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Movie Review: “Mothers Behaving Very Badly 4,” Forbidden Fruits Films

mothers behaving very badly 4, forbidden fruits, milf, taboo, stepmom, India Summer, Jodi West, T Stone, Synthia Fixx, Codey Steele, Elexis Monroe, Shay Fox, Sam Summers, Johnny CastleIn the MILF/taboo genre, one of the studios that got in on the trend before anyone else was Forbidden Fruits Films. They do it well and they do it a lot, so you’re probably already a fan if this is the kind of porn for you. But if you don’t know Triple F yet, then buckle up for Mothers Behaving Very Badly 4, which is one of the hottest new releases this week.

T Stone, aka Tarzan, likes to spy on his sexy, tattooed blonde stepmother Synthia Fixx while she’s laying out in the sun. Synthia makes a big production out of putting on suntan lotion and taking a selfie, as if she knows her son is watching and that he likes what he sees. The feeling is mutual, so it’s time for this slutty stepmom to make good use of that young body and his big, erect cock! After Synthia has had her fun with her son, she scolds him as if this whole thing wasn’t her idea. Naughty boy, but even naughtier mommy!

Infamously horny MILF Jodi West wants to tease her stepson, Cody Steele, so she models some revealing dresses for him, pretending she’s unsure what to wear for dinner with Cody’s dad. He’s outraged by the increasing sluttiness of each one she prances out in, until finally Jodi starts to poke at Cody’s growing boner and chide him for getting so turned on even though he claims she looks like a stripper.  As his boner grows, Jodi can’t help wanting to feel it filling up her greedy mouth and moistening pussy! Cody fucks his stepmom in numerous positions and blows a huge load on her hard body, but Jodi chastises him for seducing her. What a minx! (more…)

Movie Review: “Beautiful Bisexual Girlfriends,” Forbidden Fruits Films

beautiful bisexual girlfriends, forbidden fruits, porn, lesbian, jodi west, tegan james, kennedy leigh, dakota skye, reagan foxx, blake morgan, shay fox, elexis monroe, jaye summersBisexual MILF Jodi West cast only other bisexual women in Beautiful Bisexual Girlfriends from her own Forbidden Fruits Films studio. She wanted the women in the movie to be genuinely turned on by each other. This new release is, as a result, hot as fire and a must-see for all of you girl-on-girl porn fans out there.

Up first, Jodi introduces her friend Tegan James, whom she’s wanted to have sex with for months. Tegan, like Jodi, is a blonde with big tits, only Tegan’s are bigger and rounder. The women are both into kissing, which they do for a long moment before taking turns sucking each other’s nipples and eating each other out. They’re obviously both excited to be having sex with each other, so watching them is hotter than your average lesbian scene!

Even more volcanic is the scene between Jodi, Kennedy Leigh, and Dakota Skye. Jodi walks out to the pool and finds Kennedy (her lover’s daughter) and Dakota playing around. Rather than get upset or shocked, Jodi dares the girls to join her in bed if they really want to have some fun, and she drops her bathing suit behind her on the patio as she saunters back into the house. Kennedy and Dakota want to see why Kennedy’s mom is so infatuated with Jodi, so they find her lounging in bed with her left tit already popping out of her black lace robe. The girls lick and suck Jodi’s large tits, and Jodi in turn samples their nipples and pussies. For a grand finale, Kennedy and Dakota eat Jodi’s pussy together.

Dark-haired Reagan Foxx and dirty blonde Blake Morgan have known each other for a while and wanted to play with each other, but the closest they’ve ever gotten was fucking other people in the same room at a party. Now is their chance to find out what they’ve been missing and the result is a scorching scene of mutual clit licking.

In a swimming pool, older babe Elexis Monroe flirts with cute young Jaye Summers. They start to kiss as Jaye admits that she’s been interested in girls for a long time. Then they move to the cabana, where they can get a little more comfortable and taste each other’s wet, chlorine-flavored tits and pussies!

Jodi wraps up the movie with a fantastic scene co-starring her friend Shay Fox, a fellow MILF who’s been in her movies before. Shay is fit, with short black hair and a phenomenal enhanced rack. Jodie and Shay are both horny as hell, with impressive lady-loving skills. Shay finger-fucks Jodi’s pussy with one hand while strumming her clit with the other. Their multi-orgasmic scene comes to a fiery finish and they both wonder aloud why they waited so long to fuck.

Beautiful Bisexual Girlfriends is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Jodi West   Shay Fox   Kennedy Leigh   Dakota Skye   Jojo Kiss   Madison May   Reagan Foxx   Tegan James   Blake Morgan   Elexis Monroe
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films

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Nica Noelle returns to Sweetheart Video, and to lesbian porn, with “A Mother’s Secret”

a mother's secret, sweetheart video, lesbian, porn, nica noelle, elexis monroe, kasey warner, ingrid mouth, jelena jensen, cougar, milf, older/younger, all girl, natural breastsWriter/director Nica Noelle returns to Sweetheart Video, the studio she helped to launch, and to lesbian porn with A Mother’s Secret. This new release is the tale of a divorced mom, her college freshman daughter, and the daughter’s seductive older friend.

Elexis Monroe welcomes her daughter, Kasey Warner, home for winter break. Pretty, honey blonde Kasey has brought her friend Ingrid Mouth, a clever-faced beauty with Bettie Page hair and a smoldering sexuality. Ingrid carries herself with a confidence and directness that makes Elexis uncomfortable as much as it intrigues her.

ingrid mouth, jelena jensen, a mother's secret, sweetheart video, lesbian, all girl, natural breastsLater, the girls are relaxing on Kasey’s bed. Ingrid observes that Kasey’s shyness is keeping her from enjoying college life to the fullest. She reminisces about a hookup with gorgeous classmate Jelena Jensen. Against a wall, tipsy Jelena gets increasingly aroused as Ingrid plants hot kisses on her neck and mouth. Ingrid pulls down Jelena’s top, freeing her plump natural breasts, and licks her pebble-hard nipples. The girls shed their tops as their excitement grows. Ingrid slips her hand inside Jelena’s tight jeans and rubs her clit. With Jelena’s jeans off and her panties still on, Ingrid massages her mound with the heel of her hand and sucks her clit through the fabric. On a mattress, they grind their pussies together until Ingrid cums. Ingrid goes down on Jelena, making the busty beauty arch her back with her beautiful tits shaking from orgasm. Jelena returns the favor and Ingrid cums hard and loud.

In bed with Kasey, Ingrid traces her fingertips up to her friend’s mound. Kasey’s eyes are closed, but she’s not sleeping. Slowly she opens them as Ingrid kisses and makes a move on her. Soon the girls are naked and humping vigorously. Ingrid kisses her way down to Kasey’s pussy and licks till Kasey cums. As they scissor some more with Ingrid on top, Kasey pulls her in close by the ass cheeks. Ingrid cums, but then Kasey flips her over to eat and finger Ingrid till she has another orgasm.

ingrid mouth, kasey warner, lesbian, porn, all girl, natural breasts, oral sex, sweetheart videoThe next morning, Kasey wakes her mom from a hot sex dream about Ingrid. She’s just remembered that she’s supposed to visit her dad. Now Elexis will be alone with Ingrid for the night, because Kasey’s new stepmother doesn’t like extra guests. After a tense reunion when Elexis’ ex and his stepson come to pick up Kasey, Ingrid coaxes the story of the divorce out of Elexis. A bottle of wine or two later, Elexis is stretched on the floor chatting with Ingrid, who observes that Elexis is more fun than she thought. Elexis admits that she should learn how to unwind. Good thing Ingrid is an expert at relaxing the ladies!

Ingrid hovers over Elexis and kisses her. Elexis takes a moment to melt into the kiss, but once she does there’s no holding back the erotic need that’s been coiled up inside her waiting to burst free. On the floor, Ingrid and Elexis kiss and strip off their clothes. They scissor, and when Elexis slides her fingers down along Ingrid’s labia we see how wet she is. Ingrid guides Elexis to touch her clit ingrid mouth, elexis monroe, a mother's secret, sweetheart video, lesbian, porn, natural breasts, oral sexwhile digging her fingers in deep with a come-hither motion, hitting her G-spot. Soon Ingrid is screaming in orgasm, louder than ever. Elexis sits on the couch with her legs open wide so Ingrid can eat and finger her. Within a minute Elexis is bucking off the couch with her hand in Ingrid’s hair, pulling her face into her pussy. Then Elexis asks Ingrid to sit on her face and eats her so well the girl is cumming just a moment later. Playfully Elexis pinches Ingrid’s nipple just before they come down together, kissing and panting in the afterglow.

When it’s time for Kasey and Ingrid to go back to school, the energy between Elexis and Ingrid is still a little awkward… only now, maybe it’s because the lesbian urges in Elexis can no longer be denied.

A Mother’s Secret by writer/director Nica Noelle is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Ingrid Mouth   Elexis Monroe   Kasey Warner
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweetheart Video 

Movie Review: Forbidden Fruits Films’ Destination Swing series begins streaming

Destination Swing, Forbidden Fruits Films, swingers hotel, swinger porn, swinging, Elexis Monroe, Jodi West, Carmen Valentina, Russell GrandForbidden Fruits Films has created an instant erotic classic with its blazing-hot Destination Swing: The Hideaway series. In its most ambitious project yet, Forbidden Films shot the series on location at Central Florida’s famous real-life swingers’ hotel, Secrets Hideaway. All the performers and actors are real-life swingers, and the action reflects the true swinging lifestyle. The only way it could get more real would be a trip to the place itself.

Starting with episode one this week, a new scene will debut each Tuesday.

The scene begins as sexy young widow Elexis Monroe enters her bedroom, stressing out over bills. She needs to calm down from the stress, so she begins to tease her clit and fondle her own tits. Gradually she pulls her panties off and begins to finger herself, breathing harder and faster until, after a few minutes, she has a stress-releasing orgasm. Afterward, she notices a letter in the pile of mail that could prove to be good news.

Right away, Elexis heads to the Secrets Hideaway and shows up unannounced with the letter that proves she’s now half owner of the place. The receptionist (tan brunette Kandie St. Andrews, barely wearing a tiny hot pink minidress) shows the letter to a manager (John E. Bravo). He calls the boss lady, blonde MILF Jodi West, who’s already in a pissy mood from dealing with contractors. She’s surprised to see Elexis, whom she already knows, but greets her kindly and sympathetically, knowing of her husband’s passing. Jodi’s none too pleased when she finds out why Elexis is there, but she tells the receptionist to show Elexis to a room on the “quiet” end of the hotel, because she’s vanilla. Sure enough, Elexis is clueless about what’s going on as the receptionist leads her past a pair of couples entering one of the rooms.

Carmen Valentina, a petite blonde with thick and juicy curves, finds a private-ish corner of the room with her new long-haired lover Russell Grand. As they kiss and strip naked, he grabs her ass appreciatively. He starts licking her pussy and tells her how good she tastes. Carmen can’t even wait to have her own mouthful of his meat, and she takes him all the way to the balls. On the bed, they sixty-nine each other to their hearts’ content for several minutes before Carmen climbs on Russell’s rod for a reverse-cowgirl ride. He slams into her doggy-style and in missionary, and she finishes him off orally.

Elexis has never dipped a toe in those waters before, and throughout the series we get to join her as she delves into the swinging lifestyle for the first time, taking her from total innocence to full immersion.

Destination Swing: The Hideaway stars Elexis Monroe, T. Stone, Angie Noir, Kimber Woods, Desi Dalton, Tony D., Carmen Valentina, Russell Grand, Monica Santos, Kandie St. Andrews, John E. Bravo, and Jodi West. You can only watch it on AEBN’s VOD network!

Stars:   Angie Noir   Desi Dalton   Tony D.   Russell Grand   John E. Bravo   Elexis Monroe   Monica Santos   Carmen Valentina   Jodi West
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films

C yoU Next Tuesday 2

C yoU Next Tuesday 2For the women of C yoU Next Tuesday 2, “book club” is a front for a… social group, let’s say. The first topic of discussion is the word “cunt” and why it’s sexy when a woman says it in reference to the body part, especially in the heat of passion.

Elexis Monroe lures club newcomer Amy Fair into bed and lets her know that the book club is about more than chatting. It’s a club for lesbians. Amy’s not a lesbian but she likes the women in the club, so Elexis introduces her to Sapphic sex. A pretty young brunette, Amy proves to be an eager learner who enjoys playing with Elexis’ generous breasts and getting head from a woman. After returning the oral favor, Amy finds out about tribbing (scissoring). The book club just gained a new member.

Carter Cruise claims that her generation is more sexually liberated than Jennifer Best’s generation. (Never mind that Jennifer is 33; it’s porn and she’s playing a cougar.) Carter’s a bratty teen, but Jennifer is happy to learn about lesbian love from her. Jennifer’s big tits get lots of love and Cameron’s pierced nipples are hypnotic as she writhes and wriggles while Jennifer’s tongue makes her cum.

Jodi West has a problem with Stella May’s bitchy, prudish mother, but luckily daughters don’t always take after their moms. Stella’s mom wouldn’t approve of her joining this “book club,” so of course Stella wants to join right away as an act of rebellion. Jodi inducts the pretty young brunette right away. Stella’s only experience with girls is kissing, but Jodi shows her the joys of nipple sucking, licking, fingering, and tribbing.

After the club meeting, Elexis and Carter reunite at home. They’re girlfriends and Carter has decided she’d rather not share Elexis after all. Elexis is having none of the jealousy, but she enjoys make-up sex with her younger blonde plaything all the same. Their chemistry is playful and they fuck like they’re in heat.

Savannah Steele is having Jodi over for coffee and confesses that her married sex life is nonexistent. Jodi tells her about book club and lets her in on its true nature. Savannah has never done more than kiss a woman, but Jodi’s hot sensuality gives her everything she’s been missing in her marriage. The two boobalicious, mature blondes are stunning together.

C yoU Next Tuesday 2 is streaming exclusively on our theatre network before you can see it anywhere else.

Running Time:   114 minutes
Released:   01/2014
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Series:   C You Next Tuesday
Stars:   Elexis Monroe   Carter Cruise   Amy Fair   Stella May   Jodi West   Savannah Steele   Jennifer Best
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger

Deep Kissing Lesbians: Her Brother’s Fiancée

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: Her Brother's FianceeGirl Candy Films’ enticing Deep Kissing Lesbians series continues with a vignette titled Her Brother’s Fiancée. Pairing up two of lesbian porn’s greatest performers leads to a torrid scene, as you can imagine.

Elexis Monroe dutifully comes home for her brother’s wedding, but she’s not at all happy about it. Her brother, you see, is marrying her ex-lover, the gorgeous Alyssa Reece. Elexis gets to her brother’s house before he’s home from work, and she argues with Alyssa over their breakup more than a year ago. Alyssa explains that she never felt loved or beautiful with Elexis, who wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Elexis accuses Alyssa of hitting on her brother to get back at her.

Their heated exchange of words gives way to an even hotter meeting of lips and bodies. Alyssa initiates the kiss, but Elexis is just as into it. Throughout the scene, Alyssa and Elexis lavish attention on each other’s many erogenous zones from head to toe. They never neglect the tender nipples, sensitive neck, even the shins and toes. By the time they make their way to each other’s pussies, they’re dripping wet and you’ll be gagging for it. There’s some delicious smutty talk, too. The moment when Elexis tells Alyssa to sit on her face so she can look at her while showing how much she loves her pussy is enough to push you over the edge.

These two still have unresolved feelings and lust for each other that they could never let show while the groom-to-be was around. It kind of makes you wonder: will Alyssa cancel the wedding or just carry on a scandalous affair with her new husband’s sister?

Deep Kissing Lesbians: Her Brother’s Fiancée is streaming exclusively on our VOD theatre network.

Running Time:   39 minutes
Released:   01/2014
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Deep Kissing Lesbians
Stars:   Elexis Monroe   Alyssa Reece
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition

Lesbian Training Day

Lesbian Training DayForbidden Fruits Films’ lesbian selection keeps getting better with every new release. Lesbian Training Day stars some of the greatest veteran performers of the all-woman genre teaching sexy teenage newcomers how it’s done.

The magnificent Elexis Monroe gives lucky Amy Fair a lesson in licking. Amy is a cute brunette with luscious, perky tits.

Tight-bodied young Serena Torres has the good fortune of playing with Hungarian MILF Angie Noir and her delectable 34DD tits.

Speaking of big boobs, Deauxma. This legend of the lesbian porn genre teaches young brunette Christina Snow the joys of sex with a woman, including the fact that you get to play with titties.

Jodi West, a blonde soccer mom type who is the central star of all Forbidden Fruits movies, closes the show with young, blonde Dixie Belle.

Lesbian Training Day is exclusively streaming across our VOD theatre network before you can watch it anywhere else.

Running Time:   103 minutes
Released:   12/2013
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Stars:   Jodi West   Amy Fair   Dixie Belle   Serena Torres   Christina Snow   Angie Noir   Deauxma   Elexis Monroe
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger