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Mother Superior 2

Mother Superior 2What could make Girl Candy Films’ Mother Superior 2 even better than the first? How about the stunning, naturally bodacious Siri? The blonde with the majestic chest plays Hannah, a newspaper reporter who gets a letter from Sister Margaret (Sovereign Syre), who asks her to investigate potential demonic possession at her convent. At home, Hannah lotions up her luscious body. She falls asleep while rereading the letter and dreams of kissing a topless nun who turns out to be “possessed” Sister Anna (Mia Gold).

Mother Superior (Rebecca Bardoux) orders Sister Margaret to keep praying the demon out of Sister Anna. Sister Anna taunts Sister Margaret with a shameful display of her breasts and tries to kiss her, but Sister Margaret flees.

Hannah visits the convent and gets stonewalled by Mother Superior. Sister Margaret is too frightened to tell Hannah what’s happening, but she tells her to find Catherine (Veronica Snow), an ex-nun from the convent. Catherine tells Hannah she left the church after beautiful young Sister Josephine (Jelena Jensen at her hottest) became a sex fiend and seduced her. We see what happened in glorious flashback. Josephine lifts Catherine’s habit and masturbates her through her virtuous panties, which quickly turn transparent from all the wetness. Gradually Josephine removes Catherine’s garments as she strips away her virginity with oral sex, breast play, and fingering – and induces Catherine to do the same.

Level-headed Sister Zoe (Alia Starr) tries to tell Sister Margaret that the reason Sister Anna is acting out and following the footsteps of Catherine and Josephine is not demonic possession, but just natural biological urges that not every woman can resist. Sister Zoe “performs an exorcism” on Sister Margaret to prove that there is no demon, that sex is “an animal act” with no power over them. The nuns lose themselves to their passion, with beautiful Sister Margaret especially enjoying Sister Zoe’s big natural breasts, but afterward you can see the shock on her face.

Mother Superior admonishes Sister Mary (Marie McCray) for letting slip in front of Hannah that there was a problem with Sister Anna when Mother Superior had just claimed there was no Sister Anna there. It’s not fair, of course, but Mother Superior has the excuse to spank and lick the timid redhead, and get head from her, and make her masturbate.

Hannah returns, demanding to see Sister Anna. Mother Superior only lets her in when Hannah threatens to rat her out. After days of trying to seduce nuns, Sister Anna wastes no time getting beautiful Hannah out of her clothes and into bed. While rubbing Hannah’s clit, Sister Anna humps the reporter’s huge, soft tits in a desperate need for stimulation. Hannah ends up with her panties in her mouth and Sister Anna rubbing her clit, commanding her to cum. She does, of course. Their sex is wild and cathartic – for them and for viewers.

Mother Superior 2 is a golden-age style feature: plot-driven, but filled with sensual imagery and language to keep you titillated between sex scenes.

Running Time:   118 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Mother Superior
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Marie McCray   Rebecca Bardoux   Veronica Snow   Jelena Jensen   Alia Starr   Sovereign Syre   Siri   Mia Gold
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Feature   All Girl   Costumes   High Definition

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living a Lie

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living A LieGirl Candy Films’ Lesbian Masseuse 4 series continues with a vignette titled Lesbian Living a Lie.

Lea Lush is a luxuriously sexy blonde with sensual lips and bountiful curves. She’s a massage therapist who makes house calls, and tonight she’s come to call on Star Nine. Star’s been stressed out about some embarrassing sex dreams and her psychotherapist has recommended Lea’s services as a way to help her discover the Sapphic pleasures that could resolve so much of Star’s tension.

As Lea drizzles oil on Star’s lean body and tenderly rubs it into her muscles, she draws out her client’s story. Star mentions that the massage reminds her of one of the dreams. Upon finding out that Star either can’t or won’t recall the details of her dream, Lea decides to help her remember with some memory-jogging clit strokes. It’s not long before Star is locked in a fevered kiss with her masseuse while getting the finger-fuck she never knew she craved so much.

They move from the massage table to Star’s bed, where Lea lavishes love on her client’s pussy with her tongue and fingers. To show her gratitude for Lea’s extra services, Star eats her out. From there it’s a passionate exchange of oral sex, tribbing, masturbation, and nipple worship that far exceeds even Star’s wildest sex dreams.

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living a Lie is streaming in high definition, only on our theater network.

Running Time:   40 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Lea Lush   Star Nine
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Blondes   Feature   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Secret Lesbian Lust

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Secret Lesbian LustGirl Candy Films’ fourth installment of the popular Lesbian Masseuse series continues with Secret Lesbian Lust. This sensual rubdown and oral sex vignette stars the sensational Gracie Glam and young newcomer Megan Salinas, both of whom are sexy brunettes who look fantastic together.

Gracie is a masseuse who’s very comfortable with her body and those of her clients. It’s part of the job, after all. When Megan lies on her table, the shyness radiates from her with unmistakable awkwardness. She doesn’t seem to realize how exotically attractive she is, and the fact that she’s denying her own lust for other women only makes her more uncomfortable. At the same time, she can’t help enjoying Gracie’s skillful touch. Gracie knows this and she uses it to coax Megan out of her shell.

From muscle massage to much more intimate strokes of Megan’s erogenous zones, Gracie helps her reserved young client face the reality of her sexuality and introduces her to a wide world of pleasure. Gracie fondles Megan’s beautiful, all-natural body and stimulates her clit until she cums. With the ice broken, the young lesbians explore all the possibilities of lovemaking together on the bed.

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Secret Lesbian Lust is streaming exclusively on our VOD theatre network in high definition.

Running Time:   34 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Gracie Glam   Megan Salinas
Categories: Fetish   Lesbian   New Release   Natural Breasts   Wet / Messy   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Awakening

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian AwakeningThe Lesbian Masseuse series from Girl Candy Films and writer/director Nica Noelle is in its fourth installment. The latest vignette is Lesbian Awakening.

Sexy masseuse Gracie Glam returns to the massage therapy clinic for another erotic scene. On this day she meets a new client, a stunning brunette named Alyssa Reece. Alyssa has been dealing with conflicting emotions about her best friend. Gracie makes it her mission to show Alyssa that these feelings are trying to tell her that she has lesbian urges.

Using her gifted hands and eventually all of her other sensual powers, Gracie introduces Alyssa to what she’s been missing. With kisses all over her sensitive body, Gracie gives Alyssa powerful orgasms the likes of which she’s never had with a man.

The women experience the heights of rapture in a sexual give and take of oral sex and grinding their clits together. These two sexy performers give us yet another luscious scene from one of Girl Candy Films’ best series.

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Awakening is streaming exclusively on our VOD theater network.

Running Time:   26 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Alyssa Reece   Gracie Glam
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

Gia: Lesbian Supermodel

Gia: Lesbian SupermodelWriter/director Nica Noelle found Raven Rockette’s wild beauty and charisma so inspiring that she created Girl Candy Films’ Gia: Lesbian Supermodel for her. As Gia, Raven is a force of nature. From the moment we see her in a bar, banging out an angsty song on an acoustic guitar, we’re drawn to Gia. We, like modeling agent Irene London (Veronica Snow), want to know this tightly-poised snake of a girl. Irene offers her a modeling test shoot. A dubious Gia takes the agent’s card and heads to the strip club where her girlfriend works.

Modesty (Sinn Sage) works the pole as an older man and young redhead (Maddy O’Reilly) watch. The redhead, whom we learn is a stripper named Tuesday, stares as Gia slips money into Modesty’s g-string, but looks annoyed when Gia and Modesty get touchy-feely. Modesty leaves the stage. Tuesday, who is Gia’s girlfriend, throws a drink at Gia and storms off with the man. Modesty returns to lap dance for Gia. At Gia’s place, they fling off their clothes while humping. Modesty pinches Gia’s nipples as Gia smacks Modesty’s phenomenal ass. They cum after an intimate dance of mouths, fingers, tits, and pussies. Tuesday comes home to find them still naked and kicks Gia out.

Not believing she can really be a model, Gia goes to see Irene, who sees charisma in Gia, not just ordinary beauty. Gia does the shoot and it goes well. Later, when Gia’s packing her bags, Tuesday returns and doesn’t want her to go, but Gia’s got one foot out the door.

Glamorous in makeup and hair extensions, Gia becomes a star overnight. On an assignment she meets bitchy supermodel Cheryl Lane (Samantha Ryan), who insults her. When the makeup artist leaves the dressing room, Gia slinks over to Cheryl and yanks her head back by the hair. They have angry, makeup-ruining sex complete with oral attacks and more hair pulling. It’s sex as a cat fight.

Meanwhile, an aspiring model (Alyssa Branch) offers to fuck Irene in order to get her foot in the door. Irene likes Alyssa’s all-American look and that tight body. She beds the young hopeful and explores from her perky breasts to her pink pussy. Alyssa gives Irene extra incentive to sign her by licking and fingering her.

Gia tries to woo Cheryl, but the ice princess says she was just curious, not a lesbian. Now disillusioned, Gia drops in on Tuesday at the club. Tuesday sways onstage in her drugged stupor and takes a while to notice Gia, but then takes her home to bed. Still halfway out of it, Tuesday slowly kisses Gia’s tits, legs, feet, and back up to her pussy, making her cum after several minutes of slow, sensual licking. Then, after a long sixty-nine oral session, Gia tribs Tuesday and they snuggle themselves to sleep. Gia misses Tuesday, but will she leave her brilliant career behind?

Gia: Lesbian Supermodel is available only on our theater network.

Gia: Lesbian Supermodel
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Running Time:   141 minutes
Released:   06/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Raven Rockette   Ela Darling   Sinn Sage   Veronica Snow   Samantha Ryan   Alyssa Branch   Maddy O’Reilly
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Feature   All Girl   High Definition

Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves Sovereign

Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves SovereignTwo of the gorgeous women most frequently associated with Girl Candy Films are matched up in the irresistible Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves Sovereign.

At the start of the video Siri and Sovereign Syre are interviewed separately about each other. Sovereign likes that Siri has a voluptuous body paired with a cute personality. Siri admires Sovereign’s “laser beam” eyes and edgy sexual energy. The two beauties are a match made in porn heaven: one who wants to be submissive and one who wants to dominate.

As the scene begins in a bathtub surrounded by candles, Sovereign asks Siri how she likes her tits played with and Siri says she likes them to be squeezed. Sovereign happily complies, kneading and kissing the blonde beauty’s natural 32HH breasts. Panting, Siri says no woman has worshipped her like this before. Siri softly licks and sucks Sovereign’s thumb while Sovereign kisses her neck. It’s already incredibly hot and we’ve barely seen their bodies yet.

In bed, they kiss and play with each other’s natural breasts for a few minutes more, until Sovereign lays Siri down and starts to munch on her pretty box. Siri jiggles, massages, and squeezes her own tits as Sovereign licks her into a state of ecstasy. Climbing on top of Siri, Sovereign rubs their bare pussies together. Then Sovereign turns Siri over and scratches up and down her back, leaving red tracks on that creamy skin.

Siri kisses her way from Sovereign’s tits down to the sensitive spot between her legs. While licking Sovereign’s clit, Siri strokes the brunette’s erect nipples and brings her to a gasping orgasm within a minute or two.

Lying back, Siri masturbates as Sovereign sucks her toes, fixing her with those arresting blue-green eyes. Siri makes herself cum with a telltale rocking of her pelvis, but Sovereign wants her to cum again and she makes it happen with some more skillful tongue work. This time, Siri’s orgasm is stronger than ever. She returns the favor when Sovereign sits on her face and cums from her eager licking. The scene closes with the two gorgeous women kissing.

Directed by Nica Noelle, this delicious treat is available only on our theater network.

Running Time:   35 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Luscious Lesbians
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Sovereign Syre   Siri
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Natural Breasts   Gonzo   All Girl   High Definition

Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves Anissa, Siri Loves Raven

Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves AnissaSiri is a scrumptious blonde with a doll-like face and voluptuous curves that stiffen cocks and moisten pussies everywhere. Her huge, soft tits look so inviting, making you dream of touching and tasting them. No wonder Nica Noelle’s devoted a new collection of scenes to her! This series is the first of what could be another smash-hit new series for Noelle and Girl Candy Films, titled Luscious Lesbians. We’ve already reviewed the first scene, Siri Loves Alia, co-starring the naturally busty black porn starlet Alia Starr. Now there are two new scenes featured this week, so we’ve decided to tell you a little bit about each one.

Exotic, impossibly yet naturally gorgeous Anissa Kate joins Siri for the second vignette of the series, Siri Loves Anissa. With her sexy French accent and her mocha-skinned North African beauty, Anissa is downright luscious. She’s the kind of woman that some write songs about and others — jealous others — stare daggers at, but Siri is lucky enough to make love to her in a scene that’s just over half an hour long. Both women have mouth-watering big natural breasts, soft skin, and sensuality that radiates through the screen. Your reviewer can’t get enough of Luscious Lesbians: Siri Loves Ravenwatching them play with each other’s huge tits and lick each other’s glistening pussies.

Raven Rockette has only been in porn since late 2012, exclusively as a lesbian performer. She has the tomboyish sex appeal of a stud, which is a hot contrast to Siri’s uber-femme sensuality. In Siri Loves Raven, Raven’s tough-girl façade melts away as she talks about just how much she wants to make love to Siri. Then she gets to do it for real, lucky girl! With her compact, tight body and beautiful, just-big-enough natural breasts, Raven is a new performer we’re keeping an eye out for from now on.

These scenes are available exclusively on our theater network.