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The Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed

the submission of emma marx, exposed, penny pax, richie calhoun, riley reid, ryan driller, van wylde, sara luvv, samantha hayes, aidra fox, bdsm, fetish, kink, porn, for couples, for ladies, for women, feminist pornThe Submission of Emma Marx trilogy concludes with The Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed. This popular, award-winning saga of soulful, kinky love has been a career-defining series for its two female powerhouses: star Penny Pax and director Jacky St. James. Parts one and two have been ranked among the greatest adult movies ever released, and the conclusion exceeds that high standard.

As Emma Marx and her Dom, William Frederick, Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun have powerful chemistry. They draw even more deeply from their already impressive wells of dramatic talent.

In the role of Emma’s sexy sister Nadia, Riley Reid is as hot and charming as ever. Van Wylde returns as her devoted husband, Ray. In the movie’s first scene, this hot duo shares a passionate tryst full of deep-throating, pussy-eating goodness and an intense fuck in doggy, cowgirl, spoons, and missionary. Their “strangers hooking up at a wedding reception” role-playing leads to a hotel room fuck that’s hot as hell. Afterward, Nadia calls Emma to tell her about it, not knowing that Emma is in the middle of a little bit of sex play herself at the time.

Having submitted her body and soul to Mr. Frederick, Emma lives to be his sub. She experiences deep erotic pleasures from BDSM, butt plugs, and the sensation of a butt plug and his cock in her pussy, but she wants to push it further. One night Emma tells Mr. Frederick that she knows he fantasizes about fucking another woman, and she begs him to indulge this fantasy. He deserves to indulge himself for once, she says. Mr. Frederick refuses.

In flashback we see Mr. Frederick’s previous submissive, Audrina (Sara Luvv), ask him to fuck a girl she knows named Rebecca (Samantha Hayes). He grants her wish on the condition that she watches the whole thing. Audrina is visibly aroused during the foreplay and deep-throating, but her face falls when they begin fucking for real. Rebecca’s stunning body moves and bounces in all the best ways as she lets Mr. Frederick use her like a fuck doll. In the present day, Mr. Frederick tells Emma it’s not worth jeopardizing their relationship, as it drove him and Audrina apart.

That will not be the fate of Emma and Mr. Frederick’s relationship, as we find out when he lets her be his Dominant for one day only. Emma uses this as her chance to bring in a stunning girl (Aidra Fox) and share her with him. This threeway is explosive. The girls service Mr. Frederick together and play with each other, and everyone’s happy. In the end, Mr. Frederick has no doubt that Emma was right.

Read more to learn what happens next… spoilers!


Featured Classic Movie: Shemale Pornstar

T-girls are one of the most popular genres going right now. The ever-growing interest in lady boys can be traced to several factors: their flamboyant, over-the-top performances; the fact that they are still some of the rarer creatures in adult fare; and, of course, their curious physical make-up. You might say trannys put the “oddity” in hot commodity.

Still, studios would be wise not to inundate the masses with too much of a good thing too quickly because as mainstream acceptance grows, the circus-like appeal of a girl with a giant penis wanes and any shock value that was there to draw in viewers is lost. Then what? Well, you’re forced to up the ante with something even more outrageous like chicks with two dicks or chicks with an asshole for a bellybutton. The point is: T-girl films are in a very good place right now.

Speaking of good places, the Shemale Pornstar series is a good place to begin if you’re looking to get initiated into this strange and wondrous environment. Not only is beauty and feminity a must for these switch-hitting specimens, they are required to bend over, lay back and take it, plus be able to inflict sound beatings on young male asses. Jessica Host, Kelly shore, Jezebel, Natalia Coxxx and Foxxy star in this tawdry two-and-a-half hour affair that took home the 2011 AEBN VOD Award for Best Transsexual Movie.

A classic indeed.



Stars:   Jessica Host   Kelly Shore   Jezebel (o)   Natalia Coxxx   Foxxy (o)

Categories: Shemale   Transsexual   All Sex   Award Winning Movies

Running Time:   145 minutes

Released:   12/2009

Studio Name:   Third World Media  Grooby Productions

Series:   Shemale Pornstar

Justine: Nothing to Hide 2

Though the transition from actor to director seems like a very natural one, it is certainly not an easy one. Many try and many more fail. Some, however, can gather up all the lessons learned in front of the camera and apply them brilliantly from the vantage point of the director’s chair. Even then, it usually doesn’t happen immediately. There are growing pains and learning curves to overcome as it is with anything. If, however, one is patient and persistent and can get a few breaks along the way, the magic eventually comes. For adult actor, director and screenwriter Paul Thomas, Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 is chock full of that wonderful magic.

A fairly successful Hollywood actor before his impatience (ironically) steered him into more regular work in the adult world, Thomas had loads of success as a performer, appearing in over 600 films. And though he’s now directed some 300+ films, we can assure you, at the outset, there were some stinkers in there. This 1992 release is most definitely not one of them. It is a beautiful assemblage of talent, storyline, characters and chemistry that makes it one of the all-time great porn films of 90s and possibly beyond depending on what your standards happen to be.

NTH 2 centers on Nick East and a much younger Mike Horner, a father and son who, on the surface, seem content with their sex lives. A deeper look reveals that Nick and his flame Roxanne love each other, but too much sex is not enough for her. Meanwhile, Mike is on the rebound after his wife’s death, but has grown weary of his current fling, Tianna. When Nick leaves town for a spell, Mike meets Roxanne at a sex shop where she happens to be an employee. The two hit it off and begin making plans with each other. The catch is that Roxanne does not yet know that Mike is her boyfriend’s dad and Mike doesn’t know that Roxanne is his son’s girl. The result is a bizarre love triangle full of highly believable oral delights, toy play (both vaginal and anal), massage, anal fucking, bondage and ass licking that feels less like porn movie sex and more like real people experimenting with the more pleasurable side of life.

This incredible film won the XRCO Best Film of the Year Award in 1993 as well as eight other AVN Awards, including Best Film, Best Actor (Mike Horner), Best Director and Best Couple Sex Scene. Do not miss this unbelievable classic!


Stars:   Roxanne Blaze   Brad Armstrong   Nick East   Mike Horner   Lacy Rose   Paul Thomas   Dyanna Lauren   Tianna   Alex Sanders

Categories: 90’s   Feature   Award Winning Movies

Running Time:   120 minutes

Released:   12/1993

Studio Name:   Metro Media Entertainment  Cal Vista Pictures

Series:   Nothing to Hide

Director:   Paul Thomas


Ball Busters

If there are any lessons to take away from the Cal Vista classic called “Ball Busters” they are:

  1. 1. Never catch rays while wearing your hair mohawk-style when two cops are on your property looking for a seven-foot tall perp with purple hair. It’s the quickest way to being interrogated as Lois Ayres finds out.
  2. 2. When you let the cops into your house for their call-in, be sure that your sister has not used a straw in the past hour and that any sugar you have spilled does not land on your moms compact or you’ll then be subject to a full-cavity drug search.

Jamie Gillis and Dan T. Mann perform the search on Lois in the opening scene, bending her over and slipping a couple lubed-up rubber-gloved fingers into her pussy and asshole. Of course, fingers transform to cocks during the throat portion of the search. A threesome breaks out and Lois takes two loads onto her face and tits. It’s just the kind of auspicious opening you’d expect from director Alex DeRenzy, a guy who never shied away from the dirtier side of adult cinema.

Winner of the 1986 AVN Award for Best All Sex Release, Ball Busters sports an impressive line-up of some of the all-timers in porn including: Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn and John Leslie among others getting it on in true superstar fashion. Some of the other highlights include one of the more spank-worthy 69 scenes in latency memory between blonde lust maiden Gina Carrera and Jacqueline Lorians. The scene features well-paced alternating shots of each girl scooping out pussy juice from the other using their tongues. You can even see Gina’s ass clench up when she cums;  a scrumptious, tight-bodied and very young Nina Hartley violating her wedding vows with John Leslie’s stiff cock. Her ass was one of the finest around at the time and it looks incredible here as Leslie slides his cock up and down her crack before fucking her doggie style. He follows his maneuvering with a large splash of cum up Nina’s belly in RCG; And Kelly Nichols makes her move on blonde haired, blue-eyed California beach girl, Erica Idol using dirty talk and Billy Idol imagery. She also plays show and tell with the young scamp like a live instruction manual on how to make love to a woman and suck a man’s cock. It’s a truly amazing scene.

But for any Ginger Lynn fan, the 5’3″ 100-pound cock sucking machine completely knocks it out of the park here with a mindblowing blowjob performed on Dan T. Mann. On top of that, she takes it in the ass. Words cannot do this one justice, so we won’t even try. Just know that Ball Busters is a complete triumph of early adult cinema. What’s more, the version in our VOD  is the uncut version, digitally re-mastered for superior quality to the original.

So, which of the girls is the biggest ball buster? As always, you’ll have to tune in to judge for yourself.

Stars:   Gina Carrera Kelly Nichols Nina Hartley Jamie Gillis John Leslie Ginger Lynn Dan T. Mann Jacqueline Lorians Joanna Storm

Categories: Classic 80’s Gold Feature Award Winning Movies

Running Time:   81 minutes

Released:   05/1984

Studio Name:   Cal Vista Classic

Director:   Alex DeRenzy


Award-Winning Movies

The Devil in Miss JonesAwards season has finally ended for the year in Hollywood, but we’re never tired of talking about quality porn. You’ve heard about the award-winning movies from the last couple of years – titles such as this year’s AVN champion “Speed,” and other recent winners including “Deviance” and the popular, weirdly hot animated feature “Pornomation 3.” Then there are undisputed classics that predate AVN, the kind of movies even those who don’t watch porn have heard of: perennial bestseller “Debbie Does Dallas,” masterful porn-art fusion “The Devil in Miss Jones,” and big-natural-tit classic “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle.” But there are many award-winning porn flicks deserving of more love; here are some from the last four decades.

Made in 1979, “Talk Dirty to Me” won the 1980 Best Film award from the Adult Film Association of America. This movie proves it’s possible to combine a good plot with hot sex. It’s a tale of seduction Talk Dirty to Mecarried out as only the late, great John Leslie could do: dirty-talking, rough around the edges, sometimes aggressive, but irresistible to many women – particularly to beautiful housewife Jessie St. James. She’s been craving the kind of filthy-mouthed fuck he dishes out, and while her prudish but loving husband is away, she becomes putty in John’s hands. The women in this film fall for his lines because he’s the master at his best. It will remind you of what it was like before plastic surgery was common, and there’s plenty of bush for body hair enthusiasts to enjoy. “Talk Dirty to Me” is a must-see for fans of late ’70s porn and couples who want something different. This highly-charged erotic classic was the first in a series that launched other great movies, including the 1985 AVN Best Film Award winner “Talk Dirty to Me 3.”

When the AVN Awards began in 1984, “Puss ‘n Boots” took the Best Screenplay – Film trophy Puss 'n Boots(yes, pornos have screenplays). Follow the randy adventures of Puss (Kelly Nichols), a hell-raising Army private who’s doing everything she can to get discharged. She tries to get knocked up, but finds out her would-be baby daddy has had a vasectomy. Next Puss tries to get discharged as a conscientious objector, but is transferred to the typing pool. Finally, Puss fakes insanity in hopes of being given a Section Eight, but ends up with a medal when she scares away a group of biker chicks looking for a fight. Along the way, we see that the women in the barracks are horny broads, into things like voyeurism, lesbian shower action, and kinky sex. Genuinely funny and hot, “Puss ‘n Boots” is like an X-rated, female “Stripes.” Video X Pix has brought this and many other adult classics back to life, including “Roommates,” another “sex and the single girl” classic starring Kelly Nichols (and the 1982 winner of “Best Film” from the Adult Film Association of America). You won’t see a more frank and unblinking depiction of female sexuality in the ’80s.

Dog WalkerWe’ve already praised John Leslie as an actor, but as a director he brought us one of the best adult films of the 1990s. “Dog Walker” was shot on film and earned many awards, from Best Director and Best Couples Sex Scene – Film at the 1995 AVN Awards to XRCO’s Best Film of the Year. Steven St. Croix is jewel thief Tito, who’s pissed off the mob and must pay. He’s beaten up and forced to watch other men fuck his wife, Kristi Lynn, who informs him that the mob owns her and he was only renting her. Meanwhile, Tito sees surreal visions of a beautiful woman in black, often walking a dog. It’s the stunning Christina Angel, who remains unobtainable as he struggles through an erotic maze and watches her fuck other men. By the time they consummate their attraction in the highly sensual, award-winning scene, it’s too late for Tito to save himself. Don’t expect the hardcore sex of today’s rougher standards, but this is a classic that any fan of feature porn should see.

Breakin' 'Em In 12In 2006, AEBN introduced the VOD Awards to recognize movies that fans voted on with their dollars. The winners of these trophies are the movies fans have viewed the most, so if you trust what’s popular with fellow porn lovers more than you trust awards committees, then you’ll be interested to know that, for example, “Breakin’ ‘Em In 12” was the Best Gonzo Movie 2010 (released in 2009). This comes as no surprise given that box cover girl Tanner Mayes is one of the hottest young babes in the biz and won the VOD Awards’ Best Newcomer award that year. Best Overall Movie 2010 was “White Mommas,” an all-sex interracial flick starring such hall of fame MILFs as Ginger Lynn and Lisa Ann. You can see all the winners from this year and every year back to 2006 at the official VOD Awards site.

Featured Star: Tory Lane

Tory LaneSex bomb Tory Lane is an ultimate porn star with few boundaries and a sheer joy of fucking. No matter if it’s anal, blowbangs, gangbangs, girls, interracial, or just about anything, you can count on Tory having a raging good time, which means you will too, just watching her.

Tory was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A party city was a fitting place of origin for a girl with such a wild streak. She has physical grace from years of ballet training, which both contrasts and complements her inner nasty girl. Tory has a dancer’s body with hot, enhanced 34Ds. To go with that body, she has an aggressive way of pursuing sexual pleasure, whether she’s with a man or a woman, that makes her even sexier. You might say she was built for sex, in both body and mind.

Before she got into porn, Tory worked as a bartender, in an adult bookstore, and as a stripper in Florida. After signing with LA Direct, Tory shot her first adult scenes in 2004. Two of her first were a hot threeway in “Devil’s Playground” (when she was going by Tory Freeland) and a passionate oral and vaginal performance in “Tight Wet Panties.” The latter, being an Elegant Angel release, featured lots of stroke-worthy tease in the titular garments, enough that you’d have a hard time making it through the whole scene without exploding.

In over 600 movies, Tory’s wanton pursuit of pleasure has been her signature. “Clusterfuck 5” is a movie that you owe it to your dick to watch. As a betrayed wife who turns the tables on her cheating husband by making him watch her first gangbang with seven guys, Tory is a force of nature. In the last scene of “Oil Overload 3,” she gives one of her best performances – slutty even by her standards, slick with oil, with lots of titty fucking, anal, and DP. Her fucking in “Oil Overload 3” is so incredible that if you’re only going to watch one Tory scene, this should be it.

A few years ago, Tory briefly took up directing. She helmed seven movies for Mayhem XXX, six currently available in our VOD Theater. “Assploitations 7” was the first, released in December 2006. “Ass Traffic,” from April 2008, was the last. Tory performed in all of them and sometimes showed a softer side, which was a real change of pace. Given that she hasn’t directed since then, we think Tory likes to focus on fucking with abandon.

Even though some porn fans underrate the nastiness of feature sex, you could never accuse Tory of holding back her sexual ferocity in a glamour flick. Tory has been in the top AVN Award winners for two years running, both times in orgies. Last year she was in the sci-fi sex-fest “2040” and this year it was the biker movie “Speed,” both big-budget affairs from Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong.

Of course, if you’re more of a gonzo and all-sex fan, there’s plenty of Tory to be had there. One of her newest releases, “Pretty Sloppy 3” shows how she loves wet, messy lesbian play. She’ll get just as deliciously dirty with big black cocks, as she proves in “What an Asshole,” in which she gets worked up on a pool table with a butt plug and a huge dildo in the ass even before Rico Strong shows up. One of the things her fans love the most is Tory’s dirty talk, and even when she’s doing a tease before a scene she gets you hard with her filthy mouth. In “Double Penetration Tryouts 11,” Tory is far from a newcomer to DP, but watch her try to impress with her skills – and see how she succeeds!

Although she is an underrated performer, Tory has two AVN trophies, last year for Best Group Sex Scene (for “2040”) and in 2009 for Best POV Sex Scene from “Double Vision 2.” We think Tory Lane gives her all with every scene, and if that’s not worthy of your load, we can’t imagine what is.

Titty Sweat Clusterfuck 5 Oil Overload 3 Psycho Love 2 Big Breast Nurses 4

AVN Award Winners 2011 – the Stars

LAS VEGAS—The following is a partial list of the winners of the 2011 AVN Awards, as announced from the stage of the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort, focusing on the stars that took home trophies.   Dubbed “the Oscars of adult” by Entertainment Weekly, the AVN Awards is a must-attend, must-see event featuring the hottest stars from adult and mainstream pop culture.  Don’t forget to check out past winners in our Award Winning Movies category!

Female Performer of the Year

Tori Black

Male Performer of the Year

Evan Stone

Best Actress (tie)

Andy San Dimas, This Ain’t Glee XXX, (Hustler Video)

India Summer, An Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco, Play

Best Actor

Tom Byron, The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody, (New Sensations)

Crossover Star of the Year

Riley Steele

Best New Starlet

Gracie Glam

Best Male Newcomer

Seth Gamble

Best Supporting Actor

Evan Stone, Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, Axel Braun/Vivid

Best Supporting Actress

Lexi Belle, Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, Axel Braun/Vivid

Best Web Star

Kelly Madison

Female Foreign Performer of the Year

Angel Dark

Male Foreign Performer of the Year

Rocco Siffredi

MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year

Julia Ann

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Bailey Jay

Unsung Male Performer of the Year

Mark Ashley

Unsung Starlet of the Year

Charley Chase

Hall of Fame


Axel Braun

Gia Darling

Ben Dover

Jada Fire

Jules Jordan

Bridgette Kerkove

Miles Long

Sinnamon Love

Sonny Malone

Pat Myne

Savanna Samson

Jasmin St. Claire

Scott St. James

Evan Stone

The Fan Awards

Favorite Performer- Jenna Haze

Best Body- Alektra Blue