Mar 14 2011

Pornomation 2

As  much as it is aggravating to drive behind the douche bag watching his TomTom instead of the actual road signs right in front of his face, technology really has done a lot of great things to improve our lives. I mean, can you even recall how you got along before remote controls,  microwave ovens, computers, the internet or any of the other modern conveniences we now take for granted? Probably not.

Now, the other side of the argument suggests that many of the modern conveniences are so complicated and do so many things that they distract people from what they should be doing in the first place, which ends up sort of bottle-necking everyone’s lives right at the point some moron decides to take a cell phone call while he’s trying to parallel park.

We can argue all day about the merits of technology versus the drawbacks, especially with obvious exhibits like the ones mentioned above. But, as with most things, there are the unintended consequences of new developments that really make the discussion worth having.

Remember that talk Wayne and Garth had in Wayne’s World about whether or not Garth ever found Bugs Bunny hot when he dressed up like a girl bunny? Yeah, well, we all laughed because who would ever find a cartoon to be hot, right? Right? Maybe, but don’t tell that to fans of Cool World and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Then came video games like Tomb Raider and…well, now you see we’re getting into some weird territory here. Or are we?

Humans naturally want to see other good looking humans naked. The fact that technology can now reproduce exquisitely beautiful-looking people only piques the natural desire to want to see them naked too. But that’s not all. Because animated fantasy realms don’t have to adhere to the physical laws that govern our world, like the dumb jock or the ultra-smart dweeb, you can create humanoid characters with the body of Adonis, the brain of Einstein and a pecker the size of a teeter-totter. It’s completely unnatural, but appealing no less.  So, instead of worrying that you might be a freak of the highest order because you want to catch a glimpse of some anime ass, just embrace what is fast becoming the new normal and watch the Pornomation series. The brainchild of Porntopia Studios, the series is a sexy thrillride of hardcore 3D and digital art like you’ve probably never seen before.

In the second installment, you’ll join Zuma, a gorgeous sexual gladiator slave, as she battles her way through wild and wicked 3-D animated adventures on the melting-pot planet, Stratalyrie! This rare Earthling, from unknown origins, encounters a fantastic range of incredible creatures as she builds her fame in the public sexual contests of the Grand Nymphoseum. Powerful forces try to use and bend her to their own corrupt ends, throwing her into action-packed twists and turns of danger and peril. Determined to win her freedom, a most unexpected rival threatens to defeat her!

Technology is a wonderful thing. Just remember that it will still be wonderful after you’re finished parking.

Stars:   Anime (f) Anime (m)

Categories: Adult Animation Award Winning Movies

Running Time:   86 minutes

Released:   06/2006

Studio Name:   Cherry Boxxx Pornotopia K-Beech

Series:   PornoMation