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Movie Review: “Military Wives,” Girlsway

military wives, girlsway, lesbian, all girl, Alexis Fawx, Ryan Ryans, Alexis Monroe, Richelle Ryan, Kayla KaydenGirlsway presents another collection of all-girl scenes that will have your clit throbbing or your cock jumping, as the case may be. Military Wives takes us on an erotic journey from horny women satisfying each other while their husbands are away, to a Madam training her new escort, to the new escort servicing her first client.

Ryan Ryans is sexually frustrated after her deployed husband abruptly cuts off a hot video chat when someone enters the room. She had her big boobs out, bouncing and jiggling as she energetically stroked her throbbing clit, and both of them were just about to cum! Ryan calls her friend and fellow military wife, Alexis Fawx, who quickly introduces her to a little secret that all of the wives share. Alexis kisses Ryan and convinces her that eating isn’t really cheating. After a super hot sequence of breast caressing and pussy fingering, Ryan goes for a ride on the blonde MILF’s face. Both of the wives have cum, right before Ryan’s husband calls back on the video chat! (more…)

Movie Review: “Dysfunctional Family Love Stories,” Forbidden Fruits Films

dysfunctional family love stories, taboo, porn, forbidden fruits, Jodi West, Deauxma, Reagan Foxx, Synthia Fixx, Cherie Deville, Alexis Fawx, Johnny Champ, Brad Knight, Damon Dice, Johnny Castle, Levi CashThis week, Forbidden Fruits Films is giving us a collection of fun, dramatic vignettes that are all about horny, middle-aged women bedding younger men in their families. Dysfunctional Family Love Stories is another instant classic in the taboo genre from a studio that does them incredibly well.

College student Damon Dice has taken his dad’s credit card and taken up residence in a hotel just to get away from the temptation of his stepmother, Alexis Fawx, but she manages to track him down. Damon tells Alexis that he can’t concentrate on his schoolwork at home, where there’s too much temptation. Alexis coyly pretends not to understand that her enormous tits and low-cut shirts might be the distraction. With his dad furious at him and his scholarship at risk, Damon and his stepmom quickly work a way to ease the distraction. Damon is amazed when Alexis reveals her huge titties to him for the first time. (more…)

Movie Review: “Forbidden Family Affairs 7,” Team Skeet

forbidden family affairs 7, team skeet, Karly Baker, Abi Grace, Alexis Fawx, April Mae, Maya Kendrick, taboo, stepmom, stepsister, teenTeam Skeet’s Forbidden Family Affairs 7, this week’s featured movie, is another scintillating installment of a series that should be at the top of every taboo porn fan’s watch list. Abi Grace, Maya Kendrick, Alexis Fawx, Karly Baker, and April Mae are the object of lust for the young men in their lives. Can you blame them?

Cute, dark blonde teen Abi Grace is trying to slip her stepbrother’s keys back into his pocket while he sleeps on the couch. He wakes up and chews her out for taking his car out without a driver’s license, but she convinces him not to tell on her. The price of his silence is to let him take pictures of her naked tits! She acts like she’s very put out, but soon enough she’ll be putting out. The next day, while trying to retrieve a ring that fell into the garbage disposal, she gets her arm stuck and has to call on him to get her unstuck. He pretends that he can’t get her out in order to keep her there, bent over the sink. She feels his hard-on pressing against her ass and is excited, in spite of everything. (more…)

Movie Review: “The Art of Older Women,” Girlsway

girlsway, art of older women, lesbian, cougar, older, younger, mature, teen, student, all girl, sandy fantasy, abella danger, kylie page, vicki chase, alexis fawx, cherie deville, abby cross, alice marchGirlsway brings us a quartet of beautifully filmed, sensual lesbian vignettes in The Art of Older Women.

Cute young fashion writer Abella Danger has the chance to interview legendary fashion model/designer Sandy Fantasy, who shows up late and then treats her dismissively. But then Sandy, a gorgeous blonde cougar, realizes that Abella will do anything to get this interview and decides to advantage of the young hottie’s eagerness. Sandy invites Abella to hang out while she gets ready for her fashion show, and then recruits the young writer to help her get naked for a bath. While Abella tries to ask questions, Sandy is more interested in sex. She remarks on how much she likes to design for women with curves, especially the ass, which Abella has in abundance. Abella joins Sandy in stripping naked for a dip in the huge tub. She eagerly eats out Sandy’s wet pussy and gasps in ecstasy as Sandy returns the favor and tribs her, making the water splash. Although Sandy cums hard, she’s a love ’em and leave ’em type. Abella will be disappointed if she thinks her fashion idol will call her to come over again.

Busty, beautiful platinum blonde Kylie Page is a rock star’s wife who wants a divorce after finding out he cheated on her yet again. She calls Alexis Fawx, a highly rated divorce lawyer who specializes in jilted wives who want revenge on their cheating husbands. Alexis meets with Kylie right away and likes what she sees. After listening to Kylie’s story of finding her husband with her 18-year-old sister and even the 70-year-old woman next door, Alexis decides that her new client deserves a chance to relax. She needs to feel a woman’s touch for the first time in her life, and Alexis has all the breast-playing, pussy-eating skills to make that possible. Kylie’s huge, gravity-defying tits are sensitive, and Alexis loves to massage and lick them. Eventually, Alexis has her hot mouth on Kylie’s swollen clit. On the desk, Alexis teaches Kylie about tribbing. Alexis finally sits on Kylie’s face and rides her tongue till she gushes.

Cute college student Alice March is having trouble studying Shakespeare, so she calls the tutor that her professor recommended. It’s sultry grad student Vicki Chase, who arrives that evening and is so hot that Alice can’t concentrate. Alice tries to focus as Vicki answers her question about examples of irony in Romeo & Juliet, but she keeps daydreaming about them sitting in their lingerie. Then, when Alice imagines herself reaching over to touch Vicki’s mound, she snaps back to reality only to discover that she really does have her hand there. Vicki decides to toss the lesson aside and teach Alice everything she learned about lesbian sex. After all, college is a time for experimentation and Alice is definitely eager to learn! Vicki coaxes Alice through it all, encouraging her to kiss her and then suck each other’s nipples. The tutor and student end up eating each other’s pussies and then grinding their wet, throbbing clits together. As great as Shakespeare is, it can’t compare to their lesbian bliss!

Abby Cross, an intern at the DA’s office, has just been assigned to do a psychological profile of mobster Biggie DeVille. She visits the mansion where his wife, Cherie, frantically drags the confused student up into the bedroom, fussing at her for even being there and yelling that their lives are both in danger. Abby takes notes about Cherie as the mobster’s wife warns her about all the cameras and bugs in the house. Cherie starts yanking the pretty blonde intern’s clothes off under the pretense that they’re lesbian lovers, which would be a better alibi for Abby’s presence in the house than the truth. Abby’s never had sex with a woman, but Cherie is an experienced bisexual cougar and she teaches Abby everything she knows about pussy licking and tribbing!

The Art of Older Women is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Sandy Fantasy   Abella Danger   Kylie Page   Vicki Chase   Alexis Fawx   Cherie DeVille   Abby Cross   Alice March
Studio Name:   Girlsway 

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Movie Review, “Don’t Tell Hubby,” Girlsway

don't tell hubby, lesbian, girlsway, august ames, abella danger, aj applegate, spencer scott, alexis fawx, jaclyn taylor, pornGirlsway presents Don’t Tell Hubby, another in its growing catalogue of stunning lesbian movies that are gorgeously filmed and full of hot women who are clearly enjoying each other.

Stepsisters Abella Danger and August Ames have a close relationship. It’s so close that they have to use secret names when they video chat, and that’s the only reason their dad didn’t figure out they’ve been having a lesbian romance when he snooped on her laptop. Abella’s out of the will unless she changes her deviant ways, and he even goes so far as to coerce her into marrying one of the partners at his law firm, a young guy named Manolo. August agrees to come home and help Abella get out of this engagement. When August walks through the door, their dad says he wants her to talk some sense into Abella, still not knowing about their taboo relationship. Instead, August and Abella have some hot reunion sex because they haven’t seen each other for a while. In Abella’s bedroom, the sisters make out and suck each other’s nipples. They hungrily eat each other’s warm, wet pussies and finger each other till they moan and writhe in orgasm! It’s a wonder their dad doesn’t hear them when he knocks on the door, letting Abella know that Manolo has come to see her.

AJ Applegate’s game designer husband won’t put his phone down and pay her any attention. He makes fun of her for complaining. When busty blonde Spencer Scott comes over with her husband, who works with AJ’s husband, the girls are left on their own because the husbands are preoccupied with their phones. The moment the guys leave the room, the girls whip out their luscious tits and start licking. Soon they’re naked and playing with each other’s pussies. They won’t let their husbands’ neglect keep them from getting laid! As the husbands go outside, come back inside, and go outside again, AJ and Spencer sneak long moments of lesbian fucking on the white leather couch. At one point the guys notice a wet spot, but they’re too oblivious to figure out what it really is. The girls narrowly escape getting caught naked a few times, but it doesn’t even stop them from fingering each other while they hide behind the couch with their husbands just a few feet away!

Alexis Fawx is jealous because her roommate, Jaclyn Taylor, is gushing about a girl she met at the gym. When Jaclyn shows a photo of the girl on her phone, Alexis says the girl is young enough to be her daughter. Oblivious to the reason Alexis is acting this way, Jaclyn suggests that they could double date with the girl and her brother. Jaclyn has invited the girl over so they can go out, forgetting that it’s cleaning day. While Jaclyn gets all hussied up in a dress that can barely contain her tits and ass, Alexis peeks. As Jaclyn and her date make out on the couch, Alexis glares at them from the background. When the girl knocks over a vase, Alexis loses her temper and Jaclyn’s date bolts. Alexis chases Jaclyn into her bedroom, where a catfight ensues. As they roll each other over, struggling for dominance, Alexis admits that the reason she’s angry is that she wants Jaclyn for herself. Jaclyn is attracted to Alexis too, but she assumed she didn’t like girls. The makeup sex is as passionate as the fight. Quickly they transition from kissing to Jaclyn kissing and sucking Alexis’ huge breasts. Jaclyn pulls off those yoga pants and goes down on Alexis, saying she wants her to cum in her mouth. After her orgasm, Alexis finally tastes Jaclyn’s twat. She’s so good at pussy eating you’d think she was a veteran, but it’s her first time. The women grind their pussies together till they reach a mutual climax, and as they kiss they agree that they’re more than friends.

Spencer and AJ have moved to a bedroom, where their clueless husbands are less likely to hear their moans and gasps or see them licking and tribbing themselves into ecstasy. Let their husbands keep playing with their phones—these smoking hot blondes are going to keep playing with each other’s married pussies!

It’s the day of Abella and Manolo’s wedding rehearsal. While their dad preaches at them, August lifts Abella’s skimpy skirt and fondles that big butt. A woman sitting across the table from August doesn’t seem to notice, or else she’s pretending she can’t see. The overbearing father instructs Abella and Manolo to rehearse their kiss, but August blurts out a warning that it’s bad luck. In fact, even seeing the bride will be bad luck, so August pulls Abella away to her bedroom, saying it’s just going to be the girls hanging out till the wedding tomorrow. Abella’s dress is laid out on the bed, and August wants to see her in it. Soon enough, she’s already naked as the girls indulge in one more session of toe sucking, pussy eating, tribbing, and ass rimming before Abella is married off to a guy she doesn’t even want. Manolo knocks on the door several times, complaining and whining, wanting to go home, but the girls remind him that they already said Abella was staying with August for the night. After shooing the unwanted dude away for the last time, August and Abella decide to run away together and free Abella from an unwanted marriage. They pack their bags and flee the house at dawn. Where will their sisterly lesbian love lead them?

Don’t Tell Hubby from Girlsway is available exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   August Ames   Abella Danger   Jaclyn Taylor   Alexis Fawx   Spencer Scott   A.J. Applegate
Studio Name:   Girlsway

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Movie Review: “My Virgin Daughter” from Girlsway

my virgin daughter, mommy's girl, girlsway, lesbian, porn, taboo, all girl, mother, daughter, jelena jensen, cassidy klein, rebel lynn, tiffany watson, chanel preston, alexis fawxBreaking family taboos is what Mommy’s Girl/Girlsway is all about. Their latest release is My Virgin Daughter and it’s a truly orgasmic collection of stepmother/stepdaughter sex scenes.

Gorgeous, voluptuous brunette Jelena Jensen is finding it difficult to bond with her stepdaughter, slim and dark-haired beauty Cassidy Klein. The girls in school pick on Cassidy because they know Jelena had sex with her previous stepdaughter before she married Cassidy’s dad. One night, Jelena dreams of Cassidy jumping into bed with her, begging to be fucked because she’s a virgin. In this dream Cassidy orally worships Jelena’s pussy and big natural breasts like a pro, and Jelena reciprocates. It’s a wild, hot dream and when Jelena wakes up, she wants to make it happen in real life despite her intentions of remaining on the straight and narrow path.

Chanel Preston is desperate to get out of the debt that’s been piling up since her ex-husband left her with his own daughter Rebel Lynn. As stepmother and stepmother look for extra work, Chanel finds a listing for a phone sex operator. Rebel decides to join her when they learn that mother/daughter duos are a hot commodity and they can make even more money. First, Chanel thinks they should do a little “research” so they’ll be prepared. They get horny while watching some taboo porn on the Girlsway website and start to “role-play.” They move from kissing to nipple sucking, and as Rebel plays with Chanel’s big tits she slips her hand down between her stepmom’s thighs to find her pussy sopping wet. Rebel goes down on Chanel and watches her moan and writhe in ecstasy. Chanel takes her turn to pleasure her stepdaughter, and she takes the opportunity to teach the pretty teen about tribbing. They grind their wet, erect clits together until it’s clear that they’re ready to start their new jobs.

Young, blonde cutie Tiffany Watson is stealing condoms from her stepmother Alexis Fawx’s night stand when Alexis gets home from a so-called business trip. After eavesdropping on her stepmom’s phone conversation, Tiffany snoops in the suitcase while Alexis takes a shower. Tiffany deduces that Alexis is having an affair when she finds only bras and panties in the luggage. Alexis catches her stepdaughter trying on lingerie, but Tiffany immediately takes control and blackmails her. Alexis protests, but she’ll do anything to keep this affair quiet. Tiffany makes her stepmother give her a private lingerie modeling session, then demands oral sex. After Tiffany gushes into her stepmother’s mouth, she shows Alexis how a woman can please her pussy better than any man… especially with a pierced tongue.

Stepmother Chanel Preston and stepdaughter Rebel Lynn take their first phone sex call. The caller is a woman who gets off big time on listening to the taboo lesbian pair compliment each other’s hot bodies in detail and then fuck while she listens. Chanel and Rebel make sure to tell their first caller what it’s like to watch and to touch each other, and the phone call is a smashing success for everyone involved.

Returning from scene one, horny stepmother Jelena Jensen goes to her stepdaughter Cassidy Klein’s room to tell her about the erotic dream. Cassidy is horrified and believes this is sinful, but Jelena convinces her that it’s a divine revelation. Jelena says she was brought into Cassidy’s life to guide her in the ways of sex. Cassidy will still technically be a virgin if she’s only been with a woman, Jelena says. In order to please her future husband, who will also be a virgin, Cassidy will need sexual experience. Jelena is just the right woman to guide teenage Cassidy, from breast play to pussy eating. Cassidy will be able to show her future husband how to make her cum. Then again, her hot stepmother has shown her that sex with women is divine!

My Virgin Daughter from Girlsway/Mommy’s Girl is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Jelena Jensen   Cassidy Klein   Rebel Lynn   Tiffany Watson   Chanel Preston   Alexis Fawx
Studio Name:   Mommys Girl  Girlsway

I Love My Mom’s Big Tits 2

i love my mom's big tits 2, digital sin, syren de mer, alexis fawx, brooke tyler, peta jensen, milf, taboo, stepmom, stepmother, stepson, pornWhat’s a young man to do when his dad has married a woman with the breasts of his wet dreams? For the dudes in I Love My Mom’s Big Tits 2 from Digital Sin, the thing to do is play with those boobies while fucking the hell out of her!

While getting dressed, foxy blonde Alexis Fawx catches her stepson boldly gawking at her from the doorway. She takes charge of the situation, telling him when and how to suck her nipples and take off her clothes. He loves this and starts asking what to do next. Lovingly he plunges a finger in her twat while kissing his way to her clit, which he sucks just the way she likes. She blows him, slides his stiffy in her cleavage, and takes the boy for a ride that he’ll never forget. Alexis’ breathy yet dominant dirty talk is just the thing to push you over the edge, as if you weren’t already going to gush a huge load because of her slamming body.

Peta Jensen, a black-haired babe with round tits bursting out of her robe, makes a sandwich for her stepson, Logan, and shows off her new boobs (a birthday gift from his dad). When Peta finds out her husband’s business trip is extended, she knows it’s playtime. Her pussy visibly dripping, she wakes Logan from a nap, demands that he suck her tits, and shoves his face between them. Logan enjoys the hell out of sucking and fucking her “birthday present.” Her body is stunning as she lies back and gets fucked, asking him to make her tits bounce. After a fun round of sex in missionary, doggy, and more, he blasts a load on her gorgeous globes, which she rubs in like lotion.

Brooke Tyler promises to spend time with her stepson Tommy after having dinner with his dad. Tommy pulls down Brooke’s top and worships her enormous round tits, sucking her hard nipples to punctuate every phrase as he tells her exactly why she’s going to be late for dinner. He eats her pussy, erecting her prominent clit with vigorous tonguing and pinching, but he can’t stay away from her balloon tits for too long. That rack is front and center as Brooke and Tommy both perv out on fondling her boobs and making them wet with his spit. He watches them jiggle as she masturbates. After she face-fucks his already raging boner, she envelops it with her giant breasts. Brooke and Tommy really get into the “mommy/son” dirty talk as she rides his dick till he busts a big load all over her chest.

Syren De Mer knows that her stepson is a peeping tom. After sending her husband away on a trip, she pounces on the young man like the cougar she is, and it startles him so much he almost blows the opportunity. Luckily, Syren is persistent and extremely horny. She presses his face into her generously sized rack and gets wet when he bites her pencil-eraser nipples. Syren deep throats his thick dick, swirls her tongue around his mushroom head, and pays plenty of attention to his balls. They masturbate each other, Syren demanding that he get his fingers in her pussy instead of teasing her clit. He jiggles his fingers up in there like he’s trying to dislodge something, but the rough treatment is what she craves and it makes her gush. After a vigorous fuck, Syren basks in his load.

I Love My Mom’s Big Tits 2 is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Alexis Fawx   Brooke Tyler   Peta Jensen   Syren De Mer
Studio Name:   Digital Sin 

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