Featured Star: Julia Ann

Julia Ann keeps on being hot as hell! Even in her 40s she can put some girls half her age to shame with that amazing lean but still curvy body and awesome boobs. She is the MILF that all other MILFs should aspire to be… an award-winning MILF too, from AVN this year (MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year for 2010).

Even when she had to pretend to be an old lady in that Golden Girls parody from New Sensations, Julia Ann was still smokin’. Turns out she was only old for the first and last parts of that movie, since the actual fucking happened in flashback, but the point is she was sexy the whole time. Made me wanna hit up Florida in case there might be a cougar like her living down there… I could have had a nasty surprise if I hadn’t remembered it was only a movie. sometimes I got a few problems remembering movies and real life ain’t the same because I watch so much porn.

Anyway… before doing porn, Julia Ann was a pro mud wrestler in Hollywood. She joined up with Janine Lindemulder (aka Janine these days) to do a touring stripper act called Blondage in the early ’90s. They did a scene together in Andrew Blake’s porn classic “Hidden Obsessions” in 1993 and the rest was smut history. Now Julia is in the AVN Hall of Fame and she keeps doing great scenes.

Don’t let anybody tell you that only young sluts are sexy. If they try, just show them a picture of Julia Ann or one of her scenes. And then there’s this pic. I don’t know about you but I can’t stop staring at those hot titties, and having them there twice because of the mirror means I might be here all day…

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