Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends

Finger Lickin' Girlfriends“Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” is the latest all-girl movie from the increasingly awesome Smash Pictures. With great results, Francesca Le brings a performer’s perspective to the director’s seat. Each scene has a hint of plot, enough to give context, and even the opening chit-chat is sexy.

Francesca Le is a hot cheerleading coach consoling her best cheerleader, Ella Milano, when she finds out Ella has been kissing the other girls and developing a bad reputation. As a good coach, Francesca offers an intriguing form of support. Francesca assures Ella that it’s normal to feel this way, but that some girls might not. Francesca offers to “let” Ella practice kissing with her. She’s careful not to specify that all kisses have to be on the lips, which is good because it’s hot watching Francesca and Ella take turns kissing each other’s nipples and tight bodies. Watching a sexy cheerleading coach and her cute head cheerleader eat out and finger-fuck each other is a fantasy come true.

Carolyn Reese is most beautifully playing with her pleasure zone in a bubble bath when Jessie Andrews barges in looking for some girl called Melissa, but Carolyn isn’t fazed. After calmly explaining that Melissa had to take care of some things, Carolyn says that she has taken care of something too, just now. Carolyn takes the opportunity to educate Jessie on “making yourself feel good” in the bath tub. Jessie is vocal in her appreciation of her older friend’s oral skills, and she’s great at returning the favor. If you like wet sex, don’t miss it.

Karlie Montana, looking like a lanky Katy Perry in pigtails, is having girl time with India Summer, who has set up a game of Twister. While they start the game, India grills Karlie on her sex life. The game is abandoned when India discovers that Karlie is getting no action from either sex. Their kissing is tender and sweet, with dancing tongues. The more experienced India takes the lead in playing with Karlie’s nipples and licking her clit, but Karlie gives back as good as she got. They stroke each other’s pussies side by side and finish up by tribbing atop the Twister board.

In her porn debut, Tiffany Thompson is a virgin with a cheating boyfriend. She visits Raylene, who sagely advises Tiffany to practice sexy moves on her. Never mind that Raylene doesn’t have the same parts as Tiffany’s two-timing dude, because Tiffany would be better off sticking with girls, judging by this. In almost no time, Raylene has Tiffany naked and is licking her pussy. Tiffany pants in pleasure, making her sexy, handful-sized, tan-lined tits rise and fall in a way that’ll make you tingle in your pants. When Tiffany eats out Raylene, there is a very nice P.O.V. shot from Raylene’s perspective, which means that we get this sexy newcomer gazing into the camera as she sucks her first clit. This is one of the more passionate scenes and it should make MILF and teen fans happy.

Poor little bitch girl Sabrina Maree has called Social Services on her parents because they wouldn’t buy her a pony. Sabrina is luckier than she deserves, because her social worker is Kylie Ireland, one of the most gorgeous mature redheads in porn. Kylie isn’t buying Sabrina’s “poor me” act, but since Sabrina likes playing games, Kylie has a fun one for her. It involves telling Kylie what she and her boyfriend do sexually and what she’s done with one of her girlfriends, while Kylie does some of those things to her. Sabrina has big, beautiful tits and a cute little pussy that are very responsive to Kylie’s touch. There’s another hot P.O.V. sequence when Sabrina licks Kylie’s pussy, and they end with some fingering and grinding. This is another great scene and an excellent way to close the movie.

If you’re the kind of porn fan who wants to see more breast play, then you’re in luck. Every scene has at least a little, some more than others, and all of it is stimulating. Even better, there are no toys, just sexy women making each other cum using their bodies. From a studio that is already one of the best, “Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” raises their game and it would make a great series.

Stars:   Francesca Le Ella Milano Tiffany Thompson Kylie Ireland Raylene Karlie Montana India Summer Carolyn Reese Sabrina Maree Jessie Andrews
Categories: Lesbian Teen All Sex All Girl High Definition
Running Time: 137 minutes
Released:   02/2011
Studio Name:   Smash Pictures
Director:   Francesca Le’