Feb 17 2017

Featured star: perky, natural cutie Adria Rae

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Adorable Adria Rae (whom you may also know as Aspen Reign) is a hazel-eyed brunette from Michigan who was born on August 26, 1996. She started attracting the attention of modeling recruiters as a teenager, and not long after turning 18 she was on her way to adult industry stardom.

Adria has the face of an angel, the body of a goddess, and the sex drive of a fuck demon. It’s a combination that porn viewers find hard to resist. Watch her turn from girl next door to cum whore in the blink of an eye!

In My Little Schoolgirl from Innocent High, Adria is a little late in getting her work done for a paper, so she agrees to suck and fuck the horny teacher for more time.

Adria has her first-ever threeway with Naomi Woods and a lucky dude in Shared for the First Time from Vision Films.

Watch Adria get into girl-girl action even hotter and heavier in Dominance and Submission from Digital Sin, when she gives complete control of her willing body to Anna Bell Peaks. This fetish/BDSM title has Adria cumming so hard you’ll have no doubt about her hidden kinky side.

Fans of butt stuff will really lose their loads for Adria’s scene with Mike Adriano in Anal Starlets 3 (Evil Angel/Mike Adriano Media). While not her first filmed anal scene, it looks to be the first one released and in any case, you don’t want to miss it when she winks her tight butthole at the camera, gobbles his knob, and takes it hard and deep up the backside.

With more than two dozen movies available on our VOD theatre, beautiful young Adria Rae is going to keep you and your hands busy for a good long while! Here are five viewer favorites to get you going.

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Feb 16 2017

Movie Review, “Don’t Tell Hubby,” Girlsway

don't tell hubby, lesbian, girlsway, august ames, abella danger, aj applegate, spencer scott, alexis fawx, jaclyn taylor, pornGirlsway presents Don’t Tell Hubby, another in its growing catalogue of stunning lesbian movies that are gorgeously filmed and full of hot women who are clearly enjoying each other.

Stepsisters Abella Danger and August Ames have a close relationship. It’s so close that they have to use secret names when they video chat, and that’s the only reason their dad didn’t figure out they’ve been having a lesbian romance when he snooped on her laptop. Abella’s out of the will unless she changes her deviant ways, and he even goes so far as to coerce her into marrying one of the partners at his law firm, a young guy named Manolo. August agrees to come home and help Abella get out of this engagement. When August walks through the door, their dad says he wants her to talk some sense into Abella, still not knowing about their taboo relationship. Instead, August and Abella have some hot reunion sex because they haven’t seen each other for a while. In Abella’s bedroom, the sisters make out and suck each other’s nipples. They hungrily eat each other’s warm, wet pussies and finger each other till they moan and writhe in orgasm! It’s a wonder their dad doesn’t hear them when he knocks on the door, letting Abella know that Manolo has come to see her.

AJ Applegate’s game designer husband won’t put his phone down and pay her any attention. He makes fun of her for complaining. When busty blonde Spencer Scott comes over with her husband, who works with AJ’s husband, the girls are left on their own because the husbands are preoccupied with their phones. The moment the guys leave the room, the girls whip out their luscious tits and start licking. Soon they’re naked and playing with each other’s pussies. They won’t let their husbands’ neglect keep them from getting laid! As the husbands go outside, come back inside, and go outside again, AJ and Spencer sneak long moments of lesbian fucking on the white leather couch. At one point the guys notice a wet spot, but they’re too oblivious to figure out what it really is. The girls narrowly escape getting caught naked a few times, but it doesn’t even stop them from fingering each other while they hide behind the couch with their husbands just a few feet away!

Alexis Fawx is jealous because her roommate, Jaclyn Taylor, is gushing about a girl she met at the gym. When Jaclyn shows a photo of the girl on her phone, Alexis says the girl is young enough to be her daughter. Oblivious to the reason Alexis is acting this way, Jaclyn suggests that they could double date with the girl and her brother. Jaclyn has invited the girl over so they can go out, forgetting that it’s cleaning day. While Jaclyn gets all hussied up in a dress that can barely contain her tits and ass, Alexis peeks. As Jaclyn and her date make out on the couch, Alexis glares at them from the background. When the girl knocks over a vase, Alexis loses her temper and Jaclyn’s date bolts. Alexis chases Jaclyn into her bedroom, where a catfight ensues. As they roll each other over, struggling for dominance, Alexis admits that the reason she’s angry is that she wants Jaclyn for herself. Jaclyn is attracted to Alexis too, but she assumed she didn’t like girls. The makeup sex is as passionate as the fight. Quickly they transition from kissing to Jaclyn kissing and sucking Alexis’ huge breasts. Jaclyn pulls off those yoga pants and goes down on Alexis, saying she wants her to cum in her mouth. After her orgasm, Alexis finally tastes Jaclyn’s twat. She’s so good at pussy eating you’d think she was a veteran, but it’s her first time. The women grind their pussies together till they reach a mutual climax, and as they kiss they agree that they’re more than friends.

Spencer and AJ have moved to a bedroom, where their clueless husbands are less likely to hear their moans and gasps or see them licking and tribbing themselves into ecstasy. Let their husbands keep playing with their phones—these smoking hot blondes are going to keep playing with each other’s married pussies!

It’s the day of Abella and Manolo’s wedding rehearsal. While their dad preaches at them, August lifts Abella’s skimpy skirt and fondles that big butt. A woman sitting across the table from August doesn’t seem to notice, or else she’s pretending she can’t see. The overbearing father instructs Abella and Manolo to rehearse their kiss, but August blurts out a warning that it’s bad luck. In fact, even seeing the bride will be bad luck, so August pulls Abella away to her bedroom, saying it’s just going to be the girls hanging out till the wedding tomorrow. Abella’s dress is laid out on the bed, and August wants to see her in it. Soon enough, she’s already naked as the girls indulge in one more session of toe sucking, pussy eating, tribbing, and ass rimming before Abella is married off to a guy she doesn’t even want. Manolo knocks on the door several times, complaining and whining, wanting to go home, but the girls remind him that they already said Abella was staying with August for the night. After shooing the unwanted dude away for the last time, August and Abella decide to run away together and free Abella from an unwanted marriage. They pack their bags and flee the house at dawn. Where will their sisterly lesbian love lead them?

Don’t Tell Hubby from Girlsway is available exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   August Ames   Abella Danger   Jaclyn Taylor   Alexis Fawx   Spencer Scott   A.J. Applegate
Studio Name:   Girlsway

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Feb 10 2017

Natural Russian hottie Elena Koshka is six feet tall and gorgeous

elena koshka, panties, nipple, natural breasts, tease, russian, porn, pretty girlStanding an impressive six feet tall with legs for days, Elena Koshka is a bona fide Russian beauty who was born in the city of Kazan. She’s a green-eyed brunette with natural 34B-24-34 measurements. Her tits are a perfect handful and her ass has a lovely bubble shape that mesmerizes us.

At the moment, Elena has just nine movies available on our VOD theater but we’re already hopelessly captivated. She’s not just beautiful, with a natural body that makes us stand at attention, but she’s also got a hunger for sex that can’t be denied. Elena starts off flirty, with a fresh-faced sweetness, but soon her sensual side emerges and the lust takes hold of her!

We first noticed this wonderful quality of hers in Neighborhood Swingers 17 (Devil’s Film), one of her first movies, released in summer 2016. She and her hot neighbor Kagney Linn Karter are having incredible lesbian shower sex as Tony DeSergio watches and eventually joins them for a wet, hot, MFF threeway. Eventually there are even more invited to the party, which becomes an orgy involving Kat Dior, Edyn Blair, Marcus London, and Evan Stone.legs, porn, elena koshka, model, hot, russian, long hair, natural breasts, feet, pretty girl

Digital Videovision’s Solomon’s 7th Heaven: 6ft Tall Elena Koshka is her own showcase movie that captures her exploring new pleasures on camera. She was still an amateur newbie when the scenes were performed, but you could already see the makings of an erotic powerhouse. If you like your women wet, by the way, there’re more shower sex in this movie. Elena in the shower is a wonderful sight to behold.

In Creeping Tom 2 from Lethal Hardcore, Elena discovers cameras hidden in the bathroom and decides to give the pervert what he could only dream about.

Elena’s latest movie is Lesbian Coming Out Stories from Girlsway. In this glamorous new scene, we see Elena teasing her best friend Anna Deville, knowing that she has a crush on her. First Elena suggest that they take a nap wearing only their bras and panties. Pretending to be asleep, Elena encourages Anna to join her in a sweet and sensual girl-on-girl encounter.

We think you’re going to fall in lust with Elena Koshka just as hard as we did!

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Feb 08 2017

Movie Review: “Cum Eating Cuckolds 26” by Kick Ass Pictures

cum eating cuckolds 26, cuckold, kick ass pictures, porn, cum eating, lily jordan, avery moon, edyn blair, bobbi dylanWhat’s a girl to do when her husband is too small to satisfy her pussy? If she’s a take-charge woman like the stars of Cum Eating Cuckolds 26 (Kick Ass Pictures), then she’ll go out and find herself a man with more meat, and then make her husband see what he can’t give her!

Thick and sexy Edyn Blair and her personal trainer, a muscular black stud, are having a session that gets hotter by the second. When it’s time for Edyn to “stretch out,” she knows exactly where they need to concentrate. She goes upstairs to find her husband watching a football game. Edyn announces that she’s going to fuck her trainer because his dick is much bigger, and her husband is going to watch. She brings her trainer into the room and pulls out his dick while her husband watches in shock. Edyn makes her husband take off her shoes and stuff her foot in his mouth while she sucks that big black dick. Then she fucks her trainer while making her husband lick her ass, and finally, she has her husband lick the trainer’s jizz off her face. Afterward, she gives her husband permission to jerk his cock, which is nowhere near as big as the trainer’s.

Bobbi Dylan’s husband has invited his old frat brother over for drinks, and it’s the first time the gorgeous young wife has ever seen this tall, dark, and handsome hunk of man meat. She’s interested in hearing about their college adventures, because she never got to experience that life. When Bobbi’s husband leaves for a minute, she and his old frat buddy can’t wait to put the moves on each other! They kiss hungrily and soon move to the bedroom, where her husband finds them moments later. Bobbi has already decided what’s going to happen here: she’s going to fuck her husband’s frat buddy and make him watch. As she nuzzles that big black cock and balls, slurping down as much as possible, she puts her foot in her husband’s face so he can suck her toes. After Bobbi’s new lover cums, Bobbi takes off the condom and holds it over her husband’s face, letting the cum drip into his mouth.

Cute brunette Lily Jordan is getting an inadequate foot massage from her meek husband when a robber enters the room, complaining that they don’t have anything worth stealing. Instead, he wants Lily’s pussy and she’s happy to give it to him, since her husband isn’t satisfying her. Lily smirks at her husband’s weak protests as this virile intruder pleases her in ways that he never could. Not only does he have to watch, but he also has to be satisfied with just a little bit of feeling her up and licking her while this other man with a bigger dick gets to fuck her. Like Bobbi before here, Lily feeds her lover’s jizz into her cuckolded husband’s mouth from the condom.

Avery Moon, a dark-haired hottie, has a generous husband who finds a real man for her to fuck, as long as he gets to watch. Though Avery tells her husband he can watch, they’re not going to wait around. As soon as she hangs up the phone, her lover pulls her bra down so he can lick her pierced nipples. She lies down so the stud can fuck her mouth and fondle her ass. After a minute or two, Avery’s husband gets home just in time for the real fucking to begin. He gets to watch and worship his wife’s feet while the well-hung stud that he picked out for her gets to pound her pussy. Avery loves every minute of this servicing by two men, and she especially gets off on the fact that her husband is watching that big dick plunge in and withdraw, only to plunge back inside. When the stud blows his load on Avery’s ass, she pulls her husband’s head down so he can lick the cum off her cheeks and crack.

These humiliated husbands are so happy their wives let them be in the room that they’ll eat any cum they’re given and they’ll like it!

Stars:   Lily Jordan   Avery Moon   Edyn Blair   Bobbi Dylan
Studio Name:   Kick Ass Pictures

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Feb 03 2017

Featured star: Athletic natural beauty Leah Gotti

porn, nude, naked, leah gotti, natural breasts, teenBorn to a strict upbringing in Sherman, Texas on October 4, 1997, Leah Gotti was athletic and a top student in her class. After graduating from high school two years early, Leah attended college on a wrestling scholarship, majoring in bio-technology with a minor in engineering. It was during her college years in Dallas that Leah started to host events at the Dallas Entourage. The owner of the Crown Plaza chain asked Leah to host an Exxxotica Convention. Someone entered Leah into the competition to play a prank on her. Leah had never stripped before, and didn’t even strip during the contest, yet she ended up winning based on her looks alone.

Yes, it does take a lot for a girl to beat naked girls in an amateur contest like that, but look at that face. Look at those natural 34C tits, which fill out a shirt well, and that round, firm ass that looks fantastic whether in or out of clothes.

Adult companies took notice of Leah, and out of the many that offered her work, she chose to do her first hardcore shoot with the adult website FTV Girls. She started out, as many girls do, with girl/girl scenes (one of her early ones was with Jenna Sativa in the delicious My Wife’s First Girlfriend from New Sensations). After she and her boyfriend broke up, Leah decided to start doing boy/girl scenes too.

Super Cute 5 from Hard X shows Leah at her adorable yet fierce best. The director, a mysterious lady named Mason, always knows how to get the best performance out of every girl. Leah’s performance, from tease to handjob to fucking, shows exactly why all those porn companies couldn’t wait to work with her.

leah gotti, naked, big tits, natural breasts, pornLeah seduces her overly protective stepdad, Derrick Pierce, in Trophy Daughter from Pretty Dirty. After Derrick literally chases a guy out of her bedroom, Leah decides that if he’s so obsessed with her virginity then he should be the one to take it. Derrick denies that he wants to fuck her, but he can’t resist when she pulls her shirt down and shoves his face into her natural, gravity-defying tits. Leah’s persistence pays off, as Derrick’s stunned resistance gives way to him hungrily returning her kiss. He gets rock hard in her mouth, thanks to her oral skills. Leah rides Derrick hard, meeting his thrusts with her bounces. Derrick fucks her into multiple-orgasmic bliss, bending and stretching her into some fun positions. After going the distance for an impressive length of time, Derrick unloads all over Leah’s perfect titties.

In September 2016 Leah’s first anal scene was released in Tushy’s Anal Models 3. This lusciously filmed scene with Xander Corvus is sensual and romantic, but far from softcore. Leah is totally into this new sexual adventure and you can tell she’s getting off on the sensation of his big dick penetrating her tight young asshole! She was obviously raring to go, as one of her next scenes was a threeway with gorgeous Keisha Grey and hung stud Jean Val Jean in Tushy’s Anal Threesomes.

Taboo porn has never been hotter, and Leah has done several incredible scenes in the genre. Whether she’s fucking a brother or a stepmom, Leah is one of the most irresistible young temptresses in any family’s home. Two of our favorite taboo scenes of hers can be found in My Black Brother 2 (Digital Sin) and with hot redhead Karlie Montana in Spying on Mommy from Girlsway/Mommy’s Girl.

While performing, Leah is still in college. We would never miss a lecture if we were in one of her classes!

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Feb 02 2017

Movie Review: “I Love My Sister’s Big Tits 7,” Digital Sin

i love my sister's big tits 7, digital sin, porn, taboo, family, sister, brother, big tits, katy jayne, brenna sparks, mick blue, ivy rose, tyler nixon, chad white, lucas frost, lena paulHaving a hot stepsister must be a blessing and a curse. If she’s horny like you and doesn’t mind breaking the rules, it’s probably the most fun you can have in the privacy of your own home. Those are the kinds of sisters you will see in I Love My Sister’s Big Tits 7, another excellent installment of a Digital Sin series that any fan of taboo porn needs to follow.

Lena Paul, a gorgeous brunette with big blue eyes, catches her stepbrother Lucas Frost lighting a cigarette and angrily threatens to rat him out to Mom. He’s willing to do anything to keep her quiet and she takes advantage of that, pulling down her shirt and bra to show her plump natural boobs and stiff nipples. Lucas whirls Lena around, presses her against the wall, and kisses her hard. He takes her to bed, where he takes some time to explore her beautiful natural endowments and licks her clit, getting her even more excited. Lena shows her stepbrother all the fun he can have with her massive mammaries, giving him a tit-wank to remember and letting him grab them as he thrusts into her wet pussy. And then, after they fuck in several positions, he coats those admirable chesticles in jizz.

Pretty brunette Ivy Rose has a special relationship with her stepbrother Mick Blue, who’s ten years older and has been a mentor to her. When he moves overseas to pursue his photography career, Ivy is heartbroken, so her mom pays for her to visit him for a couple of weeks. After the visit flies by, Ivy can’t leave without fucking him like she has always fantasized about doing. Mick has obviously thought about it too. He plays with her big natural breasts and goes down on her, and then she sucks his big, hard dick. Mick focuses plenty of attention on Ivy’s big natural breasts as they fuck hard and deep. Their passion and chemistry radiate through the screen, and the load he paints her pretty face with is thick and creamy.

Tyler Nixon lovingly admires his hot stepsister Brenna Sparks’ bra in the laundry room, smelling it and cupping it in his hands. He finds her in the living room and awkwardly chats with her for a minute. Later, she’s in the shower and Tyler notices that the door’s open. He tries to run past the door before she notices, but she knows he’s there. After her shower, Brenna finds Tyler on the couch and asks directly: “Do you want to fuck your sister?” Tyler stammers out a denial but soon enough, he’s got his mouth planted on those huge, round tits of hers. He fucks Brenna’s titties and eats her out. She opens wide so he can fuck her mouth before he pounds her pussy every which way. Tyler pulls out and blasts her face with his cum, meaning she needs another shower before their mom and dad get home!

Chad White also sees his beautiful blonde stepsister Katy Jayne in the shower, lathering up her fat titties and thick booty and thighs. She smiles, knowing that he’s there, but he runs off. Later, in the kitchen, Katy says she knows Chad liked what he saw, and is disappointed only when he’s afraid to act on it. In her sexy British accent, Katy tries to talk him into fucking her. Finally, she just chases him down and pulls his face into her bountiful cleavage. He slides his raging erection in between her magnificent boobs, and later makes them bounce hypnotically when she rides him in reverse cowgirl. She looks down at them, watching them dance, and you can’t help getting even more turned on knowing that she likes seeing her own tits bounce. He pulls out and gives her a facial that spills down onto her magnificent rack.

These sexy sisters are proud to share their boobalicious bodies with their brothers, and we love them for it!

Stars:   Katy Jayne   Brenna Sparks   Mick Blue   Ivy Rose   Tyler Nixon   Chad White   Lucas Frost   Lena Paul
Studio Name:   Digital Sin

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Jan 27 2017

Featured star: super spinner Megan Rain

megan rain, ass, wet, porn, spinner, pretty, natural, breastsGorgeous spinner Megan Rain is as sweet and irresistible as a luscious dessert. Her long black hair, green eyes, and dimpled smile are striking and seductive. She’s made a career for herself in porn because there’s nothing in the world she loves to do more than fuck.

After Megan graduated from high school in 2014, she did her first porn scenes within a couple of months. Whereas some girls have one crazy summer between high school and college, Megan skipped ahead to teaching Sex Ed.

Megan didn’t make her fans wait long before her first anal scene. In Don’t Tell My Boyfriend I’m Cheating 2 (Digital Sin), her asshole gets all the attention it never gets from her boyfriend when Bruce Venture claims her booty as his plaything. She loves the way he takes control, but she’s also an active partner. If her dude doesn’t want that sweet booty, Megan is happy to give it to Bruce.

Manuel Creampies Their Asses 3 (Jules Jordan Video) features Megan with another commanding male partner, the infamous French porn stud Manuel Ferrara. Megan enjoys being his little walking, talking, living fuck doll. They do it lying down, standing up, sitting down, upside down, and backwards. She sits on his face, lets him choke her, and takes him in every hole before he finally creampies her ass. We love to see her be such a nasty girl!

megan rain, topless, natural breasts, pretty, small tits, brunette, panties, lace, pornMegan Rain and Adriana Chechik make one of the hottest double acts around, so you don’t want to miss them in The Cum Exchange 2 (Jules Jordan). Before Mick Blue even shows up they’re already heavily into some hot girl-on-girl oral sex. Once they have a dick to share, they still find plenty of time to pleasure each other. After an outstanding display of ass reaming that probably left both girls’ butts sore, Adriana takes his thick load in her mouth and passes the seed back and forth with Megan as they kiss.

Evil Angel compiled some of Megan’s hottest scenes for the studio in Megan Rain is Evil. These scenes, directed by Evil Angel founder John Stagliano, Mark Wood and Mike Adriano, showcase Megan with an artistic eye as she throws down in some of her edgiest, most hardcore anal scenes.

This year, Megan was a nominee for XBIZ Female Performer of the Year 2017, with other nominations for scenes and Adult Site of the Year—Performer.

Megan’s scene with Manuel Ferrara for Anal Models (Tushy) won Best Anal Sex Scene at the AVN Awards this year. Her other AVN nominations included Female Performer of the Year, Best Double Penetration Sex Scene (Young and Glamorous 8 with Mick Blue and James Deen, Jules Jordan Video) and Best Threeway Sex Scene—GGB (Digital Sin’s Me, My Brother and Another with Marley Brinx and Tommy Pistol).

Find out all the reasons Megan Rain is an It Girl in the porn world. Here are five movies that will make you want to see even more!

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Jan 26 2017

Movie Review: “The Candidate,” Sweetheart Video

candidate, sweetheart video, brandi love, julia ann, dana vespoli, lesbian, porn, feature, lyra louvel, kira noir, penny pax, casey calvert, karlie montana, bree daniels, uma jolie, alec knightDana Vespoli, as a director, showed her gift for combining porn and drama in Lefty, her feature about a retired boxing champion. At the same time, she’s fantastic at capturing sex at its most intense. If you’re looking for porn with a story that will keep you watching all the way to the end, she’s got you covered. Vespoli has done that again with The Candidate (Sweetheart Video), a story of politics, scandal, and tragedy.

Democratic Senator Jen Hanlon (beautiful blonde Brandi Love) is running for US president. Hanlon was raised by a single mother, is a former volunteer firefighter, has a stellar legal career, and is a popular senator. Her opponent, Republican Senator Trip Mathis (Alec Knight), needs something to tarnish Hanlon’s halo, so one of his aides (Brock Doom) creates a scandal. Mathis doesn’t know it yet but he’s set events in motion that will change his life, and not in a good way.

Cute redhead Penny Pax is Mathis’ only child, and she’s hiding both her sexuality and her politics from him. Her girlfriend, pretty brunette Casey Calvert, thinks that he knows they’re more than friends, but Penny isn’t ready to come out. For right now, she just wants to make love to Casey. The girls kiss, and soon Casey has found her way to Penny’s delectable natural breasts. Penny and Casey take turns making each other cum orally, including some hot sixty-nine.

Meanwhile, Senator Hanlon is hiding a long-term lesbian relationship with Supreme Court Justice Beth Pellegrino (Julia Ann). Their sex is smoking hot, as we see when they both get home after a long day. The two busty blondes take their time getting out of their clothes, kissing each other’s huge breasts, and licking each other’s smooth pussies. It’s a scene that could melt your screen, thanks to the outstanding chemistry between the two women. As they cuddle, Beth tries to talk Jen into going public with their relationship but Jen promises to do so after the election, no matter if she wins or loses.

Mathis’ lackeys make it more difficult for Hanlon to hide her sexuality, releasing a scandalous video that appears to show Hanlon in a lesbian threeway back in her college days. We see the video of three women, one of whom looks very much like Hanlon, along with a pale beauty with short red hair (Bree Daniels) and a hot, caramel-skinned brunette (Uma Jolie). If all homemade sex tapes were this hot, then maybe fewer public figures would be ashamed to release them.

Of course, Mathis has some skeletons in his own closet. He likes to hire call girls, but—whether it’s because he has a voyeurism fetish or because he wants to be hands-off—he only watches them put on a private show for him. First he hires Karlie Montana, who looks delicious in red lingerie and masturbates for him, so close he could join in but he doesn’t. Later, he hires a pair of hotties (Kira Noir and Lyra Louvel) to have sex for his viewing enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Mathis doesn’t know that something is happening that will change not only his political fortunes, but also his entire life. No spoilers here, but it’s what makes this a political thriller and not just a sexy drama. The entire cast shines in the conclusion of The Candidate, and you will want to see how it all unfolds.

Stars:   Brandi Love   Bree Daniels   Penny Pax   Casey Calvert   Uma Jolie   Kira Noir   Lyra Louvel   Julia Ann   Dana Vespoli   Alec Knight   Karlie Montana
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweetheart Video

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