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Her Lover’s Son

Her Lover's SonIn Her Lover’s Son, sexy photographer Lisa Rhodes’ (Dana Vespoli) agent lands her a great gig taking photos for soccer star Danny Becker’s (Danny Mountain) autobiography. She’s troubled when she should be excited. That night, she waits for her fiancé, heart surgeon Mark Davis, and asks him whether, in a perfect world, he’d want to invite his estranged son to their wedding. In a perfect world, he says, he’d be making love to his beautiful fiancée.

Mark takes Lisa to bed. After sucking her toes, he brings her close to orgasm by eating her pussy. Lisa climbs on him and takes him into her pussy, then into her throat. Several little kisses later, Mark wants Lisa on her back. Playfully Lisa makes him wait with more teasing kisses, and finally she flips over to get fucked in missionary and sidesaddle. Lisa goes deep again as she tastes her juices from his cock. Then Mark works up a sweat pounding her into the mattress.

Before the photo shoot, Lisa tells a friend about it on the phone and we find out that Danny the footballer is Mark’s son, hence Lisa’s lack of excitement over the assignment. She hopes to reunite Mark and Danny in time for the wedding, even though it’s been more than ten years since they talked. She’s taken the assignment without telling Mark and finds herself awkwardly drawn to Danny when they meet. Their attraction is mutual.

Nurse Sophie Dee “forgets” to update the chart to inform Mark that one of his patients was discharged as an excuse to see him on his rounds. They were screwing around until Mark broke things off after getting engaged. With only one other patient on the ward and the door closed, they fuck again for old time’s sake in the hospital room. Mark buries his face in Sophie’s great big tits and between her thick thighs, so different from Lisa’s elfin body. The secret lovers sixty-nine and make lots of noise as he drives into her in doggy, missionary, cowgirl, and more; maybe they don’t want to keep it a secret.

Lisa’s surprised when Danny asks her to dinner – and it isn’t a business dinner. Although Lisa accepts Danny’s kiss, she then mystifies him by making a hasty exit. But Danny has a suspicious fiancée (Jeannie Marie) at home, whom he comforts with sexual healing. The cute, blonde actress has been feeling needy, and she’s eager to lure her superstar athlete fiancé back to the bedroom where she works his cock with her mouth and hands. Danny goes down on Jeannie and then enters her in cowgirl, spoons, doggy style, and more.

After learning from his mum that Lisa is his dad’s fiancée, Danny confronts Lisa but still can’t help his attraction. Not even anger can douse the fire in his loins for her. In the studio they succumb to their lust. She sucks and massages his big cock as he smacks her ass and rakes his fingers up her back. Danny sticks his face in Lisa’s mound and alternates between licking and motorboating it. They start out in cowgirl and fuck in several positions; when he’s driving into her in spoons, she rubs her clit and stares into his eyes till she cums. A couple of minutes later, she does this again and never stops strumming at herself. Later she asks him to spank her in doggy and to choke her in missionary. Like his dad, Danny sucks Lisa’s toes; unlike his dad, Danny gets to fuck Lisa in the ass!

Lisa and Danny have all the fevered, so-wrong-it’s-right energy of lovers who can’t help themselves. It’s an exciting climax to another emotionally rich, sexually compelling movie from Hard Candy Films. Dana Vespoli as Lisa may never have looked more beautiful. Her Lover’s Son is available only on the AEBN VOD network of theatres.

Stars:   Dana Vespoli   Sophie Dee   Jeannie Marie   Mark Davis   Danny Mountain
Categories: New Release   Feature   All Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   148 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle

It’s Okay She’s My Stepmother 2

 It's Okay She's My Stepmother 2It’s Okay She’s My Stepmother 2 is a new release from Devil’s Film that will really do it for anybody out there with fantasies of fucking their dad’s hot new wife.

Probably the only thing these mature foxes will go for faster than a fat wallet is a big, fat cock. What they really want to find is both in the same package, but pickings are slim so they go after the next best thing: a rich man with a well-hung son who’s old enough to satisfy their need for seed! These gold-digging MILFs have plenty of vintage pussy to go around, so they have no qualms about alternating between their husbands and their stepsons. But in the case of this movie, as you can see by the title, they’re fucking their rich husbands’ virile sons.

Fitness model turned MILF porn sensation Shay Fox is up first in an awe-inspiring scene that’ll make your balls empty. Then there’s Country Diamond, a babe we’ve never seen in action but with a name like that she’ll win plenty of fans who like the down-to-earth type of hottie. Nikki Sexx represents the rocker mama type quite well with her huge, round tits – she seems like the kind of girl who’s danced to a few Motley Crue tracks in her time. Last but not least is leggy blonde Sindy Lange, who looks awesome as she’s bouncing up and down on top of her stepson.

Considering the great success of the It’s Okay She’s My Stepdaughter series and the ever-popular MILF niche, it’s a little surprising Devil’s Film hasn’t already made dozens of movies in this series, but better late than not at all!

Stars:   Sindy Lange   Nikki Sexx   Shay Fox   Country Diamond
Categories: New Release   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   High Definition
Running Time:   130 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Devil’s Film  Devils Film
Series:   It’s Okay She’s My Stepmother

Hitchhiking Lesbians: Runaway Brunette

Hitchhiking Lesbians: Runaway BrunetteThe Hitchhiking Lesbians movies bring life to your most erotic fantasies of no-strings-attached sex between older women and the younger girls they pick up off the side of the road. We do love fantasizing about hitchhikers becoming sexual partners, despite or maybe because of all the risk that such a bold escapade entails. The series comes to a delicious conclusion with Runaway Brunette.

Jennifer Best is an older blonde beauty who finds sexy, busty young brunette Jelena Jensen on the side of the road and stops to give her a ride. When asked how far she needs to go, Jelena just says, “Anywhere away from here.” Soon it becomes apparent that Jelena is a mysterious, troubled girl who could use some tender loving care, so Jennifer gives her a place to crash. When Jelena can’t sleep because of the noises outside, Jennifer welcomes her into bed.

To show her appreciation for Jennifer’s kindness, Jelena gives Jennifer a good time the way only girls can have together, kissing her and slowly licking and sucking her permanently-erect nipples. In response, Jennifer toys with Jelena’s own beautiful breasts. As Jelena goes down on her, Jennifer moans and tugs on her nipples. Ah, so that’s how they’re so prominent! Jennifer smacks like she’s enjoying a tasty meal when Jelena sits on her face. Who wouldn’t?

Anyone who adores lesbian porn will get excited watching these beautiful women kissing, tribbing, and eating each other’s pussies into a state of ecstasy.

Hitchhiking Lesbians: Runaway Brunette
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Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Jennifer Best
Categories: Lesbian   Big Tits   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger
Running Time:   21 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Hitchhiking Lesbians
Director:   Nica Noelle

Authority Figures: Her New Daddy

Authority Figures: Her New DaddyThe Authority Figures series from Hard Candy Films continues with episode two, Her New Daddy.

Stunning college student Reena Sky regrets her decision not to live in the dorms when her mother goes away on business and leaves new fiancé Evan Stone in charge. Evan is taking the authoritarian role too seriously for Reena’s taste. That night she wants to go out to dinner with a friend, but Evan has made dinner and tells her she can’t go out. Reena knows he’ll rat her out to her mom if she’s not at home studying on a school night. It’s cramping Reena’s style, but when her friend gives her the evil idea to seduce her stepdad-to-be in order to gain the upper hand, she can’t resist the power it will give her.

While Evan takes a shower, Reena waits in the bedroom to surprise him as he comes out of the bathroom naked. She plays innocent and lures him into her trap by pretending she wants him to check out a noise she heard outside her window. But Reena’s too “scared” to go back to her room and wait for Evan to put on some clothes, so he reluctantly tells her to close her eyes and she “accidentally” opens them. It isn’t long before Evan succumbs to her teen Latina sex appeal and lies back on the bed with his fiancée’s daughter mounted on his lap.

Evan proves to be a pretty kinky dude when he stuffs Reena’s own pink lace panties into her mouth while he eats her out. Before giving Reena his huge dick inside her shaved pussy, he slides it back and forth in between her labia, grazing her clit and making her want it more. Reena reminds Evan that he’s fucking her in her mom’s bed and it spurs him on to powerful thrusting.

After a while he turns the naughty teen over onto her side, gives her taut ass a couple of spanks, and dives into her spoons style, then doggy style. Reena looks especially fine in this latter position, with her hot young body more fully visible and her perky tits bouncing in time to his strokes. Finishing off back in missionary position, Evan is perfectly positioned to suck the toes of his almost-stepdaughter.

By the time Reena says “Daddy, I want to cum,” you’ll have a hard time holding in your own orgasm! This is one dirty girl and we think she enjoyed herself enough to do it again, forgetting the blackmail idea.

Authority Figures: Her New Daddy
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Stars:   Reena Sky   Evan Stone
Categories: New Release   Teen   All Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   29 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Authority Figures
Director:   Nica Noelle

Fifty Shades of Dylan Ryan

Fifty Shades Of Dylan RyanMadison Young is an award-winning feminist porn director and star. Her take on the “50 Shades” craze is as kinky and emotional as her fans could expect, and Dylan Ryan is an ideal choice to star in this BDSM-themed erotic drama. If you’ve never seen a movie directed by Madison or starring Dylan, then Fifty Shades of Dylan Ryan (aka Fifty Shades of Grey: Lesbian Edition) is the perfect place to start.

Successful publishing mogul Ms. Grey (Sadie Lune) hosts brunch for Ms. Cavanaugh (Coral Aorta) and her roommate, college student Dylan Ryan. While Ms. Cavanaugh fawns over Ms. Grey and the “Shades of Submission” BDSM book series that brought Ms. Grey fortune, feisty Dylan sees the books as a shallow representation of women. Ms. Grey asserts that it’s a fantasy the public wants. She excuses herself and her slinky submissive (Bianca Stone) follows with a sly look of impending sex on her face.

After arguing with her roommate, Dylan goes to get her jacket and ends up spying on Ms. Grey’s intensely erotic BDSM session with Bianca in the room where the coats are. Ms. Grey proves that she knows quite a bit about kink, no matter what Dylan thought prior to this voyeuristic episode. Having gawked at Ms. Grey putting Bianca into bondage and wringing orgasms from her lithe body, Dylan runs back to the breakfast nook and tries to pretend she wasn’t watching. Ms. Grey follows just seconds later and asks Dylan if she enjoyed the show.

Ms. Cavanaugh is too sick to interview Ms. Grey the next morning, so Dylan reluctantly agrees to go in her place. Dylan makes a bet with Ms. Grey. For one week, she will give herself to Ms. Grey as her slave. She will document it and if her video blog posts receive more hits than “Shades of Submission,” Ms. Grey will read Dylan’s book proposal and publish a critique of “Shades of Submission” on the publishing house’s website. If Dylan loses, then Ms. Grey wins Dylan’s services as a copy editor for one year.

Dylan immediately gives herself to Ms. Grey. The experience tests her boundaries more than she could have imagined – it’s far more than getting spanked and remembering to refer to her Mistress as Ms. Grey. BDSM goes deeper than even she expected when she made the bet.

After a few days, Ms. Grey is pleased with Dylan’s servitude, but she wants to test her ability to provide pleasure to one of Ms. Grey’s other subs, Beretta James, in a threeway. Dylan must think of Beretta’s needs above her own and try to discover what her fellow sub enjoys the most. Ms. Grey is pleased to see how much Beretta gets off on what Dylan’s doing. She throws a party for Dylan that night, bringing an end to the week.

At Ms. Grey’s masquerade ball, the attendees watch as Ms. Grey teases Dylan into a squirting climax with a vibrator and gives herself an orgasm with the same toy. As Ms. Grey tells her other slaves to attend to the guests, she takes Dylan to a private room. Meanwhile, party guest Madison Young is shown putting herself in bondage and masturbating for someone behind the camera in a P.O.V. scene.

Dylan’s epic sexual journey isn’t over, even though the week is. She and Ms. Grey have both enjoyed their experience so much that Dylan offers herself to Ms. Grey indefinitely. Life as a collared submissive will be an even greater quest for sexual discovery.

Fifty Shades Of Dylan Ryan
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Stars:   Beretta James   Dylan Ryan   Sadie Lune   Penny Barber   Madison Young   Bianca Stone   Coral Aorta   Dixon Mason   Dorian Faust   Emily Genevieve   Loveofmystery   Siouxsie Q.
Categories: Fetish   Lesbian   BDSM   New Release   Femdom   Feature   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   108 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Filly Films
Director:   Madison Young

Infidelity: A Love Story

Infidelity: A Love StoryInfidelity: A Love Story is the tale of married lesbians coping with betrayal and finding ways to put jealousy aside in favor of kissing and making up.

Married since 2008, Gina (Ela Darling) and Annie Marks (Daisy Layne) have just about all the material comforts they have ever desired, but their sex life has long since dwindled into nothing.

When Gina finds an unfamiliar red thong in Annie’s clothes, she finds herself feeling intrigued rather than outraged, and she’s not sure what to make of her feelings. After Gina happens to catch her neighbor, Riley (Lily Cade) having sex with a girl (Tilly McReese) who isn’t Riley’s fiancée, it prompts her to explain her troubles to Riley.

After Annie starts having an affair with her 19-year-old assistant (Pepper Kester), she’s so ashamed of what she’s doing that she puts even more distance between herself and Gina at home. Annie finally decides to break things off with Pepper because she loves her wife too much to wreck their marriage with infidelity. But when Annie comes home to confess and apologize to Gina, she’s surprised to find her at the door, wearing her sexy wedding lingerie and demanding a threeway with Pepper!

This smoldering slice of erotica also stars the scintillating Amber Rayne and Dani Daniels kissing and eating each other out in scene four.

Stars:   Ela Darling   Daisy Layne   Lily Cade   Amber Rayne   Dani Daniels   Pepper Kester   Nicky Halden   Tilly Mcreese
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Feature   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   161 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   Filly Films
Director:   Lily Cade

Six in Me 2

Six in Me 2Smash Pictures brings back the gangbang and revisits an oldie-but-goodie concept with Six in Me 2. Seven years after the original installment of this series, gangbang porn is just as hot as it was back then. This would already be a good idea, but thanks to the hot starlets who make your dick cheer, it’s a great idea!

Pretty, dark-haired Sarah Shevon teaches a GED class for adults, but the students are horny men who can’t focus on anything but her hot, natural body. Underneath the naughty schoolteacher outfit there’s red lacy lingerie with a garter belt and stockings, and she’s forgotten how to cross her legs when sitting on the desk. The guys would rather open her pussy and ass than open a book, and Sarah decides that a whirlwind course in Sex Ed will get their attention. As the guys surround her, they take turns fucking her at both ends. We dare you not to pop by the time Sarah’s laid out across her desk, topless and disheveled, getting drilled in her ass while several men paw her perky titties. You wouldn’t want to miss the double penetration, including some award-worthy double vaginal and double anal fucking! Sarah gets a creamy finish as the guys paint her face with spunk.

Beautiful brunette Jennifer White is a cheerleader. On the night before a big game, one of the football players invites her over to meet some alumni. These former athletes feel nostalgic for all the pussy they had in college, and it’s time to pass along the tradition of interracial relations to the young studs now on the team. Jennifer is thrilled to take on six big black cocks at once. She loves it when they treat her like a communal fuck doll, especially when they double penetrate her while she’s gargling cock. With her ass and pussy gaping, her jaw sore, and most of her body covered in the spooge of six men, Jennifer is decidedly drunk on black cock!

Sheena Ryder is a rich woman who demands the finer things in life, including a luxuriously big house, an expensive car, and the latest in high fashion. But the most important of the finer things in Sheena’s world is to have half a dozen men servicing her at the same time! Beneath her veneer of sophistication lies a slut who uses guys like human fuck toys. One afternoon, she has six men running a train on her, double penetrating her and turning her asshole into a gaping maw full of cum. Never one to miss out on some cock, Sheena sucks them right after they’ve been up her bum!

Each scene is a classic that might make you want an instant replay.

Stars:   Jennifer White   Sarah Shevon   Sheena Ryder   Evan Stone   John Strong   Marco Banderas   Marcus London   Criss Strokes   Danny Wylde   Ralph Long   Logan Pierce   Marc Davis   Jack Napier   Mark Anthony   Wesley Pipes   D-Snoop   Jon Jon   Jason Brown
Categories: GangBang   Anal   New Release   Big Dick   Interracial   All Sex   Double Penetration   Ass-to-mouth   High Definition
Running Time:   147 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Smash Pictures
Series:   Six In Me
Director:   Jim Powers