Car Wash Girls 2

When you head down to the local car wash to get the grime off your ride, do you really know what you’re paying for? Sure, your car usually comes out looking cleaner than before thanks to soap and water, but you just spent $25 for the Super Premium Manager’s Awesomely Cool Do-It-Up-Right Uber-Shiny Summer Special, which includes things like Kleer Kote. Do you even know what Kleer Kote is? If it’s in fact clear, how do you know anyone actually applied it to your car? More importantly, if the manufacturers are this bad at basic spelling, can we trust them to properly manipulate chemicals in such a way that it is beneficial to our automobiles?

The point of all this is not to disparage car washes or to suggest that they aren’t doing what they say they are doing. The point is that if you really want to be sure you’re getting what you pay for, you should stick to the basic wash because soap and water are things you can actually see. Or … if you absolutely can’t feel comfortable cruising around town unless you’ve spent a premium on your baby, you can drive on up to visit the buxom chamois pushers in Car Wash Girls 2. Why? Well, unlike Kleer Kote and other fancy products , tits and ass are highly visible when applied to a car’s exterior and nobody in his right mind would care a whit to pay a bit extra for a manager’s special were it to include some bum buffing and charmer-all. It’s money well spent.

Released by Elegant Angel and directed by the award-winning Mason, CWG 2 contains an all-star cast that gets drenched in soap suds as they clean beautiful cars in beautiful locations. In the first scene, Kelly Divine and Jada Stevens shake their rumps and dredge up a little ass lather, which they smear onto the hood of a Dodge Challenger. A clean windshield will certainly help a driver’s sight lines, and for that we can thank the girls’ bum sponges. As they press their cheek pads against the glass, up comes any lingering rain spots and bug juice. The real cleaning, however, comes indoors as the girls work over the big black cock of the car’s owner, Ice Cold, licking and sucking his long ebony hose. He takes turns penetrating their pussies, which reside somewhere within the cracks and creases of their ample thighs. Both girls then get some ass time with his meaty night stick, their star holes puckering up even further as he drives his cock into them. Some mish and an unclosed daisy chain follows, along with a cum blast, which the girls snowball back and forth to one another.

Amy Ried flaunts her spectacular tits and her skills with the sponge in the second scene, and still finds time to spiff up the silver Bentley that is in her temporary care. Meanwhile, owner Manuel Ferrera waits patiently indoors for all the spots to come out. Speaking of spots, Manuel hits Amy’s sweet one with his tongue and fingers once she arrives to return his keys. When this Performer of the Year is locked in, he rarely misses. The two get it on spoon-style, RCG, CG, doggie and mish with plenty of exploratory asshole digging on the part of Manuel’s fingers. As a tip for services rendered, Manuel greases her tongue with a gooey cumshot courtesy of his girth-y, uncut cock.

Jayden James shines up a bitchin’ Camaro, but it’s her bitchin’ boobs and round ass that take top billing here. Mind you, they are initially covered up by a not-so-bitchin’ bikini. You know how some muscle-head gym rats wear shirts two sizes too small because it makes their biceps pop a bit more? Well, this is like that only the bikini doesn’t stay on long enough to really complain all that much. Besides she should be complimented with the way her rack mount nipples squeegee off the passenger side window and how the pussy polish drips from her lips onto the blower. Speaking of “blow her”, Erik Everhard plants his mouth onto Jayden’s lovely pussy, eating her out as her giant tits nearly leap out of the screen into your face. He drives his axle into her muffler and fucks the hell out of her in mish and doggie, finishing up with a hands-free interruptus which drowns her O-face in sperm.

Audrey Bitoni lacquers the sparkle back into a black Maserati in scene four. Using mostly unconventional means, namely her sculpted chest loofahs and precious hind quarters, she later adds some twinkle to the eye of Alex Gonz, who awaits her eventual arrival on a large vinyl couch. Audrey seems more intent on his large cock, devouring the head and shaft during a brief, yet sexy spit shine. She gets up in his grill while riding in CG and lets his lubed-up cock slide between her air bags. Some side saddle and mish follows as does the obligatory cumshot onto her cheek.

Lizz Tayler is the only classic of the lot. She’s busy sprucing up a wine-colored Chevy Impala that appears to be a 1964 model. It’s got classic lines and classic styling just like Lizz. Her curvaceous body and full tits are things of legend and she’s not afraid to tell her story by way of insane visuals. Once she can see her reflection in the chrome, she’s inside with Erik Everhard looking to polish up his trailer hitch. Some mish and RCG enhances this particular scene as does Lizz’ double-fisted cum jack into her mouth. Taking a page right out of the Nica Noelle handbook, as he did in his earlier scene, Erik has the courtesy to go down on Lizz afterward, making sure she is the last one to cum.

CWG 2 is a solid follow-up to volume one, which was released a little over a year ago. It Includes epic amounts of tease, which fans have come to expect from Elegant Angel as well as passionate hardcore sex with enough positions and differing styles to keep everyone intrigued. The girls are all bombshells of the highest order and when splitting time on set with some amazing sports cars and buckets of sudsy brine, it makes for one lovely American dream. So, stop reading, run to the nearest drive-in, get yourself a Coney Dog, some tots and a cherry limeade, sit back and enjoy this excellent film.


Stars: Jada Stevens   Lizz Tayler   Erik Everhard   Manuel Ferrara   Alex Gonz   Ice Cold   Amy Ried   Audrey Bitoni   Jayden Jaymes

Categories: New Release   All Sex   High Definition

Running Time:   159 minutes

Released:   06/2011

Studio Name:   Elegant Angel Productions

Series:   Car Wash Girls

Director:   Sam No / Mason


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