Brandi Love

Movie Review: “She Caught Me,” Mommy’s Girl

she caught me, mommy's girl, girlsway, taboo, lesbian, all girl, Ashley Fires, Haley Reed, Sarah Vandella, Brandi Love, Chanel Preston, Dillion Harper, Cadence Lux, Mona Wale, Samantha Rone, Eliza JaneMommy’s Girl presents She Caught Me, full of stepdaughters, stepmothers, and stepsisters getting caught being naughty!

When mature blonde Mona Wales needs help straightening her stockings, she goes to ask for her stepdaughter Dillion Harper’s help. Mona stops at the door and stares when she sees the adorable, petite brunette changing into sexy lingerie in front of her mirror. The camera, too, lovingly lingers on Dillion’s gorgeously curved butt cheeks in close-up and catches the beauty of her natural breasts in the reflection. Now too turned on to keep away from the girl, Mona enters Dillion’s room and tells her to come help her in her room, no clothes necessary. At first Dillion is hesitant, and is too cute for words as the seduction techniques embarrass her, but she soon takes naturally to the act of suckling on stepmom’s nipples and getting head from her mama. Mona’s husband interrupts the lesbian fun a couple of times when he hears loud noises, and when he wants to join Mona in bed. She turns him away both times while Dillion hides. (more…)

Featured star: Brandi Love

brandi love, big tits, glasses, blonde, bad teachersWith a slim yet stacked 5’7″ body and a gorgeous face, Brandi Love instantly became one of the hottest mature performers in adult entertainment when, in 2006, she shot her first hardcore videos as a mid-thirtysomething MILF. Born on March 29, 1973 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Brandi grew up in Detroit and spent her youth dancing, ice skating, and playing various sports.

Brandi’s porn career has spanned the spectrum from Naked Rhino Media, a multimedia company creating porn sites that feature exclusive niche-specific content, to Sweetheart Video’s lesbian feature film The Candidate. As presidential contender Senator Jen Hanlon, Brandi is a star who impresses us a lot with both sexual and dramatic performance skills. It’s a story of scandal, betrayal, and danger. Brandi’s hot, tender sex with her lover (Julia Ann) and a sexy flashback threeway (with Bree Daniels and Uma Jolie) are two of five incredible scenes directed by Dana Vespoli. If you like sexy thrillers, it doesn’t get better than this.

Of course, you might be in the mood for something that’s pure, gonzo, wall-to-wall fucking (more…)

Movie Review: “The Candidate,” Sweetheart Video

candidate, sweetheart video, brandi love, julia ann, dana vespoli, lesbian, porn, feature, lyra louvel, kira noir, penny pax, casey calvert, karlie montana, bree daniels, uma jolie, alec knightDana Vespoli, as a director, showed her gift for combining porn and drama in Lefty, her feature about a retired boxing champion. At the same time, she’s fantastic at capturing sex at its most intense. If you’re looking for porn with a story that will keep you watching all the way to the end, she’s got you covered. Vespoli has done that again with The Candidate (Sweetheart Video), a story of politics, scandal, and tragedy.

Democratic Senator Jen Hanlon (beautiful blonde Brandi Love) is running for US president. Hanlon was raised by a single mother, is a former volunteer firefighter, has a stellar legal career, and is a popular senator. Her opponent, Republican Senator Trip Mathis (Alec Knight), needs something to tarnish Hanlon’s halo, so one of his aides (Brock Doom) creates a scandal. Mathis doesn’t know it yet but he’s set events in motion that will change his life, and not in a good way.

Cute redhead Penny Pax is Mathis’ only child, and she’s hiding both her sexuality and her politics from him. Her girlfriend, pretty brunette Casey Calvert, thinks that he knows they’re more than friends, but Penny isn’t ready to come out. For right now, she just wants to make love to Casey. The girls kiss, and soon Casey has found her way to Penny’s delectable natural breasts. Penny and Casey take turns making each other cum orally, including some hot sixty-nine.

Meanwhile, Senator Hanlon is hiding a long-term lesbian relationship with Supreme Court Justice Beth Pellegrino (Julia Ann). Their sex is smoking hot, as we see when they both get home after a long day. The two busty blondes take their time getting out of their clothes, kissing each other’s huge breasts, and licking each other’s smooth pussies. It’s a scene that could melt your screen, thanks to the outstanding chemistry between the two women. As they cuddle, Beth tries to talk Jen into going public with their relationship but Jen promises to do so after the election, no matter if she wins or loses.

Mathis’ lackeys make it more difficult for Hanlon to hide her sexuality, releasing a scandalous video that appears to show Hanlon in a lesbian threeway back in her college days. We see the video of three women, one of whom looks very much like Hanlon, along with a pale beauty with short red hair (Bree Daniels) and a hot, caramel-skinned brunette (Uma Jolie). If all homemade sex tapes were this hot, then maybe fewer public figures would be ashamed to release them.

Of course, Mathis has some skeletons in his own closet. He likes to hire call girls, but—whether it’s because he has a voyeurism fetish or because he wants to be hands-off—he only watches them put on a private show for him. First he hires Karlie Montana, who looks delicious in red lingerie and masturbates for him, so close he could join in but he doesn’t. Later, he hires a pair of hotties (Kira Noir and Lyra Louvel) to have sex for his viewing enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Mathis doesn’t know that something is happening that will change not only his political fortunes, but also his entire life. No spoilers here, but it’s what makes this a political thriller and not just a sexy drama. The entire cast shines in the conclusion of The Candidate, and you will want to see how it all unfolds.

Stars:   Brandi Love   Bree Daniels   Penny Pax   Casey Calvert   Uma Jolie   Kira Noir   Lyra Louvel   Julia Ann   Dana Vespoli   Alec Knight   Karlie Montana
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweetheart Video

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Movie Review: “What He Doesn’t Know,” Pretty Dirty

what he doesn't know, pretty dirty, brandi love, xander corvus, jessy jones, cherie deville, tyler nixon, chad white, alexa grace, mick blue, india summer, sarah vandella, porn, cheat, threeway, milf, cougarThe thrill of getting caught really gets some women going. What He Doesn’t Know from Pretty Dirty is full of women who will do anything for a good orgasm, regardless of the potential consequences.

Brandi Love, a gorgeous blonde with huge tits and a fine ass, feeds her husband Chad White a good breakfast (not a euphemism) and sees him off to work. As soon as he’s out of the driveway, Brandi runs to let her lover Mick Blue in the back door (again, not a euphemism). She doesn’t know that Chad is, at that moment, deciding to skip work and return home to surprise her as a way of showing gratitude for her devotion. Mick is balls deep inside Brandi’s snatch when they see Chad walk past the window carrying a bouquet of flowers. Brandi rushes Mick into the bathroom so she can straighten the bed and put on a robe. When Chad finds Brandi in the bedroom, she pretends that she’s dressed like that because she was thinking about more ways to please him later. After getting Chad’s clothes off, Brandi goes down on his dick enthusiastically, like she’s trying to suck him till he pops, but Chad wants to fuck. Brandi excuses herself to the bathroom, where she squeezes in a little more suck-and-fuck time with Mick. Knowing the high risk of getting caught makes it hotter, but Brandi leaves Mick hanging for a while so Chad doesn’t get suspicious. Chad is totally oblivious because he’s high on Brandi’s good pussy. As they change positions, Brandi pretends she forgot something on the stove and rushes back to Mick, who pounds her pussy and cums on her face and tan-lined tits. Brandi wipes it off and runs back to finish off her husband. Chad jizzes on Brandi’s face, not knowing that this is sloppy seconds!

Boobalicious blonde MILF Sarah Vandella answers a phone call from her husband while she’s at work. She’s excellent at multitasking, pretending to be interested in what he has to say while his son—her stepson—Xander Corvus is under the desk munching on her mound! Sarah lets Xander take video on his phone as he licks and fingers her, and it feels so good she can hardly keep from making noises that will alert her husband to what’s happening on her end of the line. Then, finally unable to resist getting that big dick of Xander’s in her mouth, Sarah tells her husband she’s eating lunch (“Italian sausage”) while they talk. When Sarah’s hubby puts her on hold, Sarah bends over the desk so her stepson can slide his dick into her wet and ready pussy, and she has an orgasm almost immediately. Xander keeps thrusting, Sarah keeps cumming, and he eventually blows a huge load on those big MILF boobies!

Blonde teen Alexa Grace and her boyfriend Jessy Jones are skipping school to fuck. But their teacher India Summer tracks them down at Alexa’s house and lets herself in the house! India proposes that the students let her join them in a threeway so that she doesn’t give them failing grades and tell their parents. Then India shows the teens how it’s really done, critiquing Alexa’s oral skills and then demonstrating her own expert blowjob technique. Jessy really benefits as Alexa decides to suck his balls while the teacher is sucking his cock. India guides Jessy’s cock into Alexa’s pussy, and then gets naked so that the girl can eat her MILF pussy. Jessy gives Alexa multiple orgasms before fucking his teacher, who is now eating out his girlfriend. Alexa takes Jessy in doggy style again after India cums, and in the end, the teacher shows the students how to jerk a load onto two women’s faces at the same time.

Cherie DeVille is a horny blonde cougar whose friend tells her about a food delivery service that employs hot guys. Turned on even more by the prospect of just ordering up a dude, Cherie texts a delivery guy she finds on the website and asks for a banana, whipped cream, strawberries, and lube. Tyler Nixon is taken aback but dutifully asks what kind of lube. Cherie doesn’t care what kind as long as he delivers. He never expected her to answer the door in lingerie and take him to bed, but he’s happy to lick the whipped cream from her nipples! Cherie uses the banana to show Tyler what she wants to do to him, sliding it between her huge tits. Tyler is now rock-hard, of course, so Cherie ditches the phallic fruit and slurps him up instead. On her back, Cherie spreads her legs wide so Tyler can return the oral favor. She slowly slides her wet twat down on Tyler’s erection, moaning and gasping as she feels a cock inside her for the first time in way too long. Tyler really delivers in all the ways that count, and as Cherie licks cum off her fingers and gives him a jizz-splashed grin, she promises to give him a five-star rating.

What He Doesn’t Know is exclusively available on AEBN.

Stars:   Brandi Love   Xander Corvus   Jessy Jones   Cherie DeVille   Tyler Nixon   Chad White   Alexa Grace   Mick Blue   India Summer   Sarah Vandella
Studio Name:   Pretty Dirty

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Movie Review: “Meet the Batemans” from Pretty Dirty

meet the batemans, pretty dirty, brandi love, seth gamble, nina north, anikka albrite, mick blue, porn, threeway, big dickPretty Dirty Films presents a series of vignettes involving wickedness and perversion, aka our idea of a great time! Meet the Batemans is all about deception and seduction. These conniving horn dogs are the kind who would rather ask forgiveness than permission!

Busty blonde Brandi Love and her scruffy husband, Seth Gamble, have posted a want-ad for a babysitter, which cute little brunette Nina North answers. Nina can’t help noticing the couple’s increasingly intimate questions and Seth’s physical presence growing ever more domineering, but she passes the interview when she tells them that her best trait is her ability to follow orders. Brandi presents a contract for Nina to sign, but the couple doesn’t give her much time to think it over. Nina is swept into a sexual escapade with the couple in which Brandi is mostly the voyeur, instructing Nina to strip, to touch her husband’s cock and see how hard she’s made him, to wrap her lips around it and make it wet with her saliva. Brandi plays with her trimmed pussy while she watches the new babysitter fuck her husband. Seth won’t let Nina cum until he’s ready to see her do it. The training session goes wonderfully, and Nina is going to be a great part of the “family!”

When Brandi Love’s husband Mick Blue brings home a beautiful blue lace thong, he wants her to try it on right away. He’s been away on a trip and they’re both extra horny, so when he sees her huge tits, tiny waist, and bubble butt right there for the taking, his dick is hard enough to hammer nails. Brandi crawls on her hands and knees to suck him and feel him throbbing in her mouth. Mick, now even hornier than before, pulls the thong off her and puts it in her mouth. Once the panties are wet enough, he balls them up and fucks her pussy with them, soon adding his cock into the equation. Brandi can’t believe how good it feels to get fucked with her own panties, let alone her panties and his dick at the same time! Their hot homecoming fuck also incorporates erotic beads and a host of positions. At the end, Mick gives Brandi a hot cum facial.

Anikka Albrite is obsessed with Mick Blue. In her bedroom shrine, she clutches a photo of him while masturbating, talking dirty to herself as if he’s there. Later she gets to visit the set of a porn scene he’s filming as part of a fan contest, but she’s outraged that he only shakes her hand and doesn’t even ask for her name. Anikka tampers with his brakes and make his car crash so that she can rescue him. Mick wakes up in an unfamiliar bed and is understandably terrorized when the pretty fan girl he snubbed appears, telling him she will nurse his broken legs. Anikka’s thigh caresses make Mick hard against his will, and she’s excited to get it even harder with her hot, wet mouth. By the time Anikka gets naked and shows her stunning body, Mick’s already dazed with arousal and starts eating her out. Anikka rides Mick and cums on his cock, inspiring him to flip her over and fuck her, forgetting all about his injured knees. He gives her the creampie she’s always wanted. When Anikka falls asleep, Mick steals her phone and calls for help.

Bookending the movie is a sequel scene to Brandi and Seth’s induction of young Nina into their “family.” It picks up where it left off with Brandi taking her turn getting her pussy fucked. She’s so horny from watching Nina ride Seth that she’s about to bust, so she spreads her legs wide. With Nina flickering her tongue over Brandi’s clit at the same time, the hot, big-titted wife cums explosively. Then the ladies blow Seth together and each one takes another turn on his pole. Nina gets to lick up Seth’s load before the husband and wife send their new human sex toy to bed.

Meet the Batemans is exclusively available on AEBN.

Stars:   Brandi Love   Nina North   Mick Blue   Seth Gamble   Anikka Albrite
Studio Name:   Pretty Dirty 

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Movie Review: I Love My Mom’s Big Tits

I Love My Mom's Big Tits - taboo porn stepmother big titsYou know what to expect from a movie titled I Love My Mom’s Big Tits, and it delivers with four busty step-MILFs who drive their stepsons wild. Such a close relationship won’t stop these horndogs from acting on their taboo fantasies.

Foxy brunette Veronica Avluv knows the effect she has on stepson Bruce Venture, and she’s just as horny for him. He finds her removing her bra in the bathroom and finally they consummate their lust. Veronica begs Bruce to fuck her and squeeze her nipples hard while he’s doing it. When he pulls out briefly she works her kegel muscles, making her pussy pulse, beckoning him back inside in a really sexy way. The camera zooms in on her from below as he pistons in and out, but she’s never content just being fucked—Veronica spends a lot of time doing the fucking, too. It’s not long before they fog up the mirror with their frantic passion. Veronica always seems possessed by fuck demons, and her hollering, gyration, and big smile are sure signs that her pleasure is real.

Alyssa Lynn, a blonde with enormous chest balloons, finds a big tit porn DVD in her stepson Logan Pierce’s room while she’s cleaning. It gives her all the inspiration she needs to seduce him, and he takes the offer with minimal worry about getting caught. When he drills her in piledriver she briefly licks her own tits, which are so huge they’re practically earmuffs in this position. Repeatedly the camera gives us the loving close-ups that Alyssa’s magnificent rack deserves. She slides her cleavage up and down on his rock-hard shaft until his craving for that sweet MILF pussy returns with a vengeance and he pounds her some more. After he sprays her heaving chest with cum, Alyssa playfully gives Logan’s cockhead one last lick.

It’s an instant stiffy as Brandi Love adjusts her tight dress to show more boob, providing an intimate look at her erect nipples poking through. She applies lip gloss and struts into the kitchen to find her stepson, Xander Corvus, feeling sad over a breakup. He admits that he hasn’t had sex in over a week, so she drags him to the couch to relieve his blue balls. Xander worships Brandi’s tits, sucking her beautiful nipples and burying his face between them. She blows him and says he’s even bigger than his father. Brandi engulfs Xander’s dick with her boobs and her mouth alternately. You’ll need stamina not to blow while just watching him fuck those astounding DDDs, so you can imagine what fortitude he must possess. By the time Brandi mounts her stepson’s raging hard-on, you’ll also need endurance to finish the scene. Speaking of which, Xander’s so excited that he stays hard even after cumming on Brandi’s tits, so he bends her over and fucks her some more!

Full-lipped brunette Maci Maguire has killer curves and a sexy dimpled smile. It’s no wonder her stepson Chad White spies on her. He interrupts her reading to ask for her advice about a girl he likes, and eventually confesses that he means her. Maci admits that she looks at him the same way. After sucking his shaft, she wraps her big tits around it and plays with his balls. Chad makes his stepmom’s melons bounce with his vigorous thrusts, sucking her nipples several times as he bangs her in different positions. Later in the scene she twerks on his dick. The camera gives us a great view from below of her titties bouncing in doggie style.

I Love My Mom’s Big Tits is streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Veronica Avluv   Xander Corvus   Bruce Venture   Logan Pierce   Chad White   Alyssa Lynn   Maci Maguire   Brandi Love
Studio Name:   Digital Sin