Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Innocent Girls: Seductions and Tribbing

Girls Tribbing Girls 2: Innocent Girls Seductions And TribbingPretty Gracie Glam and Jessie Andrews star in a luxuriously slow-paced, abundantly sensual scene directed by Nica Noelle. Innocent Girls: Seductions and Tribbing is another scene from the second installment of the popular Girls Tribbing Girls series. Like the previous vignettes from GTG2, there’s a focus on the sensation known as the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), Nica’s latest prevailing porn theme. If you’ve ever felt a tingling in your brain and even throughout your body when somebody brushed your hair, then you’ll understand what gets the girls’ motors running in this scene.

Gracie and Jessie are interviewed about things they like, from their favorite color and ice cream to what they love about each other. For Gracie the best thing about Jessie is her hair, and fortunately for her she gets to spend several minutes indulging her fascination with her friend’s waist-length, honey-colored mane. Gracie runs her fingers and a brush through Jessie’s hair, turning both of them on and leading to butterfly-flutter caresses and deep French kisses.

After both girls have stripped down to their panties, Gracie climbs on top and gently grinds her clit into Jessie’s. Soon Gracie pulls off Jessie’s hot pink panties, which they bite together sensually in another hot kiss. Still on top, Gracie tribs Jessie’s bare pussy and you can see the wet spot forming on Gracie’s pale lavender panties – unless, that is, you’re too focused on Gracie’s famously rounded ass. It’s an understandable fixation. Jessie helps Gracie take off her underwear and sits on Gracie’s lap, giving a perfect view of Jessie’s tiny, perky tits as their trimmed but still hairy pussies meet with no cloth barrier. The bare clit-to-clit tribbing gets them even more excited.

Following a few minutes of that bump-and-grind routine, Jessie heads down between Gracie’s legs and makes her cum with some pussy eating. Meanwhile, Jessie paws at Gracie’s 34B cups.

Just like Jessie and Gracie, you’ll be left breathless and satisfied by the end of this 33-minute scene. Anyone who enjoys lesbian scenes that build the heat gradually to a volcanic intensity will enjoy watching these nubile beauties indulge their mutual attraction.

Stars:   Gracie Glam   Jessie Andrews
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Teen   Gonzo   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   33 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Girls Tribbing Girls
Director:   Nica Noelle

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