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Sep 30 2011

Movie Review: Fatal Seduction

Before we get off and running with this review, let us state for the record that Fatal Seduction is the best film Nica Noelle has ever done for Sweet Sinema. It’s also the worst. In essence, it’s a film that is all things to everyone or nothing to nobody, a fate generally reserved for films …

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Jun 30 2011

Interview: Nica Noelle Talks Sweet Sinema and More

Nica Noelle

There’s a reason for Nica Noelle’s successful run of movies as writer, director, and occasional performer at lesbian studio Sweetheart Video, straight couples-oriented studio Sweet Sinner, and – coming soon – Sweet Sinema. Quite simply, she uses her fantasies and turn-ons for inspiration. After all, what turns you on is what you will give the …

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