Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2

Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2Sexually insatiable, ethically questionable advisor Sophie Hobbs (Sovereign Syre) is back to play more head games with unsuspecting students, staff, and her lover in Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2. She’s bitchier than before, but this guidance counselor might have met her match this time.

Sophie chastises school secretary Kiki Daire for chatting with student Chastity Lynn instead of bringing her a fax. That night, we see Kiki and Chastity cuddle in bed and Kiki wonders aloud why this hot, gorgeous young blonde would spend an evening with a “boring old secretary” when she could have anyone. Everyone stares at Chastity – Kiki notes that even Sophie did. Hiding a history with Sophie, Chastity changes the subject by climbing on the sweet-faced brunette secretary, and they melt into a kissing, disrobing tangle of lips and limbs. Chastity pulls down Kiki’s bra and gazes up at her while licking her nipple, driving Kiki crazy. Kiki licks Chastity’s lightly hairy pussy and makes her cum hard. In turn, Chastity tribs Kiki, worships her full, natural breasts, and sucks her clit until she spasms in ecstasy.

Sophie and Professor Magdalene St. Michaels go to dinner that night, but pleasantries turn to hostility when Magdalene rebuffs Sophie’s romantic advances. Sophie bites back, suggesting that Magdalene’s favoritism toward “pet” student Gracie Glam goes beyond academic interest. It happens that Gracie has given Sophie her phone number, so when Sophie gets home – after a quick call from her lover, who’s soon returning from out of state – Sophie phones Gracie, who comes over. Sophie ravishes the stunning young brunette, licking her clit and spanking her curvy ass for being a bad student. Technically, that must make it a counseling session… of a sort. If Gracie wants more, she’ll have to satisfy Sophie. Since Gracie’s been spending time on extracurricular activities instead of studying, she has no problem making Sophie cum with oral. Sophie might be heartless, but she’s good for her word when it comes to rubbing Gracie’s clit till she has the orgasm she’s earned.

Chastity is talking to new girl Demonika Devour (a hot pierced, tattooed redhead) when Sophie walks by and remarks to Chastity that it’s nice to see her “getting to know the office staff.” After Sophie leaves, Chastity tells Demonika the counselor likes to abuse her position of authority to prey on vulnerable girls. “At least that’s what she did to me,” Chastity adds as she shuts her locker and heads to class, giving Demonika an idea. Back in her office, we see Sophie remember meeting the clearly upset Chastity one last time. The scene is slightly less color-saturated, marking it as a flashback, but it’s definitely no less passionate. They trib, trading off taking the top position in missionary. Chastity licks and fingers Sophie, including some face-sitting. Sophie turns Chastity over and licks her crack from front to back, fingering her and making her legs shake.

In the present, troublemaker Demonika (a porn newbie) walks through Sophie’s office door for a customary new student meeting and throws the vampy counselor for a loop by asserting herself and dropping not-so-subtle hints that she’s heard how Sophie preys on students. When Sophie offers a handshake, Demonika sensually strokes from her wrist to her fingers. Minutes later, Demonika follows Sophie into the restroom and makes a move, attacking her lips and tits with kisses. Sophie retaliates. Demonika spanks Sophie, who spanks Demonika’s full tits. Not caring how loud they are, they go at each other in the bathroom stall. Sophie provides “guidance” to a bad girl who clearly finds the bitchy type a turn-on. Has Sophie finally met her match in this busty, punky young sex kitten who’s as hungry for a quick fling as she is?

With an even more twisted plot than the original of the series and just as much sexual passion, Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2 will push all the right buttons.

Lesbian Guidance Counselor 2
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Stars:   Gracie Glam   Sovereign Syre   Demonika Devour   Kiki D’Aire   Chastity Lynn   Magdalene St. Michaels
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   Schoolgirls   High Definition   Older / Younger
Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Guidance Counselor
Director:   Nica Noelle

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