Lesbian Masseuse 3: High School Rivals Meet Again

Lesbian Masseuse 3: High School Rivals Meet AgainIn Lesbian Masseuse 3: High School Rivals Meet Again, writer/director Nica Noelle returns to the school enemy confrontation fantasy that has worked well for her in the past. Unlike Lesbian Doms and Subs 2: Revenge Is Sweet, this scene has a more passive, gentle feel that better suits the massage scenario.

This clinic relieves personal issues through the power of sexual touch. Dylan Ryan is a massage therapist whose client is a beautiful woman who’s struggling with lesbian urges.

When Dylan sees her client’s name, she’s shocked to discover that it’s Samantha Ryan, a popular girl who made fun of her in junior high school. Dylan was awkward and tall, which made her a target for ridicule. Samantha had an “ice queen” reputation because all the boys wanted her, but she rejected them.

Having grown up to be a confident, striking, androgynous beauty, Dylan is strong to address Samantha’s bullying. Samantha says Dylan looks familiar, but Dylan plays dumb. Once Samantha realizes who Dylan reminds her of, she believes Dylan’s act and starts confessing her feelings about that girl in junior high. Dylan smiles knowingly, out of Samantha’s sight, while Samantha says she envied that girl’s individuality. She wanted to be like her, but she was mean to her out of peer pressure. Samantha says that girl in junior high probably hated her.

“Yes, she did,” Dylan says as she leans in close. Samantha’s eyes pop open. Dylan says that in spite of that, Samantha was the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen, and she still is. They kiss with powerful desire. Samantha’s lean body writhes with pleasure as Dylan kisses down her torso to her glistening pussy.

Dylan shows Samantha all the pleasures that women can know together. She kisses, licks, and sucks the sensitive spots: lips, ears, neck, nipples, sides, and clit. As their arousal grows, Dylan mounts Samantha from behind and grinds her pussy against Samantha’s ass, which in turn grinds Samantha’s pussy against the massage bed. From behind, Dylan licks Samantha’s crevice from front to back and then brings Samantha to orgasm with fingers in her pussy while Samantha masturbates.

Samantha excitedly explores and pleasures Dylan’s long, lean body. She licks and fondles from her breasts to her pretty mound. The old enemies smile and pant ecstatically as they make each other cum. If only all foes could reach such harmony.

Lesbian porn fans already know these women as two of the greatest performers the genre has seen – perhaps ever. When they’re together, it’s always an erotic masterpiece.

Lesbian Masseuse 3: High School Rivals Meet Again
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Running Time:   38 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Samantha Ryan   Dylan Ryan
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Blondes   Small Tits   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

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