Movie Review: Cuckold Stories 3

Little did he know it at the time, but Howard Jones may have written the best song ever about the plight of the Cuckold. Below is a sampling of the song lyrics:

You can look at the menu, but you just can’t eat
You can feel the cushion, but you can’t have a seat
You can dip your foot in the pool, but you can’t have a swim
You can feel the punishment, but you can’t commit the sin  

This ode to unfulfilled attractions is the horror-filled existence the cuckold lives every day of his miserable life. He’s the good husband married to the bad wife who shuns him, laughs at his junk and then fucks her better-looking, better-hung boyfriend right in front of him.

But don’t feel sorry for these losers. They’re perfectly capable of standing up for themselves and fighting for their women or walking away. Instead, they choose neither option, relegating themselves to some humiliating sexual purgatory where all their needs go unfulfilled.

For instance, Aiden Aspen thinks her boyfriend J.T.’s cock is just “O.K.” She prefers black cock and boyfriend J.T. doesn’t fit the mold, so she invites Shane Diesel over. Though J.T. has a problem with the arrangement, Aiden puts her foot down, crowing that if they’re going to stay together, this is what is going to happen whether J.T. likes it or not. She sucks his oil drum dick, almost unhinging her jaw to handle his massive size, rides it, and then cums all over his cock twice in doggie after Diesel eats her ass. Afterward, she jams her finger in her ass and feeds it to J.T., but that is just the appetizer. Diesel splatters her mouth with cum and forces J.T. to kiss her and agree to regular meetings of this nature.

At least Amy Brooke’s boyfriend wears a mask to hide his face and a prosthetic dick to cover up the shame he feels about his puny prick. Still, it’s Diesel’s tree trunk along with help from his fingers that brings her to four squirting orgasms before she plants her mouth on his bulge and siphons the cum from his cock.

In the next scene, Jimmy Broadway is actually trying to be the man, taking charge to make sure his wife’s threesome dreams come true. But as soon as he lays eyes on Diesel’s meat, he suddenly gets cold feet and a limp dick to boot. Then, he’s left on the sidelines entirely as she takes to Diesel’s hose like white to rice. Fortunately for Jimmy he is allowed to join in at one point, but only to suck his dignity off the heels of her pumps.

Finally, Lily Labeau’s insignificant other, Chad, simply can’t cum without watching her get fucked by a big, black cock. It’s bad enough he can’t make her cum, but even worse he keeps throwing his lame fantasy into her face at every opportunity. Looking to nip it in the bud once and for all, Lily immediately calls co-worker Shane into her office to fuck him right then and there. Before he arrives, however, Lily pulls down Chad’s trousers and spanks him on his bare ass. Wow. Pathetic. Then he gets choked with his own tie. Meanwhile, Diesel does the damage to her pasty white pussy in a variety of positions and cums on her mouth. But, hey, unlike his cuckold brethren, at least Chad is allowed to cum… even if it’s only into a nearby trash can.

If you’re into interracial fucking with a cuckold bent, huge black cocks and pale pussies, Cuckold Stories 3 might just be the film you’ve been waiting for.


Stars:   Aiden Aspen   J.T. Sanchez   Shane Diesel   Brooklyn Jade   Jimmy Broadway   Amy Brooke   Paul Woodcrest   Lily Labeau   Chad Diamond

Categories: Big Dick   Interracial   All Sex   Black Dicks/White Chicks   Cuckold

Running Time:   131 minutes

Released:   07/2011

Studio Name:   Digital Sin

Series:   Cuckold Stories

Director:   Shane Diesel  Paul Woodcrest

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