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Movie Review: “Darker Side of Desire 2,” Sweet Sinner

sweet sinner, darker side of desire 2, bdsm, kink, fetish, porn, Aidra Fox, Katrina Jade, Gia Paige, Giselle Palmer, Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas, Tyler KnightHere’s an exciting new release that explores the BDSM lifestyle in a way that highlights its emotional depths as well as the sensuality. Sweet Sinner’s Darker Side of Desire 2 is the story of Sydney (Gia Paige), who has been rejecting the call of her true desires because she thinks that they aren’t normal. In an attempt to understand why people are drawn to BDSM as a lifestyle, Sydney writes her Master’s thesis on kink. She interviews three women as part of her research, but this only makes her more desperate to experience submission for herself again.

Sydney first interviews Livia (Katrina Jade), a lifestyle slave. Before the interview, Sydney had to ask permission from her Master, Anthony (Toni Ribas). Livia is a poised, confident woman. Sydney is surprised that such a fierce woman is a slave. Livia says that before she met Anthony, she was a Domme, but she was always full of rage. What she needed was the release that she gets from giving complete control to a Dom. (more…)

Shades of Kink

Shades of KinkSweet Sinner’s romantically twisted Shades of Kink introduces us to virginal college graduate Riley (Maddy O’Reilly) and her mysterious mentor, Norton Ashe (Evan Stone).

Cute redhead Riley interviews for a job at Ashe’s marketing firm and brings a sample ad campaign. Believing her approach is wrong, Ashe grows more sexually blunt in his questioning. Although she’s career-driven and thinks of sex as something to “deal with” after establishing her career, Riley is desperate for this job, so when he produces a heart-shaped box of Ben-Wa balls and tells her their purpose, she gets the message. If she wants the job, she must sign Ashe’s consent form and do everything he says. In her car, Riley puts the Ben-Wa balls in her pussy. By the time she’s home, she’s so excited from their vibrations that she masturbates.

The next day, Ashe thinks Riley’s new sample is better but still passionless. He gives her an address where she’s to meet him in an hour with the Ben-Wa balls inserted. Riley complies and meets him at a hotel room, but is baffled when a couple enters and starts fucking in front of them.

Never acknowledging the voyeurs, Erik Everhard and Lily Labeau take their time with foreplay. Watching Erik strumming Lily’s clit and manhandling her tits is stimulating. Ashe watches Riley watch them and talks dirty to her. Soon Riley is masturbating while, nearby, Lily’s beautiful natural breasts bounce in time to Erik’s thrusts. As Erik folds Lily’s long legs back toward her face and drives into her pussy, Ashe and Riley kiss. Later Ashe strokes Riley’s clit with a strawberry. Lily and Erik drain themselves – literally, for Erik – and leave.

After getting Riley worked up, Ashe tells her to have a presentation ready in the morning. He likes what he sees and invites her to dinner at his house that night. Dinner conversation causes Riley to conclude that Ashe is untrusting and afraid of love, so he changes the subject by taking her to bed. Slowly building the heat, they kiss. He removes her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. Oral sex leads to Riley riding Ashe in cowgirl, but the two of them move all over the bed in a tangle of limbs as their passion escalates.

Riley gets the job and Ashe invites her to his house again. He introduces her to sensory play, blindfolding her and starting slowly with a feather. He brings in three masked men to play with her while he watches.

The next time Ashe invites Riley over, she’s disappointed that he only wants her to watch him fuck Andy San Dimas, to witness true passion. Ashe dives between the tattooed brunette’s shapely thighs and licks her pussy and nipples. Andy looks into Riley’s eyes as Ashe nails her from behind, making Riley squirm. When Ashe winds up on top, Riley reaches out, trying to make it a threesome, but Ashe holds her hand away. Realizing he’s out of her reach in more ways than one, Riley leaves. Ashe only pauses mid-stroke before he resumes pounding Andy onto the floor.

Having introduced Riley to pleasures beyond her imagination, Ashe takes off the training wheels in a way that stuns her. Shades of Kink is an exciting sexual education to behold.

Stars:   Maddy O’Reilly   Evan Stone   Erik Everhard   Mr. Pete   Andy San Dimas   Lily Labeau
Categories: New Release   Feature   Natural Breasts   Voyeur   High Definition
Running Time:   189 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Director:   James Avalon

The Masseuse 3

The Masseuse 3Sweet Sinner’s The Masseuse 3 continues a truly sensual series with a compelling tale of complicated attraction between a young woman and a much older man. Dana DeArmond is less than impressed by new massage therapist Jessie Andrews, who shows up late on one of her first days on the job because her class at the community college ran late. Jessie’s lucky she doesn’t have a client waiting.

While Jessie’s talking to Dana in the lobby, Dana’s client Marcus London arrives and can’t take his eyes off Jessie. He’s a professor at the community college and he has a good rapport with Dana. Her talented hands bring him to an aroused state that she takes advantage of – there’s more than one way to relieve knotted muscles, and she has a mouth that can achieve that like few other women. Soon Marcus feels spry enough to eat her out, readying her for the pussy-to-cock massage that is Dana’s specialty.

One of Jessie’s first clients is a former rodeo star, Tommy Gunn, who says he likes it “a bit on the rough side.” He enjoys Jessie’s strong hands and the view he gets when she asks him to turn onto his back. Her hand-to-gland massage technique is better still, but she tops it when she climbs on him and sensually rubs his cock with her lower lips before inserting him deep inside. Tommy does some massaging too, rubbing Jessie’s clit while fucking her in sidesaddle. Jessie gives her pussy a momentary break and deep throats Tommy, but soon the rodeo star is back in the saddle for some more fucking.

That night Riley Reid invites Jessie and Erik Everhard over for a dinner of homemade lasagna followed by study group. Jessie is surprised when Marcus walks in – he is Riley’s dad. Suddenly claiming she forgot she’s supposed to have dinner with her mom, Jessie bails, stunning Riley and Erik. Study group is cancelled, so they make use of some massage oil from the bag that Jessie left behind in her haste. Then Riley and Erik take turns pleasuring each other before he plunges his big dick into her little pussy. At least the evening wasn’t wasted.

Marcus has an appointment with Jessie the following week and they have a heart-to-heart conversation. They both realize they’re attracted to each other and feeling they shouldn’t act on it because he is her friend’s dad. But they’re all grown-ups here, and it’s not as if Jessie and Riley grew up together – that would make it truly taboo. This realization frees them up to act on the hots they have for each other. After kissing passionately, they use their mouths on other body parts. Jessie’s aroused reaction when Marcus sucks her nipples and her excitement over pleasuring his big, curved cock are stimulating, and so are her excited moans when he eats her out. Their emotions when he’s driving deep inside her and holding her close feel oh so real and satisfying.

The Masseuse 3 is an honest and erotic story of forbidden but irresistible desire.

The Masseuse 3
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Stars:   Jessie Andrews   Riley Reid   Erik Everhard   Tommy Gunn   Marcus London   Dana DeArmond
Categories: All Sex   For Ladies   High Definition   Massage
Running Time:   161 minutes
Released:   04/2012
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   The Masseuse -Mile High Media
Director:   James Avalon

The Babysitter 7

The Babysitter 7In The Babysitter 7, Manuel Ferrara has been having a hard time returning to everyday life following the untimely passing of his wife. He places an ad for a full-time nanny who will sometimes stay the night.

College student Maddy O’Reilly finds the ad and her maybe-boyfriend Richie Calhoun (Richie’s Brain) overhears her telling a friend on the phone that it’ll be good practice. He steers away from relationship talk, explaining that he moves at a different pace. They make out in bed and he lavishes attention on her beautiful body, from her small tits to her pussy. Maddy gazes at him with lust in her big brown eyes as she sucks and rides him. This sexy pair looks amazing together and they fuck like champions.

On her first day as Manuel’s nanny, Maddy forms an instant rivalry with Manuel’s possessive neighbor Veronica Avluv, who comes over expecting him to be at home. That night over dinner, Manuel claims that Veronica’s desperation turns him off. Dinner ends badly when Maddy asks Manuel relationship advice and doesn’t like his answer.

The next day, Veronica returns to find Manuel at home. Maddy didn’t show up, so Veronica gets on his good side by taking care of the baby while Manuel bangs out paperwork. She makes sure he bangs her, too. Manuel can’t say no to Veronica, after all. Throwing her on the bed, he sucks her big tits, eats her pussy, and gives the mature hottie what she wanted: his big French cock. This is an urgent fuck. You can feel how powerfully they each need sex, but it’s for different reasons. Afterward, Maddy shows up late, sees Manuel kissing Veronica on the way out, and leaves for Richie’s place in a huff.

Richie is inviting sexy blonde Lia Lor to New York City with him when Maddy calls and gets his voicemail. It’s the trip he invited Maddy on earlier; she’s been replaced and doesn’t know it yet. Lia sits on Richie’s face and slurps his cock before he fucks her. Maddy arrives as Richie is ushering Lia out the door.

After repeated calls from Manuel, Maddy finally shows up. She tells him what happened with Richie and that she saw Manuel kissing Veronica door earlier. Manuel is glad to see Maddy because he thought he’d hurt her, and admits he gave in to Veronica because he was lonely and upset. Maddy and Manuel admit that what they want is each other.

In Manuel’s bed, he makes passionate love to his babysitter. This is noticeably different, and not just because it’s the only nighttime scene. Those other scenes were worthy fucks, but they’re making love, taking time to explore their deeper connection. He drives her crazy with expert oral skill. Maddy and her fantastic ass have never looked sexier than when she has one long leg draped over Manuel, teasingly humping. She gives him a slow, sensual blowjob and handjob before he drives that uncut cock into her. Occasionally he kisses the sole of her foot while pounding her. Their energy crests and swoops like a roller coaster, like realistic sexual rhythms but hotter.

Gorgeously filmed scenes make great use of natural lighting. Stunning visuals, realistic lovemaking, strong chemistry, and an engaging story all make The Babysitter 7 a superb addition to one of the adult industry’s best series. Watch it now exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Maddy O’Reilly   Richie’s Brain   Lia Lor   Manuel Ferrara   Veronica Avluv
Categories: New Release   Feature   Babysitters   For Ladies   High Definition
Running Time:   154 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   The Babysitter -Mile High Media
Director:   James Avalon

Movie Review: The Babysitter 5

In the best Sweet Sinner fashion, The Babysitter 5 is an irresistible gumbo of couple-friendly sex scenes and plot, starring performers who know how to deliver a line as well as a sexual show. Like writer/director Nica Noelle’s best work, it recalls the best elements of ’70s adult features, which felt like movies that just happened to include raunchy sex.


A stay-at-home mom (Michelle Lay) convinces her husband (Mr. Marcus) that what they need to solve their money problems is for her to return to work. While visiting friends (Tanya Tate and Evan Stone), Michelle asks if they can recommend an au pair. Tanya says she can get them in touch with a girl named Lily, but clearly Evan thinks she’s bad news, a reaction only Marcus notices.


Back at home, Michelle and Marcus celebrate her impending return to the workforce with sex. They enjoy some oral, getting especially excited in sixty-nine. Michelle mounts him in cowgirl and bounces, grinds, and gyrates while he teases and licks her nipples. They move through doggy, spoons, and missionary (twice) before Michelle lies on her stomach for the final thrusts. Marcus spills his seed all over her ass. These two are believable as a couple and they bring good energy to their scene.


Tanya and Evan are in bed talking about the evening. Evan tries to talk her out of finding the babysitter’s number to give Michelle and Marcus, but Tanya won’t do it. They change the subject to something much more agreeable: fucking. First there’s some oral foreplay, including sixty-nine. These two have a wilder energy and they get a little dirtier with some footjob action.


Afterward, Tanya is asleep as Evan starts remembering his last tryst with this controversial au pair (Lily Carter). Evan has just broken off an affair with her, but he comes home to find her waiting. Lily is irresistible and he misses her sweet young body. One of the best shots has Lily on her stomach, ass in the air, as Evan eats her. Lily seems to get off most on being licked, but she’s excitable in other ways too. Evan flips her around into a few positions, driving into that hot young tunnel of hers until he creams all over her youthfully flat stomach.


Michelle wastes no time having Lily over to meet her. Marcus gets home during their talk and Lily eyes him like a fine cut of steak, which somehow escapes the couple’s notice. During her first day on the job, Lily snoops around and tries on some of Michelle’s panties. Over time she tries to seduce Marcus with food and wine. He doesn’t fall for it, but when Michelle goes on a business trip, Lily makes a bolder move. At the moment Evan calls Marcus to warn him about Lily, she appears in her lingerie. Marcus has been unsure about her, but he takes one look at that body and says he’ll talk to Evan tomorrow.


Marcus is easy prey, but Lily is also gorgeous, a great cook, and a good listener. It turns out she’s also skilled at sucking his cock. What more could he want? He gives her a little oral attention, but not as much as he did to Michelle (after all, Lily’s only the babysitter). Marcus can’t wait to plunge into that young pussy. Soon Lily climbs on top, but the best part is when she grinds against his cock in doggy style while he stays still for a minute, in awe of how hot and energetic this girl is. After several positions, Marcus explodes on Lily’s taut belly. As he snuggles behind her in bed, she gives the camera a devious look worthy of a femme fatale.


The Babysitter 5
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Stars:   Lily Carter   Evan Stone   Mr. Marcus   Michelle Lay   Tanya Tate

Categories: New Release   Feature   Babysitters   Glamour   For Ladies   High Definition

Running Time:   107 minutes

Released:   10/2011

Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner

Series:   The Babysitter -Mile High Media

Director:   Nica Noelle

My Mother’s Best Friend 4

Congratulations, AEBN viewers, you have “discerning taste”.

That’s not us talking (though we think you have discerning taste as well) that’s Jon Blitt from Sweet Sinner lobbing the warm fuzzies your way in a recent sound bite. And while it would be easy to think that he is just buttering your buns in the hopes of getting a welcome promotional boost for Nica Noelle’s latest film, My Mother’s Best Friend 4, he is, to the contrary, utterly sincere. You should certainly take it as a heartfelt compliment that a very smart man finds your porn palate sophisticated enough to hobnob with Nica and other porn intelligentsia one minute, and versatile enough to revel in the base emotions of anal fisting the next. Besides, anyone familiar with Nica’s standout body of work knows that trumped up puffery as it relates to her accomplishments as a filmmaker is completely unnecessary.

Nica has built up a devoted following by cutting her own swath across the landscape of adult film – an interesting thing because it’s not often legions of fans go willingly into dark and scary places unless they’re sure they’ll come out the other side in one piece and better off for having done so. And trust us: highly literate scripts with intricate storylines and words like “ablution”, as Nica is wont to assemble, are seriously dark and scary places for porn viewers who just want to watch people fuck. But the fact that Nica places some basic demands on the minds of her audiences, does not at all detract from her movies or from the sex contained within. And though her onscreen portrayals of intimacy don’t generally cross the line into “just because I can” territory, she brings a realness and honesty to her scenes that is relentlessly appealing, especially for couples looking to bring a bit of video passion into their own love lives.

With the fourth installment of the MMBF series, Nica implements a nice twist into the over-arching older woman/younger man theme. Instead of choosing a contemporary vibe to tell her story, Nica instead settles upon a period piece complete with authentic costumes, settings, soundtrack and, yes, dialogue. The result is “… one of the most beautiful and cinematic erotic love stories ever to be told.”

The film revolves around Xander Corvus, a young man who has finally frayed the last nerve of his mother, played by Nica herself. He’s brash. He’s petulant. He’s immature. He’s arrogant and aloof in the presence of company. And he dares to think the harpsichord went out of vogue with Baroque music, to the chagrin of his pal Danny Wylde. This kind of rebellion simply cannot stand. Nica fears that, without direction, the boy will never mature emotionally, something that has been stunted anyway with the death of his father and lack of a male influence during his formative years. Friend Julia Ann offers to mentor the boy for one month in an attempt to turn him into a man, though Nica is somewhat leery of the suggestion as Julia’s coquettish tendencies are well known about town. Still, she agrees.

True to form, Xander makes trouble for Julia during his first few days, interfering with her sleep and insulting her gentlemen callers, but the two cannot shield themselves from their desire for one another. After a particularly testy exchange, the two collapse onto her bed, Julia’s nightshirt askew just enough for Xander to ply his tongue to her smooth slit. Sliding out of her sleepwear, Julia reveals her enormous, juicy tits. She leans forward and takes the head of Xander’s cock into her mouth. He fucks her pussy from the side and in mish before firing his load up her belly onto her lovely tits.

When Xander decides to move in with Julia permanently, Nica is crushed. She knows in her heart the two are having an affair. She also believes she failed him as a mother, a thought Danny tries to quell when he comes calling for Xander. Nica dutifully breaks the news of his whereabouts then looks for reassurances in her drunken state. What she really wants, however, is Danny’s cock inside her. He obliges, thrusting his dick between her thighs. They continue on the side and in mish before Nica sucks him to orgasm.

A meeting over tea with Magdalene St. Michaels the next day reveals to Nica that Magdalene’s daughter, Lily Labeau, has come of age and is ready for marriage. In an attempt to break up Xander and Julia, Nica then informs Julia of her intention to set up Lily with Xander, a revelation that nearly causes Julia to choke on her tea. Though she admits to nothing, Julia realizes that Nica is onto her with regards to her son. In turn, Nica realizes that Julia, despite her philandering ways, has fallen for Xander. But Nica’s plan won’t be easy to put into action because Xander has fallen in love with Julia as well.

An arranged meeting between Xander and Lily starts off somewhat awkwardly as Xander has other things on his mind. But the two warm to each other and eventually get married. A month in, however, the two still have not consummated the arrangement, which arouses Lily’s suspicions that Julia is somehow involved. Xander’s anger and frustration boil over and he takes it out on Lily’s virgin pussy with his cock, pounding her in mish. She then sits on top of him, grinding her pussy into his dick like a woman possessed. He bangs her from the side while she fingers her clit and then in mish again, cumming onto her chest and cute, natural tits.

Julia, meanwhile, is left to her gentlemen callers and her empty heart knowing that Xander is off with someone else. But Manuel Ferrara can fix that right up. He arrives at her place, dashing as ever in his formal attire, though it doesn’t stay on for long. The two take up residence in her bed, his tongue probing her soft pussy folds. She rides his cock in CG before he takes her from behind in doggie. As he fucks her, he digs his thumb into her ass causing her to beg even more for his cock to go deeper. Soon, she is sucking him off and letting him slip his meaty cock between her tits. Another mish shot full of slow penetration shots precedes another massive cumshot once again onto Julia’s belly and luscious tits. As they collapse into each other’s arms, a faint clamor is heard outside the window. Julia informs Manuel that it’s only “kids throwing pebbles at the window.”

Who is really throwing the pebbles and what business have they come to settle? You’ll have to watch MMBF 4 and the surprise conclusion to find out. Oh, did we forget to mention that the trade-off for discerning taste in porn movies are plot resolutions that we are not at liberty to divulge in these reviews?

I guess we did.


Stars:   Julia Ann   Manuel Ferrara   Jay Crew   Danny Wylde   Nica Noelle   Magdalene St. Michaels   Lily Labeau   Xander Corvus

Categories: New Release   Mature   High Definition   International   Costumes   Feature   Cougar

Running Time:   119 minutes
Released:   07/2011
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Director:   Nica Noelle


Interview: Nica Noelle Talks Sweet Sinema and More

Nica NoelleThere’s a reason for Nica Noelle’s successful run of movies as writer, director, and occasional performer at lesbian studio Sweetheart Video, straight couples-oriented studio Sweet Sinner, and – coming soon – Sweet Sinema. Quite simply, she uses her fantasies and turn-ons for inspiration. After all, what turns you on is what you will give the most passion and imagination as a creator. We appreciate porn directors who, like Nica, listen to the rhythms of their sex drives.

Teenage Nica was obsessed with classic Hollywood, had a crush on James Cagney, and wanted to be like Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Jennifer Jones, and Dorothy Dandridge. Her obsession with Golden Age movie stars gave way to a fixation on the likes of Nina Hartley, but years later, Nica was drawn to Hollywood again as inspiration for her own adult movies, especially the Lesbian Noir films. Now she’s drawing inspiration from Hollywood and other sources for Sweet Sinema, a studio that will be home to erotic adaptations of movies, plays, books, and any other compelling romantic stories.


Your Sweet Sinema movies are not going to be parodies, as you’ve said in interviews, but more along the lines of the erotic reinterpretation of “The Graduate” you did with “My Girlfriend’s Mother.” It seems parodies are on the way out, but features are on the rise again. Why do you think there is a trend toward features in porn?

I think fans enjoy seeing stories that are familiar to them told in an erotic way – especially stories that feature iconic characters perfectly suited to adult films. The industry has churned out parodies for a long time, but to many of us the very idea of a “parody” runs contrary to what makes for a great erotic film. Parodies are silly and funny and goofy, and while that’s entertaining, it doesn’t really enhance sexual arousal. Sweet Sinema productions are more serious, with high emotional content, and even more realistic sex than we’ve shot previously.

My Girlfriend's MotherI also think features have come back into fashion as a result of all the thoughtless, mindless gonzo porn that permeated the industry for more than a decade. The fans have apparently had enough of it. They want more than cold, uninspired fucking – they want fantasy and imagery and emotion. As an audience they’ve become more vocal about their needs, and more discerning in their tastes.

Women are becoming more vocal about what they want to see, too, and that’s definitely encouraged the men to “come out of the closet” regarding their own porn habits. For so long porn has been a hot-button issue between men and women, so it’s great to see couples watching porn together, and to also see women buying porn all on their own!


What other adaptations would you most love to do?

We don’t really like to announce what we’re planning to shoot too far in advance, as everyone in this industry is always looking at each other’s paper and trying to get a leg up on the competition, but I will say that we’re not limited to just remakes of movies. Books, plays – any story that has a high emotional and romantic content and features a compelling relationship between the two main characters is fair game for Sweet Sinema.


Will there be any lesbian Sweet Sinema movies?

There’s a very good possibility that you’ll see some lesbian themes, even if there are also b/g scenes in the movie. You may also see some spillover of this concept at Sweetheart, our all-girl studio. The studios are all connected by our parent company Mile High Media, so when something does well for one studio, we see if the audiences for our other studios might also enjoy it. There’s a lot of overlap with the fans, so the answer is generally yes. For instance, many of my g/g fans now watch Sweet Sinner religiously and they’re eagerly awaiting the first Sweet Sinema release.


Your movies are full of performers who can also act convincingly, for example, Samantha Ryan and Manuel Ferrara. What do you look for when casting your talent?

I look for someone who can hit to all fields, as they say in baseball. If someone is great with dialogue but a terrible sex performer, obviously that’s an issue. Likewise, if you’re a great sex performer but can’t speak dialogue convincingly, that’s an equally big problem. Mind you, many adult performers have never had an opportunity to act or to show real emotion on film. I don’t hold that lack of experience against them, because I’ve found if a performer really wants to do this, if they’re into the idea of approaching their work as an art form, they’ll get there. So ultimately, the mindset of the performer is my main consideration.

Exchange Student 2Manuel Ferrara is always challenging himself. Even though he’s considered the greatest male performer in the industry, he doesn’t rest on his laurels. He wants to do meaningful work and to find the truth in his character’s sexual encounters. I’ve seen an emotional depth to his performances that I just never expected to see from someone at his level.

Katsuni is the same way. She reminds me of a violin. Her sexuality is like a finely tuned instrument, and it behooves you to treat her with a great deal of respect and reverence. And if you do you will get a performance unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Conversely, there are some big name performers, very popular, well known “stars,” that I was completely unimpressed by and have no desire to use again. Some girls do prefer gonzo, and they shy away from anything that requires emotional depth. They’re not interested, or they don’t want to “go there,” maybe. And that attitude carries over to their sex performances, in my opinion. You can see that they’re not having real orgasms or anything even close. There are a few big name performers I don’t use because they’re not what I consider true performers, true artists. Maybe for a certain type of movie they’re perfect, but they’re a bad fit for us.


The acting and the levels of intimacy in your productions both seem, from the outside, as if they go beyond what porn normally asks of its performers. Would you say they find it more challenging to act and learn dialogue, or more challenging to get as intimate with their costars as your productions require?

Lesbian Confessions 3Again, I think it goes back to the performer. People like Samantha Ryan are chomping at the bit for the chance to play a character with emotional depth, and to add that extra layer to the sex scene. Magdalene St. Michaels is another performer who always finds the emotional truth to the scene – in the dialogue AND sex. For those performers, that’s what this work is all about. Their performances have dignity, because they approach their work with a certain mind set. Having cold, meaningless sex on film is hard for them.

But other performers, again, don’t want to give those things. They’re here for the money and the lifestyle and to be “the baddest bitch” or what have you – it’s a different agenda. Their approach is not what we look for. And I think for those performers it’s hard if not impossible to achieve the emotional intimacy we look for. They’ve closed off that part of themselves. They may give great “performances” in the most clinical sense of the word, but they’re just technicians of sex. We want artists.


Do you have any exciting new talent you’d like to tell us about?

I’m always excited about new performers, even if most of the time they’re just new to me and they’ve actually been around a while. Natasha Nice is one of my current favorites. I think she’s just amazing. A truly unique and powerful sex performer. Evan Stone is someone I just started working with, in the last year, and I can’t say enough about him as an actor and sex performer. He’s the best, in terms of excelling at everything, every single time. There’s never any “hit or miss” with Evan.

Lesbian Office Seductions 5I’m also shooting some new girls who are working exclusively for me, which is of course very exciting for any director.  When you’re chosen because of your reputation or the quality of your work by someone who would have otherwise never considered doing porn, it’s an honor. Sovereign Syre is one of those girls. She’s this extraordinarily beautiful woman – that old-style Hollywood beauty – with a ridiculously evolved mind, quick witted, very thoughtful and intense. She’s committed to doing something meaningful and beautiful here. Same situation with Jasmine Jem, a civilian fan who came to me because she wanted to explore her lesbian side. She’s very much the kind of girl you’d bring home to mom, a very understated, intelligent beauty. I’ve written a feature for them to star in together which we begin shooting in mid-July.


What does it take to make you decide to step out from behind the camera and do a scene these days?

AngelI have to feel that my crew can handle it – that the movie or the scene isn’t so complicated or difficult that they’ll feel lost without me.  And I also have to feel a special connection with the performer. I treat a scene like a date – I really think about the person and I prepare emotionally and physically. It’s like a prize-fight to me, I guess. I won’t have sex with anyone in my private life in the days leading up to the scene! I have the luxury of approaching my work so thoughtfully because I don’t have to perform all the time like some people do, just to pay their rent. I can pick and choose and give a lot of thought to what I’m doing and with whom. And I feel very lucky in that regard, because performing stays new and exciting for me, always.


You’ve mentioned that you’d wanted to work in the adult industry since a young age, and that some of your all-time favorite porn stars were women like Seka and Kandi Barbour. How has performing and directing affected your enjoyment of porn, if at all?

It’s affected me quite a bit. Obviously I’ve developed the ability to disconnect from porn in terms of my own arousal, or I’d be jerking off all the time at work, which would be a problem. That could get a little creepy! But I still get turned on from watching certain scenes or performers. I guess I’ve become more of a connoisseur, if you’ll pardon the lofty term. I’m much more specific now about what I like and which performers I like. And I can make very informed judgments, obviously.


As a director who interacts a lot with your fans on message boards, how much do you take into consideration their suggestions for casting or movie themes?

If I hear from several different fans that they want more of one thing and less of another, I do take it seriously. Even if it’s only 10 fans, those 10 represent hundreds more, in my estimation. Maybe thousands. I’ve found there is a certain “group consensus” within fans of a respective genre. For instance, most fans of girl/girl porn want to see certain things. And they all seem to agree those particular things make for a great scene. There may be some division on a second level, like which performers are pretty or sexy, or whether young girls are more desirable than older women, those kinds of arguments still erupt, but other preferences are surprisingly uniform.

The Stepmother 4When I was first starting out as a director and I visited a lesbian forum for the first time, I was shocked to find my tastes were pretty “classic girl/girl fan.”  I’d always thought I was unique in what turned me on, but I discovered I was sort of the garden-variety “no toys, lots of kissing, lots of oral and trib” girl/girl enthusiast the forum catered to. So I don’t think it’s any mystery as to why I’ve been so successful at girl/girl porn.

With boy/girl, that’s less true. Boy/girl fans run the gamut, obviously. I’m finding our fan base within that sea of diversity, and as I make the movies, our fans have emerged – our “niche” has emerged. Fans have started offering feedback, and again you start to see certain patterns. You notice the same comments, the same suggestions, the same requests for more of this, less of that, coming from fan after fan. And the market – one nobody thought was there – has emerged, fully intact. It’s pretty fascinating.


What are your favorite things about doing girl/girl and boy/girl porn, respectively?

I love the different dynamics. Girls are so different when boys aren’t around. They hold their bodies differently, they speak differently – the timbres of their voices change – they relate to one another differently. The minute a guy becomes part of the equation, you’ve got another dynamic entirely. And that one’s exciting too, because it’s so primal. With girl/girl I can explore more textured, emotional relationships, because women are such emotional creatures. With boy/girl, the sex tends to be more lustful – way more lustful – more animalistic, with an increased sense of emotional disconnect between the man and woman. With boy/girl relationships and sex, there’s a struggle to reach each other, to be understood by each other. And those things can be used to build an incredible sex scene. The trick is to get the performers to push each other’s buttons during the dialogue sequence, during the set up, so the emotional content can spill over into the sex.


It seems like you must get very little sleep. Between Sweet Sinema, Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, and everything else you do, how do you balance the workload?

Cheaters Retreat 2I don’t, always. My personal life takes a big hit. But this is the time in my life where I have to be devoted to work. We’re building something special, something incredible, and people are responding to it. I never forget how lucky I am to have been given this opportunity and to have had the success I’ve had and will hopefully continue to have.  Trust me, I’ve had times in my life where I was consumed by personal problems and I had no career to speak of, and I much prefer my life today. I much prefer being consumed by a career I love.


I was reading an interview of yours where you mentioned that when you were a kid, you wrote a play called “Hookers – A Musical.” I have to ask, semi-seriously, will you ever write a comic musical? There are porn stars who can sing, and maybe it’s just me, but I think that title is crying out to be used for something.

I think dancing is incredibly sexy and can lead to hot sex. But I don’t think I’ll do a musical with breaking into song, like “Singing in the Rain” or something like that.  Again, some ideas sound so great on paper, or so funny and clever, but you have to step back and think “Sure, it’s a cool idea – but will that kind of story enhance the sex or detract from it?” I never forget that I’m in the business of turning people on, and that the stories in my movies, the dialogue, the locations, the costumes, everything, are there to enhance the sex and to make the sex scene more authentic and powerful and arousing. If people want to see a musical, there are multi-million dollar budget musicals they can see in a mainstream cinema or by renting a mainstream movie. If you’re in the mood to see singing and dancing, you aren’t thinking about sex, generally speaking. You want to be entertained in a much more lighthearted way.

In making erotic films, I’m appealing to one very specific area of the human mind, and I never lose sight of that or lose respect for it. I don’t ever want to turn that into a joke, and I see how easily it can happen. It’s a very small area an erotic director has to work within, and it can be challenging. But it’s crucial not to compromise your integrity because “wouldn’t it be funny if Fred and Wilma Flintstone had sex?”