Series Review: We Swallow

We Swallow 30When it comes to capturing the sleazy beauty of sluts slurping semen, Rodney Moore is certainly gifted. You get ample evidence of that in the We Swallow series. Despite his unassuming, frankly somewhat nerdy exterior, Rodney was a pioneer of the POV style that has become so common in today’s porn and he still finds ways to make it fun and interesting.

Volume one begins on a great note as the boobalicious Vantasia is filmed in a POV style that really emphasizes her big natural tits, which is most definitely a good thing. First she sucks on a banana and a great big dildo, and then Rodney himself. He eats her pussy and then fills her asshole with a dildo while they fuck. His stream of cream hits the black leather couch, but Vantasia greedily licks it all up and swallows it just like the title says. Another great scene in this installment of the series includes really horny bar sluts ordering a drink called a “Semen and Seven” fresh from the bartender’s personal supply and getting it on with a strange man in the bathroom. The only bad part of that is we don’t know what bar we need to hang out in so we can track down these girls.

We Swallow 23We get to see a bona fide champion cocksucker in the first scene of “We Swallow 4.” When we meet Domino, she shows off her trophy for giving the best blowjobs from no less an institution than AVN. Joining her is the equally impressive Caroline Pierce, a voluptuous brunette who proves as up to the task of sucking Rodney’s dick as Domino is. In scene four, promiscuous southern belle Victoria Givens is up to her usual sexually adventurous tricks, including some fun on a sex stool, before she gulps down the facial that Rodney gives her.

In a slight departure from most scenes in the series, there’s a “Gilligan’s Island” tribute at the beginning of volume 14 that every fan of busty beauty Gianna Michaels owes it to their dick to watch. Rather than a straight-up parody, it’s more of an homage with We Swallow 7Gianna as the porn star who’s trying to seduce Gooligan, who is meanwhile more interested in the wallflower Carrie Ann (Lindsay Kay). There’s a tangled web to unravel when Gooligan finds Carrie Ann practicing her blowjob skills on the Skipper because she wants to be good at sucking Gooligan’s cock. Disappointed, Gooligan seeks comfort in Gianna’s womanly charms. If you’ve never seen Gianna, then you need to know that this babe has such charms in ample supply and she is always an excitable, energetic performer. While Gooligan and Gianna are going at it, Carrie Ann shows up to join their fun and everybody’s happy. No wonder Gooligan has such a huge load for the girls to slurp down.

We Swallow 15The latest edition of the series is “We Swallow 30,” released in December 2010, which concludes with another display of unbridled sexual appetite from naturally curvy Latina Charley Chase. She brings a guy friend to a massage because she’s into “lots of hands,” and she keeps trying to find ways to get both guys massaging her at the same time. The massage therapist finally gives in to her insistence on everybody being naked, and of course it’s not long before the massage becomes a threeway. Charley just won AVN’s Unsung Starlet Award and the wet, slobbering blowjobs she dishes out in this scene perfectly demonstrate why she deserved it.

Hot girls who swallow – what could be finer?

Series Review: Squirtamania

Squirtamania 6Squirtamania: just the word by itself, if you aren’t a pervert like most of us here, might make you think of some amusement park ride or carnival game. Then again, maybe you ARE a pervert and you still think of those things. The fact is, Squirtamania is the winner of AVN’s Best Squirting Series Award for 2011, and you can see it on demand exclusively at AEBN theaters. It does have the fun and excitement of a ride, and although it might not be like a carnival game, you do win fabulous prizes in the form of many orgasms.

Gonzo and reality-based company Immoral Productions produces these soaking wet movies. In the director’s chair for most of them is professional adult industry gadfly Porno Dan – well, he’s actually not in a director’s chair, since he’s nearly always in front of the camera, interviewing the girls and helping them reach gushing orgasms by fingering, licking, and fucking them. In scene one of the first “Squirtamania,” he works over the heart-shaped pussy of tiny blonde Kacey Jordan until she squirts. Hotter still is self-proclaimed Valley Girl Isis Taylor, a curvy, caramel-skinned beauty who unleashes a tide of girl cum.

Later movies in the series often feature pairs of girls, for double the fun per scene. Some are repeat performers, but none is more impressive than McKenzee Miles, who has been featured five times, Squirtamania 4beginning in “Squirtamania 4,” continuing in volumes five and six, and more recent releases not yet on VOD. Squirting is her claim to fame and if you’re wondering why Squirtamania is so popular, McKenzee is a big reason. You can thank Amy Brooke, too. She also made her series debut in volume four and came back in number six for one of the series’ best scenes, where Amy and McKenzee are side by side with lucky bastard Porno Dan. The two blondes are stunning in their shiny bikinis, but it’s not long before they’re naked and on their way to a “squirt-fest,” masturbating next to each other with their vibrators and dousing the couch, the floor, Porno Dan, the camera, occasionally the microphone, and even each other. There are a few other girls who have appeared twice in the series to date: “porn virgin” Mallory Rae Murphy in volumes two and four, brunette Alyson Westley in numbers three and five, and blonde Victoria White in volumes five and seven (not yet on VOD).

Let’s not forget that some single-time performers in the Squirtamania series are beloved and extremely hot porn stars. Amber Rayne, a little firecracker of a girl Squirtamaniaknown for extreme sexual antics, makes it “rayne” in the last scene of volume two. A 2010 AVN Female Performer of the Year nominee, slinky brunette Chayse Evans, has a very wet time with Eric John in the last scene of “Squirtamania 4.” Gorgeous young blonde Lily Labeau, who is becoming a bigger star in the biz with every new release, is teamed up with McKenzee in the first scene of volume four.

Almost all of the scenes in the Squirtamania series were filmed live for streaming online and it’s the first live series ever to win an AVN Award. There are currently ten movies released, six of them already on VOD, and volume 11 is on the way. We can’t wait to get wet all over again from the new group of gushing girls in future Squirtamania releases. Fans of squirting will want an “Eeeee!” ticket for this ride.