Movie Review: Fan Bang With Sabrina Deep

Fan Bang With Sabrina Deep Once upon a time, not so long ago, Howard Stern declared Canadian porn Amazon Sabrina Deep the Queen of Bukkake. Armed with this title, she set out to claim another: Queen of the Fan Bang. Sabrina has staged bukkake parties and gangbangs with her fans across the northern hemisphere, often filming them and streaming them for her website members. At the beginning of “Fan Bang With Sabrina Deep,” as the credits roll, we hear director Beth Ann Rafael call Sabrina at home in Italy to let her know that Metro Media Entertainment would like her to come to Porn Valley to shoot a gangbang movie with her fans.

Sabrina arrives at the airport and there’s a brief interview in the car. They go to the Hollywood sign and scout the location for the movie, where you see other porn girls getting hair and makeup done. That night Sabrina goes to Sardo’s in Burbank for the famous Porn Star Karaoke to promote the fan bang and recruit guys, and winds up singing “Come Together” (how apropos!) and being a human shot glass holder for karaoke hostess Nicki Hunter.┬áSabrina meets a couple of fans ahead of time, giving them a thrill. We all know from her pictures and her bio that she is naturally sexy, beautiful, and nearly six feet tall, with super-long, curly brown hair. What you learn from these pre-fuck scenes is that Sabrina can be funny and charming as much as she can be an insatiable cum slut.

The gangbang has a circus theme with acrobats, fire-breathers, jugglers, and clowns. Sabrina is the ringmaster and Ginger Lynn is hosting the festivities.

Two tattooed, rigid studs get first honors while the two fluffer babes get her next fans ready. Soon Sabrina is completely in her element. The first guys really get her heated up and she’s even more enthusiastic for the second pair, even if they are a bit less studly. One of these guys is so excited that he pops early, but hey, he can go to the back of the line and get himself worked up for another go-round.

Sabrina moves easily through the 40 guys, some of whom seem like naturals while others need coaching. This movie makes you appreciate that fucking for the cameras needs choreography just like dancing does. Some of the guys are hard enough to go for anal and Sabrina takes it all in stride as she slips deeper into cock drunkenness. Later, during a break┬áto let the guys rest, Sabrina admits that taking it up the ass was her favorite part. Meanwhile, Ginger plays hostess and interviews some of the guys. When they come back from the break, we find out that all of this is happening on Sabrina’s birthday! What a way to party, eh?

The same guys who kicked off the first half are the first to go in the second half. These are probably the most like real porn studs out of the bunch, so it’s easy to see why they were chosen to get things moving. In the second half, there is still more cum-splashing action and all of Sabrina’s hungry holes get stuffed. If you love gangbangs, then this hot, creative take on the niche is a must-see! After all, it’s literally a circus.