Sophia Jade

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: College Roommates with Benefits

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: College Roommates With BenefitsGirl Candy Films is exploring the erotic possibilities of tongue wrestling between women with its Deep Kissing Lesbians series. It continues in a sweltering vignette titled College Roommates with Benefits.

Annabelle Lee has graduated from college and it’s time to pack her things and leave the dorm. Sophia Jade, her luscious roommate, comes in to remember their good times together before they say goodbye. This trip down nostalgia lane leads both the girls to the realization that they both had more than a friendly love for each other.

Sophia and Annabelle fall into each other’s arms in a long, heated series of kisses. Their mouths soon find other pleasurable spots to explore, including nipples and clits. It gets hotter by the second, and their passionate licking, gasping, moaning, and powerful cumming is sure to send you crashing over the edge into your own state of bliss.

Deep Kissing Lesbians 2: College Roommates with Benefits is streaming exclusively on our VOD theatre network.

Running Time:   35 minutes
Released:   01/2014
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Deep Kissing Lesbians
Stars:   Annabelle Lee   Sophia Jade
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   All Sex   All Girl   Schoolgirls   High Definition

Lesbian Doms and Subs 3: Lesbians on Parole

Lesbian Doms and Subs 3: Lesbians on ParoleGiven the recent popularity of a certain women’s prison drama in the mainstream entertainment world, it’s no wonder there are now more porn flicks featuring girl-on-girl jailbird action. It’s nothing new to those of us who remember exploitation cinema set in women’s prisons, but that just proves that some things never go out of style. Girl Candy Films gives it a different twist with Lesbians on Parole, the third installment of the Lesbian Doms and Subs series, by setting the action in a halfway house.

Upper-class beauty Samantha Ryan has paid her debt to society and is released from prison. Upon her arrival at the halfway house, the shy, quiet brunette quickly learns who is really running the place: Kinky Gaga, a bully with a buzz cut and a chip on her shoulder. Their power play is fun to behold.

Elsewhere in the movie, dominant lesbian Elexis Monroe is displeased with her submissive lover, Lotus Lain. Lotus has been flirting with the newly arrived Samantha and Elexis feels a spark of jealousy, though it would pain her to admit it.

Vicky Vixen is the house mother and an incorrigible drunk with a taste for pussy. She takes a liking to Sophia Jade and decides to assert her authority using this beautiful young woman as her fuck toy.

Lea Lush is pissed off at the thieving Annabelle Lee, and she takes her to task with a powerful display of sexual dominance.

Lesbian Doms and Subs 3: Lesbians on Parole is streaming exclusively on our VOD theatre network.

Running Time:   115 minutes
Released:   12/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Doms And Subs
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Samantha Ryan   Kinky Gaga   Annabelle Lee   Elexis Monroe   Lea Lush   Sophia Jade   Vicky Vixen   Lotus Lain
Categories: Fetish   Lesbian   New Release   Femdom   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition

Lesbian Guidance Counselor 3

Lesbian Guidance Counselor 3Girl Candy Films continues one of its hottest series with Lesbian Guidance Counselor 3. These movies follow the torrid secret life of guidance counselor Sophie Hobbs (Sovereign Syre). She offers barely-legal students at an upscale all-girls school an unorthodox form of mentoring, and it turns out many of the other staffers indulge in the same dirty deeds!

Professor St. Michaels (Magdalene St. Michaels) is spying on Sophie and sees her pet student (Gracie Glam) leaving the counselor’s house. (We saw Sophie and Gracie’s sex scene in the second volume of the series.) Jealous and enraged, the professor hires naturally busty, seductive Dr. Strauss (Jelena Jensen) as a student advisor, gives the newcomer Sophie’s office, and then doesn’t tell her nemesis about the switch. Magdalene also sends new student Bella (Sophia Jade) to seduce Sophie.

This young agent provocateur saunters into Sophie’s office and makes herself impossible to resist. Bella comes around the desk and starts kissing Sophie, then quickly moves down to pay some oral attention to the counselor’s lower lips. Sophie moves them over to the couch and dines on the student’s pussy. Bella’s soft tits bounce beguilingly as she humps Sophie’s mouth. They trade off on licking, finger-fucking, and tribbing each other.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strauss proves to be as horny as Sophie. On her first day at work she invites blonde student Chastity Lynn to her bed (her second office) for after-hours “advisement.” Formerly Sophie’s cast-off plaything, Chastity is finally moving on. She certainly enjoys sucking Dr. Strauss’ erect nipples. The advisor’s unorthodox advice includes hands-on demonstrations of oral sex, fingering, tribbing, and deep kissing.

Bella visits Magdalene at home, where they plot to get Sophie sacked. Magdalene tells Bella to file a complaint for sexual harassment. In some off-screen plot advancement, Magdalene walked in on Sophie getting head from Bella under the desk, and pretended not to notice. The scheming professor says she enjoyed making Sophie carry on a conversation while trying not to cum. Magdalene tells Bella she got so horny that she had to masturbate in the bathroom afterward, so the student invites the professor to feel for herself how good she is at eating pussy. Magdalene enjoys playing with Bella’s plump tits and young snatch.

When Sophie finds out that Magdalene wants Dr. Strauss to attend a meeting in her place, the counselor storms into her new rival’s office to confront her. Dr. Strauss calls Sophie’s bluff and dominates her into having sex. The two vixens battle it out with a clash of the tongues and clits. When Dr. Strauss sits on Sophie’s face, it’s easy to see who’s winning. Writer/director Nica Noelle leaves the story with hints at even hotter things to come for the series.

Lesbian Guidance Counselor 3 is streaming exclusively on our VOD network.

Running Time:   105 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Guidance Counselor
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Ela Darling   Sophia Jade   Sovereign Syre   Jelena Jensen   Chastity Lynn   Magdalene St. Michaels
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   Schoolgirls   High Definition

In the Closet

In the ClosetHidden lesbian urges preoccupy mature beauty Darla Crane, her sexy best friend Dyanna Lauren, and gorgeous young Gracie Glam. In the Closet from Girl Candy Films exposes these repressed desires and brings long-needed fulfillment to these would-be lesbians.

While on vacation, Dyanna meets curvy brunette Sophia Jade and is instantly drawn to her. On the last day of Dyanna’s vacation, Sophia makes her move. Together, the blonde and the younger brunette taste all the sweet spots on each other’s bodies. Dyanna drinks in everything about Sophia, paying particularly close attention to her natural, teardrop-shaped tits. After a life of unsatisfying sex, a younger woman is all Dyanna needs to swear off sex with men for good.

When Darla learns that her best friend has discovered such pleasures, she’s shocked and thinks it’s just a midlife crisis. Still, that night while her husband sleeps next to her, Darla quietly masturbates to the thought of her coworker, beautiful young Gracie.

The next day, Gracie finds herself in the clutches of her domineering boss, Magdalene St. Michaels. Magdalene can’t resist taking advantage of Gracie’s vulnerability as an employee who’s looking to please. Gracie is bewildered and nervous when her boss starts making comments about her tight sweater, but she ends up on Magdalene’s couch, surrendering to her advances. Magdalene licks Gracie’s clit and finger-fucks her pussy. Gracie starts to return the favor, but Magdalene wants that young pussy sitting right on her face! Afterward, Gracie is so upset that she goes home early.

At a bar after work, Darla meets gorgeous young redhead Faye Reagan. After Darla leaves, Faye stays to drown her sorrows because her boyfriend dumped her. The bar closes early, but gorgeous bartender Jelena Jensen kindly lets Faye stick around while she closes up. Jelena shows Faye how to play pool and comments that her perfume smells good. “Women who wear musk are usually great in bed,” Jelena observes. “How would you know that?” Faye asks, and Jelena shows her. In her emotionally fragile state, Faye can only lie back and gasp with stunned pleasure as Jelena slowly, steadily fingers her pussy and licks her pink nipples. Now that she knows what to do, Faye worships Jelena’s big, gorgeous tits and pretty pussy in return. The fiery energy between them could heat a whole house in wintertime for days.

Gracie is waiting for Darla when she gets home. Her tryst with Magdalene has left her shaken and she confides in Darla. Gracie says she’d been bi-curious and thought she’d let Magdalene fuck her just to see if she could get off with a woman, but afterward she was disgusted. Rather than giving up, though, Gracie wants to have sex with a woman she’s actually attracted to – like Darla. On the couch, the women consummate their mutual attraction, making out tenderly before getting naked and tasting each other’s sweet pussies.

Now that they’ve enjoyed the body of another woman, these ladies may never have sex with a man again!

Running Time:   150 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Faye Reagan   Magdalene St. Michaels   Gracie Glam   Sophia Jade   Dyanna Lauren   Darla Crane
Categories: Lesbian   Big Tits   New Release   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger

Here Cums the Bride

Here Cums the BrideIn Filly Films’ erotic drama Here Cums the Bride, director Kay Brandt weaves a tale that takes us from a couple’s rosy engagement through the seedy behind-the-scenes relations at the wedding planner’s office.

Reese (Joslyn James) proposes to her girlfriend Leah (Sophia Jade) by asking her to come to bed in bridal lingerie. Soon Leah and Reese skip the talking and get down to fucking. (Joslyn/Reese looks very different with her hair in a crew cut, but those chest balloons are as big and round as before. Natural-breasted brunette Sophia/Leah is a beautiful “bride” whose creamy skin is nearly as pale as the lace.) This is a hot scene with lots of breast play and oral before Reese brings out a curved double-ended dildo that they ride together. Later Reese finally proposes for real, and Leah says yes.

Wedding planner Brielle (Zoey Holloway) wants employee Shelly (Celeste Star) to try on a bridal veil. Whiskey-voiced Shelly plays along and spins a fantasy in which Brielle is her wife to ravish. Shelly grinds against Brielle through their clothes. Brielle sucks Shelly’s nipples and makes her squeal by rubbing her clit through her panties. Shelly performs masterful cunnilingus, starting with teasing inner thigh bites and including some vigorous tongue work that must be seen to be believed. Brielle licks and fingers Shelly till she lifts her ass off the couch reflexively. This is a long, passionate scene.

Brielle’s exotically gorgeous ex-business partner Karena (Nyomi Banxxx) swoops in unannounced and catches Brielle naked with Shelly. To say the confrontation is hostile is an understatement – Karena threatens to report Brielle to the labor board and steals Shelly from Brielle. Autumn (Missy Martinez) is an ambitious job applicant whom Brielle hires to replace Shelly. Though Autumn is a straight girl who doesn’t know what to make of Brielle’s flirty body language and is utterly clueless that this is a lesbian-only wedding planning business, she’s beautiful, good at improvising, and wants to please.

A pair of engaged exotic dancers, Nina (Tanya Tate) and Callie (Sinn Sage), meet with Brielle and just the thought of their imminent wedding has them sexually stimulated. After their casual rehearsal, Nina and Callie go home and fuck. Sinn is one of the hottest lesbian performers today, and to see her as Callie with gorgeous Brit Tanya as Nina is one of the movie’s highlights. Busty Nina is a dirty girl who uses lots of spit while orally servicing Callie’s pussy and ass.

Autumn answers a call from Karena, who asks her to come by her house that night and “pick up some things.” Karena has Shelly at her house, and when Autumn arrives they pull her to the hot tub. While Karena unbuttons Autumn’s blouse from behind, Shelly kisses her voluptuous breasts in one of the movie’s sexiest images. Karena and Shelly share the straight girl from head to toe (concentrating on those amazing tits and that pussy previously untouched by women, of course). Shelly plays a dominant role with her, while Karena purrs her approval.

Days later at the strippers’ wedding, it’s unclear if Autumn daydreamed her threeway or if she’s remembering it fondly, but it’s clear that her new job has opened her mind to loving other women.

Stars:   Tanya Tate   Sophia Jade   Sinn Sage   Celeste Star   Nyomi Banxxx   Joslyn James   Missy Martinez   Zoe Holloway
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   148 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Filly Films
Director:   Kay Brandt