Movie Review: Athletic Support 5

Athletic Support 5With just a touch of comedy to sweeten the appeal of hard-bodied teenagers getting peeled out of their little gym shorts, Athletic Support 5 is a perfect way to remember the hot schoolgirls of our youth.

Strawberry blonde Ami Emerson enlists the help of her reluctant track coach in rehearsing for the school play, even though she needs to be running laps. Since he has to play the valiant knight to her damsel in distress, she has the perfect excuse to kiss him. The coach’s mild irritation vanishes as he grabs her perky little boobs and makes a tent in his track shorts. Ami gets on her knees to pull that swollen cock out and give it a suck, but soon the coach is so excited he has to take her right there on the locker room bench. This little cutie is bendy and she wants it!

Bella Blaze’s coach tells her to hit the showers when she shows up for a game without wearing a sports bra, so she spends a long time soaping up her big natural breasts, getting herself hotter by the second. She starts masturbating in time for the coach to return and watch. Bella sees him and invites him to join her. Already hard, he strips and walks naked to her. Bella takes the coach in hand, kissing him as they make their way to the shower bench. Her huge boobs get the attention they deserve from the coach and the camera alike. In any position, the bouncing of his thrusts makes her huge breasts bounce and sway, with nary a sports bra in sight to offer support. Bella has the slim, stacked body type that Gianna Michaels fans will love – perfect for titty fucking, which he does near the end of the scene.

Exotic Jade Indica supposedly hurt her ankle and doesn’t want the coach to leave her alone while she waits for the nurse. She claims that rubbing and kissing will make it feel better. The coach seems to have a foot fetish and by the time he notices she’s faking it he’s too turned on to care. In the nurse’s office, he gives the malingering temptress the seeing-to that she wanted. Seeing her nipple rings, he squeezes Jade’s nipples till she begs him to stop. He moves on to that juicy teenaged pussy, but later he has her masturbate while he sucks hard on her nipples, making her cum. He’s a kinky guy, but everything he makes her do turns her on more. In the end, he shoots his load at her pussy while she masturbates. The coach won’t let her cum again, since she lied, and he leaves her to wait for the nurse.

Katie Michaels is a new student who transferred in and doesn’t want to take gym class. The gym teacher tells her to get changed for class, but she decides to hang out in the locker room instead. She offers to show him how she got out of gym class at her old school. Katie is persistent, giving great eye contact during a smoking blowjob sequence and looks gorgeous as she winds her hips around in cowgirl position. Katie is a flexible little five-foot-nothing spinner who’s always lots of fun. Will the coach change his mind?

The coach asks Katie Sands if she’ll give him a haircut, since she takes cosmetology and the barber has gotten too expensive. Katie is still learning and she screws up, but tries to cover her mistake by giving him a buzzcut. The coach is now distracted by the closeness of her body and starts feeling her up. She tells him it looks astounding and sexy, but he’s barely listening now that he’s got one hand up her short shorts. Katie sucks and fucks the coach on his desk, but it might not be enough to make him forget the awful haircut.

Athletic Support 5
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Stars:   Jade Indica   Katie Michaels   Ami Emerson   Bella Blaze   Katie Sands
Categories: New Release   Teen   All Sex   Schoolgirls   High Definition
Running Time:   161 minutes
Released:   06/2012
Studio Name:   Innocent High
Series:   Athletic Support

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