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Movie Review: “Bisexual Pickups 2” from Evil Angel and Aiden Starr

ruckubisexual pickups 2, evil angel, aiden starr, wolf hudson, ella nova, damien thorne, nikki darling, jasper stone, denali winter, daisy ducati, connor maguire, ruckus, bisexual, interracial, threeway, pornFor those who like it when their porn blurs the lines of sexuality, Bisexual Pickups 2 is a must-see new release from Evil Angel and Aiden Starr. Every scene is natural and smoking hot, like you’re watching real lovers in their own bedrooms.

Naturally sexy blonde Ella Nova poses in her purple strappy bra and panties, moving into “horny kitty” poses under the direction of director Aiden Starr. Her male fuck buddies, Wolf Hudson and Damien Thorne, show up and the ménage a trois begins. The spectacle of Ella and Wolf taking turns sucking Damien’s hard cock is just the start of the arousing action—topped moments later when she takes them both in her mouth. Soon Ella is taking their cocks in a double penetration that leaves her asshole gaping, her mouth full in an ass-to-mouth sequence you must see to appreciate. Then, at last, Wolf and Damien get their creamy reward when they swallow each other’s cum.

Sleek, slender Nikki Darling is a punkish ebony beauty who teases us in a blue lace bodysuit open to the waist, so her small tits and pencil-eraser nipples are revealed. She gets on all fours and shakes her ass with a knowing smile and then presents her asshole and pussy to the camera. Wolf Hudson and Jasper Stone arrive to fuck her face, pussy, and ass. The hottest part of the action for DP fans will be the double-vaginal penetration, and for anyone who likes the man-on-man action it will be the guys deep-throating.

Thick, porcelain-skinned blonde Denali Winter shows off her generous ass and plump natural breasts while stripping slowly out of her black lingerie. On her knees, she claps her booty and makes her butthole wink for the camera. Jasper Stone and Damien Thorne enter the scene to blow each other, drill her ass, and jizz copiously.

Magenta-haired Black hottie Daisy Ducati poses in bright red lingerie, showing off her natural and athletically sexy figure. Connor Maguire and Ruckus arrive and things get wild fast—these three are really into it. During the action Daisy gets the guys to suck face for her viewing enjoyment. After the guys fuck her in the ass, she sucks their cocks. When they cum, Daisy is happy to share the load with Connor and Ruckus.

Bisexual Pickups 2 is one of the most authentic collections of MMF threesomes you’ll lay your eyes on. With double penetrations, ass-to-mouth, man-on-man blowjobs, and messy cum-swapping finishes, it’s hot as hell and you don’t want to miss a moment!

Stars:   Ella Nova   Denali Winter   Nikki Darling   Damien Thorn   Wolf Hudson   Ruckus   Connor Maguire   Daisy Ducati   Jasper Stone
Studio Name:   Evil Angel  Aiden Starr 

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Strap On Desires

Strap On DesiresWriter/director Nica Noelle explores new territory for Hard Candy Films with the newly released Strap On Desires. Rocco Reed is withdrawing from his gorgeous Asian wife, Asa Akira, after a year of marriage. She’s noticed he’s been staying out late and turning down sex, and she suspects that he’s cheating. Meanwhile Rocco is struggling with a secret.

Rocco confides in his friend, Wolf Hudson, that he wants Asa to fuck him with a strap-on. Because Wolf does porn, he’s heard it all and doesn’t judge. Wolf advises Rocco to tell Asa what he wants, but Rocco’s afraid to risk her leaving him over something he might not end up enjoying. He’s never tried it before, so Wolf arranges a strap-on play date for Rocco with a girl he knows. Wolf tells Rocco he doesn’t think it’s cheating, although Asa might feel differently.

Curvy Annie Cruz is a worldly Latina with an earthy sexuality. She takes Rocco to bed and orally services him from cock to asshole. While riding him, she plays with his ass. Annie hops off and sucks Rocco’s cock and balls while fingering his ass, but they spend most of their time with her riding him in cowgirl or him fucking her from behind. When Annie gets the strap-on Rocco backs out, saying he can’t because it feels like cheating, after all.

Alec Knight, Asa’s boss, notices she’s preoccupied and takes her to lunch, gets her drunk, and listens to her marital woes. In his office afterward, Alec says nothing makes a man crazier than to think someone else wants his woman, and maybe she’s forgotten how desirable she is. Vulnerable Asa falls for the sleazy come-on. Alec pulls up her dress and flicks his tongue across her nipples. They don’t even try to keep quiet as they go down on each other. Recklessly, they fuck on his desk and couch, so loudly the whole building must hear. She tastes herself on his cock and they work up a sweat in more positions, including doggy.

When Asa visits her mom, Lucky Starr, and Lucky’s partner Dana Vespoli, they encourage her to find out Rocco’s secret. Dana thinks Asa should read his emails, but Lucky cautions Asa to talk to him instead. After Asa leaves, Lucky chides Dana, because she knows how she’d feel if somebody invaded her privacy. Dana decides to remind Lucky what she’d be missing if she ever gave her reason to suspect anything. Lucky submits to Dana’s dominant side and they enjoy pleasuring each other with their hands, mouths, and by grinding clit to clit.

At home, Asa finds Rocco’s stash of strap-on smut. She’s a little distressed, but decides to surprise him with what he wants. Rocco comes home with roses and finds Asa in bed, wearing lingerie, but he doesn’t see her strap-on until she gets up to kiss him. Asa takes down Rocco’s pants and sucks him to hardness. Making it all about her husband, she gets his ass ready with her fingers and eases the strap-on into him with lots of lube. Rocco’s dick is raging hard all the while, and after a while he turns the tables, thanking Asa without words for giving him what he wanted by driving hard into her pussy. The emotions run high and so does the sexual energy between them. Adding a delicious layer is the fact that Rocco and Asa were once engaged in real life.

In strap-on porn, only a small number of titles represent the girl-on-guy niche. More pegging movies are always welcome, and Strap On Desires handles this sensitive subject with great emotional and erotic power.

Stars: Asa Akira Lucky Starr (f) Dana Vespoli Annie Cruz Alec Knight Wolf Hudson Rocco Reed
Categories: New Release Feature Strap-On High Definition
Running Time: 149 minutes
Released: 08/2012
Studio Name: Hard Candy Films
Director: Nica Noelle

The New Crossover – Queer Nation

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What ‘s commonly thought of as a move from hardcore to mainstream movies, the term “crossover” is taking on a whole new meaning in adult as a new breed of “queer” performer is changing the face of porn.

Not exclusively straight nor gay, queer talent can’t be defined by any type of sexual act or even common sexuality.

Dylan Ryan is not who most of us think of when we hear the words “porn star.” Five-foot-nine with a willowy, boyish frame and austere features that might best be described as “handsome” she brings to mind the brainy, slightly too-tall chick from college you secretly wanted to fuck. Art deco photographers from the ‘30s would have no doubt worshipped her brooding, androgynous sex appeal; but this is 2010, and it’s porn we’re talking about. The prototype here is a hot, skinny, blonde with zeppelin-like breasts and ersatz tan who answers to the name “Jenna.”

Yet during what is arguably the worst dry spell in adult film’s history, Ryan’s unlikely star is on the rise. Mainstream porn studios Vivid, Sweet Sinner and Naughty America often book the Canadian starlet weeks in advance for their high-profile feature and gonzo films. Ryan now frequently travels from her home in Toronto to Porn Valley, USA, to satisfy the growing number of requests to shoot her.

“There’s something sexy about her,” a 30-something male fan sporting an MMA Affliction t-shirt told me as we watched Ryan accept her trophy for “Stud of the Year” at the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards. “She seems … different.”

“Different” may be too simple a word to describe the 29 year-old Ryan, who holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and studied literature and philosophy as an undergrad. Because even more unusual than her unorthodox looks and impressive education is that, along with fellow performers Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, and Drew Deveaux, Ryan represents a new breed of porn star that some industry watchers have dubbed “The Queer Mafia.”

“I identify as a queer, cis-gendered* female,” Ryan says in a surprisingly sweet, girlish voice. “But my queer identity is pansexual, which means I have sex with people of all genders and sexualities.”

Cis-gendered. Transgender. Gender-queer. Not quite sure what these terms mean? Well, you’re about to learn. Ryan and performers like her aim to challenge our beliefs on gender, sex, and eroticism. Because they can. They have our attention. In fact, we can’t take our eyes off them.