Movie Review: “Sex, Love, and a Good Screw,” Screwbox

sex love and a good screw, screwbox, Riley Reid, Seth Gamble, Aidra Fox, Marcus Dupree, Jillian Janson, Tyler Nixon, Kimmy Granger, Chad White, couples, porn, hardcoreScrewbox has given us a modern-feeling porno for couples who don’t want the stereotypical softcore sex that people often associate with erotic movies of the genre. Sex, Love, and a Good Screw will be a welcome addition to anyone’s viewing, regardless of relationship status, if they want to watch beautiful people fucking beautifully in beautiful locations. It’s not gonzo, it’s not softcore—it’s somewhere in between and it’s purely its own thing that feels new and exciting.

Riley Reid’s gorgeously shot tease feels like a sexually explicit music video. She’s out on a mountaintop, pulling up her dress to touch her pussy and then slipping it off over her head as she walks slowly. When the song ends, there’s just the wet, hot sound of her gobbling her lover Seth Gamble’s knob and getting her pussy pounded. Riley seems almost surprised by how much her pussy gushes while she rides him in reverse cowgirl! (more…)

Movie Review: “Just the Three of Us,” X-Art

x-art, just the three of us, threeway, threesome, blondes, euro, pornSometimes the sweetest, hottest scenes are among the shortest, but that can work perfectly. Maybe you’re not looking for a long commitment, even when it comes to porn. It could be that you know all you need is about 15 minutes or so. If these things describe you, and you have a hard-on for two gorgeous women teaming up on one guy, then this week’s featured movie is a perfect scene for you. X-Art’s Just the Three of Us is going to blow through like a summer thunderstorm, with just as much power.

A stunningly gorgeous couple has invited a friend over for a little threeway sex party one night. There’s just too much sexy to keep all to themselves, and their friend is just as hot as they are. Both of these women are golden blonde, with velvety skin, and they look almost too perfect to believe. If you’ve heard the saying “too pretty for porn,” then you’ll swear it was said with these two ladies in mind. They’ve shared shoes and dresses, and girls’ nights out. Now they’re sharing a man, but just as importantly, they’re enjoying the taste and feel of each other—they’re already in the midst of their oral pleasures when the scene begins. This is a threeway that feels like the girls could just as easily get off on each other, but they never neglect the dude, either. (more…)

Movie Review: “Buck Angel, Superstar,” TransSensual

buck angel, superstar, transsensual, porn, trans, chanel santini, aubrey kate, dana vespoli, tori mayes, mandy mitchellThe brand-new Buck Angel, Superstar is the first FTM performer showcase film from TransSensual, the pioneering trans-erotica studio. It’s so new it hasn’t hit the street yet, but AEBN has the honor of streaming it first.

Buck, an iconic performer with mainstream appeal, shows us a side of himself that his fans haven’t seen before. He and visionary director Dana Vespoli relish the chance to explore the artistic potential of porn and dramatic storytelling. Vespoli has said that following Buck on social media inspired her to tell a story of Buck as a porn star on the go whose great success has made him lonely—everyone wants a piece of him and he’s never in one place long enough to give more than a night to anyone.

The movie begins with Buck enjoying a hot encounter with sexy brunette Chanel Santini, a trans woman with a delicious-looking cock and perky tits. As they kiss, they start to get naked. She seductively guides him through mutual masturbation, their connection so real you’ll forget this is porn. Not long after she penetrates his pussy with her hard cock, Buck is already close to cumming. Chanel and Buck fuck in several positions and end with her jerking herself to completion as she rubs Buck’s pussy.

Chanel doesn’t stay the night. When Buck awakens next to an empty space in the bed, he doesn’t wait long to make a booty call. Chanel rejoins him and this time, beautiful blonde t-girl Aubrey Kate is also here for a threeway. Aubrey and Chanel kiss passionately. As Chanel stacks herself on top of Aubrey, Buck smacks their smooth asses. While Aubrey rubs and tugs on her cock, she joins Chanel in licking Buck’s pussy. Buck, Chanel, and Audrey have their fun and everyone cums, but when Buck falls asleep, the girls sneak out of the house. They had their fun, but Buck wakes up alone again.

Buck heads to a promo video shoot for his new sex toy, the Buck Off. The commercial’s director (Vespoli) has some airheaded ideas about him giving “sea captain” in his line delivery. Frustrated by the flighty director and crew member, and too tired to question her silly ideas, Buck does two more takes before the director is satisfied. Buck heads off for a massage appointment with Tori Mayes, a starstruck novice massage therapist whose life is made when her porn idol lets her suck his clit. Tori starts to play with her cock while going down on Buck until he gets a strap-on that just happens to be nearby. Buck straps it on and lets Tori get it wet with her spit before he penetrates her asshole and gives her a fuck to remember.

Finally looking for some company that will last longer than the time it takes to fuck, Buck hires escort Mandy Mitchell to keep him company when he returns home from Austin. Mandy, a slim and leggy trans babe with straight blonde hair, listens compassionately as Buck confides in her about the energy his work takes that he never gets back from other people. She tells him to lie back and let her make him feel good. They have a sweet, sensual fuck and it finally seems like Buck might have found a connection instead of another transaction. But has he?

Buck Angel, Superstar is streaming exclusively in High Definition on the AEBN network now.

Stars:   Buck Angel   Mandy Mitchell   Aubrey Kate   Tori Mayes   Chanel Santini
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Transsensual 

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AEBN Exclusive: “Braless is Better” from All Girl Massage

braless is better, all girl massage, porn, lesbian, massage, all girl, big tits, gracie glam, abigail mac, abella danger, phoenix marie, capri cavalli, lola foxx, remy lacroix, dillion harper, samantha roneAll Girl Massage’s newly released Braless is Better shows all of the shy girls why they should just go with the advice of their skilled, professional massage therapist. Nothing is more relaxing than putting yourself in the hands of a masseuse, and you don’t want to get that pretty lingerie messy with oil.

Gracie Glam is sliding her hand down her shorts while watching some hot lesbian porn when bashful, nervous Abella Danger walks through the front door of the spa. Abella is too shy to take off her sports bra and boy shorts, so Gracie slathers them in oil (with Abella’s permission) until you can see through the formerly pristine white material. Starting with her back—concentrating on the sexy curves of her ass—and moving on to her front, Gracie gradually strips away Abella’s shyness until the reluctant client is practically humping her hand. After this prolonged, messy foreplay Abella abandons her modesty for a session of kissing, tribbing, and pussy eating with gorgeous Gracie.

Phoenix Marie desperately needs a last-minute massage appointment after she injures herself reaching up into a cabinet. Capri Cavalli comes to the rescue because Phoenix is a loyal client. Normally Capri doesn’t give massages, but she can hear the desperation in Phoenix’s voice. After Phoenix strips down just to her g-string, Capri oils her up and gets started. She gives her a general backrub first and works her way to the glutes, where Phoenix is really hurting. Capri reminds Phoenix of the girlfriend she just broke up with and it makes Phoenix horny. It doesn’t take much to seduce Capri. Phoenix asks for a concentrated ass massage and slyly convinces Capri to take off her own pants so they don’t get oily when she climbs on the table for leverage. Then she takes Capri’s top off for her, since she’s got oily hands.  On the massage table they kiss and then suck each other’s big tits. This pussy-eating, toe-sucking scene leaves both of these hot, stacked women floating on a post-orgasmic high.

Lola Foxx and Remy LaCroix are young girlfriends vacationing together at a cottage in Yosemite. After they come inside from a long walk in nature, Lola offers Remy a massage by the fire, because Remy mentioned that her back was hurting. Remy removes her shirt, revealing her small tits, which don’t need a bra to be perky. Lola’s soft caresses and the romantic setting lead to sensual kissing and eventually to kissing down below. The girls eat each other out in sixty-nine and then take turns making each other cum. It’s a romantic scene that they’ll get to relive many times over their summer vacation with a huge cabin to themselves.

Remy returns in the next scene as a massage therapist who’s just started working at a luxurious spa. She’s nervous about her first client of the day, Abigail Mac, who is already waiting in the reception area when she gets to work. After they introduce themselves, Remy heads outside to set up her massage table by a water fountain on a patio with a gorgeous mountain view. Abigail sneaks up behind Remy and gives her a flirty pinch on the butt cheek, which is easy to do because her shorts are cut so high. Remy nervously tells Abigail to strip down as much as she wants, and Abigail needs help removing her bra. As Remy starts to stroke Abigail’s naked back, Abigail compliments Remy on her technique as well as her beauty. She decides she wants Remy to take her panties off so she can concentrate on her glutes. When it’s time for Abigail to flip over, Remy gives her big tits special attention that breaks the surface sexual tension, freeing Remy to play with Abigail’s hard nipples. The sensation drives Abigail wild and she pulls Remy (with no resistance, of course) into a hot session of pussy eating and fingering until they both cum. This beautiful scene crackles with the electric attraction between two stunning girls.

Dillion Harper’s ill-fitting bra isn’t doing a good job of supporting her huge breasts while she’s out jogging. She gets home and tries to ease the muscle pain with a hot shower, but nothing is working. Dillion calls on her friend Samantha Rone, who’s a massage therapist. At the spa, Samantha compliments Dillion on how well the jogging is working out for her body. Samantha gets to work on Dillion’s shoulders and soon moves around to her chest muscles above and below her breasts. She has an unorthodox but effective muscle-on-muscle technique that she wants to try, and Dillion agrees. Samantha climbs on the table and rubs her own oily tits against Dillion’s, and then uses her tongue to “massage” Dillion’s erect nipples. They’re both so worked up now that their session explodes into passionate pussy-eating, clit-rubbing, tribbing ecstasy.

It turns out the best way to relax a girl’s sore muscles is to make her cum. Braless Is Better is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Dillion Harper   Abigail Mac   Abella Danger   Samantha Rone   Phoenix Marie   Capri Cavalli   Gracie Glam   Lola Foxx   Remy LaCroix
Studio Name:   All Girl Massage  Fantasy Massage Production 

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Movie Review: Massage Parlor’s “Trying New Things”

trying new things, massage parlor, porn, massage, natural breasts, happy ending, cassandra nix, molly bennett, missy martinez, cali carter, callie cyprus, naomi westThe current trend for hot massage titles continues with Trying New Things from Massage Parlor, a studio known for happy endings.

Blonde babe Molly Bennett has a client whose girlfriend of six months isn’t open to “new things.” Gradually Molly draws the details out of him: he wants a blowjob. Molly offers to take care of him for an extra hundred bucks. The dude doesn’t hesitate, and who could blame him when a girl this hot is willing to do what his girlfriend won’t? Molly goes to work on him with her pouty lips wrapped around his stiffening dick. She gives him plenty of good eye contact with those big green eyes, and makes great use of her hands and tongue. Molly removes her pink satin robe and matching lingerie to reveal her stunning, perky tits and rounded ass. She climbs on the table for some fantastic sixty-nine that has her moaning between sucks and licks. Molly milks a big load out onto her perfect tits and rubs it into her lovely skin using his shaft. She playfully licks his cockhead and invites him to come back anytime.

Brunette babe Cassandra Nix offers her motorcycle-riding buddy the friend rate. She’s a woman of few words as she concentrates on kneading the knots out of his muscles. As Cassandra works on his inner thigh, he slides his hand under her silvery satin robe. She’s willing to “work something out” when he offers more money. Cassandra’s swirls her tongue around the head of his large, throbbing dick. She really gets into it and gives the guy his money’s worth, putting his hand on her pussy for him to massage, and rubbing her clit against his leg while she sucks him some more. In sixty-nine, she gets as much of him in her mouth as possible while he flickers his tongue up and down her clit and labia. When he’s ready to cum, Cassandra points him at her mouth and coaxes the jizz out of him.

Callie Cyprus, a babe with dark hair in a ponytail, is surprised to find a guy on the balcony when she steps out for fresh air. She invites him in and finds out he’s “in between homes” and jobless. Callie kindly offers him a massage in exchange for cleaning up the place, and he’s quick to accept. She even offers a happy ending. Callie builds up a slow, sensual tease, and she doesn’t forget about his balls. She mounts him for sixty-nine, and eventually he pops in her mouth. Stick around for a twist after the happy ending.

Leggy, busty brunette Naomi West invites a lucky dude over for a massage on the house. A few minutes into it he asks if this free massage is going to include a happy ending, seeing as how she’s practically hanging out of her robe and all. Naomi admits that he’s pretty cute, so she goes for it, enjoying the feel and taste of his thick dick as she orally massages that most sensitive of muscles until he pops.

Bodacious Missy Martinez has a client who’s recently sober and jonesing for a drink. Missy tries to sooth him, but after she’s rubbed his back and just gotten started on his front, he sits up and says it’s not working because he still wants a drink. Taking it in stride, Missy gets him to lie back and try to relax as she employs a controversial mouth-to-gland technique that she finds effective. The dude clearly likes this method, especially when she slips off her robe and lingerie and gets on top! They get into some hot sixty-nine action, but then she turns around and lets him lie back and enjoy the full release of her combined blowjob/titty-fucking technique. Missy loves it when he unloads on her pretty face.

Blonde Cali Carter wants a massage, but the spa owner’s son is the only one on duty. Unfortunately, he’s never massaged a female client and has no official certification. Cali is determined to get a massage anyway. On the table, Cali enjoys the backrub and especially the front. The dude lets her know she can cover up her boobs, but she prefers nudity. Soon her hand is on his junk as he massages her chest and she loses the towel so he can rub her clit, too. Cali decides that what she really wants is to suck his dick, even though she’s the client. The dude doesn’t argue and, in the end, Cali is happy with his cum on her face. She tells him he could go full-time, as she has lots of friends who would pay for his services.

Trying New Things is streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters. It should be a perfect release for every guy who fantasizes about just lying back and letting a beautiful woman milk his balls.

Stars:   Cali Carter   Missy Martinez   Cassandra Nix   Molly Bennett   Gabriella Paltrova   Naomi West
Studio Name:   Massage Parlor 

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Nica Noelle returns to Sweetheart Video, and to lesbian porn, with “A Mother’s Secret”

a mother's secret, sweetheart video, lesbian, porn, nica noelle, elexis monroe, kasey warner, ingrid mouth, jelena jensen, cougar, milf, older/younger, all girl, natural breastsWriter/director Nica Noelle returns to Sweetheart Video, the studio she helped to launch, and to lesbian porn with A Mother’s Secret. This new release is the tale of a divorced mom, her college freshman daughter, and the daughter’s seductive older friend.

Elexis Monroe welcomes her daughter, Kasey Warner, home for winter break. Pretty, honey blonde Kasey has brought her friend Ingrid Mouth, a clever-faced beauty with Bettie Page hair and a smoldering sexuality. Ingrid carries herself with a confidence and directness that makes Elexis uncomfortable as much as it intrigues her.

ingrid mouth, jelena jensen, a mother's secret, sweetheart video, lesbian, all girl, natural breastsLater, the girls are relaxing on Kasey’s bed. Ingrid observes that Kasey’s shyness is keeping her from enjoying college life to the fullest. She reminisces about a hookup with gorgeous classmate Jelena Jensen. Against a wall, tipsy Jelena gets increasingly aroused as Ingrid plants hot kisses on her neck and mouth. Ingrid pulls down Jelena’s top, freeing her plump natural breasts, and licks her pebble-hard nipples. The girls shed their tops as their excitement grows. Ingrid slips her hand inside Jelena’s tight jeans and rubs her clit. With Jelena’s jeans off and her panties still on, Ingrid massages her mound with the heel of her hand and sucks her clit through the fabric. On a mattress, they grind their pussies together until Ingrid cums. Ingrid goes down on Jelena, making the busty beauty arch her back with her beautiful tits shaking from orgasm. Jelena returns the favor and Ingrid cums hard and loud.

In bed with Kasey, Ingrid traces her fingertips up to her friend’s mound. Kasey’s eyes are closed, but she’s not sleeping. Slowly she opens them as Ingrid kisses and makes a move on her. Soon the girls are naked and humping vigorously. Ingrid kisses her way down to Kasey’s pussy and licks till Kasey cums. As they scissor some more with Ingrid on top, Kasey pulls her in close by the ass cheeks. Ingrid cums, but then Kasey flips her over to eat and finger Ingrid till she has another orgasm.

ingrid mouth, kasey warner, lesbian, porn, all girl, natural breasts, oral sex, sweetheart videoThe next morning, Kasey wakes her mom from a hot sex dream about Ingrid. She’s just remembered that she’s supposed to visit her dad. Now Elexis will be alone with Ingrid for the night, because Kasey’s new stepmother doesn’t like extra guests. After a tense reunion when Elexis’ ex and his stepson come to pick up Kasey, Ingrid coaxes the story of the divorce out of Elexis. A bottle of wine or two later, Elexis is stretched on the floor chatting with Ingrid, who observes that Elexis is more fun than she thought. Elexis admits that she should learn how to unwind. Good thing Ingrid is an expert at relaxing the ladies!

Ingrid hovers over Elexis and kisses her. Elexis takes a moment to melt into the kiss, but once she does there’s no holding back the erotic need that’s been coiled up inside her waiting to burst free. On the floor, Ingrid and Elexis kiss and strip off their clothes. They scissor, and when Elexis slides her fingers down along Ingrid’s labia we see how wet she is. Ingrid guides Elexis to touch her clit ingrid mouth, elexis monroe, a mother's secret, sweetheart video, lesbian, porn, natural breasts, oral sexwhile digging her fingers in deep with a come-hither motion, hitting her G-spot. Soon Ingrid is screaming in orgasm, louder than ever. Elexis sits on the couch with her legs open wide so Ingrid can eat and finger her. Within a minute Elexis is bucking off the couch with her hand in Ingrid’s hair, pulling her face into her pussy. Then Elexis asks Ingrid to sit on her face and eats her so well the girl is cumming just a moment later. Playfully Elexis pinches Ingrid’s nipple just before they come down together, kissing and panting in the afterglow.

When it’s time for Kasey and Ingrid to go back to school, the energy between Elexis and Ingrid is still a little awkward… only now, maybe it’s because the lesbian urges in Elexis can no longer be denied.

A Mother’s Secret by writer/director Nica Noelle is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Ingrid Mouth   Elexis Monroe   Kasey Warner
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweetheart Video 

My Wife’s First Girlfriend

my wife's first girlfriend, lesbian, girl on girl, new sensations, tales from the edge, abigail mac, katy kiss, jenna sativa, lea gotti, karlie montana, mia malkova, melissa moore, dana vespoli, tribbing, sex toys, voyeur, married, threeway, swinger, aebn exclusiveSome married women harbor secret lesbian desires. They may fearfully deny the attraction, but in My Wife’s First Girlfriend from New Sensations, their husbands are eager to let their wives fuck other women, especially if they can watch.

Shy brunette Jenna Sativa’s bodacious masseuse, Lea Gotti, surprises her with a lesbian porn DVD. When Jenna’s husband finds her masturbating to the movie, it only turns him on. He tells her that if she ever gets a chance to fulfill her fantasy, she should take it. Jenna confesses her desires to Lea during their next session and Lea immediately acts on it. The women kiss each other’s natural breasts, lick each other’s clits, and mash their pussies together for some hot scissoring. They make each other cum hard with a powerful double-headed vibrator.

Gorgeous blonde Mia Malkova is talking to her husband and can’t stop raving about the dog walker, a tall, slender redhead named Katy Kiss. She tells him that Katy has already put the moves on her, but it was only a kiss. He wants her to take it all the way, so the next time Katy comes over, the couple proposes that Mia and Katy have sex while Mia’s husband watches. Katy doesn’t care who watches, as long as she gets to fuck the sweet blonde bombshell. Mia’s husband peels the tight shorts off that glorious ass and leans back, hard-on in hand, to watch these two gorgeous women eat each other’s pussies and suck each other’s nipples. By the time the two women are scissoring, they’re practically screaming songs of ecstasy that the whole neighborhood must hear.

Pretty brunette Abigail Mac and her best friend, hot redhead Karlie Montana, have always been extremely close. Noticing their soulful bond, Abigail’s husband encourages her to go for it. Abigail tells Karlie, yet insists that she feels no attraction. Karlie disproves this assertion by giving her friend a sensual kiss that sparks the desire Abigail denies. With kisses, teasing touches, nipple kisses, and some truly amazing pussy eating, Karlie brings Abigail to a boil. Abigail’s ecstatic panting and body undulations as she reacts to Karlie’s oral expertise are an enormous turn-on. Eventually the camera pulls back and we see that Abigail’s husband is watching and recording video as the two women get deeper into each other’s wet pussies. Abigail eagerly eats Karllie’s asshole while plunging fingers in her pussy. The girls switch places and Karlie uses a dildo to bring Abigail to her own orgasm. For dessert, Abigail has Karlie sit on her face so she can lick up all the juices.

Melissa Moore lost her job, so her neighbor Dana Vespoli has gotten her some work selling sex toys at home parties. At first Melissa’s scared of the products and of Dana’s intense sexual energy. Melissa’s husband is keen to see her “turn the tables” and come on to Dana. The couple presses the issue when Dana comes over to see Melissa rehearse her sales pitch. Melissa’s attempt to come on to Dana is beyond awkward, especially when her husband steps in to try and move things along, but fortunately Dana is into it. She’s so into it, in fact, that she wants Melissa’s husband to stay and take pictures for the sales pamphlet. Dana makes Melissa cum harder than she ever thought possible, building her up to it by lavishing attention on her perky tits, slowly stripping her, and kissing parts of her back and butt that she didn’t know could be so sensitive. Melissa goes wild for Dana’s fluttering tongue on her clit and proves to be a great pussy eater in her own right. Dana invites Melissa’s husband to join them. The women use a variety of vibrators on each other and themselves, and Melissa blows her husband. Best of all, Dana holds the vibrator between her clit and Melissa’s while they’re in scissors position, and Melissa sucks her husband’s cock in between her pleasured gasps. After this exciting experience, Melissa’s going to have a lot more hands-on demonstrations of the sex toys from Dana!

My Wife’s First Girlfriend is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Dana Vespoli   Karlie Montana   Mia Malkova   Abigail Mac   Jenna Sativa   Melissa Moore   Leah Gotti   Katy Kiss
Studio Name:   New Sensations 
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