Authority Figures: Her New Daddy

Authority Figures: Her New DaddyThe Authority Figures series from Hard Candy Films continues with episode two, Her New Daddy.

Stunning college student Reena Sky regrets her decision not to live in the dorms when her mother goes away on business and leaves new fiancé Evan Stone in charge. Evan is taking the authoritarian role too seriously for Reena’s taste. That night she wants to go out to dinner with a friend, but Evan has made dinner and tells her she can’t go out. Reena knows he’ll rat her out to her mom if she’s not at home studying on a school night. It’s cramping Reena’s style, but when her friend gives her the evil idea to seduce her stepdad-to-be in order to gain the upper hand, she can’t resist the power it will give her.

While Evan takes a shower, Reena waits in the bedroom to surprise him as he comes out of the bathroom naked. She plays innocent and lures him into her trap by pretending she wants him to check out a noise she heard outside her window. But Reena’s too “scared” to go back to her room and wait for Evan to put on some clothes, so he reluctantly tells her to close her eyes and she “accidentally” opens them. It isn’t long before Evan succumbs to her teen Latina sex appeal and lies back on the bed with his fiancée’s daughter mounted on his lap.

Evan proves to be a pretty kinky dude when he stuffs Reena’s own pink lace panties into her mouth while he eats her out. Before giving Reena his huge dick inside her shaved pussy, he slides it back and forth in between her labia, grazing her clit and making her want it more. Reena reminds Evan that he’s fucking her in her mom’s bed and it spurs him on to powerful thrusting.

After a while he turns the naughty teen over onto her side, gives her taut ass a couple of spanks, and dives into her spoons style, then doggy style. Reena looks especially fine in this latter position, with her hot young body more fully visible and her perky tits bouncing in time to his strokes. Finishing off back in missionary position, Evan is perfectly positioned to suck the toes of his almost-stepdaughter.

By the time Reena says “Daddy, I want to cum,” you’ll have a hard time holding in your own orgasm! This is one dirty girl and we think she enjoyed herself enough to do it again, forgetting the blackmail idea.

Authority Figures: Her New Daddy
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Stars:   Reena Sky   Evan Stone
Categories: New Release   Teen   All Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   29 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Authority Figures
Director:   Nica Noelle

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