It’s Okay, She’s My Stepdaughter 12

It's Okay, She's My Step Daughter 12The horny girls of It’s Okay, She’s My Stepdaughter 12 can’t resist fucking their stepfathers, who are only too happy to oblige. Who could blame a man for being tempted by such nubile flesh?

Lola Foxx is on the phone with a college friend. Not seeing Lola there, her naked stepdad Eric John passes by, listening to music and jerking off. Lola and her friend laugh about it on the phone and Eric finally notices she’s there. He tries to cover up with a pillow, but Lola has seen the goods and she wants them. The two of them decide to fuck and keep the secret from Lola’s mom. Pulling down her shirt, Lola invites her stepdad into her cleavage. From there, they indulge in footplay, a blowjob, and vaginal sex in several positions.

Tiffany D’Gore walks home in the rain after her biological dad flakes out on picking her up. Stepdad Marco Banderas fetches a blanket when she comes home shivering, but when he returns she’s stripped out of the wet clothes. Marco wraps her in the blanket, to warm her and to cover her nudity, but Tiffany encourages him to warm her with body heat. He can’t resist sexy Tiffany’s come-ons, stepdaughter or not. While blowing him, Tiffany announces she’s going to “sit on it” and she does. She’s an active rider who gushes like a waterfall three times in RCG, then twice in cowgirl while finger-fucking her own asshole. While Marco does her in mish and spoons, Tiffany unleashes more “girl-cum.” She seems a little put out by how messy she is now, but it doesn’t stop her from commanding her stepdad to fuck her in doggy style and pull her hair. Later, Tiffany shows how resilient her pussy is by fisting herself. This babe has “Dirtiest Girl in Porn” potential. She squirts on herself twice more, while upside down and in doggy.

New to California from Colorado, Scarlett Banks decides to swim in the rain. Her stepdad Mark Wood tries to bring her inside because she’ll get sick, even in Cali. Flirty Scarlett pulls away while he’s holding the string of her bathing suit. Mark’s picking up what she’s putting down and he wants it too, even though he’ll be late for work and is risking his marriage. In a bedroom, they suck face and she sucks cock. Shaking her ass for him, Scarlett asks if he likes the view and he answers affirmatively by giving her a hard, driving fuck.

Eric Swiss goes home to fix a leaky sprinkler and finds his stepdaughter Vanessa Cage is home early. After he fixes the leak, she calls him to her bedroom to chat and turns the conversation toward whether he ever thinks of her in a sexual way. Eric tries not to answer, but she drags the confession from him: on the day he married Vanessa’s mom, he was busy wondering what, if anything, Vanessa was wearing under her dress. Vanessa pounces, face-fucking him so hard it makes her eyes water. Eric doesn’t notice this until he’s in the middle of going down on her. He thinks she’s crying, but it’s just from the messy and totally hot throat fuck. The vaginal fuck is equally exciting.

Stars:   Vanessa Cage   Lola Foxx   Tiffany D’Gore   Scarlett Banks   Eric Swiss
Categories: New Release   Teen   All Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   119 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Devil’s Film  Devils Film
Series:   It’s Okay She’s My Step Daughter

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