Zoey Holloway

Here Cums the Bride

Here Cums the BrideIn Filly Films’ erotic drama Here Cums the Bride, director Kay Brandt weaves a tale that takes us from a couple’s rosy engagement through the seedy behind-the-scenes relations at the wedding planner’s office.

Reese (Joslyn James) proposes to her girlfriend Leah (Sophia Jade) by asking her to come to bed in bridal lingerie. Soon Leah and Reese skip the talking and get down to fucking. (Joslyn/Reese looks very different with her hair in a crew cut, but those chest balloons are as big and round as before. Natural-breasted brunette Sophia/Leah is a beautiful “bride” whose creamy skin is nearly as pale as the lace.) This is a hot scene with lots of breast play and oral before Reese brings out a curved double-ended dildo that they ride together. Later Reese finally proposes for real, and Leah says yes.

Wedding planner Brielle (Zoey Holloway) wants employee Shelly (Celeste Star) to try on a bridal veil. Whiskey-voiced Shelly plays along and spins a fantasy in which Brielle is her wife to ravish. Shelly grinds against Brielle through their clothes. Brielle sucks Shelly’s nipples and makes her squeal by rubbing her clit through her panties. Shelly performs masterful cunnilingus, starting with teasing inner thigh bites and including some vigorous tongue work that must be seen to be believed. Brielle licks and fingers Shelly till she lifts her ass off the couch reflexively. This is a long, passionate scene.

Brielle’s exotically gorgeous ex-business partner Karena (Nyomi Banxxx) swoops in unannounced and catches Brielle naked with Shelly. To say the confrontation is hostile is an understatement – Karena threatens to report Brielle to the labor board and steals Shelly from Brielle. Autumn (Missy Martinez) is an ambitious job applicant whom Brielle hires to replace Shelly. Though Autumn is a straight girl who doesn’t know what to make of Brielle’s flirty body language and is utterly clueless that this is a lesbian-only wedding planning business, she’s beautiful, good at improvising, and wants to please.

A pair of engaged exotic dancers, Nina (Tanya Tate) and Callie (Sinn Sage), meet with Brielle and just the thought of their imminent wedding has them sexually stimulated. After their casual rehearsal, Nina and Callie go home and fuck. Sinn is one of the hottest lesbian performers today, and to see her as Callie with gorgeous Brit Tanya as Nina is one of the movie’s highlights. Busty Nina is a dirty girl who uses lots of spit while orally servicing Callie’s pussy and ass.

Autumn answers a call from Karena, who asks her to come by her house that night and “pick up some things.” Karena has Shelly at her house, and when Autumn arrives they pull her to the hot tub. While Karena unbuttons Autumn’s blouse from behind, Shelly kisses her voluptuous breasts in one of the movie’s sexiest images. Karena and Shelly share the straight girl from head to toe (concentrating on those amazing tits and that pussy previously untouched by women, of course). Shelly plays a dominant role with her, while Karena purrs her approval.

Days later at the strippers’ wedding, it’s unclear if Autumn daydreamed her threeway or if she’s remembering it fondly, but it’s clear that her new job has opened her mind to loving other women.

Stars:   Tanya Tate   Sophia Jade   Sinn Sage   Celeste Star   Nyomi Banxxx   Joslyn James   Missy Martinez   Zoe Holloway
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition
Running Time:   148 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Filly Films
Director:   Kay Brandt

Lesbian Babysitters 3

Michelle Lay and Zoey Holloway share a house and a relationship. Zoey’s been working hard to keep the place clean, but looks exasperated. Michelle proposes a nice dinner out, but the sitter Zoey had left for college. Instead they steal away to the bedroom for a romp with the understanding that Zoey will look for a sitter the following day. Michelle takes the lead as she is apparently the “man” of the relationship, sliding up Zoey’s thin t-shirt and nuzzling her gorgeous, soft breasts. She slips aside Zoey’s crimson panties and buries her face in Zoey’s hot slit. Zoey takes control, despite kissing Michelle’s toes in subservient fashion, gliding her finger tips across Michelle’s diamond-hard clit. Michelle revisits Zoey’s pussy and as Zoey’s breasts heave you realize just how great they truly are. They continue with a trib session where you get some nice views of Michelle’s ass from behind and a couple of orgasms.

Beautiful Kasey Chase gets the babysitter call and is set to go for the interview. Her girlfriend Sammy Grand overhears the conversation and inquires about the topic. She then gets jealous as Kasey talks about how cool Zoey sounds on the phone and how she pays a ridiculously good $20/hour. Kasey promises Sammy that nobody could steal her away from their awesome relationship. Awesome would also have to describe Sammy’s luscious natural tits. They look great with Kasey’s tongue and mouth slobbering all over them. Kasey’s smaller tits are delectable as well as is her svelte youthful body. Sammy’s pube thicket might not appeal to some, but Kasey jumps right in like she’s snuffing out a rabbit or some other small game. In contrast, Kasey’s lovely hole is as smooth as a…well, like it should be after a super close shave. The two grind on each other, but Sammy continues to fret about Kasey leaving her. Insecurity is not an attractive quality by any means, though Kasey continues to reassure her throughout their fingering and breast play. The hottest portion of the scene is when Sammy gently licks Kasey’s ass and pussy from behind as Kasey rests on all fours. And who wouldn’t want to eat something so juicy?

So, raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming: Zoey is blown away by Kasey’s lovliness and makes a subtle advance by touching her hand during the interview. Needless to say Kasey gets the gig, but she is smitten not only by her newfound responsibilities, but by Zoey. She gets so turned on while folding laundry and the scent of Zoey lingering in her panties, she starts to frisk herself. With the scent of undergarments as her guide, she drifts off into an imaginary encounter with her lovely employer. It is a torrid fantasy with multiple orgasms, breast play, pussy licking galore and a very hot moment when Kasey feeds the cum from Zoey’s climax into Zoey’s mouth with her fingers.

Her hot solo moment makes Kasey realize she has fallen for Zoey. She sits down with Zoey and reveals her crush, but gets fired when she tries to bully her way into Zoey’s pants. Even though Zoey admits she has a mutual crush on Kasey, she insists there is no chance they will be together. Little do they both know Michelle has overheard everything after arriving home from work during the exchange.

Because Zoey has had to return to her grind and because she has been so depressed over the firing, Michelle finds a sitter and takes Zoey to dinner after all. It’s a nice surprise and, upon arriving home, Michelle has another surprise up her sleeve. What is it? You’ll have to watch to find out. It’s the unfortunate side-effect of Nica Noelle films, all of which have storylines and climaxes besides the ones experienced by the talent. We simply don’t want to play spoiler.

Stars:   Sammy Grand (f) Kasey Chase Michelle Lay Zoe Holloway

Categories: Lesbian New Release All Sex All Girl Babysitters

Running Time:   113 minutes

Released:   11/2010

Studio Name:   Mile High Media Sweetheart Video

Series:   Lesbian Babysitters

Director:   Nica Noelle