Movie Review: Massage Parlor’s “Trying New Things”

trying new things, massage parlor, porn, massage, natural breasts, happy ending, cassandra nix, molly bennett, missy martinez, cali carter, callie cyprus, naomi westThe current trend for hot massage titles continues with Trying New Things from Massage Parlor, a studio known for happy endings.

Blonde babe Molly Bennett has a client whose girlfriend of six months isn’t open to “new things.” Gradually Molly draws the details out of him: he wants a blowjob. Molly offers to take care of him for an extra hundred bucks. The dude doesn’t hesitate, and who could blame him when a girl this hot is willing to do what his girlfriend won’t? Molly goes to work on him with her pouty lips wrapped around his stiffening dick. She gives him plenty of good eye contact with those big green eyes, and makes great use of her hands and tongue. Molly removes her pink satin robe and matching lingerie to reveal her stunning, perky tits and rounded ass. She climbs on the table for some fantastic sixty-nine that has her moaning between sucks and licks. Molly milks a big load out onto her perfect tits and rubs it into her lovely skin using his shaft. She playfully licks his cockhead and invites him to come back anytime.

Brunette babe Cassandra Nix offers her motorcycle-riding buddy the friend rate. She’s a woman of few words as she concentrates on kneading the knots out of his muscles. As Cassandra works on his inner thigh, he slides his hand under her silvery satin robe. She’s willing to “work something out” when he offers more money. Cassandra’s swirls her tongue around the head of his large, throbbing dick. She really gets into it and gives the guy his money’s worth, putting his hand on her pussy for him to massage, and rubbing her clit against his leg while she sucks him some more. In sixty-nine, she gets as much of him in her mouth as possible while he flickers his tongue up and down her clit and labia. When he’s ready to cum, Cassandra points him at her mouth and coaxes the jizz out of him.

Callie Cyprus, a babe with dark hair in a ponytail, is surprised to find a guy on the balcony when she steps out for fresh air. She invites him in and finds out he’s “in between homes” and jobless. Callie kindly offers him a massage in exchange for cleaning up the place, and he’s quick to accept. She even offers a happy ending. Callie builds up a slow, sensual tease, and she doesn’t forget about his balls. She mounts him for sixty-nine, and eventually he pops in her mouth. Stick around for a twist after the happy ending.

Leggy, busty brunette Naomi West invites a lucky dude over for a massage on the house. A few minutes into it he asks if this free massage is going to include a happy ending, seeing as how she’s practically hanging out of her robe and all. Naomi admits that he’s pretty cute, so she goes for it, enjoying the feel and taste of his thick dick as she orally massages that most sensitive of muscles until he pops.

Bodacious Missy Martinez has a client who’s recently sober and jonesing for a drink. Missy tries to sooth him, but after she’s rubbed his back and just gotten started on his front, he sits up and says it’s not working because he still wants a drink. Taking it in stride, Missy gets him to lie back and try to relax as she employs a controversial mouth-to-gland technique that she finds effective. The dude clearly likes this method, especially when she slips off her robe and lingerie and gets on top! They get into some hot sixty-nine action, but then she turns around and lets him lie back and enjoy the full release of her combined blowjob/titty-fucking technique. Missy loves it when he unloads on her pretty face.

Blonde Cali Carter wants a massage, but the spa owner’s son is the only one on duty. Unfortunately, he’s never massaged a female client and has no official certification. Cali is determined to get a massage anyway. On the table, Cali enjoys the backrub and especially the front. The dude lets her know she can cover up her boobs, but she prefers nudity. Soon her hand is on his junk as he massages her chest and she loses the towel so he can rub her clit, too. Cali decides that what she really wants is to suck his dick, even though she’s the client. The dude doesn’t argue and, in the end, Cali is happy with his cum on her face. She tells him he could go full-time, as she has lots of friends who would pay for his services.

Trying New Things is streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters. It should be a perfect release for every guy who fantasizes about just lying back and letting a beautiful woman milk his balls.

Stars:   Cali Carter   Missy Martinez   Cassandra Nix   Molly Bennett   Gabriella Paltrova   Naomi West
Studio Name:   Massage Parlor 

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Movie Review: She Needs Breaking In

she needs breaking in, all girl massage, massage, lesbian, all girl, girl on girl, india summer, tiffany doll, aj applegate, maya grand, karlie montana, cassidy klein, aaliyah love, alison tyler, jenna ivoryThe All Girl  Massage studio has been bringing us beautifully filmed lesbian erotica for a few years now, including instant classics like MILF Massages with its all-star cast including the likes of Veronica Avluv, Ariella Ferrera, Raylene, and India Summer. The latter of these mature ladies is part of the She Needs Breaking In cast, as a matter of fact. India joins French beauty Tiffany Doll in one of five stunning scenes. The all-star cast also includes AJ Applegate, Maya Grand, Jenna Ivory, Karlie Montana, and Cassidy Klein.

Beautiful, blonde masseuse AJ Applegate has an appointment with gorgeous client Maya Grand, a hot Latina who doesn’t let a little thing like a huge rock on her finger stop her from getting the “usual” massage. Maya peels off her dress, showing her perky, tan-lined tits. AJ slides Maya’s black lace panties down, then rubs the graceful curves of her client’s shoulders, back, ass, and legs. After sucking Maya’s toes, AJ concentrates on Maya’s ass cheeks. Maya flips over and AJ slides one hand down to rub Maya’s pussy while fondling her breasts. Maya cums after a few minutes of concentrated clit massage, her moans and gasps an arousing auditory complement to the beautiful visuals. The ladies lick and suck each other’s clits, and there’s a stunning close-up shot of Maya’s tongue action. After their mutual cunnilingus, they scissor to finish off their hot tryst.

Right on cue, Maya’s husband calls to say that he’s lost his job and she needs to stop spending money. It could mean the end of Maya’s sessions, but AJ has a proposition: if Maya will help AJ seduce her sexy new client, then the next 10 massages will be free.

Redheaded vixen Karlie Montana catches the cleaning lady, adorable brunette Cassidy Klein, pretending to give a massage. Cassidy admits that she’d like to be a massage therapist, so Karlie offers to be Cassidy’s practice client. After finding out Cassidy has good hands, Karlie decides it’s time to see if she can handle more intimate massage. At every step Cassidy balks and Karlie reminds her that it’s all for the tip. If she doesn’t learn to lick a pussy and like it, then the client could leave. With a face like she’s tasting lemons, Cassidy eats Karlie’s pussy and makes her cum. Karlie says that some clients like to give back and goes down on Cassidy. To her surprise Cassidy has an orgasm, even though she’s still not comfortable. Now Karlie shows Cassidy the final trick to get the best tips: tribbing. After Karlie gets off one last time, she tells Cassidy she’s doing great and should make lots of money giving massages. Karlie, on the other hand, has discovered she doesn’t want to be a massage therapist after all.

Raven-haired, beautiful plainclothes detective India Summer tries to bust sexy French brunette Tiffany Doll for selling drugs out of her spa. Tiffany claims to be an informant with immunity and offers India a peacekeeping massage. India reluctantly agrees. As the rubdown commences, India asks for it deeper and harder. Tiffany slides a wedge pillow under India’s hips to make it easier for bearing down hard on that ass, and we see great close-ups of Tiffany’s hands spreading India’s pussy open as she rubs her cheeks. When India flips onto her back, the massage gets more personal. After Tiffany strips naked, India gives in to Tiffany’s sexual advances. Tiffany gives India reason to drop her guard with some breast play, lots of deep kissing, and expert fingering. The heat becomes an inferno with the two gorgeous adversaries finishing off in 69 position.

As a new masseuse, Alison Tyler is shy about nudity. She offers a towel for her client, Aaliyah Love, who laughs it off. Aaliyah assures Alison that her naked body will be unavoidable. Comically, Alison tries to block her view of the naughty bits until she finds it too hard to give an effective massage with one hand. Aaliyah is upfront about which parts are tense and sore, giving us all a great look at her snatch when she raises one leg high. Gradually Alison gets used to the nudity, and by the time Aaliyah flips over and asks for the happy ending, Alison is willing to take off her own clothes. Kissing and tribbing lead to Aaliyah taking charge. She rewards her diligent masseuse with some nipple sucking and more clit-to-clit humping. There’s not much oral sex in this scene, but the girls really get off on the tribbing.she needs breaking in, lesbian, all girl massage, aj applegate, maya grand, jenna ivory, threesome, threeway, big natural breasts, blondes, latina, pussy eating, oral sex, cunnilingus

Maya returns to help AJ massage and “break in” her highly desirable new client, Jenna Ivory. Jenna’s not here yet, but AJ and Maya get started without her. AJ has a nice taste of Maya’s natural breasts. They really dive into the action then, eating pussy and ass and pussy again. By the time Jenna gets there, AJ and Maya are hollering in pleasure. Jenna wants to report the spa for this indecent behavior, but AJ and Maya convince her otherwise. They pull her into the room and ease her out of her clothes. It’s easy to see why AJ is into this porcelain-skinned platinum blonde, with her Hollywood bombshell looks. Jenna isn’t sure about this scenario or why they’re both naked, but AJ convinces her that Maya is in training. As AJ and Maya work their way up both sides of her lovely body at the same time, Jenna decides that two masseuses are better than one. While AJ concentrates on massaging Jenna’s breasts (or rather, her tight pecs, ahem), Maya works her way up Jenna’s thighs. Soon Jenna is moaning in pleasure and massaging her own left tit as AJ sucks Jenna’s right nipple and Maya licks Jenna’s clit. Not just any spa would give a client such pampering! The three ladies bring each other to ecstasy in various beautiful configurations: oral, fingering, and scissoring. Jenna declares it the best massage she’s ever had and wants to come back next week!

These gorgeous women performing exquisite acts of sensuality make She Needs Breaking In one of the hottest lesbian massage titles we’ve seen.

Stars:   A.J. Applegate   Jenna Ivory   Maya Grand   Cassidy Klein   Karlie Montana   India Summer   Alison Tyler   Tiffany Doll   Aaliyah Love
Studio Name:   All Girl Massage  Fantasy Massage Production

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“This Spa Has Secrets” serves sensual lesbian fun

this spa has secrets, lesbian, massage, threeway, interracial, all girl, girl on girl, porn, misty stone, raylene, dahlia sky, bailey blue, dani daniels, ana foxx, amanda tate, kortney kane, ava addams, cherie devilleWhen these beautiful ladies get stressed out, they need the sensations that only another woman can provide. This Spa Has Secrets… and then some. This oiled-up sensory extravaganza from All Girl Massage is all about that special tongue-to-clit, finger-to-G-spot technique that never fails to produce a total release.

Raylene’s life is going to hell fast, so her daughter Keira recommends a massage with her friend, Dahlia Sky. At the spa, Dahlia welcomes the nervous Raylene to her private room and eases her nerves with her soothing personality and expert hands. Dahlia tests Raylene’s limits slowly, knowing that what she really needs is a great orgasm. Raylene’s tension and fears melt away as the gorgeous blonde brings her to sexual bliss. Nineties porn fans will love seeing the legendary Raylene looking so fine and feeling great with the beautiful Dahlia.

Kortney Kane is a conniving health code inspection officer who’s looking for any sign of impropriety or malpractice to exploit. Stunning brunette Dani Daniels, the best masseuse in the house, is able to put Kortney’s blackmail threats to rest with skill and sensual attention. Kortney might be a bitch, but she’s hot. Dani enjoys sex with this crooked cop in spite of herself.

Ava Addams goes to the spa for a scalp massage and facial from Cherie Deville. While Ava relaxes on the table, you can’t help noticing the way her nipples poke through her top. Cherie moves on to the scalp, running her lovely fingers running through Ava’s long black hair. When it’s time to rub Ava’s shoulders, Cherie asks her to slip her top off and makes her way to Ava’s enormous breasts. Ava is sensitive to Cherie’s hands and mouth on her nipples. If Ava thought she was relaxed before, that’s nothing compared to the orgasms that Cherie provides with a clit massage and sixty-nine. The contrast of Cherie’s blonde good looks and Ava’s voluptuous, dark-haired sex appeal is pure eye candy.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift, ebony babe Misty Stone heads to the spa for gift certificates. Dani’s getting ready to close for the day, but she’s happy to stay late and give the luscious Misty a free sample of her services. Dani sensuously, expertly manipulates Misty’s exquisite body from head to toe, caressing Misty’s ass before finally moving in for her pussy. Dani eats Misty out so well that you can bet she’ll be back for more.

Misty Stone returns with her delectable cousin Ana Foxx for a session with hot masseuse Amanda Tate. Amanda, a blonde white girl, is excited to have two ebony goddesses all to herself. While Amanda applies her special technique to Ana’s bald pussy, Misty makes sure Amanda’s tits are attended to thoroughly. Once everyone’s naked, the massage becomes a nipple-sucking, muff-munching threeway you can’t miss.

The sensual delights of these gorgeous women will surely inspire your own full release. This Spa Has Secrets from All Girl Massage is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Cherie DeVille   Ana Foxx   Amanda Tate   Raylene   Misty Stone   Ava Addams   Kortney Kane   Dani Daniels   Dahlia Sky
Studio Name:   All Girl Massage  Fantasy Massage Production 

Featured Studio: Massage Rooms

From director Dane Jones comes the sensual series: Massage Rooms. This specialized studio features erotic tales of lustful liaisons between masseuses and their customers.

In the movie Dripping Wet we start off with the lovely dark-skinned beauty, Alexandra, getting massaged with warm oil. Her masseuse rubs her feet and slides his strong hands up her legs squeezing and rubbing her muscles deep.  He spreads the slick liquid over her smooth chocolate skin and you can see her relax into his touch. Walking around the table to better reach her chest, he gently rubs her breasts. He moves his hands down her skin over her stomach and his fingertips breech the edge of the towel used to cover her. He slowly removes the towel, exposing her trimmed mound, and pours oil between her legs. It drips down over her sparse pubic hair and into the creases of her pussy lips, coating her clit in viscous liquid. The sensation causes her to lightly gasp as it runs down her sensitive skin. His hands work on her thighs and around her pussy and he takes his time before touching her.  She begins to come undone with the sensation, with each caress she wants more of him. He finally lets his fingers glide between her lips and runs them along the sides of her clit, teasing at it, before plunging his fingers into the tight hole surrounded by the delicate folds of her sex.



























The scene continues on and they have incredibly passionate sex. You can see where it goes from there along with the other four sexy massage scenes from that movie here.

In addition to Dripping Wet, Massage Rooms has six other full-length films. There are over 30 scenes for you to watch from the erotic movie series. Check them out now on the AEBN network.

Exclusive: The Masseuse 6

The Masseuse 6Sweet Sinner’s The Masseuse 6 sizzles with gorgeously shot scenes full of the sensual touch. Beautiful women and cute young starlets abound, and you can expect lots of oiled-up caresses, of course.

Any movie that includes a threeway with the extremely popular blonde Anikka Albrite and the bespectacled redhead Penny Pax is already a winner. The scene is the perfect chance to see why these girls are becoming two of the most in-demand starlets of the moment.

The other babes here for your spankable admiration include sweetly beautiful brunette Dillion Harper, boobalicious blonde Dahlia Sky, and lusty brunette Mischa Brooks. If every massage parlor employed such gorgeous women, they would all have clients booked months in advance.

The Masseuse 6 is streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   152 minutes
Released:   03/2014
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   The Masseuse -Mile High Media
Director:   James Avalon
Stars:   Anikka Albrite   Penny Pax   Logan Pierce   Dillion Harper   Mr. Pete   Alan Stafford   Seth Gamble   Dahlia Sky   Mischa Brooks
Categories: New Release   International   All Sex   High Definition   Massage

Let’s Make a Deal

Let's Make a DealDespite what the title might make you think, this movie has nothing to do with game shows, but it will make you feel like you’ve won something: orgasm after orgasm.

A young student who traveled in Japan discovered the art of Nuru, an ancient erotic massage technique in which client and masseuse are totally nude and the masseuse uses an oil-based gel. When she returned home, this student decided that the people of her hometown needed to experience Nuru for themselves and she opened her own massage parlor.

Let’s Make a Deal stars several of the sexiest, most gorgeous young stars in the porn world, including Asian beauties such as Asa Akira and Miko Sinz. Asa also enlists the talents of her friend Lizz Tayler to give the client in the last scene a double whammy of hot feminine attentions.

It’s a slip-n-slide ride through a series of rubdown techniques and sexual positions. Don’t miss this lightly kinky, richly sensual celebration of happy endings.

Running Time:   98 minutes
Released:   06/2013
Studio Name:   Nuru Massage
Stars:   Asa Akira   Lizz Tayler   Jackie Lin   Kina Kai   Mya Luanna   Miko Sinz   Stephanie Cane
Categories: Asian   Fetish   Interracial   Wet / Messy   All Sex   High Definition   Massage

The Masseuse 5

The Masseuse 5In The Masseuse 5, Kendra Lust runs a posh massage parlor is a place where customers can go for a higher standard of care than just your garden-variety sports massage. It’s an open secret that her selective staff will give happy endings to certain clients.

Riley Reid’s upset that she was booked to massage her ex-boyfriend, but Kendra agrees to let Riley take Marcus London and Kendra will handle Riley’s ex. Marcus proves to be a friendly chap and Riley enjoys the chance to slurp and straddle his thick, curved cock. Watching her firm, slender young body bounce up and down on the lucky older man’s dick is a real pleasure.

Richie Calhoun (aka Richie’s Brain) doesn’t want a massage from Kendra Lust; he wants one from Riley. But they broke up because Richie was cheating, and the other woman was none other than Kendra. While massaging Richie, Kendra gets on her high horse about why Riley dumped him, even though she was the catalyst. But her eagerness to mount a high horse is nothing compared to her mounting a hard cock. She gives Richie the special dick-in-cleavage technique, applies some suction, and takes him vaginally in several positions.

Overhearing the moans and gasps through the semi-open door to Kendra’s room, Riley peeks and sees her ex fucking Kendra. Riley never knew it was her own boss that Richie was screwing. She scrawls an angry note and bails, leaving Kendra to replace her quickly.

In the meantime, it’s up to Natalia Starr to take Riley’s next client, Evan Stone. Evan is a busy banker with a bad back, and Natalia relaxes him with a rubdown, a suckdown, and a fuckdown. Her beautiful bouncing breasts alone make this one of the scenes most likely to make you pop early and often.

James Deen is the masseur Kendra interviews to take Riley’s place. While telling him they’re a professional massage parlor where no inappropriate behavior is allowed, Kendra also requests a house call where she makes it abundantly clear that “inappropriate” is a matter of interpretation. They talk about the fantasies of female clients as he gives her luscious body the deep massage she requested. Naturally, the only place to go from there is for James to fulfill Kendra’s fantasy of trying out a young, new recruit. They go down on each other and test the sturdiness of the massage bed with a rambunctious fuck.

The Masseuse 5 is streaming in high definition.

Running Time:   133 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   The Masseuse -Mile High Media
Director:   James Avalon
Stars:   Evan Stone   Natalia Starr   James Deen   Marcus London   Riley Reid   Richie’s Brain   Kendra Lust
Categories: New Release   Feature   International   High Definition   Massage