Sins of Our Fathers

Sins of Our FathersYou may already know Forbidden Fruits Films for its popular fuck flicks involving dirty MILFs indulging in, ahem, inappropriate relations with younger family members. Now, the up and coming studio is also branching out a little into filthy father territory with Sins of Our Fathers. The result is as hot as you’d expect.

In one cock-pulsing vignette, you’ll watch a “dad” fuck his lady friend’s precociously sexy young daughter, Tiffany Leigh, who’s working as his secretary. Hey, the girl’s too hot for him not to be tempted, and his little head is doing all the thinking, especially when he feels her flirty young tongue fluttering across that head and slurping up the shaft. He can’t say no to the warm, wet embrace of Tiffany’s tight teen pussy.

When Pike gets home, Tiffany’s mom, Jodi West, tells him she knows “what happened at the office today.” Pike thinks he’s busted, but she just wants to thank him with a nice suck and fuck in the great room.

Jodi returns in the next three scenes. First she’s a wife having a difficult time getting sex out of her sleepy husband on their wedding anniversary (seriously, in that see-through hot pink dress it’s a surprise she couldn’t get a rise out of a dead man, but her husband requires a blowjob to get him in the mood). Next, Jodi’s in her usual type of role, playing the hot MILF whose stepson can’t take his hands off her when he walks in on her while she’s doing yoga.

In the last scene, Jodi is a bitter wife forced to take care of her cheating, trifling husband after his stroke, even though he was a glutton who ran around with other women, got drunk, and ate himself into health problems. Jodi resents him so much that she convinces his son, Johnny Champ, that his father specified in his living will that he wanted the two of them to have sex. It’s not like the old man can speak up. Johnny, being a red-blooded young straight male, is eager to carry out his father’s supposed wishes with this gorgeous, sexy cougar. She’s still a beautiful woman with a very fit body, as any Jodi West fan will already know.

Forbidden Fruits’ tales of twisted families are always exciting to watch.

Running Time:   70 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Director:   Jay West
Stars:   Tiffany Leigh   Jodi West   Johnny Champ   Christian Stevens   Pike Nelson
Categories: Big Tits   New Release   Mature   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   Cougar   High Definition

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