Vanna Bardot

Movie Review: Couple Swap 3

 If you’re looking for tales of surprise swinging, then Nubile Films’ “Couples Swap 3” delivers four helpings of the action you want.

Redhead Vanna Bardot and her boyfriend Ryan McLane visit some friends, brunette Eliza Ibarra and Codey Steele. When Vanna goes to the kitchen, seemingly out of earshot, Ryan confides in Eliza and Codey that he’s having a lot of trouble with Vanna’s possessiveness and her obsession with checking his phone for pictures of other girls. Eliza and Codey suggest ways Ryan could dump Vanna or make her dump him, but Ryan doesn’t feel good about that. Codey gets the idea that he and Eliza could hit on the couple, pretending to be swingers, so that Vanna would dump Ryan without him having to do a thing. Meanwhile, Vanna has heard the whole thing and knows what to do when Eliza and Codey put the moves on them. When Eliza sucks face with Ryan, Vanna turns the tables and pushes the two apart—so that she can be the one kissing Eliza. While the guys sit in stunned paralysis, Vanna goes to town on Eliza, feeling up her tits and eating her out. (more…)

Movie Review: I Kissed a Girl 4

Lesbian porn fans, don’t miss “I Kissed a Girl 4” from Nubile Films, new this week on AEBN VOD.

Gorgeous girlfriends Tiffany Tatum and Tory Sweety live in an apartment complex with a hot tub, and tonight they’re making excellent use of it. Mutual teasing and flirtation inevitably lead the women to kiss and play with each other’s beautiful breasts as the warm water laps against their skin. Tiffany fondles Tory’s tits and licks her hard nipples, and later sets her up on the edge of the hot tub so she can pull off the bikini bottom and taste Tory’s wet pussy. Tory is soon moaning and gasping in ecstasy. Soon, the girlfriends move to the massage table nearby and Tory strips Tiffany naked so she can show her appreciation for Tiffany’s excellent tongue work. Tory cradles Tiffany in spoons position and finger-fucks her till Tiffany’s body rocks with orgasm. Tiffany eats Tory out some more before producing a vibrator, which the women take turns using to make each other cum over and over again. (more…)

Movie Review: A Devil on Both Shoulders

Girlsway and Adult Time are back this week with a trio of threesomes that fans of all-girl porn will want to check out. “A Devil on Both Shoulders” is as superb and satisfying as what we’ve come to expect from Girlsway and Adult Time.

When beautiful Alexis Tae visits her friend and former girlfriend Maya Woulfe, she thinks that she will be meeting Maya’s new GF for the first time. That turns out not to be the case, because the girlfriend is Evelyn Claire, whom Alexis used to date! Instead of letting the visit turn sour, though, Maya helps her old and new loves see that they obviously have compatible taste in women. The lesbians decide to do a little bonding and give the exes a happy reunion, if only for one night. Alexis is a light-skinned multiracial beauty. Maya is a stunning, elfin brunette. Evelyn is a porcelain-skinned, dark-haired babe. Together, the three of them look smashing and they have tons of chemistry. It’s obvious that they enjoy their tryst, and they might even decide to do it again some other time. (more…)

Movie Review: Grinders

“Grinders” is the latest and maybe the coolest of the Adult Time releases to date. Set in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve 1999, it’s a story of new love, hookups, and living in the moment.

We meet Lucky (Lucky Fate), a skater and artist who lives in a warehouse with some buddies. When Lucky runs a delivery out to Tarzana on behalf of his absent roommate, his old classmate Morgan (Maya Woulfe, cute and sexy with a short, dark blonde bob and cropped tank top) answers the door. She’s been at college in Austin, so they chat for a bit, and she compliments him on his tattoos. Morgan remembers what a great artist Lucky is and says that his stuff is better than what she’s seen at school. He invites her to the party they’re throwing at the warehouse that night to celebrate NYE and see one of the housemates, Paul (Nathan Bronson) off before he goes to serve time the next day. They make a deal: she’ll come to the party if he’ll submit his art to some skateboard companies. (more…)

Movie Review: Slutty Study Session

This week’s featured movie, “Slutty Study Session” compiles three fantastically hot lesbian vignettes from Girlsway/Adult Time.

Voluptuous beauty Lena Paul and hot Latina Victoria Voxxx are a couple of high school teachers having lunch in the teachers’ lounge. As they gossip about their students, Lena and Victoria have fun mimicking the way some of them dress to show off their bodies. Lena’s off-white bra can barely contain her large natural breasts, and the lacy black bralette under Victoria’s blouse shows off her small tits to perfection. The women soon realize that they’re too horny not to act on their feelings. Lena bares her big boobs for Victoria and moves in for a kiss. Lying on the table, Victoria opens her thighs for Lena, then takes off her bralette and gasps with pleasure as Lena sucks her nipples. Lena slides Victoria’s panties off and eats her shaved pussy for dessert. Next, Lena gets naked and climbs on the table so Victoria can lick and finger her from behind. Lena sits on Victoria’s face and plays with Victoria’s twat while Victoria eats her out. (more…)

Movie Review: I Love You, You’re Fired

Are you in the mood for a lighthearted, sexually explicit romantic comedy that mixes a fun plot with hot hardcore fucking? If so, then we point you to our featured movie of the week, “I Love You, You’re Fired.” Directed by legendary porn star/director Joanna Angel, nominated for XBIZ’s Feature Movie of the Year 2022, it’s the latest release from Lust Cinema, and you couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable XXX feature.

Gorgeous Vanna Bardot plays a socially awkward project manager named Danielle who takes her employees out to celebrate the end of a successful marketing campaign. She lets the team know they’re getting big bonuses and raises. Danielle gives them company iPads, prompting Shawn (Isiah Maxwell) to take a photo of her so he can “test the camera quality.”

Brunette beauty Brooklyn Gray (looking hot with a pixie cut) and blonde babe Charlotte Sins, who are having a secret office affair, make an excuse so they can head to the bathroom for a quickie. (more…)

Movie Review: Things Your Wife Won’t Do

Watch Things Your Wife Won't Do on AEBNIn the newly released “Things Your Wife Won’t Do” from Nubile Films, lucky guys get to experience the fantasy of sex with two women at the same time. Couples invite friends, coworkers, or roommates to spice up their sex lives!

Sultry brunette Whitney Wright and tall blonde Skye Blue are a lesbian couple who have never had sex with a guy, but that all changes when they meet their new roommate, Nathan Bronson. Nathan can’t help spying on the sexy girls as they change clothes. Even though his girlfriend is on the way over, Nathan’s hard-on tells Whitney and Skye everything they need to know. They have little trouble talking Nathan into a threesome. After practicing their blowjob skills, the girls present their naked pussies to him, side by side on the couch. Nathan eats and fingers them one after the other, and then alternates fucking them. Whitney and Skye enjoy plenty of girl-on-girl action as they experience their first dick together, followed by their first cumshot. This living arrangement looks like it’s going to be fun! (more…)