Ball Busters

If there are any lessons to take away from the Cal Vista classic called “Ball Busters” they are:

  1. 1. Never catch rays while wearing your hair mohawk-style when two cops are on your property looking for a seven-foot tall perp with purple hair. It’s the quickest way to being interrogated as Lois Ayres finds out.
  2. 2. When you let the cops into your house for their call-in, be sure that your sister has not used a straw in the past hour and that any sugar you have spilled does not land on your moms compact or you’ll then be subject to a full-cavity drug search.

Jamie Gillis and Dan T. Mann perform the search on Lois in the opening scene, bending her over and slipping a couple lubed-up rubber-gloved fingers into her pussy and asshole. Of course, fingers transform to cocks during the throat portion of the search. A threesome breaks out and Lois takes two loads onto her face and tits. It’s just the kind of auspicious opening you’d expect from director Alex DeRenzy, a guy who never shied away from the dirtier side of adult cinema.

Winner of the 1986 AVN Award for Best All Sex Release, Ball Busters sports an impressive line-up of some of the all-timers in porn including: Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn and John Leslie among others getting it on in true superstar fashion. Some of the other highlights include one of the more spank-worthy 69 scenes in latency memory between blonde lust maiden Gina Carrera and Jacqueline Lorians. The scene features well-paced alternating shots of each girl scooping out pussy juice from the other using their tongues. You can even see Gina’s ass clench up when she cums;  a scrumptious, tight-bodied and very young Nina Hartley violating her wedding vows with John Leslie’s stiff cock. Her ass was one of the finest around at the time and it looks incredible here as Leslie slides his cock up and down her crack before fucking her doggie style. He follows his maneuvering with a large splash of cum up Nina’s belly in RCG; And Kelly Nichols makes her move on blonde haired, blue-eyed California beach girl, Erica Idol using dirty talk and Billy Idol imagery. She also plays show and tell with the young scamp like a live instruction manual on how to make love to a woman and suck a man’s cock. It’s a truly amazing scene.

But for any Ginger Lynn fan, the 5’3″ 100-pound cock sucking machine completely knocks it out of the park here with a mindblowing blowjob performed on Dan T. Mann. On top of that, she takes it in the ass. Words cannot do this one justice, so we won’t even try. Just know that Ball Busters is a complete triumph of early adult cinema. What’s more, the version in our VOD  is the uncut version, digitally re-mastered for superior quality to the original.

So, which of the girls is the biggest ball buster? As always, you’ll have to tune in to judge for yourself.

Stars:   Gina Carrera Kelly Nichols Nina Hartley Jamie Gillis John Leslie Ginger Lynn Dan T. Mann Jacqueline Lorians Joanna Storm

Categories: Classic 80’s Gold Feature Award Winning Movies

Running Time:   81 minutes

Released:   05/1984

Studio Name:   Cal Vista Classic

Director:   Alex DeRenzy


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