Carolyn Reese

Cougars Crave Young Kittens 7

Cougars Crave Young Kittens 7The cougar-on-teen thing has always been a great combination, but it’s even hotter since the Cougars Crave Young Kittens series started in 2009. These Lethal Hardcore movies emphasize the difference between youth and maturity by featuring petite teens and busty older women – two great porn tastes that go deliciously together! In the seventh edition, there are several scenes that earn a place at the top of the lesbian porn genre.

Buxom blonde Maggie Green picks up adorable young hitchhiker Ashley Abott, whose ride forgot to pick her up for the “Backdoor Boys” show. Neither babe has done a lot of movies, so those who crave new faces, take note. Ashley’s only 19 and Maggie tells Ashley she heard the show was ages 21 and up. Ashley decides to skip trying to get in and hang out with Maggie instead. Maggie is one sly cat, seizing her chance to corrupt an innocent. Ashley’s enthusiasm for sucking nipples and eating pussy for the first time is exciting, and the experienced Maggie is into this girl. The best shot is when Ashley sits back with Maggie crouching over her face to get eaten out – you get the best view of both their bodies, and while the cougar plays with her own natural 36FFs, the teen rubs her own clit. Sexy!

Gorgeous teen Sara Jaymes has lost her job, so her beautiful landlady Kiara Mia offers to let her stay anyway in exchange for some action. Not that she puts it so bluntly – Kiara uses the subtle approach, first complimenting her tenant’s beauty and suggesting she try modeling work. This scene allows the sexual chemistry between the women to marinate as Kiara massages the tension out of Sara’s back. Slowly she moves things along, first kissing Sara’s shoulder, then licking her earlobe, then pulling down the teen’s skimpy pink top and playing with her sexy little titties as they kiss. All the while, Sara’s heavy breathing and obvious arousal will have your cock twitching (or your pussy, as the case may be). Kiara lays Sara back on the couch and shows her how much more fun it is to be with a girl. Then, when Sara licks Kiara’s pussy, it’s clear the teen has an affinity for it. It looks like this will be a beautiful arrangement for both women. This scene, featuring the women on the box cover, will do it for even the most jaded porn viewer.

Sophia Sutra plays a porn newcomer who’s nervous about doing her first scene. She’s getting her makeup done, which gives us ample opportunity to appreciate her beautiful eyes. When her makeup artist, Carolyn Reese, finds out this girl is scheduled for a DP and has never even done so much as a solo on camera, she convinces the director to let her ease the girl in herself so that Sophia doesn’t run screaming from the business. Carolyn proceeds to turn this girl out with expert pussy eating that makes her almost shout with pleasure. When it’s Sophia’s time to return the oral favors, Carolyn approves, judging by her reaction. Afterward, Carolyn deems Sophia ready for her DP but Sophia just wants to keep doing girls.

Latin teen Eve Evans has an interview for a job as personal assistant to sexy Tacori Blu. Both women are pretty new to the industry, and it’s a good introduction to them for many viewers. Eve is shy but flattered as Tacori hits on her like a ton of bricks and starts to fondle and kiss her tight young body. In Tacori’s defense, Eve’s firm ass does look great in her tiny black shorts. Tacori decides that Eve has the job and proceeds to break in the new employee with some inappropriate touching, but Eve’s okay with it as long as they don’t get in trouble – how sweet! The two dark-haired beauties head for the couch and Tacori gets to know her new assistant intimately. She discovers that Eve likes having her pussy licked and fingered, and that she has natural cunnilingus skills. If only we all could get jobs licking the neatly trimmed pussy of a busty cougar!

There are no toys used, for those who prefer phallus-free lesbian porn. “Cougars Crave Young Kittens 7” is full of cute teens and sultry older women. You can tell most of these hotties would have just as much fun playing with pussy and tits if the cameras weren’t rolling.

Stars:   Kiara Mia Sara James Maggie Green Tacori Blu Carolyn Reese Sophia Sutra Eve Evans Ashley Abott
Categories: Lesbian New Release Mature Teen All Sex All Girl Cougar High Definition
Running Time:   125 minutes
Released:   05/2011
Studio Name:   Lethal Hardcore
Series:   Cougars Crave Young Kittens
Director:   Chucky Sleaze

Director Bobby Manila Talks About ‘Filthy Family 3’

via AVN

LOS ANGELES—A family that fucks together (though not with each other) stays together. At least that’s the premise for the Bobby Manila-directed Filthy Family 3, streeting today from Mile High Media’s Reality Junkies studio.

For Manila, who’s flown under the radar during his decade-long career, his current work for Reality Junkies represents the apex of a do-everything career that’s come full circle. He directed his first movie for Mile High’s Doghouse Digital imprint and now has been with the company’s Reality Junkies imprint since Day One.

From his salad days at Mile High, sleeping on Vice President Jon Blitt’s couch when he was first starting out, to his subsequent work for Brazzers, Bang Bros, Twistys and others, Manila has quietly amassed an impressive résumé.

The shy, unassuming director was in many ways born for porn. He grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley and went straight from film school into the adult industry.

He got his start shooting for MeatCash and Khan Tusion, directing scenes for From there he went to work for Platinum X Pictures when the studio was a powerhouse that boasted such directors as Mike John, Eric Everhard and Michael Stefano.

Along the way, Manila has directed for Legend, DVSX, Hustler Video and more recently for Brazzers, Bang Bros and Twistys, a company for which he still shoots high-end, glamour boy/girl scenes.

“From my first movie with my name on the box, Black Bros and White Hoes, with Phoenix Marie and Missy Monroe, I’ve been blessed to have steady gigs with great companies,” Manila told AVN. “I’ve been blessed that enough people respect me and like my work, so I truly appreciate those that hired me and allow me to create porn.”

So, what has Manila created with Filthy Family 3? A series of vignettes wrapped together by a common thread detailing the sexual escapades of, well, a sexually adventurous filthy family. Think of it as a carnal version of Desperate Housewives.

Starring Bree Olson, Julia Ann, Rachel Starr and Alexis Texas, Filthy Family 3 mines popular porn fodder like Dad fucking the neighbor and Mom lusting after he daughter’s boyfriend. Dad is played by veteran Herschel Savage and Mom by the ever-luminous Julia Ann.

The story starts off with one of the daughters, Rachel Starr, returning home from college. Manila describes her as the wild one in the group.

“All the different daughters see their sisters having fun and they want to one up each other,” he said. “Bree [Olson] winds up having sex with the neighbor [Tony] DeSergio. [Alexis] Texas bangs her school friend. Julia Ann winds up having sex with Rachel’s boyfriend. Herschel winds up having sex with Carolyn Reese, who plays the neighbor DeSergio’s wife. So everything in the story tied in together.”

Manila cited Olson’s scene as being a particular sexual highlight of the movie, calling the naturally busty blond “tanned, toned and just incredible. She looks amazing.” Manila also cites Starr’s scene with Kris Slater as particularly hot and passionate.

To take advantage of his A-list cast, Manila storyboarded Filthy Family 3.

“I wanted everything to be laid out in detail so my actors would be completely prepared, understood their character’s relationship to everyone else and so we all knew what to expect.”

The debut of the Filthy Family series has received critical acclaim. The first released received a AAA 1/2 rating from AVN reviewer Emma Edwards, who said “Family ties have never looked so good in this exciting offering by director Bobby Manila. With a varied mix of older/younger sex, this movie has all the bases covered.”

The challenge of filming an adult movie with a storyline, no matter how intricate, is to balance the dialogue with the sex. Manila relies on his film school background to pull this off.

“It has to be a good balance of acting and sex otherwise it feels uneven,” Manila said. “And honestly, it’s a challenge to find performers who can balance both in a skilled way. If you focus too much on the acting, sometimes the sex can be stale. Ideally the acting and the dialogue heighten the sexual tension and raise the viewer’s anticipation of what should be a dynamic sexual scene.”

Filthy Family 3 is now available in HD across the AEBN theater network.


BoobwatchYou don’t need to have seen “Baywatch” to like “Boobwatch,” so if you’re too young to have witnessed those famous red bathing suits barely holding in the bouncing titties of hotties including Pamela Anderson, don’t worry. This Wicked Pictures parody gives you the stuff they couldn’t show on primetime TV. Beautiful Alektra Blue leads a team of “highly skilled and extremely busty lifeguards” who resuscitate your dick.

Alektra discovers Danny Mountain and Rebeca Linares grilling hot dogs in their back yard. Danny protests that they’re nowhere near a beach, so why do they need a lifeguard? Without missing a beat, she makes clear her intention to service the not-so-weenie weenie in Danny’s pants with Rebeca’s help. Alektra and Rebeca play together very nicely as well. If you haven’t seen Rebeca in a while, just wait till you ogle the sultry Spaniard’s enhanced tits. Even better, she’s so excitable getting fucked with Alektra sitting on her face. After satisfying both brunette babes in different positions, Danny leaves their big tits juicy with his liquid DNA and they rub them together as the scene ends.

Vigilant Alektra calls Jayden Jaymes on her walkie-talkie and sends her to rescue Tommy Gunn from choking on a fly he accidentally inhaled while working out at the gym. (These scenarios get progressively sillier, as do the slow-motion-running gags.) Jayden is careful to check his airway with her tongue and resuscitate his cock with her mouth and cleavage. She brings Tommy’s dick to life so he can stuff her pussy with it. You can tell how tiny Jayden is when that thick shaft divides her pussy lips while she’s bent over the gym equipment. Jayden cums more than once in this scene and gives us plenty of hot moves to gush over. When one of the best bodies in porn meets one of the thickest dicks, the result is explosive.

You might think that when Alektra sends brunette super MILF Lisa Ann to “shark-infested waters” we might get a beach scene, but the joke continues as she interrupts Rocco Reed’s bubble bath, telling him “no body of water is safe without a lifeguard.” He can’t turn away a babe like this whose lifeguarding tactics include deep throating his cock and taking it for a spin inside her pussy. (Not literally – this isn’t the Spin on My Cock series.) Lisa and Rocco have a horny fuck in front of the bath tub, and the only thing missing is the chance to see them cleaning up in the bubble bath afterward.

Tommy Gunn is telling Dane Cross about his lifeguard encounter while Dane washes his car. They’re hundreds of miles from the beach, so Dane’s disbelief is understandable. He soon finds out the truth when natural-bodied blonde Carolyn Reese shows up to protect them from the “imminent danger” of Dane’s garden hose. She finds much more use in the hoses they keep in their pants, first sucking their cocks one after another, then filling herself up with them at both ends. Carolyn especially seems to get off on Dane.

For the last scene, Alektra surprises a sunbathing Chris Johnson by his pool. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t going in the water, because Alektra easily convinces him he needs a lifeguard by giving him a kiss so hot it stiffens his dick, and then sucking it down. Alektra gets hers when Chris eats her out and fingers her at the same time. There’s more foreplay in this scene than in the others. When they start to fuck in reverse cowgirl, Alektra shows off some hot hip-swiveling moves, but even in missionary Alektra is an active fucker who makes sure she gets to cum. When Chris unloads on her tits, Alektra again massages the cream into her skin. Maybe it’s her secret for keeping away the wrinkles you get from being in the sun all day. What a way to end on a high note!

“Boobwatch” is one of the funniest parodies in a while. The intentional overacting, the slow-motion running, and the ridiculousness of a clairvoyant lifeguard sending her team out to save men on dry land are used to great effect. Bless those tight red one-pieces!

Stars:   Alektra Blue Rebeca Linares Carolyn Reese Jayden Jaymes Lisa Ann Danny Mountain Tommy Gunn Dane Cross Chris Johnson Rocco Reed
Categories: Big Tits New Release Feature Adult Humor Parody
Running Time:   96 minutes
Released:   04/2011
Studio Name:   Wicked Pictures
Director:   Jonathan Morgan

Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends

Finger Lickin' Girlfriends“Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” is the latest all-girl movie from the increasingly awesome Smash Pictures. With great results, Francesca Le brings a performer’s perspective to the director’s seat. Each scene has a hint of plot, enough to give context, and even the opening chit-chat is sexy.

Francesca Le is a hot cheerleading coach consoling her best cheerleader, Ella Milano, when she finds out Ella has been kissing the other girls and developing a bad reputation. As a good coach, Francesca offers an intriguing form of support. Francesca assures Ella that it’s normal to feel this way, but that some girls might not. Francesca offers to “let” Ella practice kissing with her. She’s careful not to specify that all kisses have to be on the lips, which is good because it’s hot watching Francesca and Ella take turns kissing each other’s nipples and tight bodies. Watching a sexy cheerleading coach and her cute head cheerleader eat out and finger-fuck each other is a fantasy come true.

Carolyn Reese is most beautifully playing with her pleasure zone in a bubble bath when Jessie Andrews barges in looking for some girl called Melissa, but Carolyn isn’t fazed. After calmly explaining that Melissa had to take care of some things, Carolyn says that she has taken care of something too, just now. Carolyn takes the opportunity to educate Jessie on “making yourself feel good” in the bath tub. Jessie is vocal in her appreciation of her older friend’s oral skills, and she’s great at returning the favor. If you like wet sex, don’t miss it.

Karlie Montana, looking like a lanky Katy Perry in pigtails, is having girl time with India Summer, who has set up a game of Twister. While they start the game, India grills Karlie on her sex life. The game is abandoned when India discovers that Karlie is getting no action from either sex. Their kissing is tender and sweet, with dancing tongues. The more experienced India takes the lead in playing with Karlie’s nipples and licking her clit, but Karlie gives back as good as she got. They stroke each other’s pussies side by side and finish up by tribbing atop the Twister board.

In her porn debut, Tiffany Thompson is a virgin with a cheating boyfriend. She visits Raylene, who sagely advises Tiffany to practice sexy moves on her. Never mind that Raylene doesn’t have the same parts as Tiffany’s two-timing dude, because Tiffany would be better off sticking with girls, judging by this. In almost no time, Raylene has Tiffany naked and is licking her pussy. Tiffany pants in pleasure, making her sexy, handful-sized, tan-lined tits rise and fall in a way that’ll make you tingle in your pants. When Tiffany eats out Raylene, there is a very nice P.O.V. shot from Raylene’s perspective, which means that we get this sexy newcomer gazing into the camera as she sucks her first clit. This is one of the more passionate scenes and it should make MILF and teen fans happy.

Poor little bitch girl Sabrina Maree has called Social Services on her parents because they wouldn’t buy her a pony. Sabrina is luckier than she deserves, because her social worker is Kylie Ireland, one of the most gorgeous mature redheads in porn. Kylie isn’t buying Sabrina’s “poor me” act, but since Sabrina likes playing games, Kylie has a fun one for her. It involves telling Kylie what she and her boyfriend do sexually and what she’s done with one of her girlfriends, while Kylie does some of those things to her. Sabrina has big, beautiful tits and a cute little pussy that are very responsive to Kylie’s touch. There’s another hot P.O.V. sequence when Sabrina licks Kylie’s pussy, and they end with some fingering and grinding. This is another great scene and an excellent way to close the movie.

If you’re the kind of porn fan who wants to see more breast play, then you’re in luck. Every scene has at least a little, some more than others, and all of it is stimulating. Even better, there are no toys, just sexy women making each other cum using their bodies. From a studio that is already one of the best, “Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” raises their game and it would make a great series.

Stars:   Francesca Le Ella Milano Tiffany Thompson Kylie Ireland Raylene Karlie Montana India Summer Carolyn Reese Sabrina Maree Jessie Andrews
Categories: Lesbian Teen All Sex All Girl High Definition
Running Time: 137 minutes
Released:   02/2011
Studio Name:   Smash Pictures
Director:   Francesca Le’

Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody

MONTREAL—Mile High Media has released the second title from its Hardcore Parody imprint, Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody. It is now live across the AEBN Porn on Demand network.

Multi AVN Award-winner Tori Black stars in the title role and Ashlynn Brooke returns to the director’s chair.

“The demand for Wonder Woman XXX is amazing,” Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt said. “We tapped a great niche with the parody of the sexy super hero. Factor in the star power of Tori Black performing and Ashlynn directing, and Wonder Woman XXX is a sure hit.”

In addition to Black, Wonder Woman XXX stars Carolyn Reese, Gracie Glam, Diamond Foxxx, Anthony Rosano, Mikey Butders, Bill Bailey and Ralph Long.

In Wonder Woman XXX the Iraqi government has penetrated U.S. soil, sending their top spy to infiltrate America’s most lucrative business: the porn industry.  Through the help of a sultry U.S. informant, the Iraqi spy gains access to California’s biggest porn production sets in order to steal their secrets.

There is only one person who can stop the Iraqi insurgence by making a man crumble to his knees and beg for mercy—Wonder Woman. Will the Iraqi spy succeed in his mission to rip off America’s beloved porn, or will he succumb to the wealth and riches of the most sought after body on the planet? Will Wonder Woman save the day, or are her powers futile against the terrorist attacks?

Watch the full length, high quality movie now!