Against Her Will

Against Her WillAward-winning screenwriter/director Kay Brandt makes a stunning return to all-girl erotica with Against Her Will, a dark and mesmerizing tale of seduction from New Sensations.

Sheridan Love meets with the executor of her father’s will, “Aunt Teague,” played by Asian sexpot Jessica Bangkok. For her own twisted reasons, Jessica won’t give the extremely buxom Sheridan any access to her inheritance until the grieving young woman agrees to sexually submit her body and soul. This scenario is a bit of a head scratcher, but who truly cares when the result is so erotically thrilling to watch?

“Aunt” Jessica has Sheridan tied to a chair and brings in a group of women for an orgy of domination and submission that Sheridan is forced to watch. Blindfolded women, pussy fingering, and succulent oral action culminate in Alana Evans ravishing Odette Delacroix while an aroused Sheridan squirms in her seat.

Following that orgy, Jessica makes Sheridan follow on all fours as she leads redhead Allison Moore to a bedroom for some private, kinky fun. Blindfolded, Sheridan can only listen passively as Jessica sits on Allison’s face, slaps her tits, inserts an anal plug, and swaps cunnilingus with the hot ginger girl.

Back in the chair downstairs, Sheridan is made to watch the fun once again as five girls in fishnet bodysuits lick and finger each other to squealing bliss. There’s also plenty of luscious breast play, including an interlude when two of the women team up to suck both of Missy Martinez’s nipples at the same time, and when Odette sucks Jessica’s tit while Joslyn James eats Jessica’s ass and rubs Odette’s clit. The only time Sheridan gets any joy is when Joslyn caresses her calf. You’ll be squirming in your seat in excitement just like Sheridan as you take in this dazzling array of eye candy and hot female panting.

Later, Sheridan finally gets her much-needed sexual release when Joslyn has her alone. Wearing nothing but a purple fishnet dress, Joslyn teases her first with a little pole dance. Then she cuts a hole in Sheridan’s fishnet body stocking at the crotch and pulls it down at the top, finally freeing those big natural breasts that have been trying to pop out of Sheridan’s clothes for the entire movie. To say Sheridan is built like a brick house is to overestimate the heights of masonry – this woman was designed with the sound effect “ka-POW” in mind. Joslyn looks sexier with a blonde crew cut than she did in her long-haired days when she was best known as Tiger Woods’ infamous porn star mistress, and she’s blossomed as a girl/girl performer. Sheridan moans as Joslyn applies a vibrator to her pussy and gives her huge breasts an ice massage. Her boobs bounce as she writhes in ecstasy under Joslyn’s skilled tongue, and they’re the center of attention when Joslyn decides to hump one of them till she cums.

Watching Sheridan give in to desires she never knew she had is a powerful thing. She won an XBIZ Award for Best Actress – All-Girl Release for this movie.

Stars:   Sheridan Love   Odette Delacroix   Josi Valentine   Alana Evans   Joslyn James   Jessica Bangkok   Missy Martinez   Allison Moore
Categories: Fetish   Lesbian   Big Tits   BDSM   New Release   Feature   Pantyhose/Stockings   All Girl
Running Time:   107 minutes
Released:   09/2012
Studio Name:   New Sensations
Director:   Kay Brandt

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