Movie Review: Sex Games, Marc Dorcel

sex games, marc dorcel, Mia Malkova, Clea Gaultier, Anna Polina, Henessy, Paulina Soul, Melody Clark, Izabella, Paolo Harver, Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini, Lucy Heart, Anny Aurora, Alberto Blanco, swingers, orgyMarc Dorcel is to adult film studios what a Maserati is to transportation, and its erotic sophistication has never been more thrilling than it is in Sex Games. This brand-new release was filmed in 4K Ultra-High Definition and boasts one of the greatest casts of porn stars ever assembled, led by American blonde bombshell Mia Malkova and stunning French star Cléa Gaultier.

One night at the club, Mia notices with concern that her husband, Ricky Mancini, can’t keep his eyes off the scene on the dance floor as Cléa is sandwiched between two men, tongue-kissing one and caressing the other. Cléa takes the men upstairs. Moments later, Mia enters the bathroom to find the trio there, getting more intimate, and awkwardly refuses her friend’s invitation to join them. Unbothered, Cléa pulls out one guy’s uncut cock and starts to jerk it. As Mia and other friends are leaving the club, Cléa is braced up against the bathroom wall getting anally fucked in standing doggy style while the other guy waits his turn. (more…)

Movie Review: Spring Break Fuck Parties 12

team skeet, spring break fuck parties 12, teen, party girls, porn, schoolgirls, taboo, orgies, Cadey Mercury, Iggy Amore, Harley Jade, Leigh Rose, Nicole Clitman, Azalea Stone, Karma Ford, Miranda Miller, Nickey Huntsman, Kacy Lane, Jade Nile, Cassidy Ryan, Miss GoldieTeam Skeet’s great at showing us hot girls just hanging out doing the sexy things that guys always imagine them doing when there are no guys around. Spring Break Fuck Parties 12 is a collection of four scenes that build up to the action with just that kind of thing, and the hanging out is like foreplay, priming us for the main event.

Cadey Mercury, Iggy Amore, and Harley Jade are chatting by the pool until Ryan, their “yoga instructor,” shows up to give them a private class (while secretly recording them in their tiny shorts and sports bras). The girls are fit because they’re young, but they’ve never done yoga. When he starts getting too intimate for their liking, the girls suspect that he’s not legit. After they notice the camera, they decide to give him something really worth recording. The girls commandeer his camera and his cock, getting some video evidence that will end his career if they post it online. There’s plenty of smack talk as the sucking and fucking continue. He gets to cum, but then he’s got to go. (more…)

Movie Review: “An Orgy for Cassie,” Marc Dorcel

an orgy for cassie, marc dorcel, orgies, euro, porn, Cassie Del Isla, Tiffany Doll, Shona River, Linda Eclair, Luly Love, Nikki Nuttz, Cecilia Scott, Jenny Feri, Vyvan Hill, Cherry Kiss, Jace Reed, Haley HillNo one does orgy movies on such an extravagant scale as Marc Dorcel. The high-gloss Euro hardcore studio is great at putting stunning women and handsome men together in beautiful rooms, staging the scene like some kind of massive moving erotic portrait, and letting them go at each other while they record the whole thing. An Orgy for Cassie, a brand new release this week, is another slice of group sex perfection from one of France’s most legendary porn studios.

Cassie Del Isla’s husband has asked her to be ready for what he has only described as a special appointment. Her husband’s sexual perversions are well known to her and she’s nervous but excited to find out what erotic adventures he has in store for them. A beautiful woman such as Cassie doesn’t have to do much to be seductive, but she dresses up in a skimpy dress and sexy stockings to show off more than her pretty face.

Tonight, Cassie is going on her own adventure while a cameraman (more…)

Movie Review: Family Taboo Tales 3

family taboo tales 3, bi is the best, bisexual, orgies, taboo, amateurWhat’s the weirdest, wildest family activity you can imagine? Well, we’re going to guess that whatever you’ve thought up probably isn’t as freaky as what the real amateur fuckers get up to in Family Taboo Tales 3: Bi is the Best from Trix Productions.

As you’ll quickly discover, these kinfolk are huge perverts. The whole clan is horny and almost all of them are bisexual. They love to fuck and suck their way through their relations. No one is left out of the family fun!

Sitting around the fireplace of an evening, Mom and Dad will often decide that it’s time for everyone to strip naked for some bonding. While Dad will enjoy sucking cock and fucking men in the ass, Mom will diddle herself while she watches. Dad will also pork his own daughter while Mom will fuck her brother-in-law or her niece. Aunts, sisters, uncles, brothers, cousins… everybody is fair game.

The women play with each other’s natural titties and eager pussies when they aren’t busy stuffing their faces and twats with the meat of their brothers, uncles, dads, and sons. As for the men, they have plenty of nasty fun with their female relations, but they’re also horny for each other’s hairy holes and hard cocks.

Here are half a dozen scenes of orgies that take place at their family parties. The action that pool table has seen would fill a book. Every bedroom is full of randy relatives. There’s some light spanking and bondage action, too.

This family’s reunions must be something to behold. What would the neighbors think if they knew what goes on within the walls of that house?

If you’re in the mood for some totally amateur, nasty, taboo action, this is what you want. It doesn’t get more real or more perverted!

Stars: None listed
Studio Name:   Trix Productions

Movie Review: Manon Martin: First Orgy for My Wife

Manon Martin: First Orgy for My Wife, orgies, glamour, swinger, natural breasts, euro babe, french pornGorgeous brunette Manon Martin is new to porn, so what better way to announce her presence to world than with an exquisite orgy film? Manon Martin: First Orgy for My Wife is a perfect example of the sumptuous Marc Dorcel style. This studio is known for making group sex into an art form for anyone who likes their porn hardcore yet classy.

At age 22, Manon is as shy and prudish as she is beautiful. Newly employed at a “luxury products” company full of rich, beautiful twenty-somethings, she has trouble fitting in with their wild scene. She’s flattered when the boss’ son Alex invites her to a party, at least until it turns out to be an orgy. Alex tries to make her stay, but she bolts.

The other partygoers have no such reservations. We see an extended sequence of sleek hotties on their knees, sucking all the guys’ cocks and flicking their tongues across the sensitive parts. We get a close-up of a guy tonguing a brunette’s clit as he sinks his fingers into her wet pussy. Elsewhere, a blonde eases herself onto a guy’s shaft. The girls swap partners and share, and there’s plenty of cum for them to swallow.

At breakfast the next morning, Manon evades her parents’ questions about how the party went and goes to get ready for work. She carefully slides on luxurious black lingerie and stockings, and a body-hugging skirt suit. Dressed and made up tastefully, yet beautifully, she finds Alex waiting for her outside next to his sports car. She chooses to walk, but after a few days of this she accepts his roses and a ride to work.

Manon tells us they started dating, and that she married him a few months later. On their wedding night, they kiss and undress slowly. She sucks his cock before he lays her down on a bed strewn with rose petals, kisses her gorgeous body, and makes love to her. It’s the romantic, one-on-one night of sex that Manon envisioned for such a momentous occasion.

Married life takes Manon on an adventure as Alex introduces her to erotic pleasures she never would have tried. It starts with sex with a beautiful woman they meet in a café. Alex watches the women pleasure each other with tongues and toys.

Now that she’s tasted such pleasures, Manon wants more. One year after that first orgy that Manon refused to join, Alex takes her to another one at a mansion with other high-society types. Manon is excited, knowing that their love for each other only intensifies with each shared experience. Soon there are people sucking and fucking all around them. Alex looks on appreciatively as Manon kisses a woman who’s riding another man’s cock. As Manon blows the other man, Alex fucks her from behind. Side by side, the couple fucks each other and those around them. Then Alex watches with excitement and pride as his wife gets double penetrated and sucks off two guys. After all the others, Manon saves the grand finale for Alex, sucking and stroking a thick load out of him that he spurts onto her face.

Watching Manon explore all her desires with Alex’s encouragement and participation is a thrill, and maybe even an inspiration to couples who are watching.

Stars:   Manon Martin   Christen Courtney   Brandy Smile   Anita Bellini   Kiara Lord
Studio Name:   Marc Dorcel  Marc Dorcel SBO

Movie Review: James Deen’s Group Sex

group sex, james deen, dana dearmond, bliss dulce, odette delacroix, jay taylor, alex chance, marilyn moore, paisley parker, effie, tommy pistol, seth gamble, kacy lane, jade nile, orgy, gangbang, threewaySpontaneous hookups with multiple partners are the theme of this latest flick from James Deen. Group Sex features James and some of his best fuck buddies, from fellow superstars to newbies.

James calls notorious dirty girl Dana DeArmond and tells her to come over for a surprise. Latin starlet Bliss Dulce is sleeping in his bed. He sets the camera down to record as he wakes her for some spanking, face fucking, and of course vaginal fucking. Bliss crawls on all fours for James. Dana shows up in a tight purple dress that soon gets stripped off to reveal sheer black lingerie, worn with some sexy black thigh-high boots. Dana and James exchange friendly banter. There’s a funny moment when one of James’ cats enters the shot while James is fingering Dana’s butthole. James introduces Dana to his “puppy.” Dana and James have fun with Bliss, who enjoys obliging all their sexual shenanigans, from messy oral to anal. Bliss isn’t as blissful as Dana, though, who’s so dick-drunk she seems to be on another plane of existence. Just another afternoon hanging out with a couple of good buddies who happen to be porn stars.

The four other scenes are all pretty casual affairs, most starting out with conversations on one of James’ couches at home. The last scene takes place on one of his movie sets.

It’s always fun to see newer girls ride the James Deen merry-go-round. Bespectacled brunette Jay Taylor and petite blonde Odette Delacroix are like a double dessert course for James in scene two. Odette is dirtier than her innocent looks suggest. The girls are just as into each other as they are into James, maybe even a little more so.

Next are Alex Chance, Marilyn Moore, and Paisley Parker, who all line up on the couch to be fucked in turn. When he concentrates on one, the other two play with each other. The highlights include Marilyn eagerly taking him up the ass and any moment involving Alex’s magnificent big naturals. Kneeling in a group, the girls take his spooge like the harlots they are.

Bodacious tattooed babe Effie has written to James about her group sex fantasy, so he gives the girl her wildest dreams. She gets to take on James and his buddies Tommy Pistol and Seth Gamble. James is already well into a suck-and-fuck with Effie when the other guys arrive to gangbang her. It’s mostly vaginal and oral action with a little DP and some anal mixed in. The guys don’t know the camera’s there, but after they all coat her in jizz, James tells them he filmed it and asks if he can use the footage. Surprise!

Kacy Lane is making out with James behind the scenes of a movie that’s being filmed. They seek privacy in the bathroom and find Jade Nile using it as a changing room. Quickly the twosome becomes a threesome, but the primary action happens between Kacy and James. He films a lot of this in POV and it’s obvious that he has the hots for Kacy more than any of the other girls in the movie. She drains his dick dry, taking a huge facial.

With five hours of hot orgies and gangbangs to enjoy, Group Sex is going to keep you happily busy for a while.

Stars:   Jay Taylor   Alex Chance   Reagan Ross   Kacy Lane
Studio Name:   Girlfriends Films  James Deen Productions

Spring Break Fuck Parties 3

Spring Break Fuck Parties 3Spring really makes a girl horny, judging by the ones in Spring Break Fuck Parties 3. Even if Spring Break is over, these college babes have kindly filmed their shenanigans so we can watch.

In the first scene, Chase Ryder is celebrating her 21st birthday with her hottest friends. They flirt and tease for the camera, showing off their twerking skills and getting ready to go out. Out on the street, they pose for photos in their skimpy outfits before finding some guys to bring back to the room for an orgy. The girls kiss each other while the guys are going at them, and get hot ‘n’ sloppy like true fuck dolls.

Next, three hot but airheaded coeds wait for a nerdy guy from school to come over for study group. They can’t remember what subject they’re even studying, but they plot to make the nerd their sexual conquest. They accuse him of being a scaredy-cat virgin. Somehow the promise of group sex overcomes any indignation he feels about the taunting, and he takes on the three slutty students. Eventually he’s confidently telling them how to position themselves so he can fuck them, and he cums on their upturned faces.

Four party girls in Miami celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some daytime partying, including a twerk session. Eventually they hit the streets and find two guys in St. Paddy’s party hats and sunglasses. They all walk back to the girls’ room where the party can really begin. The 5’11” blonde one shows her plump natural tits and tells the guys, “Kiss them, they’re Irish!” The blonde and one of the brunettes do all the fucking while the other two brunettes get off on watching.

A group of girls have invited some guys over to party. While they wait for the guys, the girls pass the time by twerking, skinny dipping, and playing naked Twister. When the guys call to say they’re at the front door, the girls slip back into their skimpy clothes, but they come off again soon for topless drinking games. Inside the house, two girls suck and fuck two of the guys. Meanwhile, the other girls provide commentary and film it with their phones.

The last scene features Rose Red and two hot friends at a camp for delinquents. While waiting for their tennis instructor, they talk about fucking guys in the other dorm and play with each other’s tits. Finally the instructor shows up, but the girls aren’t interested in the game. It’s not the first time they’ve goofed off, but they get one last chance. Rose talks him in to letting her blow him so he’ll forget the whole thing. She gets him so hot he fucks her standing up while she balances on one leg, grabbing the chain link fence for support. The other girls “help out” with fondling and smacks on the ass, but this is mostly Rose’s show.

For a great time, follow these hot girls through their nights and days of partying and fucking.

Stars:   Rose Red   Chase Ryder   Dee Dee Lynn   Alex Tanner   Riley Reynolds   Christina Ginn   Abbi Roads   Kayla West   Kendra Cole   L. Davis   Brian O’Mally   Miya Stone   Ryan McLane   Crystal Lopez   Kelsi Monroe
Studio Name:   Team Skeet