Movie Review: Like I Do

like i do, all her luv, krissy lynn, aubrey sinclair, lesbian, taboo, all girl, older younger, stepmom, stepdaughterAll Her Luv is one of the newer studios to AEBN, founded as a website about a year ago. Its focus is lesbian taboo porn. Like I Do, this week’s featured movie, is its latest release.

Eighteen-year-old Aubrey Sinclair eavesdrops as her dad argues with Krissy Lynn, her stepmother. He thinks that Aubrey is turning Krissy against him, and he wants to fix that somehow by making Krissy spank Aubrey because she was caught getting high.

Krissy is opposed to spanking but wants to appease her husband, so she goes to Aubrey’s room and says they should tell him about the spanking without actually doing it. Aubrey says that her dad just wants to hurt her, so Krissy should tell him that she spanked her until she cried and her ass was black and blue. Horrified at the thought, Krissy refuses. But Aubrey wants to be spanked, so she taunts her stepmother until Krissy’s hurt and angry enough to slap the teen’s ass. (more…)

Movie Review: Seduced by Mommy 15

seduced by mommy 15, filly films, lesbian, taboo, older younger, porn, all girl, Nina Elle, Summer Day, Ryder Skye, September Reign, Mya Mays, Maxim Law, Casey Ballerini, Louise ThirteenSeduced by Mommy 15 is a stunning new release by Filly Films that will tantalize anyone whose porn preferences tend toward the lesbian as well as the taboo.

Busty brunette Louise Thirteen is a young mom to blonde babe Maxim Law, who tries to sneak back into the house in the morning after being out all night at a rave. Maxim’s displaying her big tits in a fishnet top with pasties shaped like skeleton hands. Louise’s disapproval of her daughter’s clothing and conduct gives way to curiosity when Maxim explains how affectionate and sensual a rave is. Maxim offers to show Louise how she and her friends like to touch each other at raves. In bed, Maxim starts off by encouraging her mom to suck her nipples. Louise admires how big they are as she kisses and licks. Maxim reciprocates, making her mom moan with pleasure as she swirls her tongue around her nipples and areolas. (more…)

Movie Review: “My Virgin Daughter” from Girlsway

my virgin daughter, mommy's girl, girlsway, lesbian, porn, taboo, all girl, mother, daughter, jelena jensen, cassidy klein, rebel lynn, tiffany watson, chanel preston, alexis fawxBreaking family taboos is what Mommy’s Girl/Girlsway is all about. Their latest release is My Virgin Daughter and it’s a truly orgasmic collection of stepmother/stepdaughter sex scenes.

Gorgeous, voluptuous brunette Jelena Jensen is finding it difficult to bond with her stepdaughter, slim and dark-haired beauty Cassidy Klein. The girls in school pick on Cassidy because they know Jelena had sex with her previous stepdaughter before she married Cassidy’s dad. One night, Jelena dreams of Cassidy jumping into bed with her, begging to be fucked because she’s a virgin. In this dream Cassidy orally worships Jelena’s pussy and big natural breasts like a pro, and Jelena reciprocates. It’s a wild, hot dream and when Jelena wakes up, she wants to make it happen in real life despite her intentions of remaining on the straight and narrow path.

Chanel Preston is desperate to get out of the debt that’s been piling up since her ex-husband left her with his own daughter Rebel Lynn. As stepmother and stepmother look for extra work, Chanel finds a listing for a phone sex operator. Rebel decides to join her when they learn that mother/daughter duos are a hot commodity and they can make even more money. First, Chanel thinks they should do a little “research” so they’ll be prepared. They get horny while watching some taboo porn on the Girlsway website and start to “role-play.” They move from kissing to nipple sucking, and as Rebel plays with Chanel’s big tits she slips her hand down between her stepmom’s thighs to find her pussy sopping wet. Rebel goes down on Chanel and watches her moan and writhe in ecstasy. Chanel takes her turn to pleasure her stepdaughter, and she takes the opportunity to teach the pretty teen about tribbing. They grind their wet, erect clits together until it’s clear that they’re ready to start their new jobs.

Young, blonde cutie Tiffany Watson is stealing condoms from her stepmother Alexis Fawx’s night stand when Alexis gets home from a so-called business trip. After eavesdropping on her stepmom’s phone conversation, Tiffany snoops in the suitcase while Alexis takes a shower. Tiffany deduces that Alexis is having an affair when she finds only bras and panties in the luggage. Alexis catches her stepdaughter trying on lingerie, but Tiffany immediately takes control and blackmails her. Alexis protests, but she’ll do anything to keep this affair quiet. Tiffany makes her stepmother give her a private lingerie modeling session, then demands oral sex. After Tiffany gushes into her stepmother’s mouth, she shows Alexis how a woman can please her pussy better than any man… especially with a pierced tongue.

Stepmother Chanel Preston and stepdaughter Rebel Lynn take their first phone sex call. The caller is a woman who gets off big time on listening to the taboo lesbian pair compliment each other’s hot bodies in detail and then fuck while she listens. Chanel and Rebel make sure to tell their first caller what it’s like to watch and to touch each other, and the phone call is a smashing success for everyone involved.

Returning from scene one, horny stepmother Jelena Jensen goes to her stepdaughter Cassidy Klein’s room to tell her about the erotic dream. Cassidy is horrified and believes this is sinful, but Jelena convinces her that it’s a divine revelation. Jelena says she was brought into Cassidy’s life to guide her in the ways of sex. Cassidy will still technically be a virgin if she’s only been with a woman, Jelena says. In order to please her future husband, who will also be a virgin, Cassidy will need sexual experience. Jelena is just the right woman to guide teenage Cassidy, from breast play to pussy eating. Cassidy will be able to show her future husband how to make her cum. Then again, her hot stepmother has shown her that sex with women is divine!

My Virgin Daughter from Girlsway/Mommy’s Girl is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Cassidy Klein   Rebel Lynn   Tiffany Watson   Chanel Preston   Alexis Fawx
Studio Name:   Mommys Girl  Girlsway

Movie Review: Seduced by Mommy 11

seduced by mommy 11, lesbian, taboo, stepmother, stepdaughter, filly films, eva long, nikki hearts, miranda miller, tanya tate, kiki d'aire, erica lauren, alessandra noir, kristen kay, jamie hendrix, older/youngerIn Seduced by Mommy 11 from Filly Films, mature moms have their eyes set on their girls who are now all grown up and ready to enter the world. But sometimes the tables are turned, when the younger generation decides to show Mom what they’re missing!

British MILF Tanya Tate is hot for a dark-haired young beauty named Jamie Hendrix. It’s easy to see why. Jamie is sweet and pretty, with a sensational natural pair of tits. At first she doesn’t know how to feel when Tanya massages her boobs, but she sure learns quickly when it’s time to lick some mommy pussy. Then she lies back and enjoys Tanya’s oral attentions on her pussy.

Out by the swimming pool, voluptuous, wild-haired Kiki D’Aire takes a dare with Alessandra Noir. Alessandra is a slinky young blonde who’s going to break a lot of hearts once she knows how to harness her feminine wiles, and Kiki is excited to help her. The ladies take turns pleasuring each other’s sensitive erogenous zones as the voyeuristic camera captures the outdoor action.

Big-breasted blonde Erica Lauren is a cougar on the prowl for Kristen Kay, a honey-blonde teen who’s just overflowing with innocent charm. It’s best for Kristen if she learns how to use her powers for sexual good from a trustworthy adult, and Erica is there to guide her. In the process, both ladies discover new sexual heights. Just listen to the giggling orgasm at the end of the scene!

Gorgeous Miranda Miller gets into a little argument with her stepmother, sexy Eva Long. Eva is worried that Miranda’s throwing away her life because she dumped her boyfriend to start spending time with punky babe Nikki Hearts, her best friend. Nikki’s been out of town, but now that she’s back, she and Miranda have some “catching up” to do. The girls talk about Eva’s problem with their relationship and agree that they would both like to recruit her into the girl-on-girl life. When Eva barges in without knocking, they have the perfect opportunity for a hot ménage a trois with the smoking-hot older woman. It turns out all Eva needed was a little experience, because she’s a natural!

It’s a new and different kind of family values, but these teens have to learn about sex from somewhere. Who better to teach them than the women they trust the most?

Stars:   Jamie Hendrix   Kiki D’Aire   Erica Lauren   Tanya Tate   Nikki Hearts   Eva Long (f)   Alessandra Noir   Miranda Miller (f)   Kristen Kay
Studio Name:   Filly Films 

Featured Movie: Mommy and Me 11

Mommy and Me 11 - taboo pornMoms and mother figures can be a great way for young lesbians to learn all about how to please other women and themselves. Filly Films’ Mommy and Me 11 pairs a beautiful cast of teens with sexy cougars who are more than ready to school them in Sapphic pleasures.

Sultry older redhead Janet Mason and slender, auburn-haired young beauty Alice Green have been flirting with each other for a while, and it’s finally time for them to stop teasing. Nipples are nipped and slits are savored in this heated liaison between two fiery femmes.

Two brunettes, one a MILF and the other a curious teen, have been pre-heating the oven, so to speak. In the kitchen, young Kendra Khaleesi and stepmom Eva Long are finally unable to resist the temptation of each other’s sweet-smelling, gorgeous bodies. The kitchen counter has never seen as much action as it does when they start scissoring each other!

Young brunette Kacey Lane finds her stepmom RayVeness impossible to resist when she walks in on the mature dark-haired seductress giving herself a pussy massage with her magic wand. Kacey’s turned on and with her sex drive, she can go for hours.

Platinum blonde stepdaughter Jenna Ivory and golden-haired step-MILF Alyssa Lynn have a forbidden lust for each other. Nothing can contain their passion as their hot kisses lead to a pussy-stimulating session that has both of them flooding their basements, so to speak.

Filly Films’ Mommy and Me 11 is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Alice Green   Janet Mason   Alyssa Lynn   Kacy Lane   Rayveness   Eva Long (f)   Kendra Khaleesi   Jenna Ivory
Studio Name:   Filly Films

Accidentally Lesbian

Accidentally LesbianYou didn’t know it was possible to become a lesbian without meaning to, you say? Well, just watch Accidentally Lesbian by Forbidden Fruits Films and see several young women getting into exactly that situation.

Sometimes girls just find themselves in a time and place where they don’t want to say no to an exciting sexual opportunity that’s served up to them on a platter – they want to experience of a more experienced woman’s sexual skills. When the older women in this film lure inexperienced teenage girls into the girl-on-girl club, it’s with expert timing and irresistible temptation. Any girl would be a fool to say no to the likes of gorgeous soccer-mom type Jodi West, outrageously busty Deauxma, foxy mama Amber Lynn Bach, or hardcore vixen Totally Tabitha. The result is a collection of scenes that will fog up your windows and bring you back for second, third, fourth helpings.

Accidentally Lesbian is only available for streaming on our theatres, so sit back and prepare for a hot, sensual time!

Running Time:   93 minutes
Released:   03/2014
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Stars:   Jean Taylor   Amber Lynn Bach   Stella May   Payton Simmons   Mary Jane   Totally Tabitha   Deauxma   Jodi West
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger

Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3

Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3Forbidden Fruits Films plays with taboos again in Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3.

Mature blonde Desi Dalton isn’t ready to be a GILF, so she asks her dog sitter, sexy tomboy Callie Calypso, to talk with her college-aged daughter about keeping her legs shut. When Callie says she’s a lesbian, Desi decides that’s even better. She wants Callie to seduce her daughter, but first she wants a demonstration. Callie inches her hand up Desi’s thigh and kisses her, then slowly unbuttons her shirt to reveal her perky breasts, which Desi kisses and fondles. Callie licks and sucks Desi’s firm tits with her pierced tongue. She kisses her way up Desi’s thigh and sips a cold drink to chill her tongue before swirling it around Desi’s engorged clit. Combining licking and suction with some twiddling of Desi’s nipple, Callie makes her cum hard. Callie eats Desi’s ass and then Desi repays the oral favors so well, Callie asks if she’s a lesbian.

Kiara Knight, Desi’s cute blonde daughter, comes home later to find Callie there doing the dog’s laundry (not a euphemism). Desi was supposed to pick Kiara up from the bus station but instead went shopping. Callie calmly endures Kiara’s anger, and charms her way into the girl’s pants by offering herself as a sexual outlet. She suggests that Kiara pretend she’s a boy, since it’s her first time. Kiara gets into it, lustily tasting Callie’s tits and vocally enjoying oral sex. Kiara is a natural pussy eater, judging by Callie’s loud vocals. Callie almost propels herself off the bed when Kiara starts fingering her asshole too. The girls spiral into a delirious whirlwind of more pussy eating and clit-to-clit grinding. It’s as wild and hungry as the real thing.

All-American Super MILF Jodi West is trying to befriend her new stepdaughter, bratty redhead Annabelle Lee. Annabelle snipes that she’s only the latest of her many stepmoms. Unfazed, Jodi observes that Annabelle and her friend Mary Jane (Johnson, whom we’ll see in the last scene) have the hots for each other and that Annabelle’s unhappiness is what leads her to break up her dad’s marriages. Jodi bonds with Annabelle by teaching her about lesbian sex so she can happily be with Mary Jane. Annabelle grinds her trimmed snatch against Jodi’s, and then it’s all about Jodi’s expert cunnilingus, which inspires Annabelle to go diving for pearls.

Fresh from her stepmom’s sexual tutoring, Annabelle goes for a girls’ weekend with Mary Jane, a hot brunette. Annabelle asks if Mary Jane does like her “that way” and the answer is yes. There’s not another moment to waste. Annabelle confidently kisses Mary Jane through her panties, then strips them off and slingshots them away. She goes down on Mary Jane, who then blows her mind with her gifted tongue and fingers. They hump each other and finish each other off in sixty-nine.

Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3 is streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   96 minutes
Released:   02/2014
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Series:   Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons
Stars:   Annabelle Lee   Jodi West   Mary Jane Johnson   Kiara Knight   Callie Calypso   Desi Dalton
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger