Tristyn Kennedy

OMG I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF

If you’re a guy, there are certain tell-tale signs that you’ve officially become “old”. They include: sleep injuries, having more hair in your nose and ears than on your head, and a sudden, strange compulsion to wear dress socks with sandals.

Here’s another way to determine if you’re old. Quick: what do the acronyms FBI, CIA and NCAA stand for?

Okay, now what do the acronyms *$, LH6 and BHIMBGO stand for?

If you didn’t have any idea about that second list, you are old. Even more ironic, is that BHIMBGO is text talk for “Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old”. In other words, it’s a shorthand term a young person uses when joking that he or she is getting old, which makes you really old.

Anyway, getting old is quite alright, guys. It happens to everyone … even the dudes in the Devil’s Film release OMG I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF. But, hey, it didn’t stop them from chasing some hot-ass tail belonging to their daughter’s best friends forever, so why should it stop you!?

First up is Memphis Joy. Now, we’ve touched on this before in other reviews and we’ll say it again now: some girls just have “it”. Whatever “it” is, it does not always have to do purely with looks. That’s not to suggest Memphis is unattractive, but most would probably look past her in a line-up of today’s hottest XXX stars. As you’ll see, however, in her cock-sucking ability, she may have more sex appeal per square inch of her body than anyone you’ll see on film. Translation: she has “it”.

In her scene, Memphis has to get a dress for her pal, Ashlynn. The problem is it’s in her dad’s room, not her own. Another problem, you’ll note, is her dad is still in said room sleeping. The final problem is that, instead of slipping into his room to get the dress and leave, she lingers to take pictures of the sleeping giant, who happens to slumber in the buff. Of course, he wakes up. She can’t help but wonder out loud what he was dreaming about as his cock was rock hard. Whatever it was, from now on he’ll be dreaming about Memphis choking herself with his giant member. Man, can she deep throat! She takes him about half a dozen times down to his balls initiating her gag reflex each time. You fully expect his stiff rod to poke out the back of her neck at any point, though it doesn’t.  And how she keeps the contents of her breakfast from escaping to daylight is beyond us. She is soon out of her clothes and on her back letting Jay Crew lick her pussy and plug her asshole with his index finger. After begging for his penis (yes, she calls it a penis, which is so cute) he pops her pussy in mish. She gets on top of him and rides his cock while treating her own asshole to the second knuckle of her middle finger like she’s searching for the right bowling ball. She gets a strike, cumming incredibly hard on his cock. She musters up enough energy to bounce on his cock in RCG and then returns to the deep throating once again. After taking him in doggie, she drinks every drop of his cum.

Kaylee Hilton, in the second scene, is exactly the type of girl you envision speaking in acronyms. This reviewer hasn’t seen enough of her in action to determine if her disposition in this film is really the way she is or if she just happens to be one of the best method actors of our time. Regardless, she absolutely nails the carefree, ditzy blonde stereotype. Oh, she also nails Mark Wood. He comes looking for his daughter, Jennifer, who will brb (be right back) as she’s gone to grab a sandwich (maybe a BLT?) Kaylee gets embarrassed when she inadvertently makes a cock jacking motion with her hands. Mark calls her out, but gets turned on at the same time. Meanwhile, Kaylee observes “Mr. Wood’s wood” growing in size by the second and she’s not shy about wanting to see more. She grips his shaft with one hand and drops her mouth over the head, which if nothing else, muffles the valley girl act for a spell. Her pink tank comes off and you realize this skinny girl has been smuggling one huge pair of lovely tits the whole time. She fucks him in CG and he returns the favor in doggie. RCG and mish follow, giving you prime viewing of her clit and the shiny, metal stud running through it. In the end, her face gets plastered with cum and a vapid smile as she takes his entire load.

When dad comes to wake up his daughter, Libby, in the next scene, he is in for a rude awakening. It’s an ironic twist since she was the one scheduled for the rude awakening. After getting no response despite his raised voice, he pulls back the covers to reveal Rylie Richman in her place, topless and in a pair of panties. It turns out she’s covering for Libby who went to an all-night party with her new boyfriend. Because Rylie told her BFF she’d take care of her dad, she stays true to her word, sucking his cock. Continuing to “take one for the team” she lets him 69 her, fuck her in RCG, CG and even lick her asshole. All along you get some nice shots of her shaved twat and natural tits. Some doggie fucking precedes a vigorous finger fuck and some mish, before Rylie deep throats the cum to the tip of his cock. Taking over from there, daddy jacks it onto her face and tits.

In the last scene, Alyssa Branch is out by the pool sunning and texting, texting and sunning when Talon comes by looking for his daughter, Carly. Unfortunately, she is not there as she went to get a replacement bathing suit. Hers had a tear in it. Talon’s a little put off, but he had a rough day, so he decides to join her by his pool. When she decides to get up to get a drink, his hand “accidentally” gets tangled up in her bikini string. Her bottoms slip off and she is momentarily embarrassed, but out of her suit faster than you can say “statutory”. She plies her mouth to his stiff cock, fucking him then in RCG, doggie, CG and mish on the stone retaining wall that surrounds the upper crust swimming hole. In lieu of a refrigerated beverage, she drinks instead his warm, sticky cum, which hopefully has a fairly high SPF. The sun can be rather unforgiving, you know.

“OMG” is solid and the girls do a wonderful job of selling the fantasy. And for the guys out there in XXX-watching land, remember: age is only a number; it isn’t how you look, but how you feel that really matters. They say with age comes wisdom; we say with age comes you … all over some BFF’s hot ass.

Now, go get ’em, Tiger!


Stars:   Alyssa Branch   Kaylee Hilton   Rylie Richman   Tristyn Kennedy

Categories: New Release   Blondes   Teen   All Sex   Schoolgirls   High Definition

Running Time:   128 minutes

Released:   08/2011

Studio Name:   Devil’s Film  Devils Film


Naughty Newbies Excite in ‘Slumber Party 6’

LOS ANGELES—There is something thoroughly exciting about watching newbies in any occupation or task. The enthusiasm and excitement that newbies have is second to none. This spirit is embodied by the eager young ladies in Slumber Party 6, which is live exclusively across the AEBN theater network.

Immoral Productions CEO Dan Leal said, “The hot young girls in this volume of Slumber Party are full of energy and passion in their scenes. They have that fresh, airy quality that only newbies have. I for one love watching the sparks fly when new girls do things on film that they have never done in their personal lives.”

The sixth volume in this girl-girl series from the 2010 AVN Nominated Best New Studio continues Immoral Productions’ tradition of bringing consumers the hottest scenes from a myriad of themes in adult entertainment.

Slumber Party 6 stars Britney Beth (now Digital Playground star BiBi Jones), Torrie Madison, Chastity Lynn, Vicki Chase and Tristyn Kennedy.

“I am a newbie myself and maybe that is why I am always so excited to do these Slumber Party shoots—I love girls!” Chase said.


Cougars, Kittens and Cock

Perhaps it’s the Easter weekend hangover or the fact that we’ve proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mushy sugar clumps called Peeps really are nothing but brain-rotting foodstuffs, which seems to keep leading us to cite Biblical references in these reviews, but it’s not entirely our fault. A couple days ago, we discussed the classic film Expose Me Now, which is nothing but a sexed up Cain and Able story. Even the most religiously phobic among us would have to be able to see that. And now Jules Jordan and his madcap posse of smut dealers bring us Cougars, Kittens and Cock, which any devout practitioner of porny-ism knows is the holy triumvirate of all things sex. Okay, let’s call it the holy mono-virate and holy di-feminate if we’re to be borderline faithful to Latin roots. What that means, for those who have no idea what the hell we’re trying to say, is that this film has youth, experience and a big fat penis on which the two collide.

We begin this saga with the lovely, big-breasted Diamond Foxxx and her co-conspirator Tristyn Kennedy. The two are trying on swimwear and lingerie when Diamond’s hubby comes home. Diamond informs Tristyn that the two are swingers. Possibly feigning ignorance, Tristyn is invited to watch or participate. She decides to observe, but can’t hold out past the deep blowjob Diamond unleashes on her hubby’s giant dick. Soon she is inverted with her mouth on his tool and her pussy in his mouth as the two of them commit stand-up 69 to Diamond’s delight. Diamond gets fucked as Tristyn gets eaten out by the boy, and the reverse is also true. The three get it on in all kinds of fucking/pussy munching combos, but join forces in a cum swap to conclude the scene.

Cutie Jessi Palmer is engaged in a tough workout. Though she should be concerned with her repetitions, she and her trainer, Mark Anthony seem hellbent on repeatedly chastising Joslyn James for what seems to be a “stripper workout”. Maybe the two could just ask Tiger Woods when they see him as Joslyn was famously or infamously one of the golfer’s many, many mistresses. Jessi is taken aback when she busts the fitness buff popping a chubby in his black jeans. A Romeo he’s not, but he doesn’t need to be when Joslyn busts out with an insulting jab at Jessi regarding her inability to know what to do with a giant cock. The feistiness between the two starts a sexual bidding war for the trainer’s crotch barbell. The victor is not the highest bidder, but the deepest swallower. But the battle doesn’t stop where the uvula begins. It wages on, covering the threeway, pussy eating and dual facial fronts. It appears all are winners.

Nicole Aniston is trying to drill formal English terminology into Puma Swede’s head. Her conversational English isn’t exactly poor, but she sometimes gaffes on words like “octopus” calling it “octopussy”. Hey, if you’ve got to fuck up a word, why not err on the side of James Bond films? What’s more glaring is her complete absence of fashion sense. She prances around in an ill-fitting swimsuit, but doesn’t see the problem. Interestingly enough, she seems to have learned the best lesson possible when trying to survive in America: show skin, act dumb and prey on the first sucker you can find to give you every material wish while you lounge around the pool as your vocation. As proof, Puma calls over her boy toy and starts stroking his cock. As further evidence that she has learned the concept of hospitality, Puma offers it up to Nicole, who eagerly begins to swallow his swollen head. Nicole is a relative newbie, but her bob hairstyle, tan body and all-natural features make her an absolute doll. As with most dolls, she gets manhandled by boys and this case is no different.  Her ass throbs beautifully as she rides that beefy dick. Puma’s tits do the same when that thing slithers between her overstuffed boobs. It’s almost a shame their faces are doomed to be ruined by cum when this scene is complete.

Holly Michaels is busy tweeting in class when she should be learning geometry. How else will she know what shape of cock will fit in her cylindrical pussy? Thankfully, understanding circumference is really all one needs to know and that can be done with the eye test. Like Puma before her, Holly has learned the true lessons of life that will get her far. Flash some skin, suck some cock and you’re home free. Well, almost. She still has to contend with principal Rayveness who doesn’t take too kindly to educational slacking. Ironically, it’s teacher Erik Everhard who needs to learn that lesson more than Holly. He should know that if he needs to fuck in school it’s Rayveness who he needs to approach first. We last discussed Rayveness in this blog while covering her in the Smash! Pictures release Friends and Family 2, a really fucked up expose of the real life story of … Tristyn Kennedy, whom you may recall from scene 1. Rayveness is one of those stars who simply never seems to age. Her giant tits, shapely ass and lovely face are dam near impervious to wrinkles and dimples, though that does nothing to protect her innards from dick. Here she runs the gamut of threeway action, minus anal, including an oral daisy chain. Both girls split the serving of cum between them and all appear to be a little more educated than before.

And what film would be complete without the gratuitous pool boy scene? Jessie Andrews is anxious to get a closer look at how Ramon wields his stick. Tyler Faith puts an end to that really quick, sending Jessie to her room. Though she’s living under her parent’s roof, she is 18 and skirts rules all the time. That includes the rule that says she shouldn’t jeopardize the pool boy’s livelihood by sucking his cock when she’s essentially under house arrest. But what good are rules if nobody tries to break them? She hunkers down on the bed with him and blows him like a pro. Her tiny natural tits are as adorable as her tight little body and juicy slit. If his pussy cleaning ability is any indication of his pool cleaning skills, then this guy is a keeper. Of course, the ruckus the two create attracts the attention of Tyler, who is up in her business again faster than you can say “You’re not the boss of me!”.  The three go through the riding, sucking and cumshot rituals just like the others, though Jessie does finger Tyler’s asshole while she sits atop Ramon’s cock in CG.

Contrast is always nice for visuals and CK&C has it in spades. There is youth versus experience. There are giant tits versus small ones. And there is maturity versus petulance. Add to it the contrast in settings and some smoking hot fucking and you’ve got yourself a winning porn flick, by God. Oops! There we go again!


Stars:   Puma Swede Diamond Foxx Joslyn James Jessi Palmer Jessie Andrews Tristyn Kennedy Nicole Aniston Holly Michaels Rayveness Tyler Faith Ramon Erik Everhard Lee Stone Mark Ashley

Categories: New Release Mature Teen All Sex Threeway Cougar


Running Time:   184 minutes

Released:   03/2011

Studio Name:   Jules Jordan Video Chris Streams Productions

Director:   Chris Streams


Friends and Family 2

Good films tend to balance truth with fiction. Go too overboard with one and you’re bored to tears; go too overboard with the other and you’re…uh…p’shawed to laughter? You get the point. Embellishment is good for the suspension of disbelief, but add too much and the result is an unpalatable mess. When in doubt, however, it’s best to err on the side of fiction.

But between truth and fiction, what if truth really is the stranger of the two?  Well, what you get is Friends and Family 2. Released by Smash Pictures and directed by smut-monger Jim Powers, the film is reputedly based on the real life story of Ashlynn Leigh. “Based on” is always a bit subjective, at least when it comes to made-for-television movies that star Treat Williams, but a little introspective thought into your own life will tell you that if even a portion of the tale told here is accurate, then this chick has had one truly fucked up life.

According to the cute brunette, her stepfather was named Jack, though he went by the name Stallion. When Ashlynn would invite her best friend, blonde cutie Tristyn Kennedy, over to play, her step dad would glom, hover and linger just a bit too long. How annoying. I mean why would anyone want to stick around and watch two young hotties writhing around on each other in lacey tops and cute little panties, or engaging in a tickle fight?

Now, while all this is going on, Darryl Davis (Darryl Hannah) is enlisting the help of her daughter Leeanne (Shay Golden). Darryl’s husband Mark (Mark Davis) has been pounding her pussy for the past five hours having taken some penis pills that Stallion recommended. Darryl wants Leeanne to take some of the pounding on her behalf to make him cum. That way she’ll be able to get some shut-eye. Leeanne is a gorgeous blonde with smoldering eyes and smoldering-er ass. Her mouth does much of the early work, though, sucking his head and shaft in its entirety. The two split face-sitting duties and riding Mark’s hyper-erect dick. Leeanne also takes it into her ass, which eventually makes him cum onto her face. Looks like she got the shut-eye instead!

Later, Darryl overhears Stallion and Tristyn engaging in phone sex, which arouses her suspicions about other things as Stallion has also been walking Tristyn and Ashlynn home from school regularly. A phone call to Rae Stallion (Rayveness) creates a little bad blood between Darryl and Rae, but Rae is in total denial. Besides, she is just as bad as her husband. As proof, witness her seduction of Seth (Seth Gamble). She puts one over on him just because she wanted to make sure his fucking ability was good enough for her daughter, Ashlynn. (The two are apparently dating.) Rayveness does a very hot masturbation scene here and the tight shots of her fingering her folds are worth a look. She’s as lovely as ever in this scene, especially how her giant tits hang when she works over Seth’s cock. She rides him in CG, takes him in mish and spoon and then takes a half-and-half shot of cum into and onto her pussy.

Meanwhile, Stallion has gone to see Ally Davis (Chastity Lynn) at band practice with band mate and brother Dan (Dane Cross). If you’re a Journey fan, you’ll want to fast forward this scene unless you forever want the tune Don’t Stop Believin’ ruined. Trust us on this one! The small town girl is now a big, big slut. ‘Nuff said. If you stick around, though, you’ll see the band take five and Stallion take liberties with Chastity. He rifles through her dainties, fingering her pussy and fondling her natural little tits. After running his cock between her ass cheeks, he fucks her from behind. After she double fists his man meat, she gags on it, which doesn’t seem to be a great thing for the preservation of her vocal cords. CG, mish, RCG and doggie style fucking finishes up the scene along with a mouth blast of cum.

Things start to move really fast when Ashlynn arrives back home. “Oaf shit!” proclaims Seth when he hears Ashlynn’s voice. He’s enjoying a post-coital cigarette next to Rayveness, but is afraid to get busted by the girl he’s taking to the prom. Rae heads her off at the pass. Meanwhile, Dan is jacking off to the sights and sounds of Ally getting drilled by Stallion. When Sofie (Sophia Sutra) wanders in on Dan, the two begin fucking each other as well. He hammers her in doggie with some great underside shots of her smooth pussy on display, then rides him in RCG on the stairwell before swallowing his load.

Perhaps the only drawback to this film is that the ending is left dangling in space like Stallion’s cock when he fucks Tristyn and Ashlynn at the conclusion. It’s a solid threeway scene with lots of cock sucking, ass licking, some 69 and another cumshot that is sort of half in and half out of Tristyn’s pussy. After that, the film cuts to a scene of Darryl requesting some more help from Leeanne. She smiles coyly and the credits roll. More than likely we’ll be seeing a part three in the near future.

FAF 2 covers all the bases sex wise (though it concentrates on home plate the most). It’s twisted and sexy with all the double-crossing, deceit and douchebaggery necessary to make a great porn film. It has been said that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. If there is any accuracy to this portrayal of Ashlynn’s formative years then the phrase, in this case, would certainly apply.

Stars:   Rayveness Darryl Hanah Chastity Lynn Sophia Sutra Tristyn Kennedy Ashlynn Leigh Shay Golden Dane Cross Evan Stone Mark Davis

Categories: New Release High Definition Feature Teen

Running Time:   148 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Smash Pictures

Series:   Friends And Family

Director:   Jim Powers