Jun 29 2012

Movie Review: Lesbian Doms and Subs: The Reluctant Secretary

This latest installment of Girl Candy Films’ Lesbian Doms and Subs series is a sensual pairing of a powerful, mature blonde with an adorable young brunette. The older/younger dynamic in lesbian porn has been growing in popularity, and with scenes like The Reluctant Secretary there should be no mystery as to why.


Successful perfume company CEO Jennifer Best gets home from a long business trip and feels ready to have a little fun for a change. She decides it would be a good idea to have some help getting things organized… in her bedroom. (Hey, she does have papers strewn across the bed, after all. Some people just like to work in comfort.) Phoning her colleague, Evelyn, who happens to employ a beautiful young secretary, Jennifer manages to get the young brunette “on loan” for the evening.


It’s not long before the adorable Shyla Jennings gets to Jennifer’s house, where she’s directed to the bedroom. Shyla asks if they can move the paperwork to a desk, clearly uncomfortable with the idea of helping this woman she barely knows in such an intimate setting, but Jennifer won’t take no for an answer. She happens to know that Shyla does this sort of thing for her boss, Evelyn, all the time. With power and self-assurance, Jennifer simply wills Shyla into obeying her.


Shyla never even gets around to touching the paperwork. Jennifer starts in on complimenting Shyla’s cute dress, and when she finds out that Evelyn bought it for her, we can infer what the girl might have done to deserve such a nice gift. Then Jennifer asks Shyla to come closer so she can see the dress better. Soon Jennifer decides to give Shyla a sample of a new fragranced lotion her company has created – a sample that she applies to the girl’s sexy legs (those with a foot fetish will also enjoy the view). An increasingly nervous Shyla asks Jennifer if she can leave and promises not to tell Evelyn about this.

In response, Jennifer pins the girl to the bed, telling her she’s not concerned with whether she tells Evelyn. With a hand on Shyla’s throat, Jennifer kisses Shyla. Jennifer enjoys Shyla’s pleas for her to stop, as they turn her on even more. She gets Shyla up on all fours on top of the bed, where she pulls her lacy panties out of the way and gives her firm young ass a spank.


By the time Jennifer has started to massage Shyla’s lace-covered mound, the girl is as aroused as the older woman is. The panties and the rest of her clothes are soon out of the way and Jennifer enjoys a long, luscious taste of Shyla’s young pussy that has the girl moaning in ecstasy. Shyla sucks on Jennifer’s nipples before lying on top of her for a tribbing session. But then, giving back as good as she got, Shyla goes down on Jennifer. The scene comes to a beautiful conclusion when Jennifer returns to her new favorite spot with her head in between Shyla’s thighs. This time Shyla’s even more into it, gyrating and pumping her hips as Jennifer also plays with her perky nipples.


It looks like Shyla wouldn’t mind volunteering to “help” Jennifer again sometime!


Stars:   Shyla Jennings   Jennifer Best

Categories: Lesbian   Big Tits   New Release   Blondes   Femdom   Mature   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition

Running Time:   34 minutes

Released:   05/2012

Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films

Series:   Lesbian Doms And Subs

Director:   Nica Noelle

Lesbian Doms And Subs: The Reluctant Secretary
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