Classic Porn Star, Disco Singer Andrea True Dies Aged 68

Seduction of Lyn CarterClassic adult film legend Andrea True passed away in Kingston, New York on November 7, 2011 at age 68. Andrea — who also performed under the aliases Andrea Travis, Inger Kissen, Ida King, and Singh Low — was born in Nashville, Tennessee and first appeared in Scandinavian adult films in the 1960s. She made her first American XXX films in the late 1960s and skyrocketed to fame with the rise of porno chic in the 1970s, becoming such a big star that she successfully found mainstream fame.

Today, Andrea is still the only porn star to have a hit reach the top 10 Billboard charts. In 1975, Andrea was filming a commercial in Jamaica when she recorded a demo of a song called “More, More, More.” Remixed and released in 1976, the song became one of the disco era’s most iconic hits, even reaching number four on the Billboard charts. It has been licensed for film use and frequently sampled (most notably in Len’s 1990s hit “Steal My Sunshine”). Andrea True is currently the only porn star to have ever had such a successful hit song.

Andrea specialized in playing the mature, experienced woman in her roles, being the sexually dominant performer when the part called for it. Seduction Of Lyn Carter features what is arguably Andrea’s best performance in the United States, as a frustrated housewife.

Here are some of Andrea True’s classic movies.

Dr. Carstair's 1869 Love Root Elixir Peepshow Loops 2: 1970s Meatball

Featured Movie: La Grande Enfilade (The Party)

Apologies to all who expected this “classic” blog entry yesterday and the featured movie blog entry today. As you know, the featured movie blog posted yesterday. There is no good justification, only a mix-up and then a goof, followed by a goofy mix-up and that’s what went down.

Speaking of going down … we now present to you The Party. Directed by Patrick Aubin and released by Alpha-France this disco bush special revolves around a disorderly couple who has a thing for sex parties. At this particular affair, the two can’t take their eyes of a lovely young girl, which is interesting because they seem quick to abuse her innocence and lock her in a trunk out of plain view – not the typical actions of people who like what they see.  When another guest discovers her confined in a makeshift hoosegow, she admits, to everyone’s amazement, having taken a taste to the show and asks to join the “celebration.”

This is yet another all-French title from perhaps the premier name in retro Euro fare and, filled with 3-ways, shaving, bondage and a smattering of anal sex among plenty of classic fucking positions, it is a doozy. Be sure to check it out!


Stars:   Claudia Mehringer   Edwig Failliel   Guy Royer   Cathy Stewart   Richard Lemieuvre   Diane Dubois   Jean-Louis Vattier   Jacques Gatteau

Categories: Euro   Feature   Orgies   Classic   International   70’s   French Speaking

Running Time:   83 minutes

Released:   05/1979

Studio Name:   ALPHA-FRANCE

Director:   Patrick Aubin

Featured Movie: Mouthwatering Naturals

If there’s a silver lining to the current economic doldrums, it’s that the number of girls lining up to become porn “stars” is once again on the rise. You can never underestimate what individuals are capable of when the wolf is knocking at the door and the money is about to dry up. It happened once before, in the 70s, when an oil embargo, inflation and high unemployment left millions of people struggling for survival. But while certain industries like guns, alcohol and porn have a certain recession-proof element about them, so too do individuals with … um … the right stuff. In this case, the “right stuff” means hot girls with giant, natural tits.

Curses on the beautiful! With only their looks they are built to withstand just about any economic calamity, big or small. As proof we now present to you this fantastic collection of sometimes grainy, but always sexy underground tit films from the early 1970’s. Released by Alpha Blue Archives, these top-secret gems remain some of the purest tit action films made to this day. Jaw-dropping stunners like Roberta Pedon needed a few extra bucks and would strip down and show off their huge, hot tits and every square inch of skin to horny cameramen. The big titty loving die-hards at Alpha Blue have sorted through piles of rare solo tit films to bring you this collection, which includes Roberta in “Play With Me”, Marie in “Splits and Tits” and classic tit action from Playmate and more!


Stars:   Roberta Pedon   Pam (f)   Geri   Candy Kane

Categories: Big Tits   Masturbation   Classic   Vintage   All Sex   All Girl   Big Natural Breasts

Running Time:   113 minutes

Released:   03/2011

Studio Name:   Alpha Blue Archives

Bra Busting Babysitters

Bra Busting BabysittersIf you, like many classic porn fans, prefer women free of silicone and collagen, this collection of 1960s-70s stag loops will be a refreshing reminder of what you love about old XXX movies. Bra Busting Babysitters is a collection with many gorgeous girls and a few surreal surprises. Although most of these scenes don’t feature babysitters, they do all include at least one busty girl. Those with a breast fetish will find themselves coming back to it again and again.

The first loop features two of the most stunning women in porn history. Jacqueline Lorians is a succulent redhead with cherry lips, and the equally sexy Anna Ventura can’t help masturbating just looking at her. Seeing this, Jacqueline begins to kiss her and Anna pulls down Jacqueline’s top to reveal beautiful natural tits that she can’t wait to lick. Anna worships Jacqueline’s puffy nipples with her tongue in a cock-stiffening sequence that deserves repeat viewings. Anna dives between Jacqueline’s stocking-clad legs, licking her clit while finger-fucking her hairy pussy. With Anna’s t-shirt pulled up to reveal the incredible natural wonders on her chest, Jacqueline takes her turn playing with Anna. On her back with her ass lifted high, Anna slowly pulls off her shorts, giving us an excellent side view of her flat stomach, the curve of her lower back, and the twin hills of her beautiful breasts. Anna and Jacqueline take turns licking and sucking each other’s tits and clits, ending with a sixty-nine session. They pleasure each other’s stunning bodies beautifully and the only complaint is that it ends too soon.

Next is a loop featuring a wavy-haired blonde with two massive, tan-lined tits and one guy for each of them. They suck her nipples and in turn she slobs their knobs. She keeps busy with a cock at each end, and takes one cumshot on her belly while the other fills her mouth. If you prefer girl-girl-boy threesomes, then you’ll want to give scene four a look. For those with a taste for more exotic sex, scene five’s fetish theme and scene six’s orgy are not to be missed.

Or maybe you’d be more interested in the bizarreness of scene 10, in which an apparently lonely guy imagines that his crudely made sex doll is a sexy blonde girl and, through his imagination, she “comes to life” so they can have sex in some acrobatic positions. It’s the most tender, loving relationship between a man and his doll since Lars and the Real Girl.

Scene 11 continues the theme of sexual make-believe in a different way. A woman in male drag, looking a bit like Natalie Portman with a mullet and a fake moustache, picks up a buxom blonde in a bar, gets her strap-on sucked, and fucks the blonde with it. Meanwhile the bartender looks on in amazement. Soon, the women turn their attention to tasting his throbbing hard-on, which he quickly inserts into the blonde’s hungry pussy. By now, the girl in male drag has taken off her moustache and all of her clothes to reveal that she’s a good-looking, elfin babe with nice tits of her own.

Although the loops after scene 11 are much more your everyday vintage porn scenes, they all offer the type of realistic sex that classic porn fans love. Big tit fans will especially love the final scene, featuring a very sexually forward, black-haired babe with the biggest breasts out of every girl in the movie.

With the exception of Jacqueline Lorians and Anna Ventura, most of these girls are complete unknowns, at least in the U.S. There’s no dialogue, for those who aren’t familiar with 8mm film. These being pre-Viagra, each loop is much shorter than we’ve grown used to with modern porn, but Alpha Blue Archives packs a lot of fuck for the buck into this compilation.

Stars:   Jacqueline Lorians   Anna Ventura   Rene Bond
Categories: Big Tits   Teen   Classic   All Sex   Babysitters   70’s
Running Time:   120 minutes
Released:   12/1970
Studio Name:   Alpha Blue Archives

Mad Wife

François and Joëlle love each other. One evening their embrace is interrupted by the ringing of the phone. François dresses, takes a camera, put two or three shirts in a duffel bag and goes. Joëlle, pale with rage, decides to not be anymore “an object available to this mister between two trips.” Me too I want to travel. “She will indeed travel and have many women’s and men’s adventures. When the chance the in the presence of François, is to see that she is replaced by… a man. He offers him to stay with them. A perfect “ménage à trios” moved to the double pleasure of each. A representative classic from the golden age of cinema X French out with a triumphant success on November 10, 1976 in the ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters.

Stars:   Joelle

Categories: Euro   Feature   Classic   International   70’s   French Speaking

Running Time:   106 minutes

Released:   11/1976

Studio Name:   ALPHA-FRANCE

Director:   Patrick Aubin

Portrait of an Affair

Starting last week, when we reviewed My Mother’s Best Friend 4, and continuing today with Anthony Spinelli’s award-winning classic, Portrait of an Affair, you might have started noticing the term “love story” cropping up in this blog lately. Have we gone mad, or have we gone soft is probably the question at the tip of everyone’s tongue right about now, and that’s okay. Rest assured, we certainly have not done the latter, though we must admit we succumbed to the former a long, long time ago.

The key thing to remember at a time like this, however, is whether or not YOU have gone soft. Our best guess is that once you see the muff dive that Nina Hartley performs on Ona Zee in Portrait of an Affair the answer will be a resounding “no” and all will be forgiven for our perceived mildness of late. In fact, it may be arguably the best female-female cunnilingus scene ever filmed. The catch is you have to watch it to find out. Gee, didn’t see that one coming did you? Thankfully, you’ll be seeing yourself doing just that once you hit “play.”


Stars:   Nina Hartley   Mike Horner   Robert Bullock   Krista Lane   Richard Pacheco   Ona Zee   Anthony Spinelli

Categories: Feature   Classic   80’s

Running Time:   45 minutes

Released:   04/2006

Studio Name:   Caballero Video

Director:   Anthony Spinelli


Vista Valley PTA

Remember that song Harper Valley PTA? You know … the 1968 country chart-topper sung by Jeannie C. Riley? You know … the song that inspired the 1978 motion picture and 1981 television series starring Barbara Eden? You know … the woman who played Jeannie in the I Dream of Jeannie sitcom?

Oh, you don’t. Well, that means you’re young and all of us old people are shaking our fists at you right now … well, if we still had elbow joints, that is. Despite our physical infirmities, we can assure you that the song, the television series and Barbara Eden are all classics as is this film, Vista Valley PTA, a rather loose reconstruction of the Harper Valley premise.

Directed by Anthony Spinelli and released by Cal Vista, the film centers around the blonde, lovely Jessie St. James, an educator who arrives in Vista Valley to help clean up the image of the local high school. Two of its female teachers have suffered forcible sex at the hands of students in recent months and one of the male teachers has been beaten to within an inch of his life. Why a beautiful woman such as she is sent to the frontlines to shape up a bunch of derelicts is beyond us, but it does prove to dredge up a lot of conflict, always a good thing for a porn flick because it leads to torrid sex more times than not. But she’s not the only one responsible for the great fucking.

Richard Pacheco and Dorothy Lemay are a truant couple messing around in a convertible before class. Dorothy is coerced into playing with herself by her delinquent boyfriend. Both she and he slide their fingers through her furry pussy, loosening her up enough for her to go down on the impatient Richard. The bell rings as she lowers her mouth over the head of his cock, but she quickly sucks and jerks him to orgasm.

The late, great Jamie Gillis plays a sexually repressed religious zealot who hires a hooker (Desiree West) for his enjoyment. He prefers she finger fuck herself while he sits and masturbates into a Kleenex. She’s a bit creeped out as you too will be by his performance, especially when he grabs her hair and yells at her to repent for her wickedness. Even creepier is when he goes home and bursts in on his topless daughter (Sharon Kane), yet lingers in the room while she hurries to get dressed, even feeling her up in the process. Gillis’ versatility made him one of the best in the biz.

The incredible Kay Parker and her husband, Aaron Stuart are a married couple who hate each other, though he still wants on-demand sex when he gets home from work. He bullies Kay out of her one-piece jumpsuit, releasing her stupendously large tits and full bush, then fucking her silly before spurting cum up her belly. In true selfish form, he rolls over and falls asleep leaving her to finger her gorgeous slit to orgasm.

As stellar as are those first few scenes, the real fireworks begin after St. James calls a PTA meeting to discuss the current state of the school. While she preaches the necessity for strong parenting and ethics, what transpires afterward is anything but. Jamie Gillis fills his daughter’s mouth with cum; John Leslie fucks Juliet Anderson and then her daughter, Dorothy, as mom masturbates outside the room. Then, mom and daughter hook up with mom burying her face in Dorothy’s twat; Pacheco hooks up with St. James after he reads his overtly sexual report to her; and in the last scene Leslie, Ken Scudder, Lee LeMay and John Seeman gangbang St. James under threat of running her and her hoity-toity moral code out of town on a rail.

An astonishing adult film ‘Vista Valley P.T.A.’ unflinchingly brings the sin in the suburbs to the screen with amazing realism as the students of Vista Valley High School and their parents mix it up sexually among themselves and each other! It’s a nest of sex perversion, greed and out-and-out lust. From classroom to boardrooms to bedrooms, ‘Vista Valley P.T.A.’ is simply amazing.


Stars:   Dorothy LeMay   Jessie St. James   Kay Parker   Desiree West   Sharon Kane   Richard Pacheco   Kitty Shayne   Juliet Anderson   Jamie Gillis   John Leslie   Aaron Stuart

Categories: Classic   80’s   Feature

Running Time:   85 minutes

Released:   02/1981

Studio Name:   Cal Vista Classic

Director:   Anthony Spinelli