Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living a Lie

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living A LieGirl Candy Films’ Lesbian Masseuse 4 series continues with a vignette titled Lesbian Living a Lie.

Lea Lush is a luxuriously sexy blonde with sensual lips and bountiful curves. She’s a massage therapist who makes house calls, and tonight she’s come to call on Star Nine. Star’s been stressed out about some embarrassing sex dreams and her psychotherapist has recommended Lea’s services as a way to help her discover the Sapphic pleasures that could resolve so much of Star’s tension.

As Lea drizzles oil on Star’s lean body and tenderly rubs it into her muscles, she draws out her client’s story. Star mentions that the massage reminds her of one of the dreams. Upon finding out that Star either can’t or won’t recall the details of her dream, Lea decides to help her remember with some memory-jogging clit strokes. It’s not long before Star is locked in a fevered kiss with her masseuse while getting the finger-fuck she never knew she craved so much.

They move from the massage table to Star’s bed, where Lea lavishes love on her client’s pussy with her tongue and fingers. To show her gratitude for Lea’s extra services, Star eats her out. From there it’s a passionate exchange of oral sex, tribbing, masturbation, and nipple worship that far exceeds even Star’s wildest sex dreams.

Lesbian Masseuse 4: Lesbian Living a Lie is streaming in high definition, only on our theater network.

Running Time:   40 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Lea Lush   Star Nine
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Blondes   Feature   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

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