Tiffany Watson

Featured star: perky blonde Tiffany Watson

tiffany watson, porn, blondeSlim, perky blonde Tiffany Watson (aka Tiffany Dawson) was born in Boise, Idaho on October 2, 1995. With her blue eyes, cute smile, and round ass, she is exactly the type of girl-next-door type that we really get off on watching in action. There’s just something so hot about watching an innocent-looking babe like her taking a cock in her hand, giving it a suck with a twinkle in her eyes, and then taking a ride on it that leaves her walking funny the next day.

It wasn’t long into her career that Tiffany started to do anal scenes. One of her earliest scenes was LeWood’s Anal Finishing School from LeWood Productions/Evil Angel. In it, she stretches her butthole with anal toys and warms up with a vibrator before Bill Bailey plunges into her back door.

Tiffany also loves to fuck other girls, as she has demonstrated with great enthusiasm in movies like Living with a Nudist from Web Young. When she takes in Gina Valentina as a new roommate, Tiffany is at first startled to learn that the pretty brunette is a nudist. But Gina is so sexy that Tiffany can’t resist her for too long.

If the contrast of a big Black cock and a pale, pink pussy is what does it for you the most, then Contrast from Skow is a must see. This scene with Rico Strong shows just how much Tiffany craves the dark meat! She’s equally excited for the BBC in Big Black Cock Gave Me My First Orgasm from Lethal Hardcore.

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Movie Review: “Daddy Lovers,” Cherry Pop

daddy lovers, cherry pop, taboo, teen, mile high media, jaye summers, tiffany watson, leigh raven, cassidy klein, alina henessyCherry Pop, the latest studio to highlight the sweetest and most virginal starlets in the business, gives us plenty of erotic eye candy in Daddy Lovers. These sweet seductresses have their stepdads wrapped around their little fingers (and every other part of their hot bodies).

Punky, foxy brunette Leigh Raven is eating ice cream when her stepdad Derrick Pierce comes into the living room looking for his phone. Leigh is playing a game with him, sitting on his phone and making him guess where it is. Finally he figures it out and starts tickling her. Leigh complains that it’s irritating her new tattoo, which leads the two of them to start comparing ink. Eventually, Leigh strips off her shirt to show him the ones that hurt the most, which are the hearts around her nipples. She “forgot” that she’s now topless, but that’s more than okay with her stepdad. Now that they’re past the point of no return, Leigh kisses one of Derrick’s tattoos on his upper arm and then kisses his mouth. In a flash she has his big, hard daddy cock in her greedy mouth. Derrick fucks her face, plays with her perky tits, and then screws her tight pussy, which is twice as sweet because it’s supposed to be forbidden.

Long-haired beauty Jaye Summers is posing topless while her boyfriend snaps pictures with his smartphone. Chad Alva, Jaye’s stepdad, sees what they’re doing through the open door and calls her boyfriend out into the hall. He chews the boy out and then won’t let him take his phone with him when he leaves, because daddy needs to check these pictures out for himself. Chad enters Jaye’s bedroom, scrolls through the photos, and then shows his hot teen stepdaughter how a real man such as himself can treat that nubile, natural body of hers! Jaye is model-gorgeous and she’s got a vulnerable quality that makes her even sexier as she takes her stepfather’s cock in her mouth and then her tight little twat.

Platinum blonde teen Tiffany Watson is sulking because all of her friends have dates on Valentine’s Day and she doesn’t. Her mom, Alice Chambers, helpfully suggests that she have dinner with stepdad Ryan Driller that night so she doesn’t have to be alone. Alice is going to be working that night but Ryan will be home. At first Tiffany thinks the idea is weird, but soon she warms to it. Ryan is young for a stepdad, and he’s hot. Tiffany borrows a tight little black dress from her mom and tells Ryan this was the dress she was conceived in on a Valentine’s Day. Now Tiffany wants her own special Valentine’s Day, and she wants him to make that happen. Ryan is uncomfortable, but Tiffany gets through to him by pulling his hand over to touch her boob so he can “feel how soft the dress is.” Soon he’s pulled down the top of it so he can suck her natural tits. After Tiffany gleefully gets her first taste of his huge cock, she opens her legs for him and gets fucked in several positions on and against the dinner table. At the end, Ryan cums inside her, because after all, she did say she wanted her own Valentine’s Day story just like her mom’s.

Alina Henessy’s stepdad Tommy Gunn picks her up from ballet lessons. The instructor, Cassidy Klein, pulls Tommy aside to express her concern about Alina’s home life and how it could be affecting her lessons. After Cassidy leaves, Tommy tells Alina to cut it out with the airing of dirty laundry, but Alina uses this as the opportunity to make him prove he loves her more than her mom. Tommy can’t help himself—despite his irritation, he gets hard just thinking about Alina’s toned ballerina body and how flexible she is. Stepdaughter and stepdad fuck right there by the barre, which is going to give Alina plenty of happy memories during all of her future lessons.

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Stars:   Jaye Summers   Tiffany Watson   Leigh Raven   Tommy Gunn   Cassidy Klein   Alina Henessy
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Cherry Pop

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Movie Review: “My Virgin Daughter” from Girlsway

my virgin daughter, mommy's girl, girlsway, lesbian, porn, taboo, all girl, mother, daughter, jelena jensen, cassidy klein, rebel lynn, tiffany watson, chanel preston, alexis fawxBreaking family taboos is what Mommy’s Girl/Girlsway is all about. Their latest release is My Virgin Daughter and it’s a truly orgasmic collection of stepmother/stepdaughter sex scenes.

Gorgeous, voluptuous brunette Jelena Jensen is finding it difficult to bond with her stepdaughter, slim and dark-haired beauty Cassidy Klein. The girls in school pick on Cassidy because they know Jelena had sex with her previous stepdaughter before she married Cassidy’s dad. One night, Jelena dreams of Cassidy jumping into bed with her, begging to be fucked because she’s a virgin. In this dream Cassidy orally worships Jelena’s pussy and big natural breasts like a pro, and Jelena reciprocates. It’s a wild, hot dream and when Jelena wakes up, she wants to make it happen in real life despite her intentions of remaining on the straight and narrow path.

Chanel Preston is desperate to get out of the debt that’s been piling up since her ex-husband left her with his own daughter Rebel Lynn. As stepmother and stepmother look for extra work, Chanel finds a listing for a phone sex operator. Rebel decides to join her when they learn that mother/daughter duos are a hot commodity and they can make even more money. First, Chanel thinks they should do a little “research” so they’ll be prepared. They get horny while watching some taboo porn on the Girlsway website and start to “role-play.” They move from kissing to nipple sucking, and as Rebel plays with Chanel’s big tits she slips her hand down between her stepmom’s thighs to find her pussy sopping wet. Rebel goes down on Chanel and watches her moan and writhe in ecstasy. Chanel takes her turn to pleasure her stepdaughter, and she takes the opportunity to teach the pretty teen about tribbing. They grind their wet, erect clits together until it’s clear that they’re ready to start their new jobs.

Young, blonde cutie Tiffany Watson is stealing condoms from her stepmother Alexis Fawx’s night stand when Alexis gets home from a so-called business trip. After eavesdropping on her stepmom’s phone conversation, Tiffany snoops in the suitcase while Alexis takes a shower. Tiffany deduces that Alexis is having an affair when she finds only bras and panties in the luggage. Alexis catches her stepdaughter trying on lingerie, but Tiffany immediately takes control and blackmails her. Alexis protests, but she’ll do anything to keep this affair quiet. Tiffany makes her stepmother give her a private lingerie modeling session, then demands oral sex. After Tiffany gushes into her stepmother’s mouth, she shows Alexis how a woman can please her pussy better than any man… especially with a pierced tongue.

Stepmother Chanel Preston and stepdaughter Rebel Lynn take their first phone sex call. The caller is a woman who gets off big time on listening to the taboo lesbian pair compliment each other’s hot bodies in detail and then fuck while she listens. Chanel and Rebel make sure to tell their first caller what it’s like to watch and to touch each other, and the phone call is a smashing success for everyone involved.

Returning from scene one, horny stepmother Jelena Jensen goes to her stepdaughter Cassidy Klein’s room to tell her about the erotic dream. Cassidy is horrified and believes this is sinful, but Jelena convinces her that it’s a divine revelation. Jelena says she was brought into Cassidy’s life to guide her in the ways of sex. Cassidy will still technically be a virgin if she’s only been with a woman, Jelena says. In order to please her future husband, who will also be a virgin, Cassidy will need sexual experience. Jelena is just the right woman to guide teenage Cassidy, from breast play to pussy eating. Cassidy will be able to show her future husband how to make her cum. Then again, her hot stepmother has shown her that sex with women is divine!

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Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Cassidy Klein   Rebel Lynn   Tiffany Watson   Chanel Preston   Alexis Fawx
Studio Name:   Mommys Girl  Girlsway