Movie Review: Lesbian Masseuse 2

In Lesbian Masseuse 2, Jasmine Jem owns a spa where masseuses go above and beyond the normal rubdown. One of Jasmine’s clients, a sex therapist, has patients struggling with repressed lesbianism. For those who can’t resolve it in talk therapy, she refers them to Jasmine’s spa, which helps them stop feeling tortured by repressed desires – not that the patients know that’s why they’re there! They think the massage is to help them relax. In a way, it is.


Raised in a strict family, stunning Russian brunette Anna Belle hasn’t escaped those pious restrictions even in adulthood. Anna starts to protest after the massage concentrates on her breasts, but Jasmine gently tells her to relax and oils up the rest of her front. That gorgeous body gleams as Jasmine works out the tension. What’s more relaxing than clitoral stimulation? Anna moans, squirms, and feels up her own breasts. She eventually cums in Jasmine’s mouth, but her first lesbian experience isn’t over. After a sensual grinding session, Anna gives head to Jasmine and turns out to be a natural.


The sex therapist thinks that femme fatale Sovereign Syre expresses contempt for men because she hasn’t realized her desire for women. Nobody’s better for bringing out hidden desires than sexy Asa Akira. Aware of Sovereign’s anger, Asa makes small talk during the massage and gets a litany of complaints about men. Asa suggests Sovereign try being alone, says she personally doesn’t date men, and lets that sink in while the massage continues. She arouses Sovereign by rubbing her thighs, and finally the massage moves to Sovereign’s clit. Sovereign cums and pounces on Asa with long-repressed hunger, making her cum just as hard. It’s highly erotic to watch these two alpha-lesbian performers play!


Scarlett Johansson lookalike Sophia Knight is such a homophobe that she requested a male masseur, but her aversion to a woman’s touch is no match for the sensuality of beautiful Dana Vespoli. When Dana’s technique gets more “involved” than Sophia expected, Dana just says that her doctor prescribed “a Thai massage.” Inching closer to touching Sophia’s pussy, Dana keeps an eye on Sophia’s increasingly heavy breathing and knows she’s aroused in spite of herself. With skill and patience, Dana unleashes Sophia’s hidden lesbianism – and makes her love it! Soon Sophia is going down on Dana and tribbing her like she’s been doing it for years.


A busty blonde regular client named Siri (not the one from the phone!) used to be repressed, but she’s now agreed to help Asa work on the inhibitions of gorgeous MILF Vanilla Deville. Vanilla was referred as a client but is so shy that she didn’t want to get nude in front of another woman. The sex therapist and the spa came up with a creative solution: train Vanilla as a masseuse to get her comfortable with touching another woman’s body. Vanilla doesn’t know what Asa and Siri have planned. Asa has Vanilla mirror what she does on the other side of Siri’s body. Vanilla looks scared when Asa oils up Siri’s huge, soft, pale breasts but she follows Asa’s lead. Siri’s moans let them know it’s working well. Vanilla hesitates when Asa’s touches turn more intimate, but Siri guides her hand toward her pussy. Shy at first, Vanilla turns out to be a natural. Siri and Asa induct Vanilla into the ranks of active lesbians with a threeway to remember.


These would-be lesbians are desperately in need of a woman’s touch. They’re lucky these masseuses are here to help!


Lesbian Masseuse 2
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Stars:   Asa Akira   Jasmine Jem   Vanilla DeVille   Sovereign Syre   Siri   Sophia Knight   Anna Belle   Dana Vespoli

Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Interracial   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

Running Time:   124 minutes

Released:   08/2012

Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films

Series:   Lesbian Masseuse

Director:   Nica Noelle

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