Ruby Violence

On the Wet Spot with Ruby Violence

Ruby Violence is an alt. and adult model/actress.  She graduated with a BFA in Fine Art in San Francisco in 2005 and loves expressing her art and herself whether it’s in front of or behind the lens.   While her work is predominately online, she’s starting to make a name for herself on DVD as well.  AEBN cornered the “violently sexy” star for a quick ten on the Wet Spot this week.

You’re making dinner – what are we having?

Sushi which you can then eat of my naked body.

Your favorite piece of lingerie is:

My Agent Provacateur purple and black lace set with crotchless panties. Also my fishnets.

I think my best physical feature is:

My eyes [Editor’s note – sorry, we’re still working our way down!]

My favorite physical feature on someone else is:

Eyes, arms, and if it’s a woman, her breasts.

The easiest thing you can do to make me happy is:

Give me space and time to relax before work.

My favorite place to vacation is:

Paris, London, and New York

Last scene I shot was:

This past Sunday with JDEVIL PRODUCTIONS, my hardcore fetish boy/girl scene titled “Pussy Liquor.”

You totally want me to do this to you in bed (because I’m really, really good at it!):
Give you a deep throat blowjob!

You really want to do this to me in bed (because it turns me on!):

Eat my pussy out from behind!

Favorite Halloween costume (or what are you planning to wear this year)?

I’m not sure what I’m going to wear this year for Halloween but my favorite costume that I wore last year and still love wearing is my Freddy Krueger costume!

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