Presley Hart

Presley HartHaving first appeared on the scene in spring 2011, California native Presley Hart quickly got the attention of fans with her all-natural body and good looks that might remind you of a sorority girl.

One of Presley’s first movies was OMG I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF 2 from Devil’s Film. She landed the cover photo thanks to her pretty face and great body, but more than that, the charm and “innocent” sensuality she displays in the scene proves that even in those early days this girl was one to watch.

Up until recently, Presley’s most high-profile project was her starring role in the romantic feature Diary of Love from Smash Pictures, based on the hugely popular The Notebook. As Ally, who rekindles the old flame with her high school love Noah (Richie Calhoun), Presley owned the movie and was stunning to watch in two of the movie’s four scenes. She was beautiful, hot, and she could even act – something of a triple threat in the adult film world. Not many porn fans knew who Presley was before Diary of Love, but she was a large part of the movie’s popularity – and being in an erotic adaptation of one of the most popular “chick flicks” of the last decade certainly did a lot for Presley’s popularity, too. Women who watch porn with their partners or on their own could appreciate a girl like Presley, who could bring a romantic character like Ally to life.

When Girl Candy Films released the taboo-shattering Mother Superior last month, Presley was once again on a lot of adult film viewers’ minds. As a young nun who prays with fellow Sister Ariella Ferrara that they might overcome their sinful lust for one another, Presley plays a significant part of in one of the year’s most talked-about lesbian movies.

Presley has done more than 50 movies as of this writing. Here are some of her best so far.

Diary of Love Babysitter Diaries 9 Mother Superior

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