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Movie Review: ShopLyfter 5

crave media, shoplyfter 5, teen, reality based, Anastasia Rose, Alyssa Cole, Avi Love, Kat Arina, Taylor MayCrave Media’s hot and seedy reality-based series about teenage thieves returns this week with “ShopLyfter 5.” When these girls are caught red-handed, the fun part for the loss prevention officers is making sure they won’t do it again.

Tall, slender Latin hottie Kat Arina is busted after a store employee notices her purse getting fatter. The store’s loss prevention officer nabs her and takes her to the back room, where he finds all kinds of merchandise stuffed in her bag. Kat says she will pay for it, but the LP officer has something other than money in mind. He says she probably stole the clothes on her body, too, and they’ll have to come off. Then, Kat gives up her hot mouth and pussy to him in a sweet submission.

Taylor May, a slim beauty with long brown hair and perky 34C tits, has been caught on camera stuffing expensive merchandise into her clothes. The price for this is going to be a lot steeper than Taylor ever would have imagined, as the LP officer takes action to discourage her from reoffending. (more…)

Spring Break Fuck Parties 3

Spring Break Fuck Parties 3Spring really makes a girl horny, judging by the ones in Spring Break Fuck Parties 3. Even if Spring Break is over, these college babes have kindly filmed their shenanigans so we can watch.

In the first scene, Chase Ryder is celebrating her 21st birthday with her hottest friends. They flirt and tease for the camera, showing off their twerking skills and getting ready to go out. Out on the street, they pose for photos in their skimpy outfits before finding some guys to bring back to the room for an orgy. The girls kiss each other while the guys are going at them, and get hot ‘n’ sloppy like true fuck dolls.

Next, three hot but airheaded coeds wait for a nerdy guy from school to come over for study group. They can’t remember what subject they’re even studying, but they plot to make the nerd their sexual conquest. They accuse him of being a scaredy-cat virgin. Somehow the promise of group sex overcomes any indignation he feels about the taunting, and he takes on the three slutty students. Eventually he’s confidently telling them how to position themselves so he can fuck them, and he cums on their upturned faces.

Four party girls in Miami celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some daytime partying, including a twerk session. Eventually they hit the streets and find two guys in St. Paddy’s party hats and sunglasses. They all walk back to the girls’ room where the party can really begin. The 5’11” blonde one shows her plump natural tits and tells the guys, “Kiss them, they’re Irish!” The blonde and one of the brunettes do all the fucking while the other two brunettes get off on watching.

A group of girls have invited some guys over to party. While they wait for the guys, the girls pass the time by twerking, skinny dipping, and playing naked Twister. When the guys call to say they’re at the front door, the girls slip back into their skimpy clothes, but they come off again soon for topless drinking games. Inside the house, two girls suck and fuck two of the guys. Meanwhile, the other girls provide commentary and film it with their phones.

The last scene features Rose Red and two hot friends at a camp for delinquents. While waiting for their tennis instructor, they talk about fucking guys in the other dorm and play with each other’s tits. Finally the instructor shows up, but the girls aren’t interested in the game. It’s not the first time they’ve goofed off, but they get one last chance. Rose talks him in to letting her blow him so he’ll forget the whole thing. She gets him so hot he fucks her standing up while she balances on one leg, grabbing the chain link fence for support. The other girls “help out” with fondling and smacks on the ass, but this is mostly Rose’s show.

For a great time, follow these hot girls through their nights and days of partying and fucking.

Stars:   Rose Red   Chase Ryder   Dee Dee Lynn   Alex Tanner   Riley Reynolds   Christina Ginn   Abbi Roads   Kayla West   Kendra Cole   L. Davis   Brian O’Mally   Miya Stone   Ryan McLane   Crystal Lopez   Kelsi Monroe
Studio Name:   Team Skeet

Raw 16

Raw 16Director Manuel Ferrara infuses new excitement and flavor into his reality-based smut, revealing the naked human passion that often escapes the adult industry’s formatted fuck scenes. In “Raw 16,” the legendary French-American superstud shows private footage of his intimate dates with porn girls more driven by lust than fame. Gorgeous Italian bombshell Valentina Nappi greets him wearing a skintight red dress that shows off her naturally voluptuous body… and no panties. Before they even reach their destination, the young beauty is swallowing the director’s massive, uncut dick in the car. Valentina takes a ferocious anal reaming topped off with a load of hot sperm. Busty blonde Kayden Kross services the director in two separate, passionate encounters, lovingly sucking his huge cock and riding it to ecstasy. Manuel enters his hotel room to find super-busty MILF Ava Addams waiting in bed, her enormous, round boobs fully exposed. He eats Ava’s sweet pussy and stuffs her tight yet elastic rectum full of thick, throbbing meat. Top-heavy, tattooed bimbo Romi Rain meets our man for a bit of extracurricular fucking in the shower and elsewhere. Manuel fingers Romi to a squirting ejaculation; she eagerly laps up her own juices mixed with Manuel’s splooge from a glass tabletop! “Raw 16” is an intimate view of what real (albeit sexually attractive) people look like having real sex in real life. Gritty vérité trumps cinematic visuals for those more aroused by peeking in on animal instincts than watching staged sex stunts.

Running Time:   278 minutes
Released:   11/2013
Studio Name:   Evil Angel  Manuel Ferrara Productions
Series:   Raw – Manuel Ferrara
Director:   Manuel Ferrara
Stars:   Kayden Kross   Ava Addams   Valentina Nappi   Romi Rain   Manuel Ferrara
Categories: Anal   Big Tits   New Release   Big Dick   Gonzo   Reality Based   High Definition

Party Hardcore 72

Party Hardcore 72Nobody knows how to bring a party atmosphere to porn like Eromaxxx, with its legendary Party Hardcore series. Now on its seventy-second (!) volume, this is one of the longest-running series in all of porndom.

Party Hardcore 72 packs a hell of a lot of sex into almost three hours. This is one of those movies you can just dip into when you’re looking for some eye candy, not something that most of us have the stamina to watch all the way through. But no matter what point in this erotic stream you dip into, there will be some highly stimulating sights and sounds to get off to, we promise.

This is the kind of sex party that many porn fans probably like to imagine happening all the time at secret sex clubs in Europe. The porn that comes from that continent is so consistently hardcore that even the amateur girls are into orgies featuring lots of face fucking and double penetration. These girls are fucking on camera for the first time and it really seems to bring something wild and free out of them. Some of them are having their first interracial fuck, while others are getting their first taste of lesbian sex.

In real, unscripted action, this is an orgy that you can enjoy watching again and again. There’s always something new to see when there are so many bodies sucking and fucking away!

Running Time:   172 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Eromaxx
Series:   Party Hardcore
Categories: Euro   Orgies   International   All Sex   Exhibitionist   Party Girls   Reality Based   High Definition   German Speaking

Shane’s World 42: Paradise Island

Shane’s World has been breaching the barriers of responsible porn for about fifteen years now, corrupting young minds (but mostly bodies) in the process. While the company can lay claim to being one of the first to turn out reality-style adult fare, it was their conspicuous presence on various college campuses and the ravaging of numerous student bodies nationwide that made them one of the most visible and perhaps most notorious adult companies in memory. SW’s College Invasion series opened not only the eyes of school administrators and parents to what kids were really doing on campus (hint: it wasn’t studying. What adult who attended college didn’t know this?), but it also opened plenty of checkbooks thanks to the legal wrangling that often followed the film crew around like a shadow.

But SW isn’t just about the young demographic either. They are equal opportunity corruptors throwing down naked-style just about anywhere the locals are willing to accommodate them. In the 42nd volume of the eponymous Shane’s World collection the madcap misters and missus, led by the amazing Tori Black and Brooklyn Lee, land on the beautiful island of St. Martin, where the planes fly really low and the cocks penetrate very deep.  Vanessa Cage takes on Michael Vegas before they even touch the sand, steaming up the hotel room with a variety of rim jobs, blowjobs and anal fucking. Tori and Johnny Castle get a little fresh while making good use of the freshwater pool. Meanwhile, Brooklyn and Johnny dial up some sex on the beach (the literal kind, not the drink). Tori later makes some serious deep-throating waves with Michael on a boat and Brooklyn gets fucked up and fucked seaside at a beach bar.

Jet skis, para-sailing and scuba diving couldn’t stop this group from non-stop sex and we’re pretty sure that what you see here will make you want to grab your snorkel.


Stars:   Tori Black Michael Vegas Vanessa Cage Brooklyn Lee Johnny Castle

Categories: Amateur New Release Natural Breasts Gonzo Party Girls Reality Based High Definition

Running Time:   118 minutes

Released:   05/2011

Studio Name:   Shane’s World

Series:   Shane’s World

Director:   Shane

Party Hardcore 54

Q: What do you get when you combine pounding percussive beats, flashing lights, the free-flow of alcohol, hundreds of horny, scantily dressed amateur women, beach balls, balloons, wading pools and male strippers?

A: This

And for the record, if anyone ever stands on his or her soapbox and starts to go off about how the corrosive nature of men and their desire for strip club culture is the bane of existence, and how demeaning it is for the women, tell them to shove it and whip out this bad boy as proof that unabashed sexual cravings and a willingness to let one’s desires stray from center runs both ways.

Now in its whopping 54th edition, Party Hardcore celebrates what it means to be young, beautiful and unfazed by rules and social norms. Hey, you only go around this crazy merry-go-round once. Is it really so bad that some want their horses to run a little faster than the rest? Before you respond, press play, let your imagination take flight and ride the pulsing waves of sound to the place where perfect abs, tits and asses reign and gravity wields no power.

The sex party is just getting started and you have an open invite. Join in, won’t you?


Stars:   Leony Aprill

Categories: Euro Orgies International All Sex Exhibitionist Party Girls Reality Based CFNM Running Time:   146 minutes

Released:   08/2010

Studio Name:   Eromaxx

Series:   Party Hardcore

Director:   Bob Marshal

Blowjob Winner 8

From the creators of the excellent Fuck-A-Fan series comes the 8th installment of Immoral Productions second-best line of fan-inclusive XXX smut: Blowjob Winner. Another warped brain spawn of Jim Powers and Porno Dan Leal, the series gives sweepstakes winners the chance to get mobbed and molested by girls that, until now, only resided in these lucky contestants’ dreams.

The beauty of series like these is that you’re dealing with the general public. When non-professional porn lovers and professional porn doers collide on a lighted set there is no telling what kind of results will come; there’s also no telling if the guys will cum. There is also no telling what they will say, do or (insert adverb + action verb of your choosing here), which is the potential train wreck that makes the whole concept so damn intriguing.

Take Joe from Madison. He is a casino employee whose day is coming up cherries. Though he’s got a porn-worthy cock, he was brought back out of pity because he was somehow unable to fuck Jessie Andrews on the Fuck-A-Fan set. Hey, it was called Fuck-A-Fan, not Fuck-A-Star, so she must be somewhat culpable. Jessie returns in a fluffer’s role this time with Heather Starlet. The two prime his cock for big-titted Charisma Cappelli, who then does a super suck-off with a bit of titty fucking in there for posterity’s sake. This time he manages to squeeze off a few rounds right onto their lovely faces.

Next up on the docket is Travis. Big T is a construction worker, so he’s good at erections. Will he be able to produce when the moment is nigh? Jessie Andrews, along with fluffers Charisma Cappelli and Sea J. Raw see to it that he does indeed.

Bryan is a day-laborer who works while going to college at the University of Illinois. This English Lit. major saw the contest online and signed up. He won. Actually though, he lost a thumb war which would have landed him a sex romp with fan favorite Sara Jay. Instead, he had to settle for the blowjob. Hey, there are worse things in life for sure.

Finally, a 19-year-old insurance salesman from Springfield, Illinois gets his simultaneous moment of ecstasy and revenge on his ex-girlfriend when he gets cordoned off and gotten off on the couch. Sea J. Raw takes the lead in this one, accompanied by Jessie Andrews and Sara Jay. Though Jessie is technically one of the fluffers in this one, she gets herself off beforehand with the help of Sara and a vibrator. Check out the pool of girl dew she leaves on the couch!

While Blowjob Winner 8 is as fun and spontaneous as the others in the series, it will have to be content playing second-fiddle to the Fuck-A-Fan line-up. That’s because there are just so many more things that can go wrong while fucking on camera, which is part of the thrill of watching. Remember though that quality is sometimes just as good, if not better than quantity.

Stars:   Sara Jay Charisma Cappelli Sea J. Raw Jessie Andrews Heather Starlet Porno Dan

Categories: Blowjob Cumshot Gonzo Reality Based

Running Time:   63 minutes

Released:   10/2010

Studio Name:   Immoral Productions

Series:   Blowjob Winner

Director:   Jim Powers