Fifty Shades of Dylan Ryan

Fifty Shades Of Dylan RyanMadison Young is an award-winning feminist porn director and star. Her take on the “50 Shades” craze is as kinky and emotional as her fans could expect, and Dylan Ryan is an ideal choice to star in this BDSM-themed erotic drama. If you’ve never seen a movie directed by Madison or starring Dylan, then Fifty Shades of Dylan Ryan (aka Fifty Shades of Grey: Lesbian Edition) is the perfect place to start.

Successful publishing mogul Ms. Grey (Sadie Lune) hosts brunch for Ms. Cavanaugh (Coral Aorta) and her roommate, college student Dylan Ryan. While Ms. Cavanaugh fawns over Ms. Grey and the “Shades of Submission” BDSM book series that brought Ms. Grey fortune, feisty Dylan sees the books as a shallow representation of women. Ms. Grey asserts that it’s a fantasy the public wants. She excuses herself and her slinky submissive (Bianca Stone) follows with a sly look of impending sex on her face.

After arguing with her roommate, Dylan goes to get her jacket and ends up spying on Ms. Grey’s intensely erotic BDSM session with Bianca in the room where the coats are. Ms. Grey proves that she knows quite a bit about kink, no matter what Dylan thought prior to this voyeuristic episode. Having gawked at Ms. Grey putting Bianca into bondage and wringing orgasms from her lithe body, Dylan runs back to the breakfast nook and tries to pretend she wasn’t watching. Ms. Grey follows just seconds later and asks Dylan if she enjoyed the show.

Ms. Cavanaugh is too sick to interview Ms. Grey the next morning, so Dylan reluctantly agrees to go in her place. Dylan makes a bet with Ms. Grey. For one week, she will give herself to Ms. Grey as her slave. She will document it and if her video blog posts receive more hits than “Shades of Submission,” Ms. Grey will read Dylan’s book proposal and publish a critique of “Shades of Submission” on the publishing house’s website. If Dylan loses, then Ms. Grey wins Dylan’s services as a copy editor for one year.

Dylan immediately gives herself to Ms. Grey. The experience tests her boundaries more than she could have imagined – it’s far more than getting spanked and remembering to refer to her Mistress as Ms. Grey. BDSM goes deeper than even she expected when she made the bet.

After a few days, Ms. Grey is pleased with Dylan’s servitude, but she wants to test her ability to provide pleasure to one of Ms. Grey’s other subs, Beretta James, in a threeway. Dylan must think of Beretta’s needs above her own and try to discover what her fellow sub enjoys the most. Ms. Grey is pleased to see how much Beretta gets off on what Dylan’s doing. She throws a party for Dylan that night, bringing an end to the week.

At Ms. Grey’s masquerade ball, the attendees watch as Ms. Grey teases Dylan into a squirting climax with a vibrator and gives herself an orgasm with the same toy. As Ms. Grey tells her other slaves to attend to the guests, she takes Dylan to a private room. Meanwhile, party guest Madison Young is shown putting herself in bondage and masturbating for someone behind the camera in a P.O.V. scene.

Dylan’s epic sexual journey isn’t over, even though the week is. She and Ms. Grey have both enjoyed their experience so much that Dylan offers herself to Ms. Grey indefinitely. Life as a collared submissive will be an even greater quest for sexual discovery.

Fifty Shades Of Dylan Ryan
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Stars:   Beretta James   Dylan Ryan   Sadie Lune   Penny Barber   Madison Young   Bianca Stone   Coral Aorta   Dixon Mason   Dorian Faust   Emily Genevieve   Loveofmystery   Siouxsie Q.
Categories: Fetish   Lesbian   BDSM   New Release   Femdom   Feature   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   108 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Filly Films
Director:   Madison Young

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