Jun 07 2017

Movie Review: “Buck Angel, Superstar,” TransSensual

buck angel, superstar, transsensual, porn, trans, chanel santini, aubrey kate, dana vespoli, tori mayes, mandy mitchellThe brand-new Buck Angel, Superstar is the first FTM performer showcase film from TransSensual, the pioneering trans-erotica studio. It’s so new it hasn’t hit the street yet, but AEBN has the honor of streaming it first.

Buck, an iconic performer with mainstream appeal, shows us a side of himself that his fans haven’t seen before. He and visionary director Dana Vespoli relish the chance to explore the artistic potential of porn and dramatic storytelling. Vespoli has said that following Buck on social media inspired her to tell a story of Buck as a porn star on the go whose great success has made him lonely—everyone wants a piece of him and he’s never in one place long enough to give more than a night to anyone.

The movie begins with Buck enjoying a hot encounter with sexy brunette Chanel Santini, a trans woman with a delicious-looking cock and perky tits. As they kiss, they start to get naked. She seductively guides him through mutual masturbation, their connection so real you’ll forget this is porn. Not long after she penetrates his pussy with her hard cock, Buck is already close to cumming. Chanel and Buck fuck in several positions and end with her jerking herself to completion as she rubs Buck’s pussy.

Chanel doesn’t stay the night. When Buck awakens next to an empty space in the bed, he doesn’t wait long to make a booty call. Chanel rejoins him and this time, beautiful blonde t-girl Aubrey Kate is also here for a threeway. Aubrey and Chanel kiss passionately. As Chanel stacks herself on top of Aubrey, Buck smacks their smooth asses. While Aubrey rubs and tugs on her cock, she joins Chanel in licking Buck’s pussy. Buck, Chanel, and Audrey have their fun and everyone cums, but when Buck falls asleep, the girls sneak out of the house. They had their fun, but Buck wakes up alone again.

Buck heads to a promo video shoot for his new sex toy, the Buck Off. The commercial’s director (Vespoli) has some airheaded ideas about him giving “sea captain” in his line delivery. Frustrated by the flighty director and crew member, and too tired to question her silly ideas, Buck does two more takes before the director is satisfied. Buck heads off for a massage appointment with Tori Mayes, a starstruck novice massage therapist whose life is made when her porn idol lets her suck his clit. Tori starts to play with her cock while going down on Buck until he gets a strap-on that just happens to be nearby. Buck straps it on and lets Tori get it wet with her spit before he penetrates her asshole and gives her a fuck to remember.

Finally looking for some company that will last longer than the time it takes to fuck, Buck hires escort Mandy Mitchell to keep him company when he returns home from Austin. Mandy, a slim and leggy trans babe with straight blonde hair, listens compassionately as Buck confides in her about the energy his work takes that he never gets back from other people. She tells him to lie back and let her make him feel good. They have a sweet, sensual fuck and it finally seems like Buck might have found a connection instead of another transaction. But has he?

Buck Angel, Superstar is streaming exclusively in High Definition on the AEBN network now.

Stars:   Buck Angel   Mandy Mitchell   Aubrey Kate   Tori Mayes   Chanel Santini
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Transsensual 

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Jun 06 2017

#AEBN Trending May 29th – June 5th


Jun 02 2017

Featured star: Cute, natural spinner Kristen Scott

kristen scott, topless, pierced nipple, piercing, pornLovely little Kristen Scott is a pretty California girl with long, golden brown hair and light brown eyes. She’s just five feet two inches tall and barely even a hundred pounds, with forever perky 32A tits and a piercing in her left nipple. On March 13, 1995, Kristen was born in San Diego. She made her porn debut last year.

Last month, Girlsway named Kristen their Girlsway Girl of the Month. The studio gave her a beautiful showcase in a scene with Angela Sommers for Mom’s Shrink that includes some hot breast worship. Who could blame Kristen for wanting to play with those big tits? And then there’s The Faces of Alice, a lesbian porn film unlike any other we’ve seen. This Girlsway feature is a lesbian comedy about a closeted college girl (Sara Luvv) who performs a magic ritual to try and win back her ex, only to wake up the next day possessed by every imaginable lesbian stereotype. She has to figure out who she is, but she’s got a lot of help from a bunch of sexy friends. Kristen piles onto Sara with a bunch of other hot young women in the movie’s climactic lesbian orgy scene.

Kristen’s done some other incredible all-girl scenes, including the lesbian threeway with Chloe Cherry and Lily Rader in Our New Roommate from Web Young.

Outside of her stunning all-girl porn work, Kristen has also explored plenty of erotic boundaries with scenes that will become instant favorites.

In Erotica X’s Swingers Getaway 2: Weekend at Cassidy’s, there’s a weekend-long sex party in which Cassidy Klein invites Kristen, Alexa Grace, and Mia Malkova to bring their boyfriends along for some partner swapping.

Blacked, known for its glamorously filmed interracial scenes starring beautiful couples, paired Kristen with Joss Lescaf for a sensual scene in My First Interracial 7.

Kristen experiences anal sex on camera for the first time with Jean Val in First Anal 3 from Tushy. After he gets her hot and ready to burst with some foreplay that includes cheek-reddening spanking, he pops her ass cherry in a beautifully filmed scene that manages to be hardcore and sensual at the same time.

We have a feeling you’re going to fall in lust with Kristen Scott as deeply and quickly as we did.

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Jun 01 2017

Movie Review: “Come Inside the Boxxx,” Porndoe Premium

come inside the boxxx, white boxxx, porndoe, lesbian, all girl, lucy li, michaela isizzu, lena love, silvie deluxe, candice loveThe height of fantasy and erotica is found in a space called The White Boxxx. Each of the four scenes in Come Inside the Boxxx (Porndoe Premium) takes place in an all-white space so that nothing distracts your eye from the sight of these stunning European lesbians making each other cum. A little bit of light bondage and latex fetish is also there to spice it up.

Gorgeous Lucy Li is tied to a table in an all-white room, arching her back so that her delicious nipples point at the ceiling. In a chair nearby, stunning Michaela Isizzu vigorously fingers herself and makes Lucy wait. After a moment Michaela sits on Lucy’s face and gets a hot tongue bath for her pussy. Michaela unties Lucy, then eats her out in return and fingers her pussy till it’s dripping wet. When Lucy gets up on all fours, we can see that she has one of the most amazing pairs of natural tits we’ve seen, and they sway and bounce erotically as she bucks her hips with Michaela’s fingers buried in her snatch. After Lucy cums, she goes down on Michaela until she has a moaning, gasping, screaming orgasm. It’s two incredibly beautiful, all-natural girls bringing each other to ecstasy using nothing but their probing fingers and hot mouths.

Platinum blonde babe Lena Love waits on a chair wearing little else but black rubber thigh highs and matching gloves, her nipples already perked up as she watches a sexy woman we can only see from behind, rounded ass cheeks framed gorgeously by a black rubber garter belt. In a moment that woman, Candice Love, joins Lena in the chair to lick her shaved pussy. Candice feasts on Lena’s twat and uses her fingers. She knows just how to stimulate the clit and g-spot together. After a few minutes they switch places, with Lena lying beneath Candice so she can look directly up at that pussy as she fucks her with her rubber-clad fingers. Later, Lena buzzes Candice’s smooth, erect, moist clit with a vibrator while languidly licking her nipples. The girls trade orgasms in a luxurious, glamorous scene that ends with a sweet kiss.

Candice Love and Lucy Li meet in another white room, smiling at each other across the space as Lucy plays with a pair of handcuffs. Lucy cuffs Candice and lays her back on the bed, hovers above her face and enjoys the licking of Candice’s soft, wet tongue. As she did for Lena, Candice gives Lucy beautiful orgasms and Lucy in turn makes Candice cum with expert fingers and tongue.

Silvie Deluxe, an exquisite girl with perky big tits and crystal-blue eyes, waits for the stunning Lena Love to come to her from across the room. Lena licks Silvie’s clit and finger-fucks her pussy. As she sucks Silvie’s tits, Lena’s own nipples are huge and hard. Lena can’t get enough of Silvie’s sweet snatch, so she eats her out some more as Silvie rides her face. Silvie gives Lena teasing kisses on the backs of her thighs and all around her pussy before diving in with her fingers and tongue.

These are some of the most luscious, artistically filmed girl-on-girl scenes imaginable and you can only stream Come Inside the Boxxx on AEBN.

Stars:   Lucy Li   Michaela Isizzu   Lena Love   Silvie Deluxe   Candice Love
Studio Name:   Porndoe Premium 

May 30 2017

#AEBN Trending May 22nd – May 29th


May 26 2017

Featured star: Anya Olsen, natural blue-eyed beauty

anya olsen, small tits, natural breasts, hard nipples, blue eyes, porn, topless, prettyGorgeous Anya Olsen grew up a good girl, but when she discovered her wild streak there was no stopping her! Born in New York on September 27, 1994 She grew up mostly in a tiny Kansas town. Anya broke out of her sheltered upbringing with a vengeance when her family moved back to New York, just outside the city, when she was a teenager. Her parents sent her to an all-girl boarding school in New Hampshire, hoping to correct her new wild side, but it only introduced Anya to the joys of girl-on-girl sex!

This beautiful blue-eyed brunette has natural 34B-24-34 curves, a figure that is only part of the reason she’s given us so much wet dream fuel since she made her adult industry debut in 2015. There’s a lot more to Anya than her physical charms. From all-girl (Sorority Lesbian Sleepover from Airerose Entertainment) to interracial (My First Interracial 7 from Blacked), Anya is just plain excited to fuck anyone and everyone in her scenes.

anya olsen, dp, double penetrationShe was practically made for the ever-popular taboo genre, making a huge impression in Father Daughter Bonding (Manipulative Media) at the beginning of her career. She’s assertive when it comes to that daddy dick, sucking cock hungrily and really getting off on every position.

But Anya was also willing to throw herself into rough sex from the start, as she proves in Hookup Hotshot: Extreme Dating (Evil Angel/Bryan Gozzling). She gets off on being choked during sex and is so excited that she squirts!

Late last year, Anya finally gave up her anal cherry. She chose the crème de la crème of ass-fixated porn studios for her grand opening: none other than Tushy. In First Anal 2, watch her Markus Tynai get her really heated up with some asshole rimming. Then she sucks him to full hardness, he starts in her pussy, and then plunges his dick into her virgin ass! Anya looks positively delicious in her cobalt blue lingerie and white thigh-high stockings.

Once Anya started doing anal, the next big step was double penetration. See her wild, passionate threeway in My DP 2 from Tushy and you’ll have a hard time not popping right away.

We have dozens of Anya Olsen movies for you to enjoy. Here are our top five.

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May 25 2017

Movie Review: “The Exhibitionist: Outdoor Displays of Lust,” SexArt

exhibitionist, public display, lust, sexart, sandy ambrosia, alexa tomas, cristal caitlin, alexis crystal, anita bellini, porn, couples, exhibitionism, public sexFor those who hope to stumble across people having sex out in the open, The Exhibitionist: Outdoor Displays of Lust from SexArt is a fantasy fulfilled. These five scenes are filmed beautifully in a naturalistic style: realtime sex, no tricky camera angles, excessive cuts in the action, or circus acts. You will really feel like you’re spying on these couples making love outside where anyone could watch them.

Sandy Ambrosia is a beautiful, sexy girl with long brown hair and an ass that’s perky in her black leggings. She hitches a ride with a guy. When the guy pulls off to the roadside for a smoke break, she takes the cigarette from him, takes a drag, and tosses it before clamping her lips against his. They kiss passionately for a moment before Sandy pulls out the guy’s cock and starts to suck. Bare-assed, with her shirt and bra pushed up to show her perfect tits, Sandy sits on the car and spreads her legs for him to eat her bald pussy. The guy kisses and sucks her nipples periodically as he thrusts, and even after he has creampied her, he can’t resist giving one of her nips a playful nibble.

Alexa Tomas, who’s a bit of a Kate Beckinsale lookalike, sneaks into a pool in somebody’s back yard with her man. She looks around, giggling, as they shuck off their clothes and hop into the water. He lifts her above his head a few times and they play around a bit, but then they head for the patio where she sits on his lap and they start to make out. Alexa’s blowjob is enough to make you lose it all on its own, because of the way she uses her tongue on his head and shaft. She mounts her man and rides him to a creamy finish.

Lovely Anita Bellini and her man are lying on an outdoor bed, naked and cuddling. He fondles her luscious body from behind. Anita turns onto her back and opens her legs. He licks and finger-fucks her for a long, luscious while before she returns the oral favor. Anita mounts his cock and takes him deep inside her, getting fucked slowly and sweetly in several positions. After he cums inside her, they share a deep, passionate kiss. He gets up, but she lingers there for a moment to trace her fingers around her pussy lips.

Alexis Crystal, a beautiful girl with long, dark blonde hair, is on a farm with her man when the fresh country air inspires their lust. She pulls out his big cock and sucks it to full hardness. Leaning back against the fence, she lifts one leg so he can eat her out. He fucks her up against the doorframe leading into the house, and Alexis proves to be quite a flexible girl.

Stunning blonde Cristal Caitlin goes on an early morning hike with her man. When they find a good spot, they stop so that he can take photos of her. Inspired by the beauty—of Cristal and of their surroundings—he kisses her and they start to take off their clothes. Cristal gets on her knees, pulls down his pants, and teasingly kisses above the waistband of his shorts. After a little while she takes out his cock and starts to blow him. He gives her pussy a long, loving tongue bath and then sits on a rock so she can climb onto his lap and ride him. Cristal bounces and rocks back and forth on his lap until he cums in her pussy. The camera zooms in so we can see the jizz starting to leak out of her before he pulls out.

All of the girls are beautiful and natural. All of the sex feels romantic. SexArt’s The Exhibitionist: Outdoor Displays of Lust is a seriously hot movie for lovers and it’s exclusively streaming on AEBN.

Stars:   Sandy Ambrosia   Alexa Tomas   Cristal Caitlin   Joel Tomas   Paolo Harver   Alexis Crystal   Anita Bellini   Matt Ice
Studio Name:   SexArt

May 23 2017

#AEBN Trending May 15th – May 22nd


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