Naughty Neighbors 2

“Naughty Neighbors 2” is the story of a husband and wife in a middle-aged rut who each find separate pleasures with their young, new neighbors. As Tom Byron frets that the young couple might upset the peace of the street, his wife Lisa Ann is hoping they’ll bring excitement to what she views as a boring neighborhood. You can already see they’re at odds during the opening scene. The new neighbors, cute guy Dane Cross and busty babe Sara Stone, show up with some cookies While Tom is at work. Smiling, Lisa Ann invites them in for coffee while reminding them it’s supposed to be the newcomers getting baked goods, not giving them away. Sara can’t hide her contempt when she sees how obviously Dane is checking out their hostess. She wants to go, but Dane wants to stay. Lisa Ann invites them for a get-together the following Saturday night and Dane says they’ll be there over Sara’s attempts to beg out of it.

That night in bed, Lisa Ann tries to convince Tom that it’s good to have a “hot young couple” next door, since everybody on the street is old. Tom, feeling threatened that she thinks they’re hot, seeks her reassurance that she’s still attracted to him. Lisa Ann lets him know if he wants to be seen as hot, he needs to act that way. With a beautiful woman like her in bed, Tom doesn’t need an engraved invitation. Fondling her big tits and toned body, he puts his tongue to better use and Lisa Ann moans in her sexy, husky voice. She returns the oral attention before climbing on top, giving us an excellent view of her perfectly rounded ass cheeks as she rides his cock in cowgirl position. In every position, they fuck like a couple who still have the fire burning for each other, somewhere deep down.

Saturday night happens as planned and it’s clear that Sara is hitting it off with Tom as well as Dane is with Lisa Ann, so much so that she doesn’t notice at first when her husband and Tom’s wife leave the room. Sara goes looking for Dane to find him getting a little too familiar with their hostess in the bedroom. At home, Sara directly asks Dane if he wants Lisa Ann. “Not any more than you want her husband,” Dane stammers nervously, and he gets no argument from Sara. Fueled by wine, they turn what might have been an argument into passionate sex. Sara’s big natural breasts look good enough to eat, bouncing around as Dane devours her pussy until she cums. They have such fun and look so sexy together that you wonder how they could be tempted to cheat – but then Dane goes and says something that blackens the post-coital glow.

Consumed with jealousy and anger, Sara finagles a way into Tom and Lisa Ann’s house in the middle of the day when Tom is alone and Dane is at work. Tom tries weakly to fight off her advances, but he can’t resist what’s bulging from her low-cut blouse. Soon they’re upstairs in the bedroom and Tom is savoring her beautifully voluptuous body, so unlike his wife’s equally impressive but less natural curves. But as much as she enjoys his expert oral skills, Sara’s a woman on a mission, throwing Tom down on the bed and stripping him so she can get a taste of that big cock. At times it’s like a fight for dominance, but Tom is glad to let Sara be aggressive and Sara definitely enjoys Tom’s powerful strokes. As in her scene with Dane, Sara’s tits flying to and fro are a hypnotic visual treat for breast lovers. Both Sara and Tom are more enthusiastic than they were with their respective spouses, fucking like they don’t expect to get caught. They kiss passionately when it’s over.

Next we see Lisa Ann on the phone with Dane, saying she found his mobile phone on the bedroom floor and it must have happened when she was showing him around. She tells him he can come over that night because Tom’s working “very late.” Dane looks uncertainly at Sara sleeping in the bed and makes up his mind. He doesn’t even knock – he surprises Lisa Ann as she’s getting ready and literally sweeps her off her feet with the first of many deep kisses. There’s a searing passion between these two that feels more real than you ever expect from porn. As they kiss again and again, as they slowly undress each other, as they taste each other’s sex, they are slow and deliberate but with energy you can feel through your screen. Their fucking rhythm varies from slow to fast, but always it feels like two real-life secret lovers we have the pleasure to watch. Talk about saving the best for last!

The Sweet Sinner slogan, “Real lovemaking, real orgasms,” was never truer than in “Naughty Neighbors 2.” It’s the welcome return of a series that started over a year ago. As always, director Nica Noelle has composed a gift to those seeking good porn for women and for couples.