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Movie Review: A Mother’s Love

When writer/director Nica Noelle left her previous studio to found Hard Candy Films, she assured her fans that she would keep making the story-driven erotica for which she’s known. Understandably, there are high expectations for the new studio’s first release, A Mother’s Love.


If you want well-filmed porn featuring attractive performers who can act well enough to pull off a dramatic story full of romantic tension, welcome to your new go-to movie. Hot young stud Xander Corvus asks his mom, Vanna (raven-haired MILF Vanilla DeVille) if his friend Dane Cross (another porn crush object for women) can stay over winter break. Vanna is happy to oblige, because she always had a soft spot for Dane, and the poor guy’s own mother has stranded him at the holidays to take off with her boyfriend. Xander’s sister (beautiful Zoe Voss sporting longer, wavy, strawberry-red hair) is equally happy that Dane will be visiting. When Dane arrives, Vanna and Zoe are both impressed with his sexy hipster look.

The next day we see Vanna in a passionate clinch with her boyfriend, played by Evan Stone. In Nica’s signature naturalistic style, the emphasis is on body-to-body contact rather than tight focus on genitals. It’s hot, sweaty fucking for sensualists and romantics. Just as they’re coming down from their tryst, Dane opens a door across the hall and is surprised by what he sees of them through a sliver of open doorway.


Later, Xander entertains his girlfriend (cute blonde Chastity Lynn) in his room. We get more back story as Xander tells her about Dane. But talk gives way as Xander finds that Chastity’s nipples and clit are a better way to occupy his mouth. Chastity then decides to fill her own mouth with Xander’s big rod. Xander thrusts into her pussy with varying speeds in several flexibility-testing positions. To get Chastity further worked up, he pulls out to rub his dick teasingly against her clit. Chastity, one of porn’s great unsung starlets, fucks back against him for added heat in this exciting scene.


Dane has a brief, awkward meeting with Evan, who is on his way out. Afterward, Dane has a chat with Vanna and ends up kissing her, but even though she’s into it, she excuses herself before things get too hot. Xander sees enough of this to confront Dane later, telling him to lay off the smooching.


While Dane is brooding about that, Zoe gets home and wants to catch up with him. Catching up, however, involves revealing her crush. Dane is more interested in her mom, but he lets Zoe kiss him and of course it leads to more. Soon Zoe’s pulling out his dick and engulfing it with her beautiful lips. Then Dane takes over, stripping Zoe and taking time to kiss her willowy body before he dives in between her long thighs. He primes her with some fingering and light spanks on the ass, and then – years after she probably first dreamt of it – he enters her for the first time. They make you believe their portrayals even as he’s pumping into her and then pumping his seed on her flat belly.


Vanna hears them through the door and clearly doesn’t like it. The next day Zoe tries to chat with her mom, but Vanna angrily reveals that she heard Zoe with Dane. Not understanding why her mom is upset, Zoe leaves for her boyfriend’s house. Dane overhears the argument and comes in to talk to Vanna, but ends up kissing her again, this time getting a warmer response. When Xander sees this, he loses it. Storming into Dane’s room afterward, he gives Dane a deadline to get out of the house. But the next day Dane makes one more attempt to show Vanna how he feels, and the third time is the charm.


Caring not for Xander’s ultimatum, Vanna asks Dane not to leave. This time she’s the one to kiss Dane. In bed, they release the frustration that has been building for days. They seem unable to contain their need to couple long enough for much foreplay, just like you’d expect of people acting on forbidden lust. Besides, they spice up the sex with some taste-testing interludes. After lots of hot fucking in several positions, after Vanna has cum more than once, Dane tosses off a big cumshot onto her nice round tits.


This first movie for Hard Candy shows Nica heading in an even more couples-oriented direction than ever. A Mother’s Love offers passionate scenes featuring male as well as female eye candy. This is a movie for viewers who like seeing women cum, who want the middle ground between softcore and extreme hardcore. It’s on VOD only at AEBN theaters.


A Mother’s Love
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Lesbian Slumber Party [Hardcore Trailer]

Lesbian Slumber Party
Watch Full HD movie now in AEBN Porn Pay Per View Network and Adult Video On Demand.

Description: Nica Noelle’s Girl Candy Films debuts with Lesbian Slumber Party – The Kissing Game. When Dani comes home from school for winter break, she invites her girlfriends over for a slumber party reunion. Gorgeous newcomer Sovereign suggests a “kissing game” to prove that romantic chemistry is hard to predict, and the girls reluctantly agree to test her theory. But what starts out as harmless fun soon leads to intense, emotion-filled makeout sessions between girls who thought they were “just friends.” As the young women discover their repressed lesbian urges, gorgeous April O’Neil has her eye on mom Magdalene, and sneaks away for a kissing game of their own.

VOD Awards Best of 2012: The Babysitter 3

Director Nica Noelle had 2011 full of even greater popularity and exciting new ventures. Before she left the Mile High Media stable, however, she was already part of a new trend in porn toward couple-oriented features that satisfy both the brain and the loins. The third installment of Sweet Sinner‘s Babysitter series was one of the most viewed movies of 2011 and with good reason.


Sexy new mom Zoe Voss hires a sitter to surprise her husband, Manuel Ferrara, who thinks the girl is too young for the job. The parents overcome their disagreement for some quality time while the kid sleeps. Manuel orally worships Zoe’s slit and asshole before penetrating her little pussy from behind. He makes her cum several times. They fuck in mish with some toe sucking and more oral. There’s a wonderful shot of Zoe sliding onto Manuel’s hammerhead in cowgirl. Zoe holds his cock inside her while he fucks her until he spurts long streams of cum up her torso.


In scene two, Manuel meets Chastity Lynn  and his face lights up with lust upon seeing the spritely sitter. Suddenly her age is no concern, which should be a red flag for Zoe, but she trusts Manuel even after seeing him make eyes at Chastity. Manuel is off to work, Zoe to the gym, and Chastity to the baby’s room. Though keen on work, this sitter is even keener on Manuel. In the couple’s room, she sniffs the cologne on his shirt. Zoe returns and catches Chastity in their bedroom. After some awkwardness, they brush it off as a misunderstanding and Chastity is off to sit for her other family.


Of course, the only sitting Chastity does is on Mark Wood’s cock. His baby is asleep and his wife is “working late”, so their time is free. Mark strips off her duds, revealing lovely naturally small tits and a smooth pussy into which he dives as if bobbing for apples. She works over his cock with oral aplomb, jacking and nibbling his nards. They engage in some CG, mish, and doggie, after which Mark shoots his load onto Chastity’s ass.


Chastity begins her seduction of Manuel in scene three. With her work done and Zoe at a book club meeting, she brings Manuel a towel in the shower. He pretends to be aloof, but as the water drips from his naked body he knows the game is on. Zoe returns and spoils the moment, but the seeds of lust have been sown in Manuel’s mind and the seeds of paranoia in Zoe’s. To calm herself, Zoe calls her friend Samantha Ryan. Samantha and hubby Rocco Reed get it on afterwards in a brief diversion from the main story. They are gentle and slow, cutting a swath of passion through the fields of deep oral pleasure, handjobs, and more, followed by a creamy cumshot onto Samantha’s well-manicured pubes.


At last, Chastity executes her master plan. Knowing Manuel lacks willpower, she creeps into his personal space, asking if there’s anything she can do for him. Instead of saying no, he blurts out “Like what?” Chastity answers with a butterfly kiss. They fall onto the bed where Manuel buries his tongue so far into Chastity’s pussy he should taste Mark Wood. He fails to recognize the scent of betrayal and fucks the fawn-haired harpy in several positions. There’s gratuitous ball sucking and anal sex, and a rocket shot of cream on Chastity’s tits.


Nica leaves Zoe’s plot resolution in the lurch, but the film is done with her usual style and class. The mix of new and veteran talent brings out authentic performances in each other. The Babysitter 3‘s softer hardcore feel makes it great for couples who want to try porn together.

Featured Movie: The Masseuse

The MasseuseAt the beginning of The Masseuse, Bobbi Starr shows Asa Akira around the serenely beautiful grounds of the spa where she’s just been hired as a masseuse. Bobbi warns that this isn’t the kind of place that does happy endings, but we already know that rule will be broken because it’s porn.

Asa’s first client is Manuel Ferrara. Despite Bobbi’s admonition, Asa has every intention of fucking this stud. Indeed, very little massage takes place. She soon has him flip over and takes delight in servicing his cock. Manuel pulls her shirt off and sucks her nipples, and that’s when Asa starts to pant in a most stimulating way. Amid the sheer decibel level of Asa’s vocals, it seems Bobbi will bust them at any moment. As they fuck, as they orally please each other between bouts of penetration, the forbidden feel only intensifies their extreme chemistry. Both are left hot, sweaty, and thoroughly relaxed.

In another room, Bobbi and client Kate Kastle can hear Asa and Manuel. Bobbi is clearly not thrilled, but Kate gets aroused. Recently single and looking for some fun with another woman, Kate understandably hits on Bobbi. Anyone who’s seen Bobbi Starr in lesbian action knows that she’s frequently the dominant partner, but on this occasion Kate is the initiator, bringing Bobbi’s hand between her thighs during a leg massage. She cums soon and is keen to pay Bobbi back for the sexual favor. While eating pussy, Kate is almost as turned on as Bobbi is! There’s a soft sweetness between the women, but also real passion.

Like Asa, Zoe Voss has just started the job that day. She’s preparing her table when Asa saunters in and plants the suggestion that fucking the customers is standard. Later, when Evan Stone tells Zoe he’s willing to pay more for a “full-body experience,” she interprets it as a request for sex. After stripping off her top and bra, she climbs on and begins using a boobs-on technique that takes Evan by surprise, yet leads to hot humping and finally sweaty sex in a few positions, including side saddle and missionary. Afterward, Evan says that wasn’t what he meant by “full-body experience,” but he didn’t have the willpower to say no, and the only reason his wife lets him come here is that it isn’t that kind of place. Asa’s devious deed dawns on Zoe and she calls a guy friend to help her get revenge.

While getting a massage from Asa, Zoe’s friend Tim Cannon talks up Zoe’s skills so much that Asa takes it as a challenge. She gets him excited with plenty of body contact and slides her face down on his cock like a woman on a mission: to give him a massage he’ll never forget. The camera captures Asa’s beauty particularly well as she swings around into a 69 configuration. She finishes him off in her mouth. After they’re done, Zoe sees them in the hall. Tim leaves and Zoe tells Asa he’s a creep who used to lie to all the girls at her old job, implying that the other masseuses had given him sex during massages, hoping they’d fuck him. Zoe rubs salt in Asa’s wound by saying you’d have to be stupid to fall for it.

Now stressed, Asa goes to get a massage from burly Charles Dera to relieve the tension of her first day at work. They chat about her job at the spa, which he says has a reputation for a “unique experience.” He asks if she looks for that experience when getting a massage and she says it is. Watching the studly Charles’ strokes of Asa’s gorgeous body turn from those of a massage therapist to those of a lover is a huge turn-on, as is seeing her be the recipient and not the instigator. Well, at least that’s the case until he’s inside her – then she fucks him as much as he’s fucking her. This scene has attractive people for both sexes, Asa’s active riding for guys, and building sexual tension for women.

Like other Nica Noelle titles, The Masseuse is perfect for anyone seeking genuine erotica. The cast is one of the best she’s ever had, the plot is just enough to give everyone a reason to fuck, and it’s a beautifully shot movie full of great sex.

Stars:   Asa Akira   Kate Kastle   Zoe Voss   Tim Cannon   Evan Stone   Manuel Ferrara   Bobbi Starr   Charles Dera
Categories: New Release   Feature   International   High Definition   Massage
Running Time:   146 minutes
Released:   07/2011
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Director:   Nica Noelle

Reality Junkies Releases ‘Mom’s Cuckold 6’

MONTREAL—The sixth volume of Reality Junkies’ acclaimed series Mom’s Cuckold is now available across the AEBN theater network. Once again, volume six features sexy wives seeking out darker pastures, as their husbands look on helplessly.

Written and directed by Bobby Manila, Mom’s Cuckold 6 stars Dana DeArmond, Roxanne Hall, Zoe Voss, Darla Crane and Phylisha Ann in five scenes of interracial banging and cuckolding bliss.

In Mom’s Cuckold 6, Dana is fed up with her husband’s stamina, causing her to call in some much needed reinforcement. Darla is interrupted while riding some monster meat and asks her husband to have a seat until she’s done. For her husband’s birthday, Phylisha decides to shower herself with the ultimate gift of 10 whole inches. Roxanne left her toy out on the couch for her husband to find—a well-hung black man. Zoe’s husband got a trainer to stretch out his wife, but he had no idea what he was in for.

“This series is really going to make the leap to the next level in 2011,” Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt said. “We received numerous award nominations and strong sales for Mom’s Cuckold last year, which was great, but Bobby is really pushing the series now. His list of performers in this and upcoming volumes is incredible. We’re expecting it to become one of our bestselling series, and I think the growing consumer demand will be reflected at awards time next year.”


Lisa Ann Stars in Sweet Sinner’s ‘My Daughter’s Boyfriend 4’

LOS ANGELES — Sweet Sinner has brought back its acclaimed series “My Daughter’s Boyfriend” with the release of Volume 4.

My Daughter’s Boyfriend: Volume 4” is a passionate new offering from Mile High Media’s couples-friendly, adult studio — Sweet Sinner. Featuring two-time AEBN VOD Performer of the Year Lisa Ann and rising star Zoe Voss, the new movie is packed with temptation, seduction, betrayal and hot sex. It was written and directed by Nica Noelle.

In “My Daughter’s Boyfriend: Volume 4,” Lisa Ann is suffering from empty nest syndrome as young daughter Zoe leaves for college. Bored and stuck in a dull marriage to Eric, Lisa enlists the help of Anthony, a young computer tech, to help her build a home office. Lisa is instantly attracted to the hot young stud, and is soon desperately trying to entice the young man with her naughty little dresses and plunging necklines. Anthony soon falls prey to the older woman’s charms, but after a round of explosive afternoon sex, Anthony tells Lisa he can’t see her again. Though distraught, Lisa cheers up when she hears Zoe is coming home for the weekend. Zoe is eager to introduce her parents to her new college boyfriend.

In addition to Lisa Ann and Zoe Voss, “My Daughter’s Boyfriend: Volume 4” stars Anthony Rosano, Jay Crew and Eric John.

“Lisa Ann is amazing in ‘My Daughter’s Boyfriend 4,’” said Noelle, who also wrote the screenplay. “She is the woman most responsible for reviving the interest in MILFs. Lisa Ann is incredibly sexy and seductive, and it’s no wonder men and women of any age want to sleep with her.”

“My Daughter’s Boyfriend: Volume 1” was the recipient of AEBN’s 2010 Best Feature Award, presented to the most viewed video-on-demand release of the year.

Watch the series!


The Babysitter 3

It’s the thing that all parents dread: that moment when they leave the homestead and entrust their little one to a babysitter for the first time. While at first glance it’s counterintuitive that an individual, who is supposed to make one’s life easier, actually creates more consternation, such is the case for many new parents. Zoe Voss and Manuel Ferrara are no different in that regard.

In fact, it probably goes double, triple or five hundred and twenty-two-ple for them because they are parents in a porn flick. That means you know some pretty skanky shenanigans are about to rear their ugly head – emphasis on the word “rear”…and maybe “head” too. Forget “ugly”, though. You don’t see too much of that in porn, well, except for the “Man are These Fuckers Ever Ugly” series. Or was that a dream?

Anyway, Zoe has gone and hired a sitter unbeknownst to Manuel. She intended it as a surprise, but her decision is met with some push back. The girl Zoe hired has some issues working against her, according to Manuel. First, she’s young.

Okay, I guess there was only one issue. Manuel, Manuel, Manuel…what are we ever going to do with you? Young is good. Don’t deny it. Seems like you would have more of an issue with the fact her name is Chastity – especially if the namesake fits. But, with that beefy cock and European charm of yours I’m sure you’ll be able to conquer that mountain and her sweet little mole hills too. First, he climbs Mt. Zoe while their tiny tyke is asleep.

Zoe is a brunette hottie with cropped hair and natural tits, and her pert little body is on full display in the first scene. Her breath is not, as Manuel’s tongue tricks leave her pussy tingling with excitement, but Zoe gasping for air. He glides his tongue across her slit and her asshole before penetrating her cute little pussy from behind. He makes her cum any number of times. Let’s say five for the sake of argument, though her wall of shrieks and cries is quite difficult to put a numerical value on. They fuck in mish with a little toe sucking and then Zoe seals the head of his cock with her mouth. How she fits it in that cute little face of hers is a mystery, but she manages. After that you get a wonderful shot of Zoe’s beautiful behind sliding down onto Manuel’s hammerhead in CG. For a moment, Manuel has Rocco Siffredi flashbacks, but then proceeds in a more gentle fashion, which is really quite hot. Of course, he has some relapses along the way, but Zoe doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she holds his cock inside her while he fucks her until his moment of release. And what a release! He spurts long streams of cum up her torso in a fine finale to the scene.

In the following scene, Chastity has arrived and is hobnobbing with Zoe to cover all the final bases. As Manuel enters the kitchen where the two hotties reside, his face lights up with apparent joy because, speaking of bases, he knows he’ll be rounding home with the spritely little child care specialist in due time. He doesn’t say so, but it’s all but written in the cards and on his face. Suddenly, the age thing is no longer a major concern, which should be a giant red flag of concern for Zoe. But, she’s blinded by trust, the stupid girl, and senses not Manuel’s lust for Chastity – at least not until they share a long, lingering glance.

Manuel is off to work and Zoe to the gym. Chastity, meanwhile, is diligent in her tot-watching duties. She emerges from the baby’s room with bottle in hand and diaper bag over the shoulder. But, you gotta give credit to director Nica Noelle for her diligence and attention to detail here, even dubbing in baby noises as Chastity shuts the bedroom door. Though Chastity is keen on work, this sitter seems even keener to daydream about Manuel. She barrels into the couple’s room to sniff the lingering scent of cologne on his dress shirt. As is standard conflict creation procedure, Zoe arrives home and catches her in their bedroom. Though it appears to be aggravating circumstances, the two of them brush it off as a misunderstanding and Chastity is off to sit for her other family.

At this point we see just what kind of rubbish the cat, or in this case Zoe, has inadvertently dragged in. Chastity isn’t there at Mark Wood’s place to sit at all, unless you count “on his cock”. The baby is already asleep and the wife is “working late”, so the little harlot takes advantage of the situation and of Mark’s erect member. First, he strips off her duds, revealing a lovely pair of naturally small tits and smooth pussy, into which he buries his face like it was a trough full of water and apples. She works over his cock with oral aplomb, jacking and nibbling his nards as she goes. They engage in some CG, mish and doggie, after which Mark shoots his load onto Chastity’s ass before they collapse from exhaustion.

Chastity executes the initial phase of her plan to perfection in the third scene. With all her work done and Zoe at a book club meeting, she slinks into the shower room to bring Manuel a towel. He pretends to be aloof, but as the water drips from his naked body he knows the game is on. Zoe spoils the moment, but the seeds of lust have been sown in the mind of Manuel and the seeds of paranoia in that of Zoe. To calm her nerves, Zoe calls her friend, played by Samantha Ryan (a dark haired Samantha Ryan at that!) She and hubby Rocco Reed get it on immediately afterwards as a bit of visual and sexual relief from the main story arc. They are gentle and slow with each other, cutting swath of passion through the fields of oral pleasure, handjobs, ball sucking and masturbation, followed by a creamy shot of cum onto Samantha’s well-manicured pubes.

In the last scene, Chastity puts the final phase of her master plan into action. She intentionally puts herself into a precarious position with Manuel a second time. She knows his will power is non-existent and makes a point of creeping into his personal space to see if there is anything she can do for him. The answer is “no”, Manuel. Say it! Say it! Instead, he blurts out “Like what?” which is all the time Chastity needs to suicide bomb a butterfly kiss onto his waiting lips. They fall onto the bed where Manuel buries his tongue so far into Chastity’s pussy he should be able to taste Mark Wood. He fails to recognize the scent of betrayal and proceeds to fuck the fawn-haired harpy in mish, CG and doggie. There is some gratuitous ball sucking and anal fingering thrown in for good (or really bad) measure depending on how you look at it, and a rocket shot of creamy cum up Chastity’s chest and tits.

So, what about Zoe? In grand Nica Noelle style, she leaves us all in the lurch just a bit. And while it’s always a bit disappointing to be hung out to dry with no foreseeable plot resolution, the beauty is that, in doing so, she has almost certainly laid the foundation for another volume to this extraordinarily spicy series. So you’ve got that to look forward to.

Nica’s films are always done with style and with class and they are great for any couples who are thinking about bringing a bit of porn into their love lives. Her movies always have storylines and they are usually carried out by a wonderful mix of new and veteran talent that brings out the best in each other with meaningful and highly authentic performances. They aren’t the most explicit films out there, but she never wanders into the perfunctory territory of degradation that so many others jump into with both feet. If you want realness with your porn, it has a price, but it’s a price worth paying.

Stars:   Chastity Lynn Zoe Voss Mark Wood Manuel Ferrara Samantha Ryan Rocco Reed

Categories: New Release Feature International Babysitters For Ladies

Running Time:   113 minutes

Released:   02/2011

Studio Name:   Mile High Media Sweet Sinner

Series:   The Babysitter -Mile High Media

Director:   Nica Noelle