Oct 08 2010

Boffing the Babysitter 6

Boffing the Babysitter 6

Boffing the Babysitter 6

“Boffing the Babysitter 6” is full of mostly terrible babysitters, but they’re hot fucks. Devil’s Film has outdone itself with the casting of this installment.

Jesse Jordan has conned her way into the job even though she can’t change a diaper. She unwisely brags on the phone about this while the father’s within earshot. By showing him the skills she does possess, Jesse avoids getting thrown out. She’s light and limber, allowing for many fun positions. Later she sticks most of his dick down her throat and holds it there, her light blue-green eyes watering, but she toughs it out long enough to freeze the image in your mind for later. He unloads across her round face and as she scoops it into her mouth and opens wide to show it off, the dad says maybe he will let her babysit after all.

A piano tuner gives a sexy piano lesson to cute blonde babysitter Tessa Taylor while the mom’s out with the baby. She’s tone deaf and her fake nails are too long to put her fingers on the keys all that well, so instead the piano and bench become perches for her cute little ass while he vigorously probes and fucks her. He’s rough, but they both like it that way. She looks really hot stuffed with cock and with cum glazing her face.

Emy Reyes is at her first day on the job and walks in on her male employer jerking off to a porno mag. He speaks a little Spanish himself and that helps him convince her to suck his dick. Once she does, she loses her bashfulness and proves to be an eager sucker and fucker. Her boss puts her through several positions and the whole time, Emy hollers in a mix of English and Spanish, mostly the latter, saying things you’d expect but they sound sexier this way.

Box cover girl Ella Milano has passed the kids off to a neighbor so she can goof off. Her boss is in no mood for her shenanigans or her slutty outfit, but he’s no match for her teenage charms. His anger disappears after his cock’s been in her mouth (gee, wonder why?), and he even offers her a raise. Bad dad, but who can blame him? They fuck in different positions, so well that at one point she swears off high school guys. Ella is an adorable and eager new girl on the scene, of Puerto Rican descent, with natural 32Cs and a pretty face that looks great with cum on it.

You might say they saved the best for last, but every girl here is the stuff of babysitter¬†fantasy. “Boffing the Babysitter 6” is one of the best of the series.