate or reward the girls who so badly need their guidance.

Madi Collins is supposed to be cleaning her room, but she decides to take some dirty selfies and masturbation videos instead. The 19-year-old redhead gets busted in the kitchen when her new stepmom, brunette Lexi Luna, walks into the room. If Madi wants to have an orgasm, then her young step-MILF is gonna be the one to give it to her today. Lexi pushes Madi against the wall, fingers and licks her, and orders the teen to eat her out. On the counter, Lexi controls the action as she and her naughty stepdaughter take turns pleasuring each other, including some tribbing and hot 69 action.

It’s only been a month since busty blonde Wendy Raine became stepmother to young Asian beauty Jade Kimiko, but there’s already tension between them. Wendy is annoyed to see that Jade foregoes her chores in favor of constant gaming. (more…)

Movie Review: Cum Swapping Sisters 4

In “Cum Swapping Sisters 4” from Nubiles, cute girls fuck their stepbrothers with the help of their besties in fun scenarios.

Long-haired blonde Macy Meadows and her shorter-haired brunette friend Brookie Blair beg Macy’s stepbrother Anthony Pierce for a ride to the mall. Anthony’s not interested unless they show him their tits. Macy leaves in a huff, but Brookie looks like she’s into the idea. When Macy apologizes for her horny stepbro’s behavior, Brookie waves it off and says they might be able to convince him with some twerking instead. Anthony won’t budge, even if he’s getting hard watching them shake their asses, so Brookie finally bares her boobs for him and lets him suck her nipples. Macy pretends to be covering her eyes while Brookie blows Anthony, but he can see that she’s sneaking a peek. When Macy finally starts to go down on her own stepbrother, Brookie pushes Macy’s head down and tests her friend’s gag reflex. Later, Macy gets into doggy position with Anthony and simultaneously eats Brookie’s pussy. The besties take turns riding Anthony’s D and each other’s tongues, getting louder and more excited with every thrust and lick. (more…)